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Issue 288, Sunday April 8, 2012
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New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times
Direct Hit

As Planet X increasingly points its N Pole toward Earth, it moves from giving us a magnetic glancing blow to a more direct hit. This inevitably tends to push the Northern Hemisphere away from the Sun for cooler weather. This clearly happened by March 25, 2012. Cold weather returned to the US and Europe due to the globe tilting away. Note that a weather map produced on March 16, 2012 showed Canada unseasonably hot and Russia inland from the Sea of Okhotsk extremely cold, due to the wobble, this has now changed by March 28, 2012 for a more even band at that latitude. The globe is consistently tipping away from the Sun and the approaching Planet X.


If the weather dramatically changed by the last week of March, the ISS also had an emergency evacuation on March 25, 2012 due to debris. The debris filled charged tail of Planet X blows out from the magnetic N Pole of Planet X, increasing the debris slinging toward the ISS.

Debris Prompts Space Station Crew to Seek Shelter
March 25, 2012
The debris, a fragment from an old Russian satellite named Cosmos 2251 that smashed into an Iridium Communications spacecraft in 2009, passed harmlessly by the $100 billion orbital outpost. With enough advance notice, NASA will maneuver the space station, which orbits about 240 miles above the planet, to put more space between it and passing debris. The other option is for the station's six crew members to shelter inside the two Soyuz capsules berthed at the station in case the outpost is struck and depressurizes.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/31/2012: Of course the ISS is being threatened by debris, but it is not the space junk the establishment would have you believe. They continually refer to a 2009 collision between a US and Russian satellite, as NASA feels the public would accept this scenarios, a type of cold war remnant where these great powers still do not talk to one another well. Evacuating the ISS takes place when debris becomes too thick so that evasion by the station cannot be certain. Then the crew returns. They are of course tossing the dice, and the matter could go either way – a final evacuation and return of the astronauts to Earth, or a situation where both the ISS and escape capsule are devastated, which is the more likely outcome.  

And the fact that Planet X is now turning its N Pole more directly at the Earth can be visually seen in photos of the complex.  Rather than being seen blown to the side, from right to left, we see them blown toward the camera, or at a sharp angle so the tube of a Moon Swirl can be seen distinctly. This is the appearance of the Check Mark Moon Swirl, which is a dominant moon with twin swirls. Per the Zetas, this indicates the tail is being hosed toward the Earth more directly. This changed appearance, which showed up also on March 25, 2012, correlated exactly with the date of the ISS evacuation emergency. This changed appearance also showed up not only in Alberto’s photos, but in photos taken by others. They correlate and confirm one another. The Red Filter Revolution in action, as posted on this Pole Shift ning blog. Note that just two days earlier, on March 23, 2012, a photo from Spain showed the tail wafting right to left, as had been the predominant view. This shows that the change in angle and direction, the tail hosed more directly at Earth, was sudden and recent.

Web cam with 1 floppy disk as a filter. Time 6.50.45 CT march 25 2012 [and from another] Taken today in Hot Springs AR around noon time March 25, 2012 [and from another] Pictures took in Spain, I took them inside my car last Friday March 23, 2012

ZetaTalk Comment 3/25/2012: What does the changed appearance in Alberto’s most recent photo imply? The angle in the Moon Swirls he has been capturing has changed, and the change is due to a changed posture in Planet X vs a vs the Earth. Prior to today, Planet X has been pointing its magnetic N Pole directly away from the Sun’s S Pole, and since Planet X is slightly to the right of the Earth, coming at the Earth in a retrograde orbit, this gave the Earth a glancing magnetic blow during the daily wobble. Planet X was not pointing its N Pole directly at the Earth, but to the side somewhat. Now that has changed, to point more directly at the Earth.

What this means for the view of Planet X in the skies is that the Moon Swirls blowing out from the magnetic N Pole of Planet X will be displayed in front of Planet X, not to the side. They will also be closer to the Earth. There will be more visibility, more detail on individual moons, while at the same time more red dust in the mix. The Moon Swirls may be seen from the front, or standing in juxtaposition as a long tube, seen from the side. The Checkmark Moon Swirl takes its unique posture to avoid a magnetic clash between its twin swirls, and this posture is common within the vast tail of Planet X.

