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Issue 239, Sunday May 1, 2011
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April 20 Arrives

The April change to the summer Magnetic Trimester occurred on April 20, 2011. Remarkably, an uptick in the slow S American roll was palpable on that date - April 20, 2011.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/17/2010: Were we to estimate more precisely the point when the pulse changes, it would be more akin to December 17, April 20, and August 12. But there is a slight period after the end of a phase when a particle crowding has not yet subsided, or an increase in particle flow has not yet registered. Thus, the end of those months is most accurate as a guide.

High waves outside of any reported high tides or storms were reported in Havana, Cuba, along the Ecuador coastline, and in a bay in Costa Rica. All these areas are on plate borders where turmoil could be expected with plate movement. The Caribbean Plate is expected to tilt its southern edge down, thus creating turmoil in the waters. S America is expected to push to the west, leading with its top part as the southern tip is nailed at Antarctica. Any push to the west at Ecuador would cause turmoil in the waters there. The inland bay in Costa Rica suffered from inundation though its location should protect it from storm surge. Costa Rica is on the Caribbean Plate, and like Panama is expected to experience sinking during the S American roll. Notice the date of all these news articles, April 20, 2011 in all cases. How do high waves, in the absence of storms, occur from Ecuador to Cuba? This is plate movement.

Cuba: Storm Surge Along the Coast of Havana
April 20, 2011
As a result of the front number 21 of the current winter season, the sea force surpassed the Havana seawall.
Villagers Keep Vigil due to Giant Waves
April 20, 2011
Two waves, described as gigantic, collided and formed a single wave that hit with force 12 homes settled at 150 meters distance from the beach. Under normal conditions of Cabo San Francisco, most of whose population lives by the sea, always supports strong waves, but not like this last one.
Costa Rica: The High Tide Caused Waves from Reaching the Streets of Puntarenas
April 20, 2011
The high tide caused waves from reaching the streets of Puntarenas, including various commercial premises were affected by water. The cars passing through the port had to maneuver to avoid the water consumed in various sectors went up more than one meter.

The tide charts for the Caribbean, which would affect Havana, Cuba don't indicate that high tides are expected. Per the Pole Shift ning blog "according to Tide-Forecast, the last Spring Tide occurred April 19 and was 0.51m (1.6 ft). They also report the maximum tidal range for Havana to be 0.66 m (2.2 ft)." Likewise for Puntarenas, Costa Rica. An inundation should not be expected. Per a Pole Shift ning blog "Puntarenas in Costa Rica is nestled within the Gulf of Nicoya and would not be subject to the brunt of rogue waves from the Pacific. According to Tide-Forecast, the last Spring Tide occurred yesterday (Tuesday, April 19th) and was 2.94 m (9.6 ft)." These three areas - Cuba, Ecuador, and Costa Rica - were not expected to have storm surge or high tides. Yet suddenly, on April 20, 2011, things changed! The authorities are suddenly warning about big waves and unexpected high tides.

Flash Flood Warning in Effect for Barbados
April 20, 2011
A flash flood warning has been issued for Barbados. Moderate to heavy showers over some western sections of the island.
Continue the High Tides in the Pacific
April 20, 2011
The National System of Civil Protection (NSCP) announced through a statement to continue the high tides in the Panamanian Pacific. According to the note, the tides will reach up to the 17.8 feet.

The buoys certainly indicate turmoil in the waters. Notice how the water has deepened near the island chain from Barbados to Tobago, predicted by the Zetas to be the most severely affected by the S American roll. Likewise the buoys off the coast of Peru indicate water deepening. As the roll pushes the S American Plate over the Nazca Plate, more water, a deeping of the water over the Nazca Plate, would occur. This is temporary until the water disburses, finding its level.

But lest we rely solely on water movement, there is evidence of plate movement on land too. The southern border of the Caribbean Plate runs across the top of Venezuela, and lo, on that fateful April 20, 2011 day, a water main supplying the little islands just offshore there broke! Due to "conditions of the terrain".

