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Issue 635 Adendum
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India Crunch and Sunda Plate Sink

India: Land Cracks in Samastipur District of Bihar
Nov 9, 2018
Five children were killed while six children were injured due to soil erosion in Samastipur district of Bihar.
India Sinking
Aug 29, 2018
An expert team from New Delhi has also reached Puri to assist in this serious situation arising repeatedly in the Bela Bhaban.
India: Land, Hill Crack up near Kerala Border.
Aug 27, 2018
Similar cracks are seen in several other estates in the area. Residents have been demanding officials concerned to inspect these cracks and check if they were caused by landslides or earthquakes.
India: The land in the Surrounding Region has Developed a Long Crack
Aug 20, 2018
A double-storey house here caved in as a major crack developed on the land below and near it amid the recent deluge in the state.
India: Land Cracks Render Sadhupul Market Unsafe
Aug 14, 2018
With huge cracks appearing in the Sadhupul bazaar, 25 shops and 20 houses have been rendered unsafe for habitation.
Sumatra: 75 Meter Landslide Road, 10 Isolated Nagari in West Sumatra
Nov 5, 2018
The road had collapsed and the river was washed away.
Java: Buildings Prone to Collapse as Land Shifts hit Bogor
Oct 24, 2018
Residents of 15 districts in Bogor regency, West Java, have been advised to move to safer places as their land is prone to shifting. Land cracks were seen in Cimangurang village in Babakan Madang district, the latest of such incidents in Greater Jakarta recently.
Java: Photographs of the Condition of Land Cracks in Babakanmadang, Residents Must Evacuate
Oct 24, 2018
The affected houses experienced considerable cracks. Not infrequently the ground shifts make several building doors locked.
Indonesia: Land Cracks in Tangerang and Depok, but also in Bogor
Oct 24, 2018
Residents in Cimangurang Village, Cijayanti Village, Babakanmadang, Bogor Regency, were shocked by the emergence of three meters of land cracks, one meter wide and up to 500 meters long. In fact, this land continues to experience shifts every hour to keep the team from Tagana on standby.
Malaysia: Huge Crack Appears in Orang Asli Village
Oct 24, 2018
A row of six houses built in 2008 at the settlement had to be evacuated yesterday following the appearance of the crack.
Malaysia: Land Erosion Caused Several Lamp Posts to Collapse in Gopeng
Oct 23, 2018
Cracks appeared on several houses. The incident took place at a residential area at Jalan Desa Cahaya 1 in Lawan Kuda.

South America Roll and Central America Crunch

Argentina: Imminent Collapse of the Ravine in Diamante
Oct 08, 2018
The Municipality of Diamante has been declared yesterday in the State of Emergency Housing in Barrio Urquiza - the collapse of the land mass of approximately 130 meters long and 10 meters wide.
Costa Rica: 25 Families Defy Risk by way of Crumbling
Oct 05, 2018
Although the emergency began with the storm Nate, in October of 2017, the real cause is a landslide that has not stopped moving since.
Colombia: The Land Keeps Moving
Oct 04, 2018
Cracking in homes, streets and roads in addition to the destruction of crops, they leave millions lost for the municipality of San Eduardo, in Boyacá, where a geological fault continues to expand and devastate even with livestock.
Panama: The Road Sinks and Cracks in Breñón
Sep 24, 2018
The road leading to this community sank 50 meters and the land separated.
Guatemala: Geological Failures Prey on Settlers in the West of the Country
Sep 15, 2018
The problem that has its origin in geological faults, has destroyed a lake section of the road that connects to the border with Guatemala and El Salvador, as well as to Ocotepeque.
Peru: Four Regions of the Country have Very High Risk of Landslides and Huaicos
Sep 04, 2018
A total of 63 districts in four regions of the country present a very high risk of being affected by landslides, mudslides or other mass movements.
Mexico: Land Cracks in Talea de Castro
Oct 23, 2018
The cracks reported in the municipality of Talea de Castro, are the result of a geological fault.
Mexico: Family Missing in Oaxaca Landslide; more than 25 Slides Reported on One Highway
Oct 24, 2018
At least 25 landslides have occurred on the highway between Santa Maria Yacochi and Santiago Zacatepec in recent days.
Mexico: Alarm Due to Geological Fault in Xalpatláhuac; the Earth Opens
Oct 17, 2018
At least 50 homes and a campus of the Colegio de Bachilleres were severely affected by a geological fault that occurred after the earthquakes of September last year, which has forced to relocate the inhabitants of these houses and students.
Mexico: The Cracking and Landslide that Occurs in the Municipality of San Marcos Arteaga
Sep 21, 2018
For some months they noticed how a few kilometers from the center of the population the land began to open, at first it did not affect any area however over time the situation has become untenable.
Mexico: The Land Opens in the Town of Milpillas
Sep 21, 2018
A crack of at least 300 linear meters was generated in the town of Milpillas. Other reports maintain that it could have originated due to the impact of a lightning bolt.
Argentina: A Huge Crack in the Earth Opened and Threatens to Swallow a Neighborhood in Entre Ríos
Oct 09, 2018
A huge crack in the canyon of the Urquiza neighborhood of Diamante, Entre Ríos, caused alarm.

Africa Roll and Rip

Uganda: Water Shortage hits Eastern Uganda as Landslides Damage Water Plant
October 8, 2018
The landslides destabilised the pipe network at the plant, including its infrastructure and also caused land movements of various sections of the water treatment plan.
Kenya: Land Collapse Victims to be Resettled Soon
Aug 3, 2018
Murang’a is one of the counties worst affected by torrents that hit the country earlier in the year.
South Africa: Load Cracks in Pretoria
Jul 27, 2018
City of Tshwane allocated about R27.5 million for the repair of these hazardous sinkholes.
Nigeria: Disaster hits Awada Area of Obosi in Anambra State
Jul 26, 2018
Disaster hits Awada Area of Obosi in Anambra State following heavy downpour.
In Afar, Africa is Divided into Two
Jul 25, 2018
In the depression of Afar, in northern Ethiopia, shepherds and salt merchants survive today in a surreal landscape of fissures, faults and a lake of boiling lava, which can change drastically.
Kenya: Thousands at Risk of Eviction as County Maps Out Landslide Zones
Jul 24, 2018
More than 4,000 families live in the landslide-prone areas that have fault lines cutting across the county.