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Issue 125, Sunday, March 22, 2009
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ISS Close Call

Not a month after the supposed collision of the remains of a Russian satellite and an American Space Surveillance Network over Siberia on February 11, 2009, the ISS supposedly had a collision scare. Per the Zetas, neither of these incidences occurred as reported.

Astronauts Evacuate Space Station Temporarily During Collision Scare
March 13, 2009
Part of an old rocket motor threatened to collide yesterday with the international space station, forcing three astronauts to take refuge in an attached Russian spacecraft that serves as an emergency lifeboat. No collision occurred, and the evacuation of the station lasted only 11 minutes. But the unusual event offered a reminder that astronauts and spacecraft are increasingly playing a nerve-jangling game of space-debris dodge ball. The speeding object, about five inches in diameter, was a motor component that had been circling Earth since the 1993 launch of a Navy global positioning system satellite.

Typically, the flight team at NASA has three or four days' warning of a conjunction, enough time to maneuver the space station, currently 217 miles above Earth, out of harm's way. In this case, according to NASA, there wasn't enough time to plan and execute an avoidance maneuver. Space debris drew headlines last month when two satellites collided 491 miles above Earth. Hundreds of fragments are now dispersed in two debris trails that completely circle Earth. The impact of even a very small object moving at orbital velocity could be catastrophic to the space station. The motor component zoomed past the station at more than 21,000 mph. How close it came to a direct impact remains unknown.

Just as the Zetas predicted, the supposed collision of the satellites is being used as an explanation for the increasing danger to other satellites and the ISS itself.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/14/2009: Just as the story floated about the crash of the Russian and US surveillance satellite was false, to spread the impression that space trash was increasing and now a danger to satellites, this story about the ISS is also false. How would the public know? The video of any emergency could have been obtained during an exercise in the past. The establishment expects satellite failures to increase, so had to arrange a crash in the satellite zone to explain increasing failures to the public. They also know the ISS must be closed if those manning it are to be brought back alive, and you can be sure those who are manning it are pressing for this. What would NASA do if the ISS crew rebelled and refused to do anything? How would this be explained? The story of space junk endangering the ISS is a cover in case an evacuation is done.

On March 14, 2009 during the live chat the Zetas cited a nervous ISS crew as being central to the problem. Sure enough, on March 15, 2009 the shuttle Discovery's payload is reported to include several replacement astronauts.

Discovery Nears Space Station as Debris Nears, Too
March 15, 2009
Seven astronauts raced to the international space station aboard space shuttle Discovery on Monday, while NASA debated whether the orbiting outpost will need to move aside to dodge a piece of space junk. That includes dropping off the space station's newest crew member: Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata, who is replacing U.S. astronaut Sandra Magnus. From Tokyo, Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura said he was relieved by the successful launch after the delays. NASA managers faced a tight schedule to get Discovery off the ground because of a Russian Soyuz rocket launch March 26. Discovery needs to be gone from the space station by the time the Russian spacecraft flies. The Soyuz will carry up a fresh crew for the space station.

Victory Gardens

During WW II home gardens were called victory gardens, enduring plenty of food in support of the war effort. The term has come back into use due to crop shortages around the world, though the issue of rising prices and shortages are not often in the news.

How To Grow Strawberries At Home To Start Your Victory Garden
March 11, 2009
Strawberries are one of the most rewarding food crops to grow in a small home garden. Homegrown berries taste far better than the store-bought ones and you can save some serious money by not having to pay supermarket prices. While most fruit trees take several years to begin bearing, you can harvest your own strawberries the very first summer. And even if you live in an apartment, condo, townhouse, or small home, you can grow berries in a container on your balcony, rooftop, patio, or even doorstep. If your horizontal space is limited, consider growing strawberries in a hanging basket or stacked planter, which will allow you to take advantage of vertical growing space as the strawberry plants tumble out over the sides.

Somehow we lept from normalcy into victory gardens, without explaining why the gardens are necessary.

Question: Seems some of my neighbors are taking an interest in gardening where before it was the last thing on their mind. I've been asked blatantly whether I am a survivalist or planning for something. Strange that the issue should even come up, but my question is, are people sensing what is oncoming or is it just the declining economy making them more concerned? I suggest strawberry gardens for the kids and vegetable garden for the family, but still don't know if they know, in their hearts, what's in-coming.

ZetaTalk Answer 6/7/2008: The collective conscious is often mentioned as a reason the populace seems to become aware of matters without being told directly by the media or the authorities. It is more than telepathy. It is body language noted during everyday activities, and also simply computing what is happening and extending this out into the future. Food prices are rising dramatically. This would not be happening if shortages were not happening. It is only logical to realize this. Price gouging to the extent of the current price rises would not be allowed. The gouging would not be overlooked. Those who can garden are anticipating saving money, and don't anticipate that prices will go down. This is occurring whether or not they are aware of a larger picture re Planet X, etc.

But the rising price of food is hinted at in the media on occasion.

