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The Alps tower high, and due to the general stretching that will take place in lands on all sides, rather than compression, mountain building will occur. The Alps have steadily grown during the periodic cataclysmic geological changes that pole shifts produce, due to the nearness of the fault line that runs through the Mediterranean. Where the Atlantic widens, stretching the lands in western Europe away from the Alps, and where the African Rift Valley pulls Arabia away from the African mainland, it would seem that anything but mountain building would occur in the Alps. But just as ripping cloth causes wrinkles just above the top of the rip, the separating Rift Valley in Africa causes pressure in the Mediterranean on either side of the rift. Thus, land is pushed up, north of the Mediterranean and into the Alps, to relieve the stress west of the Rift Valley, as land along the plate edge to the east of the Rift Valley is sliding along as well as subducting under, the Eurasian Plate.


We have stated that Europe will be a series of islands in the Aftertime, and the results of survival after the pole shift tidal waves is not much different. Europe is a land of coastlines, already. Fortunately for the survivors, travel by boat will not be that difficult. The climate will be almost ideal, access to the sea at hand, and boat building and fishing a skill in many European countries. Short wave communication, from towers on one high point to another, will be quickly established, thus, to share news and locate loved ones trapped on another island. In such situations, it does not take long for a type of written communication, mail routes, to become established. But long before the Last Weeks have arrived, with their threat of government imposed travel restrictions, families will be making hard decisions about travel, opting out of all but what is absolutely necessary.

ZetaTalk ™ July 9, 2011

Note Hot Springs commentary.