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Issue 264, Sunday October 23, 2011
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Bangkok/Manila/Jakarta Soggy

The sinking of the Sunda Plate is to the point where coastal cities such as Jakarta, Manila and Bangkok are in the news with intractable flooding problems. Bangkok has declared "war" against the floods, which are failing to drain because of a backwash up their rivers from what is termed "high tides". Sea water coming up the rivers and rivers that cannot drain are just another symptom of sinking. In Manila people are being told to just sit on their rooftops and wait it out.

Bangkok Governor, Officials Prepare for Triple Threat
October 11, 2011
The Bangkok governor yesterday announced the formation of a flood-prevention "war room" in a bid to put up "a special fight" to protect the capital against the triple threat of rainstorms, water runoff from upriver, and high tides from the Gulf of Thailand.
Sinking Lands Behind Worsening Floods
September 30, 2011
Sinking lands in Metro Manila and Central Luzon are causing floods to worsen, scientists have warned. Geological movements related to the West Marikina Valley Fault could be causing land areas in Metro Manila and nearby provinces to sink.

Per Google Earth, Jarkarta is not below sea level. It is lowland. If one asks to see the map showing, for instance, a 60 foot flood much of Jakarta is under water. But as proof that Jakarta was always considered to be a city above sea level are the Google Earth maps, generated just recently within the past week. Wikipedia now reports that 40% of Jakarta is below sea level but is citing an article dated March, 2011 for this. Recent! Note that the sinking of the Sunda Plate predicted by the Zetas began on December 23, 2010.

Coastal Area Needs Absorption Wells
October 8, 2011
The JCDS findings show that around 40 percent of the land in Jakarta is already below sea level. Salt water has been seeping into the city at an alarming rate, Heri said. North Jakarta residents have been forced to deal with salty tap water.
Jakarta lies in a low, flat basin, averaging 7 metres (23 ft) above sea level;[citation needed] 40% of Jakarta, particularly the northern areas, is below sea level,[40]

40. "The Tides: Efforts Never End to Repel an Invading Sea". Jakarta Globe. Retrieved 14 March 2011.

Meanwhile, Bangkok continues to sink! As noted on a Pole Shift ning blog the flooded regions outline where the Zetas predicted Bangkok would go during the sinking of the Sunda Plate, a 40 foot level. This seems to be proceeding rapidly, dykes breaking, the water rising steadily throughout the city, and the establishment still trying to avoid the use of the term "evaculation".

Announcement of Warning on Flooding Situation in Bangkok
October 20, 2011
Seven districts of Bangkok are at risk of flooding and people in the areas should move their belongings to higher places. BMA, therefore, is increasing the height of the water barrier along the Khlong Hok Wa from 2.50 meters to 3.00 meters. above the Mean Sea Level. It should be noted that this procedure is not an evacuation but parts of the steps of mobilization.
Bangkok Flooding Unstoppable: Thai PM
October 20, 2011
Thailand's prime minister has acknowledged the country's flood crisis has overwhelmed her government, and has pleaded for mercy from the media and solidarity from the country in battling the relentless waters. In an emotional appearance before reporters on Wednesday, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said her administration was doing all it could and trying to be as clear as possible about where the flooding may strike next. However, mixed messages from officials in recent days about whether the floodwaters will enter Bangkok have left people confused.

Per the Zetas, it will take until the end of the 7 of 10 scenarios before there are any admissions that things have changed. Meanwhile, denial reigns.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/15/2011: This reaction, where the establishment as well as the populace refuses to acknowledge what is happening, will occur elsewhere around the globe too, as the 7 of 10 scenarios play out. The crumbling of Central America and the sinking of islands in the Caribbean will be blamed on a spate of earthquakes in S America. The dropping of Africa will be overlooked and ignored just as the appearance of Planet X and its Moon Swirls in the skies and on SOHO images is today. No comment from the establishment. The New Madrid will be treated as something long predicted to occur, so that it will not be until the European tsunami that the world will be faced to either acknowledge our words or escape into deep denial.

