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Issue 83, Sunday June 22, 2008
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Clean Water

"Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!" This famous line refers to being lost at sea, unable to drink sea water and with no fresh water on the boat. But during times of massive flooding as has occurred in Iowa this month, it is likewise true for many areas. Wells providing drinking water have become polluted with the floodwaters, and suddenly those relying on clean tap water are without.

Receding Cedar Rapids Floods Revealing 'Incredible Destruction'
June 15, 2008
The city's municipal water system was back to 50 percent of capacity Sunday, a big victory after three of the city's four drinking water collection wells were contaminated by murky, petroleum-laden floodwater. That contamination had left only about 15 million gallons a day for the city of more than 120,000 and the suburbs that depend on its water system.

Mud and petrol are the least of the water worries. Raw sewage, manure from flooded farms, poisonous industrial chemicals, weed killers and pesticides can also be in the water, unexpectedly.

Flood Victims Worry: What's in the Water?
June 17, 2008
The floodwaters that deluged much of Iowa have done more than knock out drinking water and destroy homes. They have also spread a noxious brew of sewage, farm chemicals and fuel that could sicken anyone who wades in. In downtown Oakville water reeked of pig feces and diesel fuel. LeRoy Lippert, chairman of emergency management and homeland security in nearby Des Moines County, warned people to avoid the floodwaters: "If you drink this water and live, tell me about it. You have no idea. It is very, very wise to stay out of it. It's as dangerous as anything." All manner of refuse could be seen floating down the Cedar River - 55-gallon drums labeled "corrosive," propane tanks, wooden fences and railroad ties. Dead birds and fish sat on the city's 1st Avenue Bridge. The flooding also raised concerns of contamination in rural wells, said G. Richard Olds, professor and chairman of the Medical College of Wisconsin.

The Zetas have long warned, since the start of ZetaTalk, about the necessity of having clean drinking water after the pole shift. Not only will volcanic ash lay heavy metals such as lead and fluoride on the surface in those locales downwind from a volcano, but the earthquakes and flooding can spread industrial wastes onto surface water. Wells can become contaminated due to the earthquakes, which fracture the walls of aquifers.

ZetaTalk Warning 8/15/1996: The Earth, in its abundance, currently provides man with what appears to be limitless fresh water. Except where man has defiantly chosen to set up housekeeping in the middle of a desert or ocean, fresh, pure water is not expected to be a problem. It rushes by in streams and rivers, pools in lakes, and if not found on the surface can almost always be found in the underground rivers and lakes. Should one be concerned about the purity of the water on the surface, one could always catch the rain which falls, unsullied, from the sky. Up until recently man's only worry about water was how to transport it and how to avoid it during times of flooding. Since the Industrial Age man has merrily poured poisons into his drinking water, both on the surface and through seepage into the ground water. Bottled water has become more than a fad.

After the cataclysms mankind's problems with his water supply will take a quantum leap. Water, from all sources, may be poisoned, with the old standby, rainwater, failing to provide potable water. During the pole shift volcanoes, old and new, will violently explode. The resulting ash will sift down from the upper atmosphere for decades, poisoning ground water. Humans driven to drink this gritty water will find more than grit between their teeth, they will find their nervous system beginning to fail them, their eye sight fading, and their digestive system intolerant of any food they may find. We are speaking here primarily of lead poisoning, which is not a problem man expects from the water nature provides. Lead settles and over eons settles down out of the way, but after a cataclysm the lead heavy mantle has been spewed out over the landscape, most of this vomit in the form of fine billowing dust.

Will the ground water not be safe? Depends. During the cataclysms the ground is heaved and jerked, and any wells or piping will be shattered. In that the ground water is as likely to carry poisons as the surface, having filtered down from the surface, what looks like pure water from underground may be, again, a slow death. Ground water also is subject to contact with the lead heavy mantle, which most often does not make it all the way to the surface during eruptions. If one cannot trust the usual water supply, what to do? Distillation processes or recycling water known to be pure are two approaches likely to provide a steady supply of water. This may seem tedious to those so used to taking fresh, pure water for granted, but those who prepare for the times ahead will not find themselves suddenly without one of life's necessities. Man dies without air in minutes, without water in days, and without food over weeks. Bread may be the staff of life, but water is life itself!

