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icon Australia for Sale?

Is Australia for sale? It is certainly assuring the elite, who make inquiries, that they will be welcome there, as long as they bring along their cash. Reem Al-Hashimy visited Brisbane to ascertain for himself that salt water was backwashing up the river there, as reported by a nursery owner who complained that the salt water killed his plants. Abu Dhabi is certainly aware of ZetaTalk, and its accuracy. They know that their small state will disappear under the waves in the Aftertime, if they even make it through the pole shift, and that their oil will thus be worthless along with the value of their paper money or precious metals.

If charity were their motive, then why not give to the poor of Indonesia? They are purchasing their welcome, having heard that Australia is brutal to those among the poor who are desperately trying to climb onto Australian shores. The elite are welcome, but the poor can drown and starve. Just the climate the wealthy elite of Abu Dhabi desire, along with the high ground that the eastern shores of Australia will bring, and the large aquifer inland that we have stated will be available in the aftertime. A warm climate, fresh water, and plenty of slave labor washing ashore. Certainly, at $30 million dollars, the price is right!

ZetaTalk ™ July 9, 2011