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Issue 700, Sunday March 1, 2020
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Locust Swarms

Locust swarms are among the plagues afflicting Egyptians prior to the last passage of Nibiru, the time of Moses leading the slaves out of Egypt through the Red Sea, a time estimated to be 1,628 BC or approximately 3,600 years ago. Now in an obvious sign that the End Times have again arrived, the desert locusts are swarming again in East Africa. Locust swarms emerge after plentiful rain encourages their propagation, followed by drought wherein they take wing seeking vegetation to eat – the drought and deluge cycles predicted by the Zetas. They are indeed an End Times sign.

Kenyan Farmers Traumatized as Swarms of Locusts Devour Crops in Seconds
February 13, 2020
The locusts are so bad in some parts of Kenya that entire fields of crops are being devoured in as little as 30 seconds. Currently what most farmers are doing is drumming. Others are using whistles. They're blowing the whistles from morning to evening. Others are shouting — literally shouting — the whole family, shouting on the farm to scare the locusts away.
Catastrophic Locust Invasion in East Africa Reaches Full-Blown Crisis as the Billions of Devastating Locusts Spread and Could Become the Most Devastating Plague in Living Memory
February 11, 2020
The apocalyptic horde of desert locusts has been destroying crops in Somalia and Ethiopia (worst outbreak in 25 years), before wreaking havoc in Kenya (worst plague in 70 years). Now the massive tornadoes of insects are spreading further across the region, and have already entered Uganda.
Uncontrolled Swarms of Devouring Locusts to Hit East Africa, Middle East, and Southwest Asia in No Time Leaving Behind Barren Earth
January 26, 2020
Potentially threatening situation is developing along both sides of the Red Sea, where ongoing breeding is causing locust numbers to increase on the coasts of Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. In addition, numerous desert locust swarms have been breeding in India, Iran and Pakistan since June 2019. And some have migrated to southern Iran where recent heavy rains have nurtured a breeding ground that could generate swarms in the spring.

ZetaTalk Jewish Exodus 11/15/1996: The Jewish exodus did not occur because this large group just decided to take a stroll one day, anticipating nothing worse than a whipping as the comeuppance should they be discovered. The exodus occurred because their masters were devastated and distracted by problems so severe as to take their minds entirely off their slaves. Would this have been a flooded Nile or a plague of locusts or even celebration where all got drunk? Nothing in the normal course of Egyptian society would have created a situation where the Jews could have left, en mass, or even a situation where they all would have had the courage to leave. They left because the passage of the Planet X imposed first a long night and then horrendous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in nearby volcanoes.

If the locusts are eating your crops, then eat the locusts! The movie Hidalgo depicts this, where a western cowboy and his sturdy pinto enter a race in Saudi Arabia. A Saudi princess tells our hero that he should not consider a locust swarm to be a curse, but a blessing. Sure enough, at the point of death for both man and horse, here comes a sand storm combined with locusts. Both feast on the bugs, and recover to win the race. The Chinese have deployed an army of 100,000 ducks to consume the locust swarms attacking Xinjiang.

Israeli Locust Plague is a Blessing for Adventurous Palates
March 7, 2013
They taste something between sunflower seeds and baby shrimps. First throw your live locusts into boiling vegetable stock. When they have turned pink, remove from the stock with a slotted spoon. Take off the heads like you might do with a prawn. Remove the black thread from along its spine, its wings and the smaller legs. You can leave on the two long hind legs. Season flour or chickpea flour with garlic, a bit of chilli powder, salt and some sweet paprika. Add coriander seeds. They usually need a lot of salt. Dip each locust in beaten egg, then dip them in the flour mixture deep fry them until they become golden brown and crispy. Remove and set aside. Fry some chopped garlic, and add to that chopped tomato and thyme. You can also add pesto from roasted bell peppers. Sautée the deep-fried locusts in this ragu for a few minutes until combined. Serve with pasta.

Jet Stream Wobble

Europe and Iceland and the Mediterranean are being pummeled by hurricane force storms lately, one after the other. A contorted Jet Stream has been around since 2005, but the hurricanes pummeling Europe are new. Per the Zetas, this is due to the increased violence of the Daily Earth Wobble, and will likely not go away until the passage of Nibiru has come and gone.  