Meanwhile the cities of southeast Asia will be soggy, water in the basements, water undermining the foundations so the buildings begin to sag and lean. Certainly rot and mold will be rising, as well as water born illness and parasites and snakes, plagues all. Those trying to continue life as before will finally be forced to leave these cities, or move to higher ground nearby. Those governments trying to hold the line on the cover-up over the presence of Planet X will continue to talk in terms that had meaning in the old days. More dykes, more sand bags, cleaning the drains or dredging the rivers, more pumps, and that it will all drain in time. And this drama of clinging to the old while refusing to face the new will continue elsewhere around the globe.

Rena Stranded

Plate movements result in land rising and falling, and the Earth wobble puts the GPS satellites out of synch with the Earth beneath. Has any of this started to create mischief with mankind's guidance systems? The recent beaching of the cargo ship Rena in New Zealand points to the problems facing ships captains when their maps prove to be outdated.

Rena: 'Slow and Long Process' - Key
October 13, 2011
He said the Rena is now listing at a 20-degree lift with significant cracks in the hull but was still in one piece.

Per the Zetas, such confusion will be on the increase, involving planes as well as ships. The GPS system has been malfunctioning during the Earth wobble for some time now and this will only get worse.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/15/2011: Clearly rising land, as is occurring on the eastern side of New Zealand, will put ships averse the reefs so that such stranding of vessels as the Rena occur. The depth of the reef on the charts as opposed to any newly calculated depth may emerge during forthcoming court hearings. And clearly, GPS systems have been faltering during the Earth wobble for some time, and this is only going to get worse. Airplanes are likewise affected by the GPS system faltering, as they often must fly blind at night, and make assumptions on their location based on lights on the ground. Attempts to land where there is no runway may even occur, thus. Ships are just as vulnerable. Assumptions on where the shore or reefs are located will go amuck, ships assuming they are hundreds of miles from their actual location. Guidance requires knowing where you are, vis a vis the charts. All along the west coast of both Americas, the land may rise in unexpected places during plate movement. And this is true in the NE portion of the N American continent as well as east of New Zealand and east of Australia, due to rising land.

Meanwhile, the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate continues to rise, as shown by this recent IRIS map where earthquakes are along this plate border as well as the spine of the S American Andes. A buoy in the Coral Sea is also on alert.

Hoover Dam Flutters

The Zetas have warned that the Hoover Dam will not hold, and will fracture before the hour of the pole shift. It will start fracturing after the big New Madrid adjustment occurs, ripping the Mississippi bridges and pulling the center of the N American continent at a diagonal. The Hoover Dam fracture, per the Zetas, will occur before the 7 of 10 West Coast adjustment happens - slip slide along the San Andreas and volcanic activity along the West Coast. The sequence of events will be the New Madrid adjustment followed immediately by the European tsunami, then at some point the Hoover Dam and West Coast adjustment.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/11/2010: Other than indicate that a slip-side adjustment along the San Andreas will occur after this New Madrid, and occur after the Hoover Dam breaks we have not given any timing clues. Great quakes, such as magnitude 9, should not be expected, but eruptions in the West Coast volcanoes should be anticipated. A slip-slide fault line usually does not move all at once, but in a domino fashion, a bit here, a bit there.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/16/2011: We have stated that the West Coast will adjust shortly after the New Madrid adjusts, in step with the Hoover Dam shattering.

Is the Hoover Dam giving any signs of being under the bow stress in the N American continent? Someone who has been tracking quakes in that region says it has!

