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Issue 441, Sunday March 15, 2015
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Extinction Caves

In the news recently was an inland cave filled with the bones of extinct animals, found along the coastline of Madagascar. These were not dragged there by predators, nor eaten, but had rather drown, en mass, apparently in salt water. Notably the guess on the date of their death was 3-4,000 years, ie the 3,600 signature of the last passage of Nibiru.

Mystery of the 'Graveyard' of Lemurs the size of GORILLAS
February 23, 2015
Divers found hundreds of fossilised bones and skeletons of the primitive primates as they explored flooded inland caves on the west coast of Madagascar. Scientists leading the study of the fossils believe there could be thousands of individuals buried in the soft silt at the bottom of the cave. Among the fossils, the researchers have also discovered the bones from elephant birds, corned crocodiles, rodents and hippos that roamed the island landscape thousands of years ago. However, most of the species found in the caves are now extinct and scientists are baffled as to how so many diverse species ended up in one place. It is still unclear how the animals ended up in the cave but they may have been carried there by a flood. Similar fossils had been found in the past in other nearby caves, but nowhere near in as many numbers. Those were estimated to be between 3,000 and 4,000 years old. The bones showed hardly any sign of post-death damage like the kind that comes from being eaten by a predator. Instead it appeared that many of the lemurs had decomposed slowly and their bones have not been disturbed since.

Velikovsky noted, in his book Earth in Upheaval, that during cataclysms in the past high tides have obviously occurred and these high tides have washed animals caught in the tides into caves, dashing them against the walls of the caves repeatedly until they either drown or were dashed to death. The animal bones found in these caves likewise show no evidence of being dragged there or eaten by predators, whose bones were often among the dead. Velikovsky relates these cataclysmic times to the frequent record of extinctions on Earth, which seems to occur not because the creatures were frail, but because of rapid climate change and devastation such as these high tides. Per the Zetas, the Earth is rich in resources, and recovers from such extinctions.

Earth in Upheaval, by Emanual Velikovsky
Chapter: Tidal Wave
Fissures in the rocks all over western Europe, are choked with bones of animals, some of extinct races, others, though of the same age, of races still surviving.  The bones are mostly broken and splintered into innumerable sharp fragments and are evidently not those of animals devoured by beasts of prey.  The Rock of Gibraltar is intersected by numerous crevices filled with bones.  The bones are broken and splintered.  The remains of panther, lynx, caffir-cat, hyena, wolf, bear, rhinoceros, horse, wild boar, red deer, fallow deer, ibex, ox, hare, rabbit, have been found in these ossiferous fissures.  On Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily the broken bones of animals choke the fissures in the rocks.  The state of preservation of the bones indicates that the animals, all of them, perished in the same period of time.  No hardened animal feces were found, indicating that the dead beasts had not lived in these hollows or fissures.  No teeth marks of hyena or of any other animal are found in the osseous mass.  The bones are those of animals of all ages down to the fetus, nor do they show traces of weathering or exposure. The extremely fresh condition of the bones, proved by the retention of so large a proportion of animal matter, shows that the event was, geologically, comparatively recent.  The fact that animals of all ages were involved in the catastrophe shows it to have been sudden.
Earth in Upheaval, by Emanual Velikovsky
Chapter: Extinction
A considerable group have become extinct virtually within the last few thousand years. The large mammals that died out in America include all the camels, all the horses, all the ground sloths, two genera of musk-oxen, peccaries, certain antelopes, a giant bison with a horn spread of six feet, a giant beaverlike animal, a stag-moose, and several kinds of cats, some of which were of lion size. Animals, strong and vigorous, suddenly died out without leaving a survivor.  The end came, not in the course of the struggle for existence - with the survival of the fittest.  Fit and unfit, and mostly fit, old and young, with sharp teeth, with strong muscles, with fleet legs, and plenty of food around, all perished.  They died as if a wind had snuffed life out of all of them, leaving their cadavers, with no sign of degeneration, in asphalt pits, in bogs, in sediment, and in caverns.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/15/1995: Animals in one form or another have survived repeated cataclysms. Natural evolution takes place, in any case, and the cataclysms only trip the balance this way or that. Without the cataclysms your Earth's animal species would be different, a different mix, and with some species now long extinct still present. But because these extinct species had survived, others would not have thrived, due to competition. Therefore, beyond protecting nature preserves, do not concern yourself over animal survival. Nature looks after her own.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/3/2010: Look at the diversity of species your world holds! Yes there is some extinction, like the Mammoth, but genetic diversity is continually increasing. Biologists will tell you that on islands separated from a mainland, new species develop, separate from the mainland variety. Mutation, natural selection, is continuous.

