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Issue 687, Sunday December 1, 2019
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Blending of the Seasons

The Zetas have predicted a blending of the seasons to occur prior to the Last Weeks. They took care to explain this is not just temperature swings that might take place over days or weeks or months, but significant swings that take place within a day. We are not there yet, but over the past few months the Earth has gotten a taste of what is to come. In the Canada and the US, in Argentina, in Europe and Northern Africa, in Tasmania – wild swings from record hot to record cold weather.

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/6/2010: Due to the Earth wobble, there are many phenomena in many parts of the globe which could be described as unseasonable weather. Snow in summer has occurred and is on the increase. Very warm days in the middle of winter, more than the typical winter thaw, so that fruit trees bud in winter, ruining the harvest when frost returns. But the blending of the seasons will be characterized by extreme change happening rapidly, one direction to another. What you have had up until the present is trends for more extreme weather. Imagine going from the heat of the hottest summer day to the cold of the coldest winter day, all within a day or so. That is a blending of the seasons.

Regina and Saskatoon see Record-Breaking Low Temperatures
August 20, 2019
A blast of cold air from the Arctic brought record-breaking low summer temperatures to central Saskatchewan on Sunday.
Dangerous Arctic Blast Puts Millions under Freeze Watches and Warnings
November 9, 2019
A much larger swath of the country will suffer through subfreezing temperatures in the coming days!
Assessing the U.S. Climate in September 2019
Contiguous U.S. tied as second warmest September on record.

Tasmania: From Fire to Snow in One Week
November 7, 2019
Tasmania has received its first snow of the year, and it’s falling on areas that were threatened by fierce bushfires just last week. Meteorologist Rachel McInerney said the snow was unusual for this summer as it had quite warm above average temperatures and not very much rainfall.
More than 500 Sheep Die of Cold in Rio Grande do Sul
October 17, 2019
A vet was reported to have been on the scene and testified that the animals had died from the cold. Following the heat wave that hit the entire state of Rio Grande do Sul, the owner of the resort would have sheared all the sheep, without imagining that in recent days an intense cold would hit the region again. During Saturday, the temperature sensation reached 42ºC (107.6 F), while in the late hours the temperature reached close to 5ºC (41F).

Unseasonal Snow and Floods in Algeria, Africa
November 13, 2019
While an arctic blast is currently attacking the U.S., unseasonal weather is also sweeping across Algeria in North Africa. Strong winds with gusts of 90 km/h, storm surge and high waves were reported along the Algerian coast.
Heavy Snowfall Hits Northern Spain
November 10, 2019
The weather in northern Spain had taken a turn from warm to cold this week, with heavy snowfall reported on November 8, 2019.
Climate Change made 2019 European Heat Wave Worse
July 30, 2019
Extreme heat broke records in parts of Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. And it set an all-time high in France of 45.9° Celsius (114.6° Fahrenheit)!

ZetaTalk Clarification 10/8/2011: Clearly we will not arrive at the blending of the seasons suddenly. We have stated that a blending of the seasons will be a factor, to the extent that the weather would jump from mid-summer to mid-winter within a day or so. We are not there as yet.

Global Crop Shortage

Crop shortages should come as no surprise to those who have followed ZetaTalk. In May, 1995 ZetaTalk stated that crop failure would occur due to erratic weather. ZetaTalk predicted in 2000 that cold summers, even snow in the summer, would be experienced due to weather irregularities. This began by June, 2005 when Somalia, a tropical country on the Equator, had their first ever snowstorm. By 2009 drought had affected almost half the planet. This alternated with devastating floods. The Zeta words in 1995 hold true today, as this Pole Shift ning blog attests. Zetas Right Again!

‘Harvest from Hell': 2.7 Million Acres of Canola left Buried under Snow in the Canadian Prairies
November 15, 2019
Heavy snow and rain during harvest on the Canadian Prairies have left several million acres of canola buried until spring, the latest blow in a miserable year that may compound farmer problems into 2020. Canola is renowned as Canada's most profitable crop, exported to China, Japan and Mexico to make vegetable oil and animal feed.
Officials Are Using the Word “Disaster” to Describe the Widespread Crop Failures Happening all over America
November 11, 2019
The endless rain and horrific flooding during the early months of this year resulted in tremendous delays in getting crops planted in many areas, and now snow and bitterly cold temperatures are turning harvest season into a complete and utter nightmare all over the country.
China’s Hog Herd may Drop by 55% due to Fatal Swine Fever
October 2, 2019
China’s hog herd fell by half in the first eight months of 2019 due to a devastating outbreak of African swine fever and will likely shrink by 55% by the end of the year.