Storm Dennis is Exploding into a Furious Bombogenesis as it Roars Toward UK and Northern Europe
February 13, 2020
After Storm Ciara, less than a week ago, Bomb Cyclone Storm Dennis will lead to another dose of power cuts and major travel disruptions in the UK and northern Europe. Dennis is now the fourth named windstorm of the season in Europe. The air pressure at the center of the storm is now around 935 mbar. That’s equivalent to a strong Category 3 Hurricane!
European Storms Continue
February 11, 2020
Mega low depression system stretching from Canada to Siberia. The UK has 6 weeks of rain in 24 hours. 15-meter / 50-feet waves across hit Ireland and the UK. Thousands of engineers had "battled horrendous conditions" after the storm blew trees, sheds, roofs and even trampolines onto the tracks. Mediterranean island of Corsica see winds as high as 200 kph (124 mph). Up to 500,000 without power throughout Europe.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/28/2020: At the start of the ZetaTalk saga we predicted the weather changes – unexpected extremes in temperature, intractable drought or deluge switching about for no reason, snow in summer, turbulence in the jet stream, and an eventual blending of the seasons. We attributed all these effects to the Daily Earth Wobble, which does a Figure 8 daily and thus forces the globe under the Jet Stream in all directions in an erratic and unpredictable manner. These gyrations are of record, and defy explanation with attempts to align the changes with Global Warming or Solar Cycles.

The wobble has gotten worse, as will be the case for Planet Earth as it heads into the coming passage. The sling to the right and left - a lean to the East and then to the West - affects the winds that travel across the Atlantic, such that hurricane force winds are creating snow bombs in Newfoundland and Iceland and hurricanes landing on the coastlines of France and Spain. Is the Jet Stream dropping lower? This supposition has been floated since 2005 in an attempt to explain the changes in the weather.

As we explained, the rapid sling to the right or left creates turbulence in the atmosphere, which tears above the Stratosphere so that sudden adjustments must occur. High and low pressure differences are exacerbated during this tearing, and thus the increased hurricane behavior. These wobble storms are more prevalent in the Northern Hemisphere because it is the magnetic N Pole which is pushed back and forth, or side to side, during the wobble. The magnetic S Pole remains relatively fixed.

New Madrid Twitch

We detailed how the N American Plate was locked tight between January 13-24, could not roll due to its flat top and could no longer adjust the diagonal tug by stretch accidents along the Gulf and soft sedentary rock ending at the little town of New Madrid. Now another example of this plate lock has occurred, from February 10-13. Another Baton Rouge refinery explosion due to stretch adjustments, swarm of quakes in East Tennessee just east of New Madrid, strange trumpets in the sky in Alaska, and a 6.9 quake in the Kuril Islands where an arm of the rigid N American Plate extends.

No Injuries, Off-Site Impact after Significant Fire at ExxonMobil Refinery
February 12, 2020
A significant fire broke out at an ExxonMobil refinery in Baton Rouge. The cause of the fire has not been determined.
Mystery Strange Sounds From the Sky Baffle Anchorage, Alaska
February 14, 2020
It’s been described as eerie, symphonic and also sporadic, sounding for about 20 seconds and then disappearing. It’s a sound that’s so internally loud. You feel the sound. “It’s almost like a foghorn, and screeching metal on metal. It sounds like a submarine scraping the bottom of a pool or something,” reports a witness.
M 6.9 - KURIL ISLANDS - 2020-02-13 10:33:44 UTC
February 13, 2020
Magnitude Mw 6.9, region Kuril Islands, date/time 2020-02-13 19:33:44.5 UTC
Series of 5 Earthquakes Strikes the Eastern Tennessee Seismic Zone in Less Than 5 Hours
February 13, 2020
The Southern Appalachian Seismic Zone, a seismic region stretching from northwestern Georgia, through Tennessee and into northeastern Alabama, was hit by a swarm of 5 earthquakes on February 11, 2020. The source of seismic activity in the Eastern Tennessee Seismic Zone remains a mystery.

