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Issue 229, Sunday February 20, 2011
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Folding Pacific Confirmed

The Zetas predicted that the Mariana and Philippine Plates would tilt and fold against each other during the 7 of 10 sequence, a step in the process in between the sinking of Indonesia and the S American roll. All these steps in the sequence were anticipated to show their trends well ahead of time. The tipping of the Indo-Australian Plate occurred during the latter half of 2010, as the July, 2010 flood waters in Pakistan have never drained. This was finally admitted by NASA and detailed in Issue 217 of this newsletter. The sinking of the plate tongue holding Indonesia started on December 23, 2010, as noted in Issue 218 of this newsletter, and is not yet completed. But there is overlap in the steps, as the S America roll has already expressed in sinking in Panama and the Caribbean Plate north of Colombia and mountain building along the N Andeas Fault.

Due to recent buoy data, it appears the folding of the Mariana and Philippine Plates has started! There is no other explanation for an increase in the water volume in the entire area from the Aleutian Islands down to Tasmania, and throughout Asia.

Note that all the buoys are showing an increased water volume. The could happen if the sea floor dropped, as had been occurring during plate undulation, as noted in Issue 227 of this newsletter. Or alternatively, there could just be an increase in the water volume. It is the latter, and the Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/19/2011: If the sinking of the plate tongue holding Indonesia is silent, what type of tumult would accompany the folding of the Mariana and Philippine Plates? As the Mariana Islands are sticking out of the water on the east side of the Mariana Plate, the folding of the Mariana Trench and the tilting of the Mariana Plate would create an imbalance on the height of tides on either side of the islands. There is certainly as much quake activity around the edges of the Philippine Plate as around the plate tongue holding Indonesia, but the folding of the Philippine Plate, which is already sliding under the Philippine Islands, is silent. Its tilt is increased, the western edge diving deeper into the magma, while the eastern edge moves further west. Unless one were on the ocean bottom, one would never know! But is buoy activity a clue that this process has started? Folding plates would produce too little space for the water formerly held, which would tend to disburse as a heap in the ocean does, in all directions. The folding of the Mariana and Philippine Plates has begun!

Jakarta at Risk

As Indonesia steadily sinks, there are two airports at particular risk. The Jakarta airport is a mere 34 feet above sea level, although well guarded by sea walls and flood gates. During the steady sinking since the end of 2010, the Jakarta Airport has not yet closed. This airport has never been closed due to flooding, though the toll road leading to the airport was flooded in 2008 when the flood dikes broke and many flights diverted because of this.

Tidal Flood Wreaks Havoc on Flight Plans
May 9, 2008
Would-be airline passengers ride a Marines truck through a flooded toll road to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, on Thursday. The flood, the second so far this year, was triggered by a high tide in nearby Jakarta Bay, which smashed flood dikes along the road. A tidal flood Thursday morning saw the temporary closure of the toll road between Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and Jakarta, resulting in dozens of flight delays.

Meanwhile, alternatives to Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport are being publicized.

Indonesia Studies Building New Airport for Jakarta
January 7, 2011
Indonesia's government is reportedly considering building at least one new reliever gateway for Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in a bid to cope with rising demand. More than 35 million passengers used Soekarno-Hatta in 2010, and with throughput rising by 15% to 20% every year, the government is considering a host of infrastructure development options to ensure that Indonesia can handle the growth. In addition to building a new greenfield airport, it is believed that the government is considering commercialising Jakarta's existing Halim military airport and a police airport.

The Jakarta area has experienced sinking since 1974, when the problem was first recognized, the cause ascribed to fresh water being pulled from the ground. As reported, this had arrived at 4.1 meters worst case in only one area, and up to 2 meters in a few others, and all this along the seacoast. This report stands as a baseline for the current sinking, which is overcoming dykes and flood gates.

Port Road Continues Falling Apart
February 12, 2011
Just two months after it reopened following repairs, Jalan R.E. Martadinata in Ancol, North Jakarta, is collapsing at several points along its southern section. Authorities blamed the collapse of the 20-year-old road on the erosion of the supporting piles by tidal surges. It could be seen that several sections of Jalan Martadinata had subsided into the river, which runs along the right side of the road. The land subsided faster than expected. Parts of North and West Jakarta have experienced some of the worst rates of land subsidence in the city since 1974. The worst-hit areas are Muara Baru and Ancol, both in North Jakarta, which have sunk by 4.1 meters and 1.88 meters respectively during this time. In West Jakarta, the land has subsided by up to 2.5 meters in West Cengkareng and 1.97 meters in Daan Mogot.

