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Will Athens survive the 7 of 10 dropping of the African Plate, unscathed? We have stated that the dropping of the African Plate will not be accompanied by great quakes, as this is primarily a stretch zone episode, a pulling apart of the plates. But clearly there will be choppy water when the Mediterranean widens and waters rush to fill this void, and then rebound. Due to the increase in overall volume of the Mediterranean during the African Plate drop, Athens will not be swamped, nor will Athens, which is of sufficient elevation to be above the waves, even register the event in its tides. The time of the pole shift is another matter altogether. As we have mentioned, the fact that the Straits of Gibraltar will have spread by 125 miles, and that the Sinai Peninsula will be 50 miles further from Egypt should be evidence enough that our warnings about the coming pole shift are true.

ZetaTalk ™ July 9, 2011