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ZetaTalk: Visigoths
Note: written on Apr 15, 1996

If the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet inspired the myths about the Gods of Mount Olympus, were they also the inspiration for the Viking Gods or tales of the Germanic Visigoths? They were indeed, and left their mark in legend wherever they stationed themselves on Earth. Where their preferred garb looks something like what an ancient Roman Legionnaire might have worn, they adjusted their garb to the climate. Northern Europe, during many eras in the past, was as bitterly cold as it is today, and thus fur robes were standard. Like the Gods of Mount Olympus, the Viking Gods and Visigoths were fierce and did not back away once a conflict had begun. As with their human counterparts, they used all means of transporting themselves, and where mountains abut the sea, ships prove the most effective. What were these giant hominoids doing in northern Europe? Exploring, in the same manner that took them to South American and thence across the Pacific. They were looking for gold, and went prospecting everywhere.

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