With this early warning from the Zetas, the Troubled Times members spent considerable time exploring various distillation methods. One of the best, which has been tried out here in my own home to make distilled water for batteries, involves a series of pots stacked on top of one another over a fire. The following information is in the Troubled Times website TOPIC on Safe Water.

Stacked Pot
Designed for batch production, the water in the top and bottom pots will need to be changed approximately every 40 min. This time would depend on the amount of heat supplied to the bottom boiler pot. At end of the cycle after about 40 minutes if one uses some of the hot water from the top to replace and refill the bottom water then one can get back into operation in minimal time. At this rate one could produce a gallon on the average of every 2.5 hours.

Easy to construct, highly efficient, and easily portable if the survival group is on foot and on the move. The pots can even be used for cooking food. And after distillation the top pot, used to cool the distillate, provides hot water for washing. Nothing goes to waste.

Two Pots
The diameter of the upper pot is constrained by the choice of the pie pan and turns out to be about 10" to 10.75". The top pot needs to end up stable and held into place so it will not easily slide off. Height of each pot is not too important. I found between 12 and 16 quarts capacity to work well for this pot. I used it without a lid. Don't plan on anything much bigger than this as it is too dangerous to move when emptying is needed. The choice of the pie pan is important in that one needs to solder to it and the extra extended lips on the pie pan helps to hold the upper pot in place. The sides being tapered help point the output pipe in the right direction.

Korean Crop Circle

A stunning crop circle appeared in S Korea on June 12, 2008.

Included in the analysis of what the design meant was an intriguing idea - that it represented a symbol for legal text - §.

Chungnam Boryoung City Crop Circle
Our report is that we had a news today for discover a very exciting crop circles in near Chungnam Boryoung City, South Korea. This mark -§ - is very commonly used by the legal profession in legal texts and legal codes to set out a section of the law, or a legal regulation. This is self-evidently very, very similar to what we see in the Korean crop glyph. It may be a way of saying that this formation, or maybe others too, have to do with laying down the law - whether natural law, cosmic law, galactic federation law, spiritual law, who knows?

The Zetas point to a different interpretation, though state that a legal symbol is not inappropriate as the passage of Planet X is a natural occurrence, thus natural law.

ZetaTalk Analysis 6/14/2008: This stunning crop circle is speaking to mankind about the current Earth wobble, which will soon develop beyond the simple Figure 8 pattern it has been adhering to since early 2004. The two Figure 8s are seen overlapping, assuming first one posture and then another in an almost smooth line. This movement is a predecessor to the severe wobble which the Earth will at some point assume going into the 3 days of darkness. The Earth wobble, the Figure 8, will have another wobble superimposed upon it, a back and forth motion of the globe. It has been noted that the overlapping Figure 8 is also a symbol meaning that associated text quoted is legalese, quoting law. In that man cannot escape the pole shift, the behavior of your home planet Earth is only adhering to laws governing your portion of the Universe, so to speak.

The Figure 8 wobble, documented since early 2004, is caused primarily by the magnetic N Pole of Earth being pushed away when it comes up over the horizon to face the Planet X on a daily basis at dawn. The Earth is then allowed to rebound, but then pushed away again as it starts to disappear over the horizon at dusk. This S Korean crop circle is apparently warning that the wobble is about to get stronger, more violent, and that quakes, tidal waves, and weather wobbles will follow.

ZetaTalk Prediction 11/27/2004: Where does this twirl place the Earth, as she moves into the time predicted in the Bible and reported in folklore, known as the 3 Days of Darkness? This twirl becomes more extreme, as the hose of magnetic particles from the N. Pole of Planet X is turned more directly at the Earth. While twirling, the Earth finds it can expose its magnetic N. Pole less and less, and the northern hemisphere finds itself twirling in darkness, eventually.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/6/2004: Where the Earth is pulled, the atmosphere is not, and lingers where it was while the crust moves beneath it. Accounts of sudden wind storms, unexpected and out of season, are occurring. Will this trend continue, and become more extreme? The push of the Earth's vulnerable N. Pole away will occur with more violence, the rebound back to align with the Sun's dominant voice will occur with more violence, and the weather will follow!