You are Being Lied to by the Government
October 10, 2011
It started right after the Fukishima Earthquake in March of 2011. I went to the USGS Event Notification Service and told them I wanted to be emailed at every quake that registered greater than 2.0 within the United States. From the date I started collecting earthquake information until Sept 28, there have 66 2.0 movements near Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam is at Lat 36.1, Lon -114.8 around the Great Basin Highway (Highway 93). The 66 quakes at that location noted by the author, above, do not show up on the Berkley database, but his printout indicates most of these 66 quakes have been marked as deleted by the USGS. There are claims that the Hoover Dam itself creates minor earthquakes in the area. Nevertheless, discounting the quakes the USGS deleted, for whatever reason, there were still five quakes of magnitude 2 or greater at the Hoover Dam site in the past 6 months.


Date       Time        Lat      Lon      Depth  Mag 
2011/04/11 17:07:45.76 36.2233 -114.5437 4.92   2.48 
2011/05/06 22:35:24.42 36.4741 -115.4586 3.55   2.43 
2011/07/11 06:35:50.09 37.0938 -114.9038 0.00   2.67 
2011/07/20 15:57:51.00 36.2300 -114.6450 6.00   2.50 
2011/08/09 12:55:21.84 36.7097 -115.5604 10.79  2.24 

There are also other indications that the west is under stress as the N American continent is pulled into a bow prior to the New Madrid adjustment. For instance, a sudden massive landslide in Utah, in otherwise stable ground.

Massive Landslide Closes Road East of Cedar City
October 11, 2011
A massive weekend landslide closed a state highway east of Cedar City and is forcing Utah transportation officials to the sky to map the damage. Utah Department of Transportation Officials say the slide happened over a section of state Route 14 about eight miles east of Cedar City.

Per the Zetas, this landslide is an excellent example of what can happen to the roadways, suddenly, as the pole shift approaches, emphasizing their warnings about being in one's safe location early and not waiting too long.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/15/2011: We have described the bow pressure on the N American continent as being centered at approximately San Diego. We have stated in the past that the mining disaster east of Salt Lake City on August 6, 2007 was related to this bow pressure, as was the arch collapse a year later at the Arches National Park in Utah. Certainly the Cedar City landslide shows the same type of pressure. Bow pressure can be seen all across the US, coast to coast, and along both sides of the Seaway as well. Stress in the bridges crossing the Mississippi are evident. Crevasses open up in Mexico and Arizona due to this bow and diagonal pull along the N American continent. Where crumbling has been occurring in Central America and along the N Andes fault line in S America, little of this has occurred to date in N America. At some point this will change, particularly after the S America roll completes. It is then that increased pressure in the form of the bow will be applied in N America.

Insurance Faltering

Inevitably, as the Earth changes pick up their pace, insurance companies will falter and go bankrupt, needing to be bailed out by some government arm. The Zetas have predicted this from the start of the ZetaTalk saga.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/15/1996: History has shown that banks and the value of the dollar fall during economic depressions, and the years preceding the coming cataclysms will see crop failures in the face of atypical weather and intractable droughts, insurance company failure due to weather and earthquake severity, and a general lack of confidence.

Recently Lloyd's of London reported its most costly payout period in its 323 year history. In Florida, being pulled down as the Atlantic Rift spreads, the increase in sinkholes claims has the Florida legislature considering a bailout. This trend will only exacerbate!

Disasters See Lloyd's Of London Pay Out £6.7bn
September 21, 2011
A surge of natural disasters around the world meant insurance market Lloyd's of London suffered its most costly six-month period in its 323-year history. Lloyd's is a society of corporate underwriters and wealthy individuals that make insurance transactions through 88 syndicates. It is the world's fifth-largest insurer measured by premium income.
Florida Lawmakers Consider Insurance 'Bailout' After Puzzling Spike in Sinkhole Claims
April 19, 2011
Hurricanes and other natural tempests make Florida a risky state for homeowners and insurers alike. But add sinkholes to the mix, and you're looking at an actuary's nightmare. The number of sinkhole claims in the state -- for reasons that could range from fraud to changing weather patterns -- has skyrocketed over the past few years, a trend that has sapped insurance companies of millions of dollars. Florida lawmakers are now coming to the industry's defense with legislation that would lift a longstanding requirement that they offer sinkhole coverage.

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