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Issue 606, Sunday May 13, 2018
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Deep State Wars

Could the public be unaware of a secret war within Political Parties, between a King and his Generals, or between a Pope and his Cardinals?  In fact, most power plays are done quietly, out of the public eye, so that the public only learns of them by insider leaks or by analyzing patterns. The massive number of suspicious deaths among those who threaten the Clinton Cabal, for instance. The size of Bernie Sander’s 2016 campaign rallies or the Trump campaign rallies vs the handful of people who attended Hillary rallies. Examine the patterns.

Thus the war against the Deep State is occurring outside the view of the public, like sharks in the water, only visible on occasion when a fin cuts above the surface. Yes, there are a lot of Generals in attendance in Trump’s administration, and that would imply a Junta in charge, but no official statement has been made. Yes, the missile attack alert for Hawaii on January 13, 2018 seemed suspicious, but we are told this was all due to a mistake and a misplaced twitter password. Now we have a number of US Military helicopters crashing, followed by a ferocious C-130 crash. Per the Zetas, part of the Deep State war.

Plane Crash Video shows National Guard C-130 Aircraft Plunging to Ground
May 3, 2018
Surveillance video captured a 1950s-era military cargo plane plunging to the ground. The C-130 aircraft exploded into flames on a busy Georgia highway Wednesday, killing all nine crew members aboard. The Puerto Rico National Guard was headed for retirement. The plane banked left before nosediving and spiraling into the ground. Seconds later, a fireball and black smoke went shooting into the sky. The plane crashed into the median of the highway, narrowly avoiding traffic, warehouses and a nearby gas station.
Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Kentucky Helicopter Crash: Army
April 7, 2018
Two U.S. soldiers died in a helicopter crash during training at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, the Army said on Saturday, marking the fourth U.S. military aircraft mishap in less than a week. A U.S. Marine Corps helicopter crashed during training in Southern California on Tuesday. All four members were believed to be killed. A Marine jet also crashed in Djibouti on Tuesday. The pilot was later reported in stable condition. On Wednesday, a U.S. Air Force pilot with the traveling Thunderbirds exhibition squad died when his F-16 fighter jet crashed in Nevada.

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/31/2018: Has the war with the Deep State reached the point where there are battles within the US Military for control? Dunford’s Marines removed the hand of the Jewish bankers from the US Federal Reserve in October, 2015. Dunford’s Marines were the group that landed at Langley last November to confiscate the CIA files. Secretary of Defense Mattis is a Marine. Chief of Staff Kelly is a Marine. Do you see a pattern here? We have recently mentioned that Soros is trying to create riots and chaos in the US so that sleeper cells in the US Military can upend Trump’s Junta. They feel they can no longer wait, as they are losing on all fronts.

Attempts to intimidate Dunford’s Junta have included trying to nuke Hawaii, and trying to commandeer US nuclear submarines via sleeper cell command posts near Denver. These are only a few of the instances, most not in the media at all. Most of this war is hidden. But when several helicopters crashed within days of each other, it was clear that they were being triggered. Then this stopped, as the triggers were located and dismantled. Now we have a C-130 crash, in a plane that was old but not disabled. Those responsible have been found and quietly terminated, but such instances could be repeated. The war is not yet won.

Adding to the confusion is the terminology used by various trusted sources to explain this war, which is not addressed by the corporate media except to defend nefarious characters and attack those who are trying to set things right. These trusted sources are Internet based – Wikileaks and Assange, Anonymous, Ben Fulford, ZetaTalk, and now Q. Meanwhile, most of the media screams their fake news, or focuses on distractions. The war is being won by the good guys, steadily. But as with the sudden good news on N Korea, the public may be the last to know!

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/31/2018: We have described a Transformation Team composed of Anonymous, Ben Fulford groups, Dunford’s crew, Wikileaks and Assange, the Puppet Master, ourselves at ZetaTalk and Nancy, the Council of Worlds, and now we must add Q. The team is vast and deep. The Transformation Team fights for truth vs the lies the corporate media spews. Fights to empower mankind with the truth about Nibiru. Fights to reverse debt slavery used by western and Jewish banks as an insidious tool to enslave mankind. Who are these people?

The enigmatic Q refers to the good guys as White Hats and those wanting to control and enslave mankind as Black Hats. Ben Fulford refers to the bad guys as the Kazarian Mafia, as the Jewish banking empire as well as Netanyahu himself hail from the Armenian Jews, the Kazarian empire. Some refer to them as the Illuminati. We have referred to them as the Cabal, as both the Bush and Clinton presidencies were compliant and were well funded by Soros.  We have also referred to them as the New World Order crowd.

