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Issue 719, Sunday July 12, 2020
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Protection and Healing

As is known, some humans benefit from benign alien efforts to protect or heal them. Countless stories exist. This has been mentioned in the Oahspe, a genuine channeled book, wherein the US as the world’s premiere democracy was established with assistance from angels who protected George Washington. Though the Council of Worlds has rules ensuring that humans have free will on Earth, there are exceptions to maintain a balanced schoolhouse. Chasing the Annunaki away via a quarantine is yet another example.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/27/2004: Brutal intimidation, without any apparent hope of changing the situation, is something the Service-to-Self try to achieve in a developing world, but something the Council of Worlds prevents. A balanced situation, where action can result in change for the better, so a young soul can perceive the result of their efforts to change a painful situation for others, is desired, and thus circumstances are manipulated in the schoolhouse to arrange for this.

Book of Es
For seven years the war lasted, and during all the while, the earthly commander, Washington, was under the guardianship of the commander of the angel hosts. And there were detailed to guard Washington, day and night, one 1,000 angels. And though he was shot at, and in many ways sought for to be destroyed, these angels saved him, even catching in their hands the bullets that were fired at him.  And in like manner were many other mortal leaders and privates in the war protected and saved from harm by the angels. And yet all this while the angels fought on the other side, endeavoring to pull away the guardian angels, and so make the mortal leaders vulnerable. But these angels were lower in grade and less potent, and, withal, not so enthusiastic, for they had not suffered martyrdom. And it came to pass that the republic was established.

ZetaTalk Description 7/15/1997: To the primitive humans, who came barely to the waists of the strapping, handsome giants, they were gods. Ancient Egyptian gods, ancient Babylonian gods, the Vizigoths of Germany, ancient Mayan and Incan gods, are almost to a one particular individuals from Annunaki royalty, stationed on Earth to supervise mining operations.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/4/2009: Allowing a balanced environment is the primary reason the Annunaki were quarantined from the Earth, as their domination of emerging man was too heavy.

ZetaTalk Description 11/12/2011: There is a quarantine, imposed by the Council of Worlds, keeping mankind and the Annunaki separated from one another. The quarantine chased the Annunaki from Earth by a series of mishaps involving bad weather and large predators. Essentially, the Annunaki decided Earth was not a good place to conduct mining operations, and left.

There are many present day examples of protection of an individual to promote a cause. In Pakistan, where Malala was shot by the Taliban for insisting that girls have a right to be educated, she took a bullet in the back of the neck but survived to be in the media. The Zetas stated her survival had been assisted, the trajectory of the bullet slightly altered so her brain was not damaged nor her brain stem severed. Did something similar happen in the 2015 aborted massacre aboard a high speed train in France by Spencer and his buddies? Those fearing ISIS infiltrating Europe and the US are overwhelmed with anxiety. Thus, per the Zetas, the Council of Worlds granted an exception to the Rule of Non-Interference. Spencer and his crew were assisted.

But what of individuals who are worthy of protection – like JFK or Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr. – but are nevertheless gunned down? Gandhi was gunned down at the age of 78, when his life’s work had essentially been completed but he was still advocating his passive resistance methodology - a threat to colonial powers. King was stirring a sense of self-worth among the black population in the US – a threat to those wanting to keep non-whites oppressed. And JFK, per the Zetas, was about to tell the public the truth about Roswell – a threat to those wanting the alien presence to continue to be denied.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/30/2020: There is much confusion about the purpose of protections or healings done by alien visitors. In all cases, an instance must be approved by the Council of Worlds. Intervention in human affairs by the Council is rare, because the prime directive is non-interference to allow humans to learn from their mistakes and the actions of others. The course that Nature may take, such as being presented with erupting volcanoes or pandemics or birth defects, are considered opportunities for emerging souls – a learning opportunity. When an emerging soul is injured or distressed, they have empathy for others in similar circumstances in the future. Thus souls grow toward the Service-to-Others orientation.

The Council of Worlds interferes on a broad level to keep the Earth as a schoolhouse for young souls in a balanced state. Opportunities for a Service-to-Others path as well as opportunities for a Service-to-Self path should be presented to the young soul. The Annunaki were chased from Earth because they were placing a heavy emphasis on the Service-to-Self route. Allowing any crazed leadership on Earth to annihilate life on Earth via a nuclear holocaust is likewise blocked, though Chernobyl and Fukushima were allowed as a learning and action challenge for political and cultural leadership.