Among the evidence of high tides Velikovsky presents are whale bones in the mountains along the St. Lawrence Seaway. These bones are found 500-600 feet above sea level. Legends in many countries also include these high tides. This is undoubtedly what trapped and drown the giant lemur and other creatures in the cave in Madagascar. It happened before, and will happen again! 

Earth in Upheaval, by Emanual Velikovsky
Chapter: Whales in the Mountains
Bones of whale have been found 440 feet above sea level, north of Lake Ontario;  a skeleton of another whale was discovered in Vermont, more than 500 feet above sea level;  and still another in the Montreal-Quebec area, about 600 feet above sea level.  Although the Humphrey whale and beluga occasionally enter the mouth of the St. Lawrence, they do not climb hills.
Worlds in Collision, by Emanual Velikovsky
Chapter: The Tide
The traditions of the people of Peru tell that for a period of time the sun was not in the sky, and then the ocean left the shore and with a terrible din broke over the continent.  The Choctaw Indians of Oklahoma relate: “The earth was plunged in darkness for a long time”.  Finally a dark light appeared in the north, “but it was mountain-high waves, rapidly coming nearer”. According to the Lapland epic, after the sea-wall fell on the continent, gigantic waves continued to roll and dead bodies were dashed about in the dark waters.

Ceres Lights

Remember the mystery of the radio signals from the Rosetta comet? That, per the Zetas, was an alien space port. Now we have mystery lights on a dwarf planet in the Asteroid Belt – Ceres. NASA supposedly went sniffing around Ceres as it was big, at least much bigger than the other asteroids.

Ceres (Dwarf Planet)
It is composed of rock and ice, is 950 km (590 mi) in diameter, and contains approximately one third of the mass of the asteroid belt. Ceres appears to be differentiated into a rocky core and icy mantle, and may harbor an internal ocean of liquid water under its surface. The surface is probably a mixture of water ice and various hydrated minerals such as carbonates and clay. In January 2014, emissions of water vapor were detected from several regions of Ceres. This was somewhat unexpected, because large bodies in the asteroid belt do not typically emit vapor, a hallmark of comets.

The lights have been intriguing since 2004, when seen from a distance. On close up, the light spot proved to have a smaller companion, also on the same plateau. It begs the question, is this a Death Star ala the Star Wars movies? Per the Zetas, this is indeed another space port, used by Service-to-Self aliens who do not do density shifting well as they do not do teamwork well. They are thus forbidden by their masters to slip into 4th density, where they cannot be seen by mankind. Mankind’s Dawn probe is edging closer, for a better peek, but this is unlikely to result on contact. Instead, it might result in the Dawn probe being shot down!

What is Flashing us from Mysterious Dwarf Planet?
February 26, 2015
While NASA has not provided an explanation, scientists suggest these spots may be frozen pools of ice at the bottom of a crater that reflect light.
'Bright Spot' on Ceres Has Dimmer Companion
February 25, 2015
Ceres' bright spot can now be seen to have a companion of lesser brightness, but apparently in the same basin. This may be pointing to a volcano-like origin of the spots, but we will have to wait for better resolution before we can make such geologic interpretations. Using its ion propulsion system, Dawn will enter orbit around Ceres on March 6. As scientists receive better and better views of the dwarf planet over the next 16 months, they hope to gain a deeper understanding of its origin and evolution by studying its surface.  Dawn visited the giant asteroid Vesta from 2011 to 2012, delivering more than 30,000 images of the body along with many other measurements, and providing insights about its composition and geological history. Vesta and Ceres are the two most massive bodies in the asteroid belt, located between Mars and Jupiter.