Food Crisis 2019: It’s Looking Bad, Bad, Bad at a Global Level
October 3, 2019
Be ready for food and water shortages. Be prepared for food price dramatic increase. Here some recent shocks on the global food system. Unusually long-lasting and deadly monsoons in India are leading to widespread crop failures in the nation. India is one of the top exporters of onions globally, selling 2.2 billion kilograms overseas. After the prolonged monsoon rains, India has decided to ban its onion export. Since September 2019, food prices have soared by more than 200% in the country.
2019 is the Year when the Farming Industry began to Unravel as Extreme Weather and Disease is Hitting already Stressed Farmers Around the World
April 12, 2019
In the first 4 months of 2019, heatwaves in the southern hemisphere are killing wildlife ‘on a biblical scale’ from record-breaking heat. Record heat in Australia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil with NASA and NOAA claiming the last 5 years have been the warmest since modern records began. More than 100,000 chickens died by high temperatures in Montevideo, Uruguay. Thousands of cattle died as temperatures hit 45 deg C, (110 deg F) early in 2019 in Argentina.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: Going into the cataclysms the weather will become unpredictable, with torrential rainstorms where not expected, and droughts likewise where not expected. Extremes of temperature will be experienced. During the years coming close to the time of the reappearance of Nibiru, the giant comet, all parts of the world will experience extremes. Of course, leading up to the cataclysms, not all produce will fail. Greenhouse crops will come through. Backyard gardens, tendered carefully by watchful eyes, will survive.

But the large cash crops that supply crowded population centers will find little to market, and the prices will go up accordingly. At first, stores put up against such times will be tapped. After a bit, these stores will run down, and governments will get nervous. Helping handouts, from countries better off to those in desperation, will stop. Friction on these matters will fray at already frayed nerves. Up until the cataclysms, humans in the main will struggle on with the farming and fishing methods they are familiar with.

In general, the resistance against change is immense, and warnings about the pending pole shift will be brushed aside by the vast majority who will choose not to notice the signs about them or contemplate anything so awful. Those groups who have prepared, and are relying on themselves and their own carefully tended gardens, will not find themselves pinched between starvation and hostilities. Fortunately, the easiest produce to grow is that most economical as foodstuffs. Humans have but to return to their recent past and relearn these lessons.

Except for those few who have prepared, humans surviving the cataclysms will find themselves without food. In the cities this will happen quickly, as fresh or frozen foods will spoil due to total power failure, and canned and dried goods will only go so far. Then what? Rural areas, where one would presume to find gardens put in and livestock in abundance, will not be much better off. The drought and irregular weather will have taken their toll, to say nothing of the cataclysms themselves.

What of the cities, when food distribution is no longer occurring or the price of food so exorbitant that it is not affordable? Hopefully our constant lectures on Urban Gardens and free ranging chickens have not fallen on deaf ears. Every Suburb should have become one big hobby farm, allowing Free Ranging Chickens and having the grass trimmed by goat herds. Condos in high rise buildings should have container gardens on every porch, and earthworm and bug farms eating the green compost from roadside mowing.

Banana Trees along the streets are not only a possibility, they have been planted in LA. Kudzu vines and Duckweed in marshlands are both highly nutritious.

Power Centers

The Zetas have described the Aftertime, the world after the Pole Shift, as a time when mankind will be thrown back into a more primitive existence. The grid will be down almost everywhere, with electricity generated via wind or water mills or solar panels. Petrol stores will likely all rupture and burn, and the ability to refine oil or even pump it disrupted. Nuclear power plants will likely be shut down, to avoid polluting the area, and be damaged beyond repair. Missing parts will be unavailable, factories and distribution disrupted.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/15/1999: The chemical industry will be very hard hit, as much of their stores are liquid and will burst, spray, disburse, and require specialized ingredients to create in the first place. So you back up, endlessly, and anytime there is a break in the link, the link is broken and affects everything downstream. So it all goes down the chain. Bridges are down. The grid is down. The government is in chaos, and gone off to huddle and get drunk and discuss among themselves. Workers do not come out of loyalty, starving to death, to keep a corporate fat cat in business. They go off, attempting to find food for themselves. If the industry loses its skills, what occurs? Any industry that finds that its skilled workers are no longer available fails!

Knowing that the passage of Nibiru is coming, how are the world’s military and economic powers planning to survive? The elite have their bunkers and enclaves, well stocked with supplies that will inevitably run out. A strong military force obviously has firepower and can confiscate what it needs, and has the ability to force labor into the fields to grow or harvest food. Since Martial Law will likely be called in all countries prior to the actual Pole Shift, forced or mandatory labor will likely be in place too.

ZetaTalk Description 8/23/2014: The establishment anticipates that every crop shortage, every water shortage, every uptick in earthquakes or disease will be related to the pending passage, with a demand for government action. What then? Depending upon the country and the culture, martial law will evolve everywhere. In industrial countries the cities, particularly those along the vulnerable coastlines, will be ready to flash into riots, especially when food shortages become intractable.