The temporary evacuation of the ISS due to debris, the leaning away of the N Pole or Earth giving the Northern Hemisphere cooler weather, and the tail of Planet X blown more directly at Earth – all have the same base cause – Planet X pointing its N Pole more directly at Earth for a more direct hit.

Red Filter Video

Inspired by the Red Filter Revolution, a member of the Pole Shift ning took a video behind a red filter, and in a stunning capture caught Planet X at its expected 5 o’clock position (when seen from the Northern Hemisphere). Note the photographer moves the camera, is walking to put different objects in the view, and has managed to place both Planet X and the Sun variously behind a leaf and behind a post. This shows that the object is not a lens flare or ghost in the camera, as these stand before objects in the view, not behind them.


The first couple of seconds of this video I took in Orlando on 3/18/12 a leaf flutters in front of the orb below the sun. It was taken in EPCOT looking out across the World Showcase Lagoon. I used a piece of a 3.5” floppy disk as a filter. In the first second or two of the video a leaf on the tree briefly flutters in front of the bright but smaller orb below the sun. Note the video needs to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise to be in the proper position (i.e. down is currently at 3 o’clock). The sun appears to be moving in the picture because I am walking around with the camera trying to block the sun with various objects in the landscape (i.e. a tree, a lamp post, and a sound tower) hoping to be able to block only one of the objects (sun or orb), which the leaf accomplished for me. Conclusion, the orb is not a lens flare, reflection, or artifact inside the camera. The thing is real and we are in for some challenging times. There is no way NASA does not know this thing exists.

A second video capture not days later in France by yet another Pole Shift ning member shows a dramatic Moon Swirl in the upper left quadrant,  twirling! The video also captures bright Moon Swirl orbs clustered around the Sun. When Moon Swirl tubes point directly at Earth, sunlight funnels down them like a flashlight, and can be quite bright. These bright orbs are also showing up in photos from Oklahoma, taken on the same day, and in the same location! And the wafting Moon Swirls are in the same locations as Alberto’s most recent photo.


This little video was taken on 24th of March from my office. I turned my VADO HD Camera about 180° while filming to see if the object stayed at the same place.

These photos were taken from 2 different cameras shortly after sunrise in Oklahoma City, OK, within an hour of Alberto's photo.  Naked eye visibility of the orb prompted the photos to be taken.  It was not a flare.  Note the similarity in position of the orbs.

SOHO Confirmation

Where the Red Filter Revolution photos and videos confirm each other, there is yet another confirmation of note. SOHO likewise confirms the validity of the Red Filter images! Here on this Pole Shift ning blog Max compares one of his photos taken March 26, 2012 to a SOHO image, both showing an object (most likely Planet X itself) below the Sun with a drifting tail. SOHO, for those who don’t know, is NASA’s imagery of the Sun and surrounding area. A disc is placed in front of the Sun itself on these images to protect the camera.

The second correlation is between one of Alberto’s photos taken March 29, 2012 to a SOHO image dated March 30, 2012, as noted on this Pole Shift ning blog.

Explaining Planet X

What is the establishment going to do when Planet X and its components are quite visible in the sky, for all to see even without a red filter? This has happened on occasion with dramatic Second Sun sightings, when two suns rise or set to the astonishment of those seeing this event. And on occasion the Moon Swirls, which form long tubes as the moons within the tubes swirl around each other, are seen as bright orbs, the funneled sunlight coming out the ends like the light from a flashlight. But just as the Red Filter Revolution has allowed the common man to see the Planet X complex with their own eyes, easily, the day will arrive when this complex does not need a red filter to be visible. Then what? It’s clear the establishment plans to claim that Planet X just suddenly appeared one day, zoomed up and took everyone by surprise! Here’s the lead-in to this story – NASA has discovered that planets can zoom almost at the speed of light! And isn’t that what the Zetas said all along?

Runaway Planets Zoom at a Fraction of Light Speed
March 22, 2012
Seven years ago, astronomers boggled when they found the first runaway star flying out of our galaxy at a speed of 1.5 million miles per hour. The discovery intrigued theorists, who wondered: If a star can get tossed outward at such an extreme velocity, could the same thing happen to planets? New research shows that the answer is yes. Not only do runaway planets exist, but some of them zoom through space at a few percent of the speed of light - up to 30 million miles per hour.

