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Issue 103, Sunday November 2, 2008
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London Pink Cloud

London was treated to an amazing pink cloud on October 21, 2008, floating overhead during the evening hours. It dissipated in time.

The Mystery Pink Light that Appeared Over London
October 21, 2008
London residents were left scratching their heads last night as a mysterious pink cloud drifted over the city. Bemused bystanders in Mayfair craned their necks to witness the strange alien-like cloud that appeared for just under an hour at around 8:30 pm. It hovered over buildings before breaking up and slowly disappearing. But after dismissing theories of UFOs and atmospheric phenomenons, the Met Office said the blob was likely to be nothing more than the lights of the city reflected in a cloud.

IMAGE: London Pink Skies

If this were, as the Met Office speculated, merely the lights of the city reflected off the clouds, then why don't more cities experience pink clouds at night? Don't all cities have lights, and frequently have cloud cover? The Zetas explained it this way.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/25/2008: This has been explained away by the authorities as a reflection of city lights on a high cloud. But don't high clouds and city lights occur often, around the world? We have stated in the past that occasional neon clouds or light pillars were due to atmospheric changes from the tail of Planet X. Light pillars were flames of gas in the atmosphere, quickly burning out. Neon clouds are not seen at night, as they are highly reflective of sunlight primarily during dawn or dusk. This is not due to water vapor reflections, such as rainbows, but other chemicals in the atmosphere. This recent pink cloud over London was similar to a neon cloud, but was reflecting the lights from the city, as explained in the article. However, this would not be occurring without chemicals from the tail of Planet X mixing into the atmosphere. Such displays will become more common.

Neon clouds have been around since 2003, when Planet X arrived in the inner solar system and wafted its tail past the Earth when it put on the brakes as it neared the Sun. The Zetas predicted in 2005 that such displays would continue.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/11/2005: In 2003, there was a period of electrical surges and outages, affecting countries worldwide. This could return, as it is the charged tail that caused this. Neon clouds, red colored and seemingly lit, were seen at that time, and these and other atmospheric displays will be produced.

The issue next arose when the site reported what appeared to be an exploding comet, increasing in size.

Exploding Comet
October 27, 2007
The gaseous cloud surrounding the comet's core more than doubled in radius on Oct. 25th. What is happening to this comet? It remains a mystery.

IMAGE: Exploding Comet

The Zetas explained that this was merely a bending of light rays as the rays from the comet passed through the Earth's atmosphere. Once again, chemicals in the atmosphere from the tail of Planet X were to blame.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/27/2007: The mystery exists only because the scientists are not acknowledging the factors at play. What is new and not being considered? We have stated repeatedly that the tail of Planet X has returned. It hoses out from the N Pole of Planet X, which is increasingly pointing toward Earth. This tail is immense, and wafts afar. Fine red dust has been deposited on Earth from 2003 to the present because the tail was wafting past Earth. Fireballs and meteors are on the increase for the same reason. The atmosphere of Earth has been affected so that Sun halos or Moon halos appear, and odd red neon clouds appear. The descriptions of the comet's increase in size include describing the comet as "yellow", with a "buttery glow", which is a way of stating the presence of light rays in the orange/red spectrum. It is not that the comet itself is emitting these rays in excess, it is that the other rays are being deflected by the dust cloud so the percentage of rays in the orange/red spectrum begin to dominate.

Then during January, 2008 reports of light towers flooded the internet. These light towers were filmed in Iraq by soldiers on patrol, and in Germany and Canada. Once again, chemicals from the tail of Planet X were responsible, per the Zetas.

IMAGE: Light Towers

ZetaTalk Light Towers 1/24/2008: It has been only during the past couple years, since the arrival of Planet X into the inner solar system, that Moon halos have been noted, or odd neon clouds. More such light towers can be anticipated, but beyond this, more effects from the tail of Planet X can be anticipated as the tail components increase in density in the atmosphere of Earth. What these effects will be we will not say, as we prefer to have the establishment caught off guard so that the cover-up stumbles and the public learns the truth. The establishment knows what is coming, but is keeping the truth from the public, who like the elite have a right to know.

In keeping with the Zeta's desire to have the establishment thrown off balance and forced to admit the presence of Planet X in the vicinity, neon clouds have again appeared as a surprise. And per the Zeta prediction, these will become more common.

Lean to the Left

In describing what contortions the Earth will go through during the passage of Planet X, the Zetas have referred to a "lean to the left". Planet X itself is going through contortions as it aligns with the Sun's magnetic field. As Planet X contorts, the Earth is forced to contort. Prior to the pole shift itself several steps in the magnetic dance occur.