Lately downtown Jakarta itself, reportedly 23 feet above sea level, is struggling with sinking that has put the central business district at risk. Recent reports as of February 14-16, 2011 now report roadways normally 23 feet above sea level to be flooded to a depth of the adult knee, with "stagnant" flood waters that have "yet to ebb". East Jakarta District Court had to postpone 50 court cases waiting to be tried, due to the sinking. The roads cannot drain because the drainage systems and rivers are the same height as the sea there, and existing pumping schemes thus do not work. This is a new experience for Jakarta! By February 16, 2011 Jakarta sinking had spread to South Jakarta, a higher elevation than downtown Jakarta where the elevation is 50-60 feet above sea level, so the sinking is uneven in pace and place.

Note that the Jakarta area has had no rain lately, for days, for over a week! The precipitation so light as to not be considered measurable (.02 inch and .05 inch). This flooding is not from swollen rivers caused by rain, but by sinking!

Singapore at Risk

The Singapore Airport has an even lower elevation, and shows vulnerability at the 20 foot elevation level, but likewise could be expected to be guarded by dykes from flooding from any source.

During heavy rains, the Singapore Airport is threatened, as occurred recently on January 30, 2011. Precipitation records show a total of 6.54 inches of rain on that date. The threat to the airport was thus flooding from rain, not sinking.

Expect a wet CNY weekend
January 31, 2011
Heavy rain caused flooding in several parts of Singapore, including Tampines, Punggol and Changi Village. The rain also caused the temporary closure of some roads. Two of four lanes of Airport Boulevard Road, leading to the airport, were closed for less than two hours.

But sinking is now progressing down the Malay peninsula toward the tip, toward Singapore, as reported by this Malay blog. No rain, no noise, but flooding. In other words, this is sinking.

No Rain, No Noise But Flood
February 11, 2011
Flooding from Felda Tenang, Segamat. Segamat flood water to down toward Pagoh. With his quiet jugak floods hit the area Pagoh, Muar. Pagoh week x rain. Closed, continue to flood. Actually coz first time Umah flooded.
Malaysia: Johor Floods
February 12, 2011
4.736 people than 1.057 families are still deployed in 19 displacement centers in Muar, Batu sculpting, Ledang and Segamat. 4.140 seramai people than 921 families are still stationed at the Stone sculpting, Muar. Tekam Pogoh Road Section 1-Section 3 (Chodan to Tekam) in Segamat are still closed to all vehicles one meter deep water about one kilometer.

In addition to new sinking, there is also evidence that the straits between Sumatra and the Malay peninsula are unstable, and have the shipping industry nervous. As the coastline near Muar and Pogoh sinks, sea level monitors further north are indicating choppy waters, and one observer notes that where the port of Singapore normally has about 500 ships moving in or out, it has lately been reduced to 109 ships waiting in the straits.

I have been watching Singapore ship traffic for 4 weeks now on and 3 weeks ago there were 500 plus ships in one of the busiest harbors in the world and many ships moving in and out but always around 500 there. Last week that number changed to 100. The port must be closed.

Stars Speak Out

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg started it. In friendly banter between these two close friends, the subject of the end-of-the-world arriving in 2012 came up. Lucas was a believer, Spielberg the skeptic, but per the Zetas, they both are Star Children and know exactly what is going on.

Rogen Stunned by Lucas' 2012 Theory
January 19, 2011
Funnyman Seth Rogen was left stunned by a recent encounter with his moviemaking hero George Lucas - because the Star Wars director spent 20 minutes telling him the world would end in 2012. Rogen was left speechless when Lucas and Steven Spielberg joined a movie meeting he was a part of - but the encounter has left him worried his life will be over next year.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/22/2011: This is a case of two Star Children, both of whom are very aware of what is coming to the Earth, agreeing to play good-cop/bad-cop for the media. If both had asserted the end times were coming, the article would have been suppressed, the editor deciding it crossed the line in the cover-up over the presence of Planet X. But as Spielberg was taking the opposite posture, the debunking posture, it was able to be billed as an argument between two good friends. These two producers are known to be very good friends. And without question, they are both Star Children. This was also an announcement by Lucas that he intends to attempt to get his beliefs into film, in the coming months, or at the very least to be available for interviews on the subject. Spielberg also expects to be able to unearth film he has in his archives, updated somewhat, on the subject as now that it has been broached, he can expand upon it.