ZetaTalk Statement 2001: Speed, in space, is a relative thing. There is no limit in space. Why is it assumed that light is the fastest thing in the universe, re travel? Our space travel, in 4th Density and even 3rd Density, is faster than light, and we do not melt. Man does not understand, so we cannot give him satisfaction in our explanations.

Oh yes, and this must be Nibiru, the legendary traveling home of the Annunaki. After all, NASA has recently learned that habitable water planets, several times the size of Earth, are common in the Milky Way. And isn’t that also what the Zetas have said all along? We doubt that NASA intends to give credit to the Zetas, however. They will be too busy congratulating themselves.  

Many Billions of Rocky Planets in the Habitable Zones around Red Dwarfs in the Milky Way
28 March 2012
About 40% of all red dwarf stars have a super-Earth orbiting in the habitable zone where liquid water can exist on the surface of the planet. Because red dwarfs are so common — there are about 160 billion of them in the Milky Way — this leads us to the astonishing result that there are tens of billions of these planets in our galaxy alone. The habitable zone around a red dwarf, where the temperature is suitable for liquid water to exist on the surface, is much closer to the star than the Earth is to the Sun. Planets with a mass between one and ten times that of the Earth are called super-Earths.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/15/1995: On a world by world basis there are about 1,000 dead worlds for every one that holds life. Humans are familiar enough with their surroundings to understand conditions on other planets, and if anything, would be surprised at the percentage capable of life. Not every life bearing planet sustains life that can develop to the level required for conscious and intelligent thought. There are about 2,500 primordial worlds for every one that can support an intelligent species. Of these worlds that hold 3rd Density intelligent species, the vast majority, perhaps 75%, are water babies, as the vast majority of habitable planets are essentially water planets. These species may be crablike, fishlike, squidlike, or formed like almost any of your ocean inhabitants - an almost infinite variety. Of the worlds that sustain land dwelling intelligent species, the greater share are reptilian. Reptilian life forms appear first, and thus better their percentages.

Trench Curiosity

Producer James Cameron has made his much touted dive to the depths of the Mariana Trench, and Virgin’s Richard Branson is scheduled to make a similar dive in the trench off the island of Puerto Rico. Suddenly there is trench curiosity! Why the curiosity? The Zetas have predicted that as the Pacific compresses, the Mariana Trench will collapse and this is certainly at least in process. The predicted 7 of 10 sinking on the Sunda Plate holding Indonesia has already occurred, as noted in Issue 283 of this newsletter on March 4, 2012, and the S America roll is proceeding as predicted with Central America being crushed over the Cocos Plate along with mountain building all up and down the Andes. What did Cameron discover? Though he reportedly tweeted from the deepest part of the trench, he cut his dive short by several hours and returned to the surface faster than expected. How deep was he, really? Only Cameron can say, and he is not expected to tell the truth.

James Cameron Back on Surface after Deepest Ocean Dive
March 26, 2012
Hollywood director James Cameron has plunged nearly 11km (seven miles) down to the deepest place in the ocean, the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific.
James Cameron has to Race Back to Surface after Hydraulic Failure Seven Miles Down
March 25, 2012

The Avatar director revealed he cut the mission three hours short after hydraulic fluid started leaking into his sub. Returned to the surface in faster-than-expected 70 minutes

Per the Zetas, a clear warning was given by those conducting the cover-up over the validity of the ZetaTalk message just weeks earlier, when two of Cameron’s business associates were killed in a helicopter crash.

Celebrated Filmmakers Killed in Australian Helicopter Crash
February 5, 2012
Two world-renowned filmmakers were killed in a helicopter crash in Australia. Mike deGruy, a biologist and conservationist, and Andrew Wight, a pilot and underwater cave diver, were working with James Cameron and National Geographic on a documentary film. A helicopter carrying Andrew Wight and Mike deGruy crashed shortly after takeoff. Wight was the owner and pilot of the Robinson R-44 helicopter.
Filmmakers Die in Helicopter Crash
February 6, 2012
The aircraft, a seven-year-old Robinson R44 four-seater, is believed to have crashed on take-off, killing both men. The cause of the accident is unknown, but the Australian Transport Safety Bureau has four investigators on site.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/31/2012: The collapse of the trench has many aspects. It is deep, but not wide, and the angle of the subducting side could change without a clue being given to those on the surface. Islands on the edge of the Mariana Plate may notice a change in the tide on the eastern and western sides of the island as the Marian Plate tilts, but the subducting side of the Marian Plate, which is under the ocean, would increase in depth with few clues on the surface. Likewise, the trench could collapse, the sides coming together in places, with few clues. This is clearly being investigated in a covert way, and Cameron is openly snooping,  but the public will not hear the results. A collapsed trench would have less depth, and the sides would be closer together. In all of this, the public is blind, while the establishment goes to take a peek.