  1. Daily tugging on the magnetized Atlantic Rift. This began in 2003.
  2. An Earth wobble caused by pushing and pulling on the N and S poles. This began in 2004.
  3. A lean to the left as the N Pole of Planet X hoses toward Earth. This may have just recently begun.
  4. 3 days of darkness and 6 days of sunrise west when this becomes extreme.
  5. A grip on the Atlantic Rift causing rotation stoppage.
  6. The pole shift itself.

The Earth wobble was noticed in the spring of 2004 and was periodically documented by a worldwide team. By January, 2005 the team's reports began to show that the geographic N Pole of Earth was tracing a Figure 8, and this pattern continued through February, 2008 when the last measurements were taken. Recently something changed and I suspected the "lean to the left" may have begun. What is the "lean to the left"?

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/2/2005: The Figure 8 will become more extreme and vicious as the N. Pole of Planet X turns in place in a clockwise motion. What will this increased intensity do to the Figure 8 and Earth's attempts to simultaneously honor the Sun's magnetic dictates? She will lay on her side, her magnetic N. Pole pushed to the west, a predecessor to the 3 Days of Darkness and sunrise west. She will lay her hemispheres out for an equal basking under the Sun but putting the Sun and Moon and especially the constellations in extremely errant positions, especially as the Figure 8 continues during this time.

The Zetas had consistently refused to assign a date to the start of the "lean to the left", or describe its duration. This is in keeping with the Zeta insistence that all visitors to Earth are not allowed to reveal the date of the pole shift. The Zetas have only indicated the sequence of events. They hint that a distinct "lean to the left" will be accompanied by sightings of Planet X to the right of the Sun, and that the wobble will likewise be alerting the public to the presence of Planet X when the "lean to the left" is noticed.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/3/2006: Earth scuttles back in her stalled orbit, Planet X is seen to the right of the Sun, and increasingly coming closer and appearing larger and unmistakably not as a solar flare or sundog, and the Earth falls to her side, little by little. This makes for a lopsided arc of the Sun across the sky during the day, the Sun not where expected. Planet X has a steadily stronger grip on the Atlantic Rift and the poles, creating a stronger and more violent wobble. This equates to stronger quakes and volcanic activity, wilder weather, and the populace starting to question matters in a shrill, not polite, manner. If this is global warming, what is that to the right of the Sun, and why is the Earth falling to her side?

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/17/2007: At some point the wobble will merge into a lean to the left, but the wobble will already have alerted the public by that time. In addition to an obvious wobble, the lean to the left will be a certain sign. This will occur weeks before the pole shift, enough time to escape to safe locations before travel restrictions are imposed. If a distinct lean to the left occurs, this will not mean a long delay or a plateau. We have stated that from the lean to the left to the hour of the pole shift will encompass no more than 4 months, the length of a magnetic trimester, and will occur within that trimester.

The "lean to the left" means that the Earth will begin to point her N Pole toward the east, as Planet X is approaching from the west in its retrograde orbit and hosing magnetic particles toward the Earth from its N Pole. As mankind looks out toward the Sun from the northern hemisphere, the N Pole would "lean to the left", with Planet X coming at the Earth from the right hand side.

IMAGE: Earth Upright vs Flopped

But how does one know that a distinct "lean to the left" is occurring? For the Earth to "fall on her side", the Moon might be attempting to orbit over the poles, rather than around the Equator. Normally, the Sun is to the south when viewed from the northern hemisphere, and to the north when viewed from the southern hemisphere. If the Earth were to "fall on her side", the Sun at noon would be directly overhead, regardless of Earth location. We're not there yet. But are we seeing the start of this trend? The Zetas hinted over a year ago that the "lean to the left" might start soon.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/12/2007: The Winterbourne, May 23, 2007 crop circle indicates a return to the wobble and lurch and a lean to the left to start, with a vengeance. Imagine Earth in the center of this Winterbourne circle, being battered back and forth between two opposing magnetic fields! The Sun is dominant, with its N Pole pole pointing up. Planet X is next dominant, and will be pointing its N Pole out toward Earth. The poor Earth, who swings her N and S poles around daily to present to the Sun and Planet X, will attempt to please both masters.

IMAGE: Winterbourne Crop Circle

I took some personal measurements and asked some trusted teammates to take the Sun's measure too. The early reports indicate that the Figure 8 wobble is continuing. The early reports also hinted that the "lean to the left" may have started. This is a confusing picture, but the key point is this: during the wobble, the entire globe moves such that the Sun is viewed as being too far south or too far north. Both hemispheres experience the same tipping away or tipping forward of the N Pole, and to the same degree. As an example of a matching reading confirming the globe moving as a whole is this measure taken during November 15-19, 2007. A sunset in Madrid showed the Sun to be 31° too far north at 5:45 pm, when Santiago, Chile (some 4 time zones behind Madrid) showed the Sun to be at 38° too far north at noon, at 12:27 pm. This was taken to be confirmation of both these readings.