Fractured Pipe Leaves Wide Area of NE Venezuela Without Water
April 20, 2011
The C.A. Caribbean Hydrological reported that complications occurred in repairs due to the discharge of the affected area that is constrained by the conditions of the terrain where the pipe is broken. The water service in the city of Cumana, the Araya Peninsula and Margarita Island continue to be suspended.

As the N Andes region, which has experienced so much mountain building in the past few months, continues to be pushed by the massive S American Plate on over the Nazca Plate to the west, it bunches up and heaves. This is raising or blocking the river beds in places, the cause of the sudden flooding in Colombia and Venezuela. If a river cannot drain, it creates quite a flood! Certainly, Bogota is in the rumple zone.

Columbia Floods are 'Unprecedented Tragedy'
April 19, 2011
Columbia has suffered from the wettest rainy season on record and the floods have been building since December of last year.
Fifteen National Road Closures Reported by the Highway Patrol
April 20, 2011
The most recent report by the Highway Patrol indicates that 15 national roads are completely closed, mostly by landslides.

And per the Zetas, the massive and record breaking flooding ongoing in Colombia is not due entirely to rain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/23/2011: As has been expected, and as has been noted in the precursor movements over the past few months, the slowly accelerating S America roll will involve changes in many places throughout the region. Now the pace has accelerated. Within the course of a single week evidence from multiple fronts:
- Flooding due to the heaving of river beds in Colombia has created an extreme and historical crisis,
- Caribbean islands north of Venezuela suddenly awash during a time when rain was so slight as to barely moisten the ground,
- High waves from Cuba to Ecuador and up to Costa Rica noted as the Caribbean Plate tilts, Ecuador is pushed over the Nazca Plate, and Central America is pushed down.

FBI Memos

How close were the Zetas in explaining the real reasons for the JFK assassination? They stated it was because JFK was about to inform the American public about the alien presence, and the true history of the Roswell incident. They stated there was more than one ship, two in fact, occupied by 7 aliens, one of which survived the crash. Per a Pole Shift ning blog numerous FBI records have been recently released, and they show a remarkable correlation with the story according to the Zetas!

In April 2010 FBI launched a complete set of their records, unclassified according to Freedom of Information Act, in an online reading room - website called The Vault under the category "unexplained phenomena" they have published number of documents concerning Agency's investigations into UFO's, including memos from the time of Roswell dealing with rumors of "flying discs" found in Roswell.

Compare what a March 22, 1950 memo by FBI agent Guy Hottel to director E.Hoover on March 22, 1950 states to what the Zetas described of the Roswell incident.

An investigator for the Air Forces stated that three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico. They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter. Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of very fine texture.

Where not lining up in the numbers, (the Zetas describe 2 craft and 7 occupants, with the memo stating 3 craft with 3 occupants each) there is confirmation on the truth of the Roswell rumors and reports. Since the Zetas state that EBE's very existence was to be hidden, this would compute to 2 craft of 3 each, per the Zeta statement. Was there a third craft? Since the FBI memo did not state place and date, perhaps more than one incident is being included in the FBI memo.

ZetaTalk Report 7/15/1995: Rumors that EBE died were spread so any press to see and talk to him would be eliminated. EBE, as he was called, was one of seven aliens on board the two craft that crashed at Roswell. One craft was utterly demolished, as it was set to explode close to the ground and did so as planned. The second craft held four aliens, and crashed as planned without becoming utterly demolished. It was expected that the impact would kill all four, who expected to die, but one lived on with injuries.

Consider this November 12, 1963 memo written by JFK to the head of the CIA, demanding to be shown highly confidential documents about UFOs. This occurred just 10 days before his assassination.

Assassination: Was JFK Shot to Stop him Discovering the Truth about UFOs?
April 19, 2011
The secret memo is one of two letters written by JFK asking for information about the paranormal on November 12 1963, which have been released by the CIA for the first time. Author William Lester said the CIA released the documents to him under the Freedom of Information Act after he made a request while researching his new book 'A Celebration of Freedom: JFK and the New Frontier.' Alien researchers say the latest documents, released to Mr Lester by the CIA, add weight to the suggestion that the president could have been shot to stop him discovering the truth about UFOs. In one of the secret documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, JFK writes to the director asking for the UFO files.