This was quickly followed on February 16 by extraordinary flooding along the Pearl River in Mississippi, which crested at 37 feet above flood level. This was ascribed to rainfall, but nearby states did not report such flooding. Per the Zetas, the hard rock just to the East of the New Madrid Fault line is being tugged into a diagonal rip, and resisting. Thus temporarily, it heaved.

More Rain to Come
February 18, 2020
The crest came after what Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves called a “long weekend” due to rising floodwaters and additional evacuations throughout Jackson and the broader central Mississippi area. The river, which reached major flood stage over the weekend, crested near Jackson at around 36.67 feet. Still, a 38-foot water height was reported along the river in the area of Highway 25 north to the Barnett Reservoir dam.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/28/2020: The Pearl River was backing up, due to heaving above the New Orleans and Baton Rouge area where numerous unexplained explosions have occurred in recent months. The rock strata on the Mississippi just to the west of Jackson is a pinch in the soft rock that has been absorbing the New Madrid adjustment since the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans collapsed. When the tug to the East can no longer be accommodated by a stretch in the rock, the tug bunches up into hard rock, thus the heaving. Heaving is most often temporary, but will return until the hard rock starts to rip.

The Collapse

What will happen as the world moves from the present day economy and sociological and political posture to the chaos brought by the coming Pole Shift? Will there be an abrupt stop, or will there be steps and stages in a downward cycle? The Zetas painted a picture early in the ZetaTalk saga, which began in 1995. What did vintage ZetaTalk say about the causes of economic collapse and how the banking industry will fare, how the world will handle increasing starvation, the relationship between the emergence of riots and ruthless gangs and the imposition of Martial Law, and how the elite will adjust to the changing times?

ZetaTalk Economic Collapse 2002: We anticipate a real impact where storms and quakes take out cities, insurance companies fail, and the government must step in or the homeless population increase. Those countries where the population is allowed to die, starve, get diseased and lay by the roadside in this state, will simply continue this practice. Those countries where the government is expected to step in and rescue tax payers thrown into this state will muster forth troops, supplies, and mostly promises.

What will be the trigger bringing this house of cards down? A panic of selling could occur. This can be stopped, the Market closed, but this is an obvious move. We have predicted some years ago that price fixing, a freeze, might occur. But if the Earth changes are wide spread, across the West and East coasts of the US and Canada, for instance, affecting simultaneously the UK and western Europe, as well as Japan, this might be out of control. Thus, it is not manmade happenstance that will create the panic, but the Earth changes that will not stop.

Bartering in the blizzard: How a Neighbourhood Managed before the Stores Reopened
January 23, 2020
Bartering and sharing are alive and well. The state of emergency was already a day in effect. Roads were carless, stores were closed. The mayor warned that this could continue for at least a few days. My supplies had held up pretty good, but I made a few critical errors — most notably, I was already low on butter. I reached out to the world via Facebook. Beehak (a talented pastry chef) responded! She would be happy to trade a cup of butter for two eggs. We met halfway down Barnes Road and made the swap. It felt like something that would have happened in the 1930s. Later that day, I baked several blueberry crisps and bartered one for ground coffee and buttermilk. I also gave a blueberry crisp to my next-door neighbours. They had lent me snowshoes, so I could venture downtown into the carless snowglobe world. The trade seemed more than fair.

ZetaTalk Barter System 2001: We predict that long before the shift, a barter system will be replacing the current paper money system. The value of the dollar, in all countries, will be falling, such that in any transaction one or both parties will feel they are getting a fair deal only if a thing, not a representation, is given or received. The value of items that can increase worth, such as a needle and thread which can repair clothing otherwise worthless, or a shovel that can create a garden otherwise a weed patch, will balloon. The rich will of course whine endlessly. 

Get Ready to Eat Bugs if You Want to Live Beyond 2050
January 28, 2020
Crickets offer roughly the same amount of protein as beef as well as significantly more micronutrients, since you're consuming the exoskeleton as well. C rickets require far less arable land than cattle do. Whereas it takes around 200 square meters of space to grow one kilogram of beef, the same amount of cricket needs only about 15 square meters. They can even be vertically farmed. Their water requirements are equally reduced compared to the 22,000 liters required to produce that kilo of beef.

