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Where the east coast of Australia will bounce up, due to the tipping of the plate upon with Australia rests, during the pole shift, it will be subject to onslaughts of tidal waves during the shift itself. Water movement during the week of rotation stoppage will cause the waters of the Pacific to move toward the poles, and after the shift back to the new equator when rotation starts again. This will cause water to move from the existing South Pole to the new equator, where Sydney will find itself, through the channel between Australia and New Zealand. This water will rush along what is now the east coast of Australia. In addition to this water movement, there is the compression of the Pacific, which will push water up along any coast line directly bordering the Pacific. Without the protection of any islands, most of the east coast of Australia will experience a direct assault. With at least two large current flows during the shift, swirling will occur, a serious danger to any boats and likely to create unpredictable tidal waves assaulting the coast. Residents of Sydney are advised to leave their beloved city for high ground during this time, if they hope to survive.