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icon Bakkan Oil Fields

We have described the pole shift as being so devastating that oil fields will be consumed in fire, refineries will explode and burn, and pipelines rupture and burn. Mankind's infrastructure will be ruined, and except for some regions such as S Africa where the limited technology is self sufficient, will not approach its prior status. Certainly, the oil fields of the Middle East will not produce more than oil collected from pools on the surface, not refined. Use of oil worldwide will return to what it was centuries ago. The elite do not contemplate such a world, nor do their hired technocrats in the main, as denial is much more comfortable. They envision a world where repair will be needed. Thus establishing bunkers in the Bakken oil field would be the last thing they would consider, as extracting oil from shale rock is difficult.

ZetaTalk ™ July 30, 2011