ZetaTalk Insight 2/28/2015: The mystery of the lights on Ceres, which are indeed indicative of an alien space base, will not be resolved, as the public will never be told the truth. As with the Rosetta asteroid radio signals, where the public was only provided air brushed images so the space port was not discernable, the images and evidence provided by the Dawn probe will be altered and withheld. Why then are teasers provided to the public? There is ambivalence about fully admitting the alien presence, and also a desire to brag. Space programs are always under threat of being underfunded, and providing teasers ensures enthusiasm in the public, or so the thinking goes.

Is Ceres a mixture of rock and ice, as presumed? This is presumed because it is the substance of the Asteroid Belt, which as we have explained is composed of the remains of several water planets – rock, hardened magma, water, and biological components from life that had developed on those planets. Comets that sling past the Sun are from the Asteroid Belt, dirty snowballs formed from the remains of the water planets. Ceres is round, which implies frozen ice, but why should an icy surface not hold a space port? Contact with this space port on Ceres would not be allowed, the Dawn probe meeting with an accident if this were attempted. Whatever the eventual excuse provided for the lights, it will not include the truth.

Wobble Worsens

From severe droughts in Brazil and New Zealand to record snow in New England to melting ice in Alaska, the weather is breaking records worldwide, as this Pole Shift ning blog records.

Brazil’s Worst Drought in History Prompts Protests and Blackouts
January 23, 2015
The taps have run dry and the lights have gone out across swathes of Brazil this week as the worst drought in history spreads from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro and beyond.
Areas on Track for Driest January on Record
January 29, 2015
Parts of Auckland and Wellington are on course for their driest January on record, after a month of warm sunny weather.
Climate Change Threatens to put Alaska Village under the Sea
February 25, 2015
Residents of the remote Alaskan village of a Kivalina say they may be forced to relocate from their homes because of the effects of climate change. The thinning of sea ice has meant it is not possible for the Iñupiat people of the region to hunt the bowhead whales, while the US government has warned that with less and less sea ice every year to protect the island, it could be washed away by powerful waves.
Boston Seasonal Snow Tops 100 Inches, Nears All-Time Record
February 27, 2015
How Much Is A 100 Inches Of Snow? Boston has received more than 100 inches of snow this year, just how much snow is that?

As predicted by the Zetas in 1995, drought and deluge have increased, as have temperature extremes. This prediction was made in 1995 because the Zetas knew an Earth wobble would ensue as a result of Planet X, aka Nibiru, pushing and pulling on the Earth’s magnetic poles. The Earth wobble began in 2004, after Nibiru arrived in the inner solar system in 2003.  Over this past year, as 2014 data shows, the wobble has gotten much worse – more violent in its push, and with the lean of the globe more extreme, as these Intellicast charts show.

ZetaTalk Insight 2/28/2015: This can easily be seen on Intellicast temperature and sunshine maps showing that that the cold is lingering at the magnetic N Pole, not the geographic N Pole, and that the temperature has nothing to do with the amount of sunshine a region receives. This is a result of the Polar Push, where the magnetic N Pole of Earth is shoved away daily when it comes up over the horizon to face the Sun and the approaching Planet X, aka Nibiru. The magnetic N Pole of Earth is now positioned over eastern Siberia, which is bitterly cold while Norway and Sweden, just as far north, are warm. The magnetic N Pole of Earth receives less sunlight, and as the globe then leans to the right the northeastern part of N America likewise is cold. The lean to the left, next in the Figure 8 wobble, gives Europe more sunlight while the magnetic N Pole is on the far side of the globe, as does the bounce back from the Polar Push which gives Alaska its warm temps.