This theory conforms to what the Zetas stated over a decade ago.

ZetaTalk Statement 11/15/1996: President John F. Kennedy was killed under orders of MJ12 as he was threatening to tell the American public the truth about Roswell. JFK believed in the strength of the human spirit, in its ability to sort things out, and in any case felt the public had the right to know what they were facing. The CIA wanted the knowledge they hoped to get from the Service-to-Self aliens who were playing them along, and they wanted this knowledge for themselves and themselves only.

UFO Blitz

Certainly the people of Planet Earth are not waiting for FBI documents to tell them that the alien presence is real. All they have to do it look UP. Just a sampling of recent videos posted on YouTube show the prevalence. Here from:

Clearwater, FL 3/19/2011
San Antonio, TX 4/2/2011
Mesa, Arizona 4/4/2011
London 4/4/2011
Kazakhstan 4/3/2011
Antofagasta, Chile 3/4/2011

Per the Zetas, UFO are up to more than dancing in the skies, they are issuing telepathic warnings or messages to those below. The Zetas were asked about a recent blitz in Chicago, which appeared on TV there.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/9/2011: We have frequently mentioned that Chicago will suffer during the coming New Madrid adjustment and again during the coming pole shift. The telepathic warning given during the UFO display relayed the reality of what is coming. Some will listen, but many more will choose to continue with their comfortable life and ignore the warnings.

UFO sightings often hit the press these days, where there is wild speculation on whether they are some sort of secret government plane or a weather balloon or Chinese lanterns lit and set aloft. This article from Queensland, Australia is an example.

UFO Mystery Deepens
March 4, 2011
Maryborough's UFO phenomenon remains unsolved after government authorities and weather experts yesterday failed to explain strange orange lights sighted by hundreds of residents during the past week.

But there is still a reluctance in the media to talk about UFOs or the alien presence, as can be seen from the 3 month delay in reporting about a very dramatic UFO over Jerusalem. Why the delay?

The Mystery Dome OVER the Rock: 'UFO' Seen Above Jerusalem Holy Site
April 20, 2011
The YouTube video, dated January 28, has fuelled the UFO lobby who believe extra-terrestrials exist and sparked an online debate about the prospect of life beyond Earth.

ZetaTalk Interpretation 2/5/2011: This was a genuine UFO sighting, a genuine capture. What was the message when the UFO dropped rapidly over Jerusalem, then in a burst of light suddenly took off to rise above the city? Jerusalem is the site of centuries of conflict between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It represents, as no other site can, religious dogma having a grip on humanity and forcing warfare upon people. The message was that the Universe is not fooled, nor in sympathy, with those who brutalize others. They bring the light of insight to the matter, and are not about to leave!

Second Sun Sex

What is the relationship? All kidding aside, the Second Sun was presented on TV during an episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, as reported on a Pole Shift ning blog.

Tonight on the "Real Housewives of Orange County" on Bravo at the 3 minute mark of the beginning of the show they show the sunset over the Pacific Ocean (Los Angeles, Ca) and right before the sun hits the water you see a "second" sun? I have replayed it over and over and I am amazed at what I saw. I will try to take a photo of the TV but I am pretty sure the minute line would be in the way.

Comparing the position of the Second Sun to the Ecliptic, the position is correct. The Ecliptic slants sharply from upper left to lower right in LA at this time of year, so what appears to be a Second Sun at the 7 o'clock position is actually capture at the 4-5 o'clock position when the Ecliptic is taken into consideration. The Second Sun leads in the march to set below the horizon, and is most often seen just at the point of sunset or sunrise, when light rays are bend over the curve of the horizon. In all the excitement of sex, sex, sex in Orange County, no one at the recording studio even noticed the appearance of the Second Sun!

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