ZetaTalk Starvation 2008: This class of citizen - the formerly well fed - does not slide quietly or quickly into the stance of their chronically starved neighbors. They know about the underclass, the chronically underfed, but have never imagined themselves forced into these straits. In horror, they see themselves unable to afford enough food for good health, despite cutting back all budgetary items possible, so panic is just under the surface and explodes into hysteria with every rise in food prices.

What are governments to do when a formerly quiet portion of the populace becomes noisy and hysterical? Price controls are one avenue, but even with price controls the shortages will continue and increase due to the worsening weather extremes we have so long predicted. New rules are likely to be instituted everywhere. Those who are obese will be encouraged to diet, perhaps given only vitamin pills and minimum protein such as a few boiled eggs per day. Grains fed to cattle will be diverted to human consumption. All idle fields will be put into production.

And of course price controls instituted to prevent panic among those who can no longer afford to buy food. But in those countries where such measures cannot be instituted because there simply is not enough food to go around, riot control will be used. Those who ignored their chronically underfed neighbors, the underclass they took for granted were always beneath them, will now join them, a type of karma, so to speak.

ZetaTalk Gangs 2004: Brutality, genocide, and virtual slavery in economically depressed areas - all exist today because somewhere in the world food is being grown, products are being manufactured, and commerce flows. The pole shift brings an abrupt halt to that. Eventually, survivor groups that remain are hard at work, all growing or catching their food and cooperating heavily with each other. The occasional lone thug is encountered and either runs for his life to live in the woods on his own, with survival very iffy, or is killed attempting to loot the hard working group. A group that is keeping starvation at bay by intense cooperation and careful planning recognizes instantly those that are doing likewise, and also recognizes instantly a group that has survived by looting. There are a thousand clues.

ZetaTalk Martial Law 2014: Martial Law will not be imposed automatically, but in stages. Earthquakes and tidal waves and crop shortages will begin to alarm the populace who will make strident demands on their governments, and when they discover that no solutions are being offered to them, rioting will indeed begin. Cities do not feed themselves, but rural areas do produce food and can be encouraged or forced to shift to produce that which is less lucrative but would feed more people. Hong Kong, as with New York City or London, has a massive population almost completely divorced from farming skills and knowledge.

What to do with these citizens? Told to march into the fields and pick up a hoe, to eat bugs and tasteless vegetables when they are used to cuisine, they will argue and fuss. Their governments have few choices. Forced labor camps are one solution, and forced labor camps imply Martial Law. Another alternative is to blockade exit from the cities until the citizenry starves, resorts to cannibalism, and dies off. When watching the incremental march toward Martial Law, consider what choices the establishment has. They are few!

ZetaTalk Organized Religion 1996: The trend toward tolerance and open mindedness does not incline one toward rigidities and the acceptance of authority that organized religions rely upon. Where there are enclaves of control, as within Islamic states, the rest of the world has shown a steady trend toward free thinking and independence from the mandates that organized religions impose. What does this mean for the church?

Shrinking membership means shrinking profits, but for many organized religions this does not represent a pinch as the numbers interested in devoting their lives as free workers to an organized religion are also shrinking. The Catholic church has long had a much underreported exodus from the priesthood and nunneries, and other religions with rigid doctrines have experienced similar trends. Thus, where the corridors of power are still filled with the same iron grip of the power hungry, the empire they rule continues to shrink.

ZetaTalk Wealthy Elite 1999: The wealthy elite are sitting on top of the pile and are not interested in losing this position. They have heard, either through innuendo or through their own paid research, that the coming cataclysms are very real. They try to imagine where they’ll be if the banks aren’t solid and they can’t just snap their fingers and order the services they need and intimidate people based on their money. Heaven forbid they should be leveled to the rest of the populace and have to grovel and scratch! They can’t have that!

They are trying to figure out what they can do. In the past they could rely on the court system, which is in the main their friend, or large corporations which can threaten to fire or harass those failing to cooperate with the wealthy elite. And of course they have bought politicians right and left. What are they to do if all of this is aside, and they are just standing there with their useless paper money and their store of goods? Even if they hire people to guard them, that only goes so far.