They strive to trigger World War III as during chaos they could come out on top, and opportunities abound. War with Russia has been pushed hard, thus all the lies about Russian interference with the 2016 election. Via Herbert Bush, the US has become awash with drugs, to weaken its populace. And many of the school shootings have the aim of changing the 2nd Amendment so the American public is no longer armed. Wars in the Middle East have been fomented, the goal of 911 which was indeed an insider job, so that they could control all the oil the world relies upon. Control is a deep desire of those who are self-serving, what we call the Service-to-Self.

Korea Surprise

What happened? Just months ago, in January, 2017 the world was anticipating a nuclear war between N Korea and the US. Kim was constantly testing ICBM’s that could strike the West Coast of the US and clearly had nuclear weapons being tested under Mantap Mountain. Despite trade restrictions and a starving, worm ridden populace, Kim seemed unrelenting. Then the Winter Olympics occurred, and after that an odd quiet to the usual blustering between Kim and Trump. Per the Zetas, Kim had a bully personality, and was not about to stop.

ZetaTalk Description 9/30/2017: What is N Korea’s chubby dictator Kim trying to achieve by pushing forward with his nuclear program? He is seeking to become powerful enough that no other country, including the US and his immediate neighbors China and Russia, can control him. Kim has the mindset of a typical bully, and their lust for power knows no bounds. When they get a grip on a country, they reign for decades and are virtually impervious to attempts to stop them. Kim envisions being able to dictate to the world, essentially master of his Universe. Drunk with success, he feels unstoppable.

So what happened? The world is speculating that Kim was no longer able to test nuclear devices at the collapsing Mantap Mountain, for fear it would leak radiation into the countryside and into nearby China or Russia too. But Kim had never cared about the welfare of others, clearly. He could create another underground facility, or go elsewhere, or dig new tunnels into the mountain rock, or simply launch missiles without testing the strength of the nuclear device. This is obviously not what brought about a change in Kim. Did China step in?

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/30/2017: Mount Mantap has indeed been destabilized, as the landslides on the surface indicate. Where China, the “slumbering dragon”, has warned the world not to attack N Korea, the reality that they might suffer nuclear pollution in their northern realm has not escaped notice. Beijing, their capitol, is within reach, as is Russia’s Vladivostok. They will act before this can happen.

Per the Zetas, though not being reported in the media, Xi of China did step in, threatening an invasion of N Korea unless Kim’s grab for power was stopped. The war on the Deep State and the criminal Cabal of Bush/Clinton/Soros included trying to trigger World War III via N Korea. N Korea ensured that illegal drug trade profits continued to the Herbert Bush Cabal via Meth manufacture in N Korea. Profits and support for Kim thus had stopped. He was being squeezed. What does a Service-to-Self soul do when trapped in this way? It leaves.


ZetaTalk Confirmation 4/30/2018: Within this past year we have described Kim as having a bully mindset – a lust for power, feeling unstoppable. Our list of expected next steps did not include a peaceful reunification of Korea, but rather included draconian steps such as an assassination of Kim or military invasion of N Korea by either the US or Russia or China. The alternative was an endless spitting contest, with Kim continuing to grind down the citizens of N Korea – a long reign by an intractable dictator. What happened to afford this dramatic change?

Around the time of the Winter Olympics, when Kim’s sister represented N Korea and discussions with S Korea’s Moon occurred, there was a change in Kim’s war like stance. It was known that Kim’s nuclear testing ground – Mantap Mountain – was already destabilized but this did not preclude Kim from testing his nukes elsewhere or drilling tunnels into other parts of the mountain. This was not the trigger changing Kim’s personality. Nor was it the increased sanctions or Trump’s stance, as dictators do not give up their power that easily.

Highly Service-to-Self souls, given to being dictators who seek complete control and who have complete distain for the safety and wellbeing of others, do not tolerate loss.  We have mentioned that Xi of China is not being given the credit he deserves for stepping into the N Korea mess. He went beyond sanctions and told Kim flat out that China would invade and remove him from power unless his antics and nuclear proliferation stopped. In a war with China, Kim would lose. Faced with the humiliation of a loss on so many fronts, the soul incarnated within Kim took flight, leaving an empty body. A walk-in occurred.

Walk-ins can achieve dramatic change, such as occurred en masse during the Arab Spring, was predicted by Ruth Montgomery to occur during one of the US Presidencies, and did occur within Obama for much of his career, the soul of Lincoln being resident. Walk-ins can be temporary if the original soul dithers and wants to come back, but in Kim’s case the Council of Worlds arranged for Kim’s soul to instantly start a new incarnation elsewhere, so he cannot return. The walk-in soul is very old and wise, carefully selected for such a momentous mission. The future bodes well.

Now the world, stunned at the rapid turn of events, sees a completely different scenario. No invasion of N Korea by the US, or bombing of the poor civilians. No longer nuclear tipped missiles raining down on Japan or Hawaii or Guam. No longer increased tension between China and the US for another Korean War. Instead, peace, disarmament in Korea, and reunification. This was not even a possibility a couple weeks ago, not possible. And now it is happening!

