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Issue 124, Sunday, March 15, 2009
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The Grudge

Massacres were in the news this past week - a rampage in Alabama, a school shooting in Germany, and a real estate deal gone bad in South Carolina. The only thing they seem to have in common is the use of a gun as the weapon of choice. There seems to be no common denominator, or is there? The Alabama rampage seems to have as a motive resentment by the gunman against employers and co-workers who had done him wrong. He was successful in his jobs, an "A" student, had no record of violent tendencies, but seemed to regularly quit his jobs. What pushed this man over the edge, causing him to wipe out his entire family and turn his guns on his former employers?

Authorities: Ala. Shooter Quit Job Last Week
March 11, 2009
First, McLendon set his mother's house on fire and killed her, then drove 12 miles and opened fire on his uncle's front porch, killing five more people and his grandmother, who lived next door. Then, he drove through town and fired seemingly at random, killing three more people. With police in pursuit, he ended up at the metals plant where he once worked, and shot himself after engaging in a shootout with law enforcement officers.
Alabama Shooter Michael McLendon Was 'Quiet'
March 11, 2009
Michael McLendon, 27, of Kinston, Ala., was described by former high school classmates and others who knew him as a former A student who "never had very much to say."
Alabama Shooter had Revenge List of Employers
March 11, 2009
A gunman who killed 10 people in the worst mass shooting in Alabama history had a list of employers "who had done him wrong," including the nearby sausage plant he quit days before the spree and the metal factory where he shot himself. McLendon was briefly employed by the police department in Samson in 2003 and spent about a week and a half at the police academy, dropping out before he received firearms training, More recently, he worked nearly two years at food manufacturer and distributor Kelley Foods in Elba, about 25 miles north of where he shot most of his victims. He was a "reliable team leader" who was well liked, but quit. The company was on the list of those the gunman felt slighted by. So were another of his employers, Reliable Metals in Samson, and a Pilgrim's Pride plant near Enterprise.

In Germany, a teen returned to his high school and targeted girls and women teachers, some of them knock-down gorgeous. Though from a wealthy family, he had not excelled except at table tennis, and was considered very average. He was not popular, was considered a loser, and sulked about it. He apparently expected to get away with his rampage, and affected an intimidating appearance during his rampage. Was this simply a teenage fit over not getting the girl of his dreams?

Teenage Gunman who Massacred 16 in School Killing Spree Shot Himself Dead
March 12, 2009
Kretschmer had deliberately targeted women and girls. He had taken one of 16 guns owned by his father and returned to his old school, where he shot ten children and three teachers. All three teachers were women and eight of the children were girls. Kretschmer was the privileged son of well-to-do parents who had been envied by some of his classmates for his apparent wealth. Police said the former school table-tennis champion wore a black police uniform of the kind worn by the elite officers who were on his trail minutes after the massacre. He also put on a gas mask to give him a more sinister look. He was known as a loser who was miserable with his lot. He tried to buy friends with his money but he couldn't get any.

And last, a real estate deal gone bad. During the Great Depression it was not unheard of for a gunman to enter a bank and shoot the banker who had foreclosed on a farm or home.

Client Shoots SC Real Estate Broker
March 11, 2009
An 88-year-old client who wanted his down payment back on a deal shot a South Carolina real estate broker. Richard Blow burst into a Coldwell Banker office in Rock Hill Wednesday and shot 68-year-old Jerry O'Neil in the abdomen. He wanted his money back.

So what is the common denominator, if any, among these rampages? In the past, the Zetas have pointed to well planned and carefully executed rampages as a type of job application. The gunmen, spiritually oriented to be Service-to-Self and frustrated by their current lot, are encouraged by ambassadors from the Service-to-Self prison planets to go out with a bang, to prove their worth to their future masters on the prison planets that will ultimately be their new homes.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/15/1999: There are very mature Service-to-Self souls who are often attempting to practice sadism and control of others and harden themselves to creating death and destruction, terrifying and intimidating others, skills that they will need for their next incarnation. If they make that determination, they are hoping to gain entry into that world as something other than a low level individual, as somebody who can be perhaps viewed as a lieutenant to a strong arm individual in that new environment. They will try to gain their entry ticket by being violent and sadistic and horrifying in their determination to dominate others, to create a control situation, and to show that they themselves cannot be intimidated by turning their guns on themselves.