Now we have Ashton Kutcher speaking out, citing the Mayan Calendar. Within this article by the Guardian was mention of myself, Nancy Lieder, albeit with great distortion of the facts.

The Apocalypse According to Ashton Kutcher
February 10, 2011
The Hollywood star believes that, according to Mayan prophecy, the world will end in December 2012. But that if he works out enough he will be able to save his loved ones. On the other, of course, there's the plot of the film 2012 and a former personnel manager from Wisconsin called Nancy Lieder, who claims to have had a communication device implanted into her brain by aliens and, as a result, predicts with alarming regularity that we're going to be hit by a hitherto-unknown planet called Niburu. She initially seemed pretty convinced this was going to happen in 2003, when she went on the radio in LA and advised listeners to put down their pets and then eat them - "dogs make a good meal" - in anticipation of the Earth's crust slipping and sliding, tidal waves and earthquakes engulfing cities as the skies choke with the screams of the dying etc etc. When this failed to happen, she announced that she'd been deliberately lying in order to fool the establishment. The date of the collision has now been linked with December 2012.

I went in, registered, and posted a correction.

Heavens! In the first place, I was a manager of computer systems development, not personnel. Second, its a passage, not a collision, as detailed on the website. And its not an implant, its a bit of Zeta DNA in that part of my brain dealing with telepathy. And the prediction in 2003 was that Planet X, aka Nibiru, would arrive in the inner solar system (which it did, and is showing up on SOHO regularly as proof but it did not pass. Yes, they did this to force the oil grabbing Bush family to go into Iraq too soon and thus fall on their swords, which they did. And finally, the bit about eating dogs was done during a 10 minute KROQ interview, where the question was "what to do with pets?". The Zetas said that when the time comes, the last week, put them to sleep, the kind thing to do, else one would either be eating them or watching others eat them, especially in the cities where growing food is near impossible. This has been used as a distraction by those not able to focus on the ZetaTalk accuracy in predicting the current weather, increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity, plate movement, and documented Earth wobble.

Though not a star, I, Nancy, had been featured also on the MSN site, where 8 different end-of-the-world scenarios and theories were featured. I was alongside Nostradamus, Sir Isaac Newton, and the Mayan Calendar. The passage of Planet X was one of 8, citing myself as the initiator. Not true, as Sitchin proposed this theory, along with Velikovsky.

MSN Lifestyles
This theory was popularized by Nancy Lieder who learned of it from -- wait for it -- extraterrestrials. Here's a little more on Lieder's theory. Nibiru is believed to be a planet-like object fated to play a deadly game of pinball with Earth. No need to poke fun at this mode of thought; that's already been covered.

ZetaTalk Analysis 10/23/2010: There are several reasons why we have predicted that Nancy, and ZetaTalk, will get a lot of exposure in the media in due time. ZetaTalk has won worldwide acclaim on its own merit, unlike the many other prognosticators who have tried to grab the stage. Despite the fact that the establishment targeted ZetaTalk and promoted others who supported the establishment lines, ZetaTalk is the source that is respected and sought. A great deal of this acclaim is due to the accuracy of the ZetaTalk statements, the proven validity of the predictions, and the great consistency throughout the vast body of ZetaTalk, which does not contradict itself. ZetaTalk has explained scientific concepts, and when contradicting mankind's precepts, been proven correct in time. This proves, to anyone who can think, that the message does not come from Nancy but from ourselves. ZetaTalk has international acclaim, and lives on the Internet, so it has proven to be impossible to stamp out.

And if the main stream media does not mention ZetaTalk, there are others who do. Here, on a CNN blog, once again, ZetaTalk is mentioned.

Who is your Role Model
February 3, 2011
My role model no doubt is Nancy Lieder who selflessly educates the public on the earth changes and the coming pole shift even while being frowned upon by the establishment who fear her message. She should be honored for her dedication to the truth and to mankind.

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