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Nepal rides the Himalayas, close enough to India, the new South Pole, to expect a climate not unlike Greenland or the Bearing Strait after the shift. Add to this its elevation, which will only increase due to the subducting of the Indio-Australian plate under the Himalayas, and the cold will be more intense. Thus, all in Nepal who do not move inland after the shift will freeze. During the shift itself, the population of India will drown quickly, under a steady flood tide engulfing the country in the span of an hour. Washing inland, this flood tide will carry many afloat to what will be the shores of Nepal, where they will cling. Thus, in addition to concerns the survivors of the shift in Nepal will have, they will bear the burden of many newly homeless from India. All who wish to survive should then migrate inland toward the former China coastlines, where the climate can sustain life.