Protection of key individuals is done when the role they play is important for the Awakening and Transformation of planet Earth. Will mankind be encouraged to help one another or to terrify and enslave one another? But beyond individuals in leadership positions, such as Malala, there are cases where a protection occurs as a reward for many Service-to-Others voices pleading for a rescue of another. Such intense love is rewarded to encourage growth toward the Service-to-Others orientation.   

Why then, was the well-planned murder of JFK allowed? JFK was aware, on a soul level, that he was going to be assassinated. He chose to proceed to Dallas, just as his son JFK Jr. chose to board the small airplane that exploded in the skies. We have stated that in our society we allow suicide, as it is the soul’s choice. JFK and his son did not choose suicide, but rather martyrdom. Sometimes a message after death is stronger than it would have been from a living messenger. Just ask Gandhi, or Jesus, or Martin Luther King. As Obi-Wan Kenobi says, “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

General Patton

President Trump is reputed to be the reincarnation of General Patton, and the Zetas confirm. Known as Old Blood and Guts, Patton never gave up and consistently won his battles, being greatly feared by his enemies. Considered arrogant and brash, being politically correct was not his mode, and he was often chided by his superiors for this. Like President Trump he had Scottish blood in his veins. General Patton did not wish to be a martyr, and despite the dozens of known assassination attempts against President Trump, he is going strong too.

George S. Patton
Patton's colorful image, hard-driving personality and success as a commander were at times overshadowed by his controversial public statements. His philosophy of leading from the front, and his ability to inspire troops with attention-getting, vulgarity-ridden speeches, such as his famous address to the Third Army, was met favorably by his troops, but much less so by a sharply divided Allied high command. His emphasis on rapid and aggressive offensive action proved effective, and he was regarded highly by his opponents in the German High Command. The Patton family was of Irish, Scots-Irish, English, Scottish, French and Welsh ancestry.
Trump's Unsteady Ramp Walk raises new Health Questions
June 14, 2020
A widely circulated video showed Trump walking tentatively and unsteadily down a long ramp after delivering a commencement speech at West Point. Trump also appeared to have trouble lifting a glass of water to his lips -- beginning the gesture with his right hand but then raising his left hand apparently to help.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/30/2020: It should surprise no one that President Trump was General Patton in a past life. Personality, style, and accomplishments all fit the profile. Patton was goal oriented, and was brash and insulting on occasion. As a military commander known for his ability to win battles, he was feared by his enemies, and often chided by his superiors. He was not faint hearted nor politically correct. Like President Trump, he carried Scottish blood, with the fiery temper that came with being a Scotsman. President Trump, like General Patton, is stubborn, and thus his recent health scare. President Trump refuses to wear a mask, took Hydroxychloroquine to prove it was not harmful for the general population, and is notorious for eating fast food.

Does he willingly take medication prescribed by his doctor or change his diet? He is stubborn. Nancy is another who comes from a German bloodline and is stubborn. When she was 64, 10 years younger than President Trump, she had a temporary stroke which we allowed her to have. She was just too busy to take pills or go to the doctor, was her excuse. Scared silly by this ischemic stroke, she now takes pharma meds to lower her LDL and cholesterol, control her blood sugar, drop her blood pressure to a low pressure reading, and stop a heart fibrillation caused by her Guillain Barré paralysis in the past. Now in perfect health at age 79, she is going strong.

President Trump likewise is stubborn, and like Nancy pushes himself, a workaholic. He is under our protection, and we would instantly assist him with any health problems, but he must first ask for this. We, the Zetas, cannot simply jump in and attend to his body. He must first request this. Thus when he suffered a minor, temporary stroke akin to that Nancy suffered, we dissolved the clot and within a few days he will not have any remnants of the scare. We also were allowed, by President Trump, to assist him when he developed Covid-19 after being face-to-face with the Brazilian President Bolsonaro in March. We wait to be asked, as the US and the world desperately need his leadership.

