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ZetaTalk: Unraveling
written Apr 29, 2004

We have stated that the US Military plans to empty their overseas bases down to a skeleton crew, and return their service personnel to the continental US prior to the shift.

In the event of such earth changes, troops would be brought home, under stealth and with little fanfare, to the respective homelands, leaving at most a skeleton crew at the bases. The excuse would be the greater need at home.
ZetaTalk: Greater Need, Oct 11, 2003

We have stated that the elite, realizing they would not be lifted to safety on Mars nor have success with any of their other escape plans, had determined to educate the public about the coming shift so as to ensure strong survival communities to be the worker base in the future.

With decades to spare, the focus of that thin slice of humanity aware of this approaching monster and its likely arrival date was exclusively on how to benefit from this devastation. First thought, how to duck for cover. Second thought, how to last through in their bunkers until it was safe to emerge. Third thought, how to emerge as kings.
ZetaTalk: No Place to Run, Nov 18, 2003

We have stated that for such an announcement to be made, that scapegoats would be put up to take the brunt of the rage expected from the public, and this would be primarily the US National Security Advisor and those under her control and directives (the Navy timekeepers and NASA) and secondarily the Bush Administration.

NASA knew all along, had a firm hold on information because it was deemed a national security issue, and their masters, the White House, was holding the line. A scapegoat is deemed necessary to focus the inevitable anger.
ZetaTalk Scapegoat, Jan 5, 2004

We have stated that when a cover-up collapses, under the directives of the global Puppet Masters (those among the wealthy elite who hold the bankrupt US government as a captive creditor), that the puppets will resent their loss of stature and resist change.

The clash of agendas means that none of the social structure operates as expected by those in the Service-to-Self, who find their banking empires collapsed, their real and corporate properties vanishing, their puppets wandering around confused.
ZetaTalk: Clash of Agendas, Nov 15, 2003

Has that moment arrived, when the evidence of a stalled orbit and wobbling Earth is as near and obvious as a Sun and Moon out of place, global shuttering under the onslaught of sweeping arms and the battering of planets crowded in front of Planet X as it nudges its way through the solar system, weather so erratic as to bring all the seasons to a land within the span of days, and the quiet desperation of the populace smoldering to an angry outcry over what is obviously a cover-up of something amiss? Look at the evidence.

The US Military makes no secret that it is removing troops from Korea, a commitment spanning decades and preceding the Vietnam War, despite increasing aggressiveness in N Korea. And despite statements that no withdrawal from Iraq is planned, in fact pulling out and actively giving the country back to those who ran Iraq before the invasion, the old Baath Party, is in process. Emptying the detention centers of the thugs who tortured the masses, and offering them jobs as peacekeepers to allow the oil to flow to Bush cronies as planned. Look behind these steps to a decision made months ago by the US Military, now being put in motion, and expect an expedited plan when the Earth changes pick up the pace.

The media has featured talk of past pole shifts and their magnetic nature, climate change studies such as the one revealed by the US Department of Defense in anticipation of the next Ice Age, and increasing revelations about secret societies such as the recent Bohemian Grove gathering where the puppets of the Puppet Masters, but not the masters themselves, come out to play. Why, if these subjects are to be avoided? All but the cause of these phenomena is explored, the public led up to this focus, their curiosity teased. This education of the public began in earnest in the last scant few months. Expect the focus of Planet X, the real reason behind the education press, to be the next revelation.

911 hearings, where the National Security Advisor is shown to be someone who was responsible for coordinating the awareness of the pending 911 threat but forever bumbling and faltering in this role. Exposes on the overcharging by Haliburton in Iraq, scalping the taxpayer during wartime by the corporation headed by Cheney just before his role as VP under Bush. Dredging forth the Bush embarrassment on his AWOL status, inactive duty in the reserves, in stark contrast to Kerry and other Viet Nam vets. All designed to prepare the public for this crowd in the role of scapegoat. Expect the US public, and the world, to have no doubt they were at the helm of the Planet X cover-up, during their Iraq oil grab. Expect the Puppet Masters to remain safely as shadows in the background.

Despite Iraq collapsing, the US clearly bankrupt and economic recovery a myth, the US Stock Market a hyper inflated bubble supported by hot air issued daily while the real value under these stocks collapses in a sea of lost jobs and market share, the hype continues. Bush declares they will hold the course in Iraq. Polls, which scarcely anyone believes, claim him to be popular and approved. Wall Street talks optimistically and CEO’s continue to hand themselves exorbitant bonuses. Those without jobs, living in their cars and standing in food lines for a free dinner, are not counted and are ignored. Soldiers and Iraq civilians alike are enraged at the so-called war which is clearly only to secure oil for the Bush cabal. Expect the puppets to be savaged when this facade collapses. Expect the facade to be maintained, desperately, as long as possible.