But such rampages in the past have been primarily by gunmen who did not have a lot to live for, were either living a mediocre life or were doomed to failure. This was the case for the Omaha, Nebraska mall shooting in 2007 where the shooter was a high school underachiever and into drugs; the Virginia Tech shooter in 2007 who was struggling at school, came from a working class family, and was not impressing the girls; the Amish massacre in 2006 where the shooter worked as a deliveryman and was obsessed with raping young girls. The Columbine massacre in 1999 was a case where students from well-to-do families plotted the massacre, with no obvious motive. The Zetas have ascribed all these rampages as an application to the Service-to-Self worlds where these individuals will reincarnate in the future. Do the rampages occurring this past week fit into this pattern?

ZetaTalk Analysis 3/14/2009:
There are many motives to a rampage, the application to Service-to-Self worlds we have repeatedly mentioned only being one of them.

  • There is the momentary blind rage, the South Carolina shooting over a real estate deal being a typical scenario. Enraged at being backed into a wall, and at 88 years of age struggling with a diminished capacity for dealing with a changing world, the shooter was dealing with the blind rage that one sees in a bear trapped in its den by a hunting party.
  • There is also the carefully plotted murder of convenience, where the husband murders his wife, after having taken out an insurance policy on her life, so that he can take up with a younger or more compliant model.
  • There are situations where the shooter has been dealt a series of blows - job loss, economic setbacks, or bad health - and decides to end his life and take his loved ones with him. This is not an uncommon reaction in those who have come to think of their dependants as their possession. To these individuals, killing their loved ones is part and parcel to killing themselves, as they are a package.

The rampage in Germany fits none of these, nor does it fit into the pattern of one who is applying for a position on future Service-to-Self worlds. It was a revenge killing because the shooter was holding a grudge. Surrounded by strikingly beautiful girls at high school, he attracted none of them. They were not interested in his parent's wealth, nor did his expertise at table tennis impress them. In a land where mental acumen was common, he was mentally dull. He felt humiliated by his school experience and fumed over this, deciding to take revenge. He fully expected to get away with his deed, and only killed himself when trapped. What are the clues that this was not an application for a future position on a Service-to-Self world? He had a personal relationship with the teachers and girls he was targeting, and those he killed outside of the school were standing in the way of his clean get-away.

The rampage in Alabama also bears all the hallmarks of a revenge killing. Former employers were targeted, and were listed on a grudge list found in the assailant's home. The killer did not lack personal qualities that would afford him good jobs or a mate. He was an A student, attractive, received good reviews from his employers, and in all cases quit his jobs and was not terminated. Did he have a touchy ego, that every slight was recorded and resented? And why was his family likewise targeted? Those who strive for perfect grades are often from homes where they feel held to exacting standards, or where they are trying to gain attention and affection from what seems to be a cruel world. Having given their all, they expect a reward, and when it does not come to them to the degree they had expected, there is resentment. Attractive and bright, the Alabama shooter felt his family did not appreciate him. He plotted revenge, and when the lists of slights, real or imagined, grew too large to bear, he took revenge.

Pandemic Attempts

Once again, a live bird flu virus was released, "accidentally", to labs working with flu cultures.

Virus Mix-Up By Lab Could Have Resulted In Pandemic
March 5, 2009
Last December, the Austrian branch of US vaccine company Baxter sent a batch of ordinary human H3N2 flu, altered so it couldn't replicate, to Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, also in Austria. In February, a lab in the Czech Republic working for Avir alerted Baxter that, unexpectedly, ferrets inoculated with the sample had died. It turned out the sample contained live H5N1, which Baxter uses to make vaccine. The two seem to have been mixed in error. Accidental release of a mixture of live H5N1 and H3N2 viruses could have resulted in dire consequences. While H5N1 doesn't easily infect people, H3N2 viruses do. If someone exposed to a mixture of the two had been simultaneously infected with both strains, he or she could have served as an incubator for a hybrid virus able to transmit easily to and among people.

Please note the timing of this release - December of 2008 - well before Bush and Cheney left office, and within the timeframe wherein martial law within the US could be called due to the threat of a pandemic. Please note that the combination of these flu viruses, this mixture of a live bird flu and a human flu virus, is supposed to be impossible under the stringent guidelines that Baxter was required to employ. The conclusion is that the combination, designed to create a bird flu pandemic in humans, was not an accident, but was instead deliberate. Was martial law the goal?

