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Due to the compression of the Pacific during the forthcoming pole shift, India is forced under the Himalayan highlands, with a violent thrust of the Indo-Australian plate, which is strong enough to remain whole, yet the edges of which will separate from the surrounding plates so that it is free to move and slide under the Himalayas. Those in India will find, after the first strong jolts, that water is rapidly rising, coming in from the coast for those who live there, and coming from whatever area might be considered the lowland for those inland. Giant waves will not occur, just a rapid rise in the water, which will force man and animal alike to tread water for as long as possible, then drown. Those in boats will find a different scenario when the water reaches a height, as then vortexes, created by adjustments in the water, will capsize small boats and large alike. Those who would survive the coming cataclysms are advised to leave the lowlands, which in the case of India as well as western Australia, means leaving the country. Go high into the mountains, and out of reach of the turmoil that mountain building in the Himalayas will present.

Cities in the interior of India will not experience flooding until the hour of the pole shift, and then will be in shock. Unless our predictions, or some similar prophecy from a respected individual has warned the residents, they will have scant warning and no chance of escape. The last weeks, even rotation stoppage, will not bring the flood tide to these interior cities, though it will be clear that the passage is upon them. The flood tide will not be a crashing wave, as depicted in the movie 2012. It will be water rising, always rising, first along the rivers in the lowlands and then up through city street and then rising to cover the roof tops. Those in boats or clinging to floating objects will find the waters swirling, whirlpools developing suddenly, so boats will capsize and sink. The flood tide will close in on all sides of India, and meet in the middle, creating crashing waves in the center and rip tides as the water pulls back again. Drowning will be swift, and is fortunately painless, and for those with a firm belief in an afterlife can be faced with acceptance rather than panic.


More than the country of India and Bangladesh and Bhutan will be pushed under the Himalayas. Check the topographic map and see where the wrinkles are. This is where land has been rumpled as something was pushed under it. Note that along the border with Burma and Tibet and Nepal, that the lands of India are lowlands, where the land has been pushed down in the recent past. Why would the highlands of India be just in the center of the country, and not border the high Himalayas? This is what will become of India and all on that plate that is being pushed down and under. Those in India are advised not to seek high ground within Indian's interior, but to head to the Himalayas, to Tibet and Nepal and China or the high mountains that are officially Indian territory - Srinagar. Pakistan will also be high ground but the area will rupture to become a new seaway, so this is unstable territory and the lowlands will be flooded during the hour of the shift.


The issue of surviving in India as the Pole Shift approaches is not so much an issue of how high to climb in Nepal, but whether you will be allowed or able to reach Nepal. India will go down suddenly, during the hour of the pole shift, but the steady loss of elevation that is already in process will have made many parts of India soggy, and the populace frightened. As the wobble worsens, even prior to the Severe Wobble of the Last Weeks, the coastlines will be assaulted, fishing a dangerous profession, and legends and prophecies much on the lips of the frightened people of India.

Thus they will be trying to arrange an escape. We have mentioned that immigration, legal or illegal, to Africa will be a strong press. Boats will be diverted to human cargo, in great numbers. Will the roads into Nepal be blocked? China considers Nepal to belong to the Chinese government, and we have already stated that they have plans to block the populace trying to escape flooding countries. Nepal is a country where the mountains rise, and roads and paths today are where the way can be made with certainty. A blocked road essentially blocks all traffic.

Thus when the hour of the Pole Shift arrives, there will be an immense mass of people pressing toward Nepal, and toward any other border that would provide an escape. Those pushed to the side, toward Bangladesh will find themselves pushed into the floodlands, floundering there, with the lucky few making it through clinging to highlands in southeast Asia. Those pushed toward Pakistan will also be slogging through floodlands, and then finding they have encountered the tiger's mouth as the Indus Valley is the sinking edge for the plate holding India.

At the present time, a path through the Indian territory of Srinagar, skirting the China border and through northern Pakistan may offer a path to safety in the countries south of Russia. The hour of the Pole Shift will of course bring mountain building in the Himalayas, and quakes preceding the hour of the Pole Shift will be devastating to those on the road. The best advice is to migrate now, of course, advice which many families living hand to mouth simply cannot take. But when it is clear that the Last Weeks are upon you, do not linger, as it is likely already too late.

ZetaTalk January 21, 2012

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