More compelling to skeptics, however, is a chart from HPIERS, a French observatory that charts where the magnetic N Pole of Earth is pointing. This has been slinging about, during the year, in a wider and wider circle, as the HPIERS charts show.

The Earth’s Orientation
The Earth's orientation is defined as the rotation from the Earth crust (the terrestrial system) to a geocentric set of axes tied to the quasars (geocentric celestial system, to be distinguished from the reference celestial system having for origin the barycenter of the solar system). This rotation is split into three components: the precession-nutation of the figure axis in space; the diurnal rotation around the celestial intermediate pole; the polar motion of the celestial intermediate pole with respect to the terrestrial crust.

This first showed up in early 2014, when the Zetas were asked to comment. At that time, the Zetas predicted that these HPIERS charts would disappear, as they so obviously documented the Earth wobble and the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru and the effect it was having on the Earth was alive and well at that time.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/5/2014: The polar motion graph presented for our comments is based on X, Y locations clearly affected by the Earth’s seasons, making a circle during the year. Since the start of 2014, this circle has changed shape, indicating that the measurement point has not pulled southward as the Spring progressed, the Earth’s geographic N Pole tilting toward the South, but rather remained as though in Winter. The wobble has worsened, as we have often mentioned, which means that the daily Figure 8 taken by the magnetic N Pole is pushed farther away, bounces back more aggressively, and the swings to the right and left are taking a wider swath. Human scientists, under pressure to disguise the effects that Planet X is having on the Earth, have been desensitizing equipment and altering data in a steadfast manner for the past 10-15 years. The Earth Orientation data was overlooked in all these maneuvers, but now that it has shown the Earth wobble the public can expect yet another source of proof of the nearby presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, to be altered.

Per the most recent ZetaTalk on this issue, the reason their prediction did not come about is because the establishment has an excuse handy. They will claim it is the magnetic N Pole of Earth that has migrated to Siberia, not the Earth wobbling on its axis, despite what the HPIERS charts show. Frankly, the common man could hardly understand all the math and scientific terms on the HPIERS site, so this is a safe bet.

ZetaTalk Insight 2/28/2015: Our prediction a year ago that the Earth Orientation graph would be altered or removed, in order to hide evidence of the Earth wobble, has not come about. Instead, the graph has been allowed to show the increasing lean of the N Pole through the seasons as 2014 progressed.  The Earth Orientation graph is showing the cumulative effect of this wobble, which is showing that the magnetic N Pole is further away from the geographic N Pole. This has been allowed to remain for the public to examine because the establishment plans to claim that this is due to migration of the magnetic N Pole, not an Earth wobble. It has moved to Siberia, they will claim, which it has, but this is only half the story. That the Earth is wobbling on its axis will not be discussed. That the Sun is not rising or setting in its proper place will not be admitted. And even after the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru close by, these facts are not likely to get in the press.

Interviews on YouTube

In keeping with the new plan to document interviews and make them available to the public on the NancyLieder YouTube channel, two new interviews are now available.

Exopolitics on Revolution Radio, February 28, 2015 on YouTube
With Starr DiGiacomo, the ZetaTalk message, Alberto's photos, telepathic message mechanics, 2003 prediction miss shock, Starr's blue men interaction, Nancy's hybrid kids, 7 of 10 presentation by bug-eye'd alien, Ceres space port, methane eruptions, contactee numbers, resentful groups, Star Children, media wars, Pole Shift ning recommended.
USA Emergency Broadcast Network, March 2, 2015 on YouTube
Off-grid energy options: direct current, reversed alternators in cars and electric tools, wind and water always available, windmill types, lawn mower windmills, windmills from car parts, steam engines, bike gen and crank appliances, wood gas and methane, solar panels, carbon arc lamps when the light bulbs are gone.