Earth Changes Excuses

The Zetas warned early in the ZetaTalk saga that excuses would be offered for the Earth changes caused by Planet X. The establishment did not want to admit to the presence of Planet X and its impending passage.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/15/1996: In an effort to avoid admitting that the cataclysms are approaching, the establishment throws out alternative explanations. The weather is blamed on global warming, the greenhouse effect, which in and of itself might be an explanation that would hold if weather were the only symptom. It is the heat from the core of the earth and the increased earthquake and volcanic activity that boggles these attempts at alternative explanations. In no way would the public accept a statement that warmer air is heating up the core of the Earth. Heat rises, and cold air drops, and for the core of the Earth to heat up under an influence from the surface, the surface would have to be warmer than the core, which clearly is not the case.

The heating of the oceans and increasing tremors are thus blamed on solar flares, even though such activity in the past was never associated with solar flares. Nevertheless, since the public is in the main quite ignorant of the basic science involved and would not bother to research the history of solar flare related events, this is an explanation that many will accept. It is understood vaguely by the public that the Sun emits heat and light. For the core to be heated by solar flares beyond what the surface has experienced is illogical, so the alternative explanation given is clothed in scientific mumbo-jumbo so that the common man doesn't attempt to fully understand.

Indeed, Global Warming has been blamed for the weather, even though the extremes the Earth is experiencing are far outside of that which the Global Warming models predicted. Solar activity has recently been blamed for the Earth changes, though never in the past have sun spots or electromagnetic bursts been accused of causing earthquakes. More ridiculous excuses have been offered too. One was that manmade lakes put extreme pressure on parts of the Earth's plates, causing earthquakes. Another theory proffered is that the weight of ice at the poles would cause a crustal shift, the pole shift. In all of these excuses, the presence of Planet X in the vicinity is carefully avoided, as the establishment fears panic in the populace if the pending passage were to become a known fact. The public might ask to share the bunkers the elite have prepared for themselves. The Sun was thus to be blamed for most of the Earth changes, per the Zetas, because the extent of emissions from the Sun is data that can in the main be controlled by NASA.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/30/2003: Outside of what can be viewed by the naked eye, sunspots which are cool dark areas that appear from time to time and are almost always present to some degree, or the minor radio static or magnetic flux that can result from the Sun, there is no data in the hands of the public not released from the central control of NASA. They control the SOHO satellite, have archives of past images to reach into when doctoring is required, can shut down the satellite for days at a time giving whatever excuse they choose, and the public cannot call them to account on any of it.

But lately, NASA et al. have been suddenly faced with an extreme slowdown in solar activity. This was utterly unexpected. Too many charts, too many people watching, too many contradictions, so this was hard to mask. People have noticed.

More Signs Of The Sun Slowing Down
June 15, 2008
A few months ago, I had plotted the Average Geomagnetic Planetary Index (Ap) which is a measure of the solar magnetic field strength but also daily index determined from running averages of eight Ap index values. Call it a common yardstick (or meterstick) for solar magnetic activity. While I was searching for something that could explain this, I came across this plot from NOAA's NGDC which was used to illustrate solar storm frequency related to sunspots. What is most striking is that since 1932, there have not been any years prior to 2007 that have zero data. The closest was 1996. Either way it appears we continue to slide into a deeper than normal solar minima, one not seen in decades. Given the signs, I think we are about to embark upon a grand experiment, over which we have no control.

What to do when your favorite excuse is floundering? Invent another one. Thus, we now have earthquakes caused, somehow, by Global Warming. However, the excuse is still linked to solar activity, just in case this new excuse hits the skids.

Study: Seismic Activity 5 Times More Energetic Than 20 Years Ago Because Of Global Warming
June 18, 2008
New research compiled by Australian scientist Dr. Tom Chalko shows that global seismic activity on Earth is now five times more energetic than it was just 20 years ago. The research proves that destructive ability of earthquakes on Earth increases alarmingly fast and that this trend is set to continue, unless the problem of "global warming" is comprehensively and urgently addressed. The analysis of more than 386,000 earthquakes between 1973 and 2007 recorded on the US Geological Survey database proved that the global annual energy of earthquakes on Earth began increasing very fast since 1990. Dr. Chalko said that global seismic activity was increasing faster than any other global warming indicator on Earth and that this increase is extremely alarming. This 'thermal imbalance' means that heat generated in the planetary interior cannot escape and that the planetary interior must overheat. Increase in seismic, tectonic and volcanic activities is an unavoidable consequence of the observed thermal imbalance of the planet.

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