What are the battles that General Patton, aka President Trump are currently fighting? How about the final battle between Good and Evil during the End Times? Eliminating the Moloch worshiping Satanists from power is one of the battles. Not worthy? They grow babies on baby farms such as John of God, a favorite of Oprah, ran in Brazil. These little ones and other children caught up in the sex trade are raped and slaughtered for their Adrenochrome, a high and an aging preventative sought by the Satanist elites. The networks President Trump and his junta battle include gun and drug running, politicians who steal from the public treasury, and starting wars for political advantage.

The furor over late term abortion, wherein a doctor can deliver a full term baby and then kill it per the mother’s wishes, showed Chuck Schumer threatening SCOTUS justices, saying they will “pay the price” if they are not careful. The born-alive bill failed in the Senate, needing 60 votes, and Schumer argued passionately against its passage. Then there was the issue of the now missing video found on Huma’s laptop, and why numerous veteran NYC policemen were rumored to have viewed it and then subsequently been “suicided”. Notably on June 21, Schumer seems to have become a Double on the same day that Berman, the controversial SDNY US Attorney, left office.

Chuck Schumer, the Supreme Court and an Abortion Menace
March 6, 2020
Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh certainly have grounds to feel threatened and aggrieved by Sen. Charles Schumer’s warning that they “will pay the price” for any “awful decisions” they bring about.
Two Bills Banning most Late-Term Abortions Blocked by Senate Democrats
February 26, 2020
Senate Democrats blocked a pair of Republican bills that would ban most late-term abortions and threaten prison for doctors who don't try saving the lives of infants born alive during abortions. Senators voted 56-41 for the born-alive bill, and 53-44 for a separate measure banning most abortions after 20 weeks. Both tallies were short of the 60 votes needed to end Democratic delaying tactics and force a Senate vote.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/30/2020: Is there a reason Chuck Schumer advocated for the full term abortion rule and fought to prevent the born-alive bill from passing the Senate? With the child sex traffic being shut down, there are few young bodies to harvest the Adrenochrome the Satanic Moloch worshipers require. Schumer was doing more than trying to protect early abortion rights for women, as was clear from his fervor and threats to SCOTUS judges. While not a personal participant, those who put him into power are insisting he take action, and their threats are not idle threats.

The Tribunals are not public trials, nor are they ever likely to be made public. For US citizens to realize that their powerful politicians, including past Presidents, were Satanists, is considered too much of a shock. The recently terminated US Attorney for the SDNY did more than support political prosecutions, he blocked prosecution of child sex trafficking rings. It is known that most of the policemen who viewed Hillary’s video (wherein she and Huma slaughtered a young girl) were reported to have “committed suicide”. It was not suicide, but a cover-up which Berman directed.  

The Tribunals have been operating since the start of 2019, at a rapid pace. The number of sealed indictments in the US is an indication of the workload, and the additional facilities at Gitmo indicate the number of temporary quarters required for the proceedings. Despite the trials and executions, the Cabal continues to be arrogant, assuming their ability to thrive over the years bodes well for success during this current struggle. But the Transformation is such that highly Service-to-Self souls are removed from the planet, and Star Children have arrived to incarnate in their stead. This time, the times are different.

Might President Trump play the alien card, disclosing the alien presence? This was hinted during a June 18 interview by son Don, Jr. Internet rumors state the Black Hats want to stage an alien invasion to create riots, using holographic images cast against the sky. Antifa and Black Lives Matter seem to be failing. The Black Hats hoped the riots would force the 2020 election to be decided by mail-in ballots, or otherwise create the chaos that the Soros group loves. Humm, what would General Patton do?

Disclosure coming?
Had fun interviewing my dad on tonight's episode of #Triggered. We covered many topics, but there was only one thing I really wanted to know...ARE ALIENS REAL?!? Tune in tonight at 8PM to see how @realDonaldTrump responded when I asked him!

ZetaTalk Insight 6/30/2020: What is the Soros agenda? Starting Martial Law would start an endless cycle of riots. As a successful Hedge Fund player, Soros believed he could manipulate the chaos and ultimately come out on top. How does the issue of disclosure admitting the alien presence enter this equation? It has the potential to ramp up more riots, and thus overwhelm the US Military, forcing premature Martial Law. We have stated since the start of ZetaTalk that an alien invasion would not be allowed to happen on Planet Earth. Earth cannot be colonized or invaded.