North Korea Nuclear Test Site to Close in May, South Korea Says
April 29, 2018
North Korea's nuclear test site will close in May. Scientists have said the site may have partially collapsed in September. The nuclear tests have taken place in a system of tunnels dug below Mount Mantap, near the Punggye-ri site. Six nuclear tests have been carried out there since 2006. After the last, in September 2017, a series of aftershocks hit the site, which seismologists believe collapsed part of the mountain's interior.
Time has come for the Reunification of the Korean Peninsula
April 27, 2018
It is fair to say also that the rapidity of the thaw currently underway on the Korean peninsula has taken the world by surprise.
North and South Korean Leaders Agree to End War, full Joint Statement Inside
April 27, 2018
South Korea’s president Moon Jae In and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un met for the first time in history in an inter-Korean summit, also marking the first time a North Korean leader has crossed the border in 65 years. the two leaders agreed to announce the official end of the Korean War this year (which was on an indefinite time-out since the armistice agreement in 1953), as well as denuclearize the Korean peninsula.

7 of 10 Progress

The Pacific is compressing, as shown by the January 23, 2018 Aleutian Island quake.

In the expected domino reaction to this adjustment in the Pacific plates, the S America Roll moved along, with the roll ripping Trinidad apart on February 13, 2018.

Then the Africa Roll moved, as expected in the West to East domino pattern. In April giant cracks appeared in Kenya, showing the roll progressing.

Panic at a Nakuru Estate as Huge Cracks appear Overnight
April 29, 2018
A section of residents from Whitehouse Estate in the outskirts of Nakuru town are living in fear after fissures developed in the area. Last month, geologists warned that several fault lines are still active in the Rift Valley.
Fear as 2-km Fault Line cuts across Naivasha Farms
April 17, 2018
A two-kilometre fault line has cut across farms, sparking fears among residents of Moi Ndabi area on the outskirts of Naivasha town, Nakuru County. Several acres of Irish potatoes, wheat, beans and maize are feared to have been destroyed by the giant crack that was filled with water overnight. The crack is similar to the one that cut across sections of Mai Mahiu weeks ago. According to experts the Rift Valley region is still prone to volcanicity. This spot could be just one of the tens, perhaps hundreds, of other weak spots on the Great Rift Valley, which runs through the continent from the Horn of Africa to Mozambiqu.

As the globe turns, West to East, the plate stress again returns to the Pacific, and indeed on May 4 the Big Island of Hawaii experienced a 6.9 quake after renewed activity of the Kilauea volcano. Many aftershocks followed. In that quakes are currently dumbed down by over 2 magnitudes by the USGS, this 6.9 quake can be assumed to be a magnitude 9.

New Volcano Notice: Earthquakes Increase After Pu’u O’o Collapse
May 1, 2018
A series of earthquakes, the largest measured at a Magnitude 4.0, began rattling the Puna district below Kilauea volcano in the area between Pu’u O’o and Highway 130 last night, following the collapse of the Pu?u ???? crater floor.

What can be expected for Hawaii, as the Earth changes continue to progress. Actually, Hawaii fares well, as the portion of the Pacific Plate that holds Hawaii rises during compression, so Hawaii is expected to continue to gain elevation.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: Hawaii is steadily rising now, after every major quake in the vicinity. As we explained, the Pacific is not one plate but at least four, and both the Hawaii Islands and the Society Islands are being raised on the western edge of the Pacific Plate portion that is subducting under the West Coast of N America. Where these islands can anticipate an increase in elevation, it will not be more than 140-160 feet.

Looming Nibiru

Since Nibiru has turned slightly to point it’s magnetic N Pole directly at the Earth, many of the components of the Nibiru complex have been lost in the fog. As the vast charged tail of Nibiru wafts to this or that side, at times, more detail can be seen. This is shown by Alberto’s photos taken recently, on April 19 when detail on the debris in the tail can be seen, and on May 6 when the location of Nibiru in the fog can be discerned as more than one photo, only minutes apart, are available.

That the tail is pointed more directly at Earth, and that Nibiru has moved closer to the Earth, can also be shown by recent Schumann Resonance spikes. This subject was covered in Issue 567 of this Newsletter in August of 2017. A 7.83 Hz is the normal range, for Earth, and last August it was spiking up to 36 Hz. Now, on May 5, 2018 we are spiking above 40 Hz.  

Schumann Resonance Today
May 5, 2018
We will try to keep you updated about the variations of the Resonance with this page. The great variations that nobody can explain but that give us a clear sign that the planet is changing. The Earth is vibration higher and higher.
Schumann Resonances
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