Why would an experienced helicopter pilot, flying his own chopper, crash shortly after takeoff? High winds? A mechanical function that was missed on periodic maintenance, or a malfunction that was missed by this experienced pilot? This is as obvious as having a brake line cut on a car, though more certain to kill the occupants. The cover-up was not worried about Cameron keeping his mouth shut about what he discovered, but the extensive crew working on the National Geographic documentary were another matter. As with the death of Harrington early in the observatory viewing of Planet X in the early 1980’s, such a death of a prominent man sends a message through the community. The crash of course was not an accident, nor are there likely to be rumor emerging from the crew working on the documentary. Fear requires a hero to overcome, and both heroes are now conveniently dead.

Indeed, the scrutiny of the trenches is by more than deep sea divers, as perhaps not coincidentally, a seismic survey of the Mariana Trench is in process. These seismic probes, however, will only go four miles deep, and the public will likely not hear the results of this probe either.

Seismic Survey at the Mariana Trench
March 22, 2012
The trench is a subduction zone, where the ancient, cold and dense Pacific plate slides beneath the younger, lighter high-riding Mariana Plate.  The hydrophones can be tethered four miles deep in the water column where the bottom was so far down seismometers would implode as they sank. The Mariana trench includes the bathtub-shaped depression called the Challenger Deep, to which Avatar director James Cameron plans to plunge in a purpose-built one-man submersible called the Deep Challenger. The trench is created by the subduction of some of the world’s oldest oceanic crust, which plunges underneath the Mariana Plate so steeply at places that it is going almost straight down.

Sir Richard Branson, who is likewise wealthy enough to be considered a member of the establishment and certainly an elite, is heading for the Puerto Rico Trench in a few months. What is he likely to find here at the edge of the Caribbean Plate, which per the Zetas is tilting as it is pushed down on the southern edge by the roll of the S American Plate. There is pressure from many directions. The Atlantic of course is spreading, the N American Plate in a bow as Mexico is pulled west, the S American Plate pulling west also with an arm of this plate coming up around the Caribbean Plate, and the Caribbean Plate tilted down on the southern side as S America rolls over it. The Puerto Rico Trench will be subject to tilting, compression, and likely a slip-slide crumble. If Branson is looking for personal proof of the plate movements, he is likely to find it. Per the Zetas, he is also unlikely, as was Cameron, to tell us the truth. But these men are seeking personal proof, and perhaps sharing this with others in the establishment.

Sir Richard Branson to Dive to Atlantic’s Deepest Point
March 26, 2012
Sir Richard Branson is determined to press ahead with his own undersea venture following the success of James Cameron’s journey to the deepest ocean point. Sir Richard will pilot the submersible - slightly different in design to the Cameron craft - in the Puerto Rico Trench venture which will see the Virgin boss descend about five miles.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/10/2012: On the face of this announcement, this is nothing unexpected from Cameron, who has taken 70+ such deep-sea dives in the past. This is a hobby, a pass time for him, and it might appear nothing more than that, especially since he is moving to New Zealand and the Challenger Deep is nearby off New Guinea. But is there a deeper agenda? There is indeed, in that Cameron is acutely aware of the ZetaTalk predictions, which were his primary motive for moving to New Zealand in the first place. What will he find there, and what will he announce? He has no intention of running amuck of the cover-up by announcing that the trench is or has collapsed. It would, after all, be his word against others, and the heat he would take would be unwelcome. He has cooperated with the establishment in the past in the type of movies he has produced. But on a personal level, finding evidence that the trench has narrowed, is closing, will be gut wrenching. Personal proof of the accuracy of our words.

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