A similar slipup occurred in 2005, and was also deemed "not an accident".

Pandemic-Causing 'Asian flu' Accidentally Released
April 13, 2005
The virus that caused the 1957 Asian flu pandemic has been accidentally released by a lab in the US, and sent all over the world in test kits which scientists are now scrambling to destroy. The flu testing kits helps pathology laboratories improve their accuracy. The 1957 pandemic started in China before spreading worldwide, killing an estimated two million or more people.
Feds at Loss on How Flu Strain Got to Labs
April 14, 2005
Federal officials are still at a loss to explain how a potentially deadly strain of influenza could be sent to more than 4,000 labs around the world. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is operating under the presumption that the H2N2 strain was purposefully included in the panels designed to test the labs´ proficiency in identifying viruses.

At that time, the Zetas explained the advantages a pandemic fear would provide to those wanting to declare martial law and sculp the population.

ZetaTalk Analysis 4/16/2005: What would allow Homeland Security to force the residents of cities to remain in place, to shelter in place, selectively? Infection, affecting those neighborhoods likely to riot and not housing friends of Bush, could be quarantined. Vaccinations, again selected to enhance illness among those not deemed fit for the work camps of the future, could likewise be focused. All that is needed as a catalyst is a pandemic, a worldwide threat, and if nature does not cooperate then a nudge can be provided. Notable in the recent revelation that a proven deadly virus without natural immunity in the world's populace was released on purpose to thousands of labs in dozens of countries worldwide, via standard mail routes, is the lack of uproar about this calamity, the lack of major media attention. Notable is the fact that this release came from a US lab. Notable is that Bush recently signed an executive order authorizing quarantine in the case of a bird-flu epidemic, after the release of this 1957 virus, and prior to the discovery by the public that the release had occurred.

If this effort failed in 2005, after having been released to some 4,000 labs worldwide, what is the point of this second release just a month before Bush is expected to leave office? Hope still lived, despite the fact that Obama won by a landslide. Please note that the mechanisms by which Bush could declare martial law on a whim were still in place, and not released until 5 days before Obama took office.

Bush's Secret Dictatorship
March 3, 2009
The memo issued by the acting director of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel just five days before Barack Obama took office comes across almost as, among other things, a bit whiny. Steven Bradbury wrote to officially retract a series of memos in which his former colleagues secretly rewrote the Constitution. The memo was one of nine previously undisclosed Office of Legal Counsel documents released by Obama's Justice Department yesterday, most of them making baldly spurious legal arguments to support any number of unprecedented tactics that were either contemplated or employed by the White House. The opinions reflected a broad interpretation of presidential authority, asserting as well that the president could unilaterally abrogate foreign treaties, ignore any guidance from Congress in dealing with detainees suspected of terrorism, and conduct a program of domestic eavesdropping without warrants. We may not have realized it at the time, but in the period from late 2001-January 19, 2009, this country was a dictatorship.

Plate Roll

Since December 15, 2006 the Zetas have warned that the Earth's plates had become slippery, the many fingers along fault lines holding the plates in a fixed position having been broken off during the jerking motion that the daily wobble had imposed on the Earth. They stated that earthquakes would not only become more frequent, and stronger, they would also cause the Earth's plates to move further during each major quake.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/15/2006: The effect on the Earth's plates is to increase continental drift, or rip as we prefer to call it. And after months and years of this type of tugging, the edges of the plates have worn smooth, rock fingers breaking off, so rapid and dramatic movements of the plates are now possible. What will happen to the Earth, wobbling in an increasingly forceful figure 8 and being jerked back by a twice daily tug on the Atlantic Rift and body slammed by the other planets in the cup when they come too close, invoking the gravity repulsion force? Certainly her plates will move, and where this occurs in subduction zones, jolting quakes and volcanic activity will follow. And where this occurs in stretch zones, the sinking and thinning ground will create chaos for cities or infrastructure above and will also allow magma to bubble up to the surface. The quakes are quickening.

Dramatic evidence of this appeared on the IRIS charts on March 12, 2009. The South American plate had quakes dotted all around its edges - to the west, along the Andes, the border with the Nazca Plate; to the north, in Columbia, along the border with the Caribbean Plate; to the east, in the central Atlantic, along the border with the African Plate; and to the south, along the border with the Scotia Plate. The South American plate, as a whole, rolled!

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