Given that the End Times is often described in Biblical terms as a time of global conflict, and given that the world’s super powers seem to be perpetually in an arms race, will there be a race to claim the globe after the Pole Shift? The Zetas have stated that World War III will not emerge as every country will be looking inward, to control their restless populace. But Power Centers will predictably emerge from the strong military and/or economic centers already in place.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/30/2019: The factors to consider are many, and still within the hands of man so not precisely predictable. First, there is the devastation of the Pole Shift, with subsequent flooding of lands to the 675 foot level above the present day sea level. This wipes out half of Russia, flooding its current heavily populated areas near Moscow. But Russia has already set out to position itself in the Far East, moving its populace and infrastructure there. This wipes out India, but it has already arranged to partner with Russia. This wipes out a quarter of the central US, but the US has already moved to the Denver area.

Second, consider which countries today are an economic or military super power. A strong economy gives the country a skilled workforce and funds to proceed if it needs to relocate. The US is both an economic and military super power, thus Denver will be a future Power Center. Russia is both thus the Far East will be a future Power Center. China is likewise both and will be a future Power Center which we estimate will be as close to the new Equator as possible. Germany likewise has both, and Europe has highlands which Germany will dominate, so Germany will be a future Power Center.

The UK will be devastated by the pending European tsunami, but their elite plan to seek refuge in Australia so they will move their war ships and armaments to Australia, which will thus be the new Power Center for Britain. Turkey lusts to return to the days of the Ottoman Empire, and given the amount of weaponry scattered about in the Middle East, will be a military power, thus a new Power Center. We have often mentioned that S Africa will be literally invaded by former colonial powers wanting to land grab Antarctica and the new land to emerge nearby after the Pole Shift. Thus between the wealthy elite and hired mercenaries S Africa will be a new Power Center.

What of the lands in S America? The rising sea level after the Pole Shift wipes out half of S America but this is not the determining factor. S America does not have an economic or military giant that would qualify a S American country. It will remain essentially a Third World continent. Canada has vast lands but a small population, and will be absorbed by the US. Alaska may become a point of conflict between the US and Russia, and may be ceded to Russia if the Chinese join the fray, pushing across the Bering Strait to take control of Alaska.

The former Russian satellite countries above India do not in and of themselves have an economic or military power, and will be ruptured by the new inland Seaway we have predicted to rip up through Persia to the Ural Mountains. This will disrupt travel by rail or roadway. Europe will become a series of islands and the populace will likely migrate south to Africa, as will Israel. Iraq and many Arab countries will be devastated by exploding oil fields, which will rob the ruling class of their wealth. They will thus return to being Bedouins.

Those parts of the globe not under the control of a Power Center will be under tribal, i.e. local control and, as the Zetas say, leadership will have to be earned. This will be the case for Africa, S America, and the central Eurasian Plate. Many countries will be devastated – Japan afflicted by volcanoes, Central America and the Caribbean crushed as S America is thrown against the N America Plate during the Pole Shift, Mexico invaded by drowning refugees, and Indonesia scoured as the Pacific shortens and its waters rush into the Indian Ocean. The Zetas have predicted that Muslims will not be invited to be partners in any of the anticipated new Power Centers, as they are not trusted.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/30/2019: Iran is dominated by hard line Islamic rulers, and both Russia and China have had problems with some of their Muslim enclaves, such as the Chechen rebels in Russia and the Muslim Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang region. Islam is prone to Jihad and Sharia Law suppression of women. From the Taliban in Afghanistan to the religious leaders in Iran and the wars between the Shia and Sunni in the Middle East, these attitudes are not welcome.

Meanwhile, President Trump is braced for the worst – an onslaught of drowning Central Americans invading Mexico and trying to invade the US.

Donald Trump: ‘We’re building a Wall in Colorado’
October 23, 2019
President Donald Trump said Wednesday that a Wall is being Built in Colorado. "And we're building a wall on the border of New Mexico. And we’re building a wall in Colorado. We’re building a beautiful wall. A big one that really works — that you can’t get over, you can’t get under, and we’re building a wall in Texas. And we’re not building a wall in Kansas but they get the benefit of the walls that we just mentioned.”

ZetaTalk Insight 10/31/2019: President Trump was of course kidding around about building walls in the interior, but in his jest he revealed serious considerations. Worst case scenario, those states bordering Mexico would be flooded with immigrants from Central America, who would arrive in such numbers that they would dominate the region close to the border. Given that the Western White House is in Denver, and most federal agencies are already headquartered there, a fall-back position would be to defend the Colorado border. The mountain ranges in the region provide some protection, so that the migrant horde would likely chose instead to rush up through California.

The Dark Judge

ZetaTalk credited the The Dark Judge with announcing the execution of the Queen last September, a subsequent feature in Issue 675 of this newsletter. This apparently came to his attention and the Judge posted a complimentary notice on his twitter feed, which brought forth more compliments! Always welcome.