For the northern and southern hemispheres to experience a divergent position of the Sun, at essentially the same time, does not fit this picture. The Sun would not move or remain too far north for the northern hemisphere while the Sun moved or remained too far to the south for the southern hemisphere. Yet this divergence is what the new data seemed to reveal. A recent October 29, 2008 sunset reading at 8:00 pm from Santiago, Chile had the Sun too far to the south by 23 degrees. During this same day the Sun was found to be distinctly high in the dome during both the morning and afternoon in Baraboo, Wisconsin, by some 18 degrees. Santiago and Baraboo are 2 time zones apart, giving these readings a little more than a 3 hour difference in time. Could Santiago find the Sun too far to the south while Wisconsin found the Sun too high up in the dome toward the north, so close in time? This could happen if a "lean to the left" were in play, as in this case the Sun is more directly overhead for all latitudes, in both hemispheres.

Santiago, Chile is at a latitude of 29° from the Equator. Where sunset in Santiago is supposed to be at azimuth 253 deg, this is very close to a directly west reading of 270 deg, a difference of only 17° vs Santiago's location of 29° from the equator. Thus, if the Sun were more directly overhead over Santiago the Sun would appear to be too far to the south. Baraboo, Wisconsin has a latitude of 43 deg, halfway to the N Pole. At 2:30 pm in the afternoon in late October, when the Sun should be low in the sky, with a combined azimuth/altitude of 218°, the Sun is supposed to be below Baraboo's latitude by many, many degrees. Late afternoon measures in the past taken at 4:30 pm have shown the Sun too far to the south, due to the wobble, but the recent measures taken at 2:30 pm showed the Sun too far to the north by 18°. If the "lean to the left" had begun with the Sun more directly overhead, the Sun would indeed appear to be too far north, too high up in the dome, in Wisconsin. For these two divergent readings to take place close in time hinted that the "lean to the left" may have begun. I was beginning to become concerned. Was it time to prepare for the last weeks?

But an additional reading from Scranton, PA reassured me that the "lean to the left" had not yet begun, but that instead the wobble appeared to be strongly in place or perhaps worsening. The contributor located in Scranton found during a sunset reading on October 30, 2008 at 5:35 pm that the Sun appeared to be 30° further south than expected. This reading is closer in time to the 8:00 pm sunset reading in Santiago, Chile, which had a 23° south reading on October 29, 2008. Both hemispheres were moving in the same direction, in a strong wobble, but with no evidence of a "lean to the left".

For those willing to take measurements - which include date, time, location, and measurements of where the Sun is observed including altitude and azimuth - send your observations to Altitude is a measure of where the Sun appears between the horizon and the top of the dome, with 0° being the horizon and 90° being the top of the dome. Azimuth is the measure of where the Sun appears to be in the 360° circle around the horizon, where dead north is 0°, dead south is 180°, east is 90° and west is 270°. During this measure, it is best to use a direction guide such as a survey showing N/S or a street known to be running N/S or E/W, as the compass may be erratic.

Double Whammy

Starting in March, 2003 a pattern of global shuddering was recorded on the live seismographs maintained by the USGS. What was striking, and new, was that the shuddering effect occurred twice a day, appearing first on May 26, 2003. This twice a day shuddering occurred when the Altantic Rift lined up facing the Sun (0:00 UTC) or when the Atlantic Rift was in opposition to the Sun (12:00 UTC) on the other side of the globe. Per the Zetas, this was caused by the newly arrived Planet X grabbing at the Atlantic Rift, which is a surface magnet due to all the new lava that has hardened in the rift. Universal Time (UTC) or Greenwich time is centered between that portion of the Atlantic Rift that swings from Iceland thence between Europe and the US, and that portion of the Atlantic Rift that swings east between S America and Africa. The Atlantic Rift forms a giant "S" shape as it wends its way between the continents. The Zetas explain that this tugging began because magnets like to stay in alignment, and when the globe turns to place the Atlantic Rift into a bow shape at the side, this is not considered being in alignment.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/17/2004: At the point where the Atlantic Rift either faces or is in opposition to Planet X, this tugging to align occurs, creating the global quakes noted on live seismographs only during this past year, for the Earth, when Planet X has been in the vicinity.

The double whammy is still with us. On October 29, 2008 a dramatic example of this occurred. Note that once again the global shuddering has occurred at approximately 0:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC.

IMAGE: October 29, 2008 Double Whammy

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