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icon Elite in Africa

How are the elite planning to carve up Africa, re-colonize it in essence, and will there be clashes? We have mentioned that France is clearly eyeing Libya which has oil reserves and a large aquifer. In the end, as the pole shift approaches, it will not be their PLANS that will paint the picture but the Earth changes and migration from the rest of the world. Imagine what will happen to survivors in Europe after the 7 of 10 European tsunami. They will be on the move, en mass, pushed from refugee camps by the lack of food and grim future prospects as well as just frankly told to move on by overcrowded countries in Europe. They will pour across the Mediterranean in anything that floats, overwhelming the ability of countries on either side to maintain order on the coasts.

Then there is the migration from SE Asia as the Sunda Plate sinks, and the eventual migration from India. Africa today has a large Indian population in those countries bordering the Indian Ocean, and the coastlines are scarcely secured by these poor nations. Illegal immigration has a long history in the world, the techniques well known. Those standing in water, with no hope of a different future, will migrate to dryer land and a better future. Cargo ships will be diverted from their usual cargo to a more profitable cargo - desperate refugees.

We have long mentioned that the country of S Africa will be a target of the elite, for several reasons. It is an ideal jumping off point for those wanting land rights on the new land to emerge near Antarctica and on Antarctica itself. It was long under colonial rule, Apartheid long in its history only recently broken in 1994. Traditions and expectations are not easily erased, so the country would be considered friendly to an invasion by white men with assets. S Africa's infrastructure, on a continent that has only spotty development into an industrial state, is self-sufficient. Thus self-sufficient, it has already taken the first step toward what the elite view as a necessary part of bunker security - technological self-sufficiency. S Africa will be invaded not by drowning immigrants but by the elite with entourage and security guards. All will be demanding service and barking orders at each other, with pecking order battles inevitable.

ZetaTalk ™ November 5, 2011