Given the desperation in the New World Order crowd, and the desperation among the Democrats who know that Trump is certain to win the 2020 elections, the alien card may be played. This has been surmised to include holographic invasion displays, but the technology for such a broad display is lacking and this would fail. A second card to be played would be interviews with so-called survivors of alien encounters, but like the #metoo campaign, this would be subject to skepticism. Since President Trump has Nancy and ZetaTalk, known and respected throughout the world, handy, he may, with a wink and a nod, play that card.

Retrograde Clash

Two recent Crop Circle designs – Ackling Dyke and Berwick Nassett Clump - have appeared on June 21. Both speak to the retrograde orbit of Nibiru and its vast dust filled tail. Red domes are also increasingly seen in the skies, which per the Zetas are rainbows or sundog halos colored by the red dust. Then there is the Sahara dust excuse for a beige-red dust blown all the way across the Atlantic, worse this year in 2020 than in the memory of man. Since the Earth rotates West to East, and Nibiru is retrograde doing the opposite, it is likely Nibiru blows both Sahara dust and its own red dust from East to West.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/30/2020: These two legitimate Crop Circle designs are depicting the orbit of Nibiru and the other planets in the inner Solar System. Berwick is showing the retrograde (clockwise) orbit of Nibiru when it came into the inner Solar System and slung around the Sun to head outbound. It is now located at the orbit of Venus, with its vast debris and moon filled tail coming closer, arriving and gathering around it. The tail normally streams behind Nibiru, but while fighting the Sun’s gravity pull, Nibiru slows and the tail catches up.  

Ackling is showing the clash in orbit direction between Nibiru and the planets in the inner Solar System. The Sun rotates in a counterclockwise direction, thus by its long reach all the planets orbiting the Sun orbit and rotate in this direction too. The Sun is at the center, driving this process. This continuous clash is like a sickle, a buzz saw, pushing back against Nibiru and the debris and moons in its tail. Were Nibiru not several times as massive as either the Earth or the Dark Twin or Venus, it might thus have been deflected.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/30/2020: Circular rainbows are nothing new, and are caused by water vapor in the atmosphere acting as a prism to separate the light into the spectrums that light rays can assume. What is normally seen in the sky is white light, a mixture of all the rays in the spectrum. A dome shape that Sundogs can assume is also nothing new, caused by crystals in the sky that reflect sunlight to the viewer when at a similar angle from the light source – the Sun. Thus the Sundogs appear at the top and to either side, at this angle.

What happens when the atmosphere is permeated with the red dust that the tail of Nibiru has delivered? Of course this appears as a red dome, which is a rainbow dominated by the red dust color, or appears as a red dome that is the Sundog phenomenon, also dominated by the red dust color. This is appropriately taken to be Biblical, signs in the skies, as it is indeed another End Times sign.

Caribbean Chokes on Monster Saharan Dust Cloud Headed Toward the U.S.
June 23, 2020
Strong warm winds over the Sahara desert typically whip up sand at this time of year and carry it thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/30/2020: Blaming dust from the Sahara has been a Nibiru cover-up excuse for over a decade. Where the Coriolis winds do curl up from the Equator in a clockwise manner, due to the rotation of the Earth forcing the atmosphere toward West as the globe turns, this has traditionally resulted in miniscule dust deposited on the Northern Hemisphere. Suddenly the US and Caribbean are choking on dust. This dust also has a red tinge, where the Sahara does not. Why the increase now in 2020?

The path of Nibiru as it comes round the Sun is retrograde, clockwise, where the Sun and all her planets orbit and rotate in a counterclockwise manner. Nibiru is moving slowly during its exit from the Solar System, and thus the vast dust and debris filled tail no longer streams behind Nibiru but has caught up and now is thick near Nibiru and the hapless Planet Earth in its path. Orbit clash affects the Sahara dust when Nibiru’s tail enters Earth’s atmosphere in a retrograde motion, East to West, while the Earth turns West to East. There is no dissipation, only bunching up into a red sandstorm which is a combination of Sahara dust and the red dust from the tail of Nibiru. Will this continue? Yes, though like most atmospheric phenomena, it will come and go.