Food Caravan Stops in Hard-Hit Indiana County
March 10, 2009
In this job-starved city where President Barack Obama last month made a public appeal for his economic stimulus plan, hundreds of volunteers - and an agency that specializes in handing out food - worked together to feed 5,200 hungry families. Roughly 300 local volunteers worked with Feed the Children to distribute more than $2.1 million worth of food at Concord Mall as part of the nonprofit relief organization's "Feeding Americans Emergency Caravan." The caravan of semi-trailers is visiting small cities and towns across America hit hard by the economic crisis. No area in Indiana has been hit harder than Elkhart County, where the jobless rate skyrocketed to 18.3 percent in January. Residents who have been facing tough times eagerly picked up free canned goods, baked goods, candy and even Avon products.

The Zetas have hinted recently that the White House may do their best to encourage family gardens.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/17/2009: We have in fact predicted that though the barter system will increasingly be used, and stocks and paper money lose value, that the population is loathe to let go of what they are used to and thus the banking system or the medium of exchange will not collapse completely prior to the pole shift. Obama has a difficult task ahead of him, and at best he can encourage installation of windmills, family gardens, and service oriented communities where the youth do public service.

And sure enough, the White House is leading the charge!

First Family To Plant White House Veggie Garden
March 18, 2009
President Obama's latest shovel-ready project is close to home - in fact, right in his own yard. In an effort to promote healthy eating, the first family will be planting a vegetable garden right on the White House grounds. The new White House vegetable garden will be dug up and planted on the South grounds of the White House - near the fountain but out of view of the main house. First Lady Michelle Obama told Oprah Winfrey's "O" magazine, "We're working on a wonderful new garden project." In the April issue of the magazine, Mrs. Obama tells Winfrey, "We want to use it as a point of education, to talk about health and how delicious it is to eat fresh food, and how you can take that food and make it part of a healthy diet."

Troubled Times has emphasized family gardens as a necessary step toward the self sufficiency that the pole shift will force upon most families. In addition to maintaining gardens learning how to save seed is key, and some plants require special handling. After the pole shift, one cannot simply order seeds online of dash off to the local hardware store. If you don't learn how to save seed, you'll be without.

The entire Troubled Times website is available on twinset CDs for $4.10, with a matching booklet giving an overview of recommended steps for $7.50. Both can be purchased together as a combo for $10.00. All prices include the cost of postage.

Gun Bans

After recent rampages, all involving guns, European countries are restricting gun ownership.

After attacks, Europe Hurries to Tighten Gun Laws
March 11, 2009
Several European countries have restricted gun laws in the wake of school massacres, gang violence and other gun-related crimes.
  • Finland announced plans Wednesday to impose stricter restrictions on firearms, including raising the minimum age for handgun ownership from 15 to 20. The proposal was prompted by two school massacres within a year in which lone gunmen opened fire on classmates and teachers.
  • Germany, where a gunman killed at least 11 people, raised the legal age for owning recreational firearms from 18 to 21 following a 2002 shooting in Erfurt that killed 16 people, including 12 teachers.
  • Belgian lawmakers passed strict new gun control laws in 2006 in reaction to the racially motivated shooting deaths of a toddler and her black baby sitter in Antwerp.
  • Swiss citizens are demanding a referendum aimed at confining army weapons to military compounds and banning private purchases of pump-action rifles and automatic weapons - following a spate of suicides and homicides.
  • The Portuguese Parliament is currently discussing a government proposal to tighten gun laws, including denying bail to anyone suspected of a gun crime.
  • Denmark's government said last week it will raise the penalty for illegal gun possession as part of a crackdown on gang violence that has killed three people and injured 25 in recent months.
  • European Union lawmakers proposed tighter gun control across the bloc last year, including guidelines saying that only people over 18 not deemed a threat to public safety could buy and keep guns. EU members have until 2010 to adopt the measures.

A trend restricting the supply of ammo has been noticed in the US, and per the Zetas this is a sneaky way to restrict and track gun use.

Question: Several states have introduced legislation to ban ammunition that is not "coded" in some way after 2010. Is this yet another attempt to disarm the populace in preparation for the chaos leading up to the pole shift?

ZetaTalk Answer 2/16/2008: The US has a dilemma in that the Constitution allows the citizens to bear arms, and this tradition is long standing. Any attempts to restrict the gun trade results in black market deals. Since hand guns cannot be used without ammo, controlling the flow of ammo is a backdoor way of controlling the traffic in guns. However, when the disasters preceding the pole shift start in earnest, the databases needed to track any ammo to a source and thus an illicit sale will not be working. Too little, too late.

The fear that government intends to restrict the use of guns is still prevalent, and any move by the federal government, especially the Obama administration, is considered proof of this intent. The battle of words rages on.

The Gun Ban List is Out
March 11, 2009
Under the proposal, the U.S. Attorney General can add any "semiautomatic rifle or shotgun originally designed for military or law enforcement use, or a firearm based on the design of such a firearm, that is not particularly suitable for sporting purposes, as determined by the Attorney General."

Question: Why are people buying so much ammunition all of a sudden? I went to my local Wal-Mart and found their shelves almost empty (except for trap shooting shells). What is going on? Are they afraid of each other, Obama, or Planet X?

ZetaTalk Answer 1/17/2009: There has been a rumor that Obama will take everyone's guns away, and they fear that after January 20th this will be the case, a sudden executive order of some type. This rumor will die and the sales return to a normal pace shortly thereafter, when the rumor proves to be incorrect. Perhaps the rumor was spread about by those hoping to increase their sales of guns and ammunition.

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