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ZetaTalk: Agonizing Wait
written June 28, 2003

Those who are aware of our predictions of a passage, a pole shift, a new geology and flooded coastlines and river basins, and the collapse of today’s financial, economic, and governmental structures are waiting in agony for the predicted rotation stoppage and countdown of days until the shift to begin. The White Lie floated out to trip Homeland Security's hand, showing the world what they and other such government arms in the US and other countries would do with a firm date, has left this public bereft and in a state of suspended animation. Operation TOPOFF going into May 15 and level Orange going into May 20, all preparatory to a level Red, Martial Law which would allow the US to trap millions of unwanted mouths demanding to be fed in coastal or river basin cities, were an obvious demonstration. In the agony of no date being given, no general guidelines other than to watch the earth changes, who suffers more?

Wealthy Elite
The wealthy, who in essence control the world with their extreme wealth, were alerted during the second week of June that the speed of approach of Planet X made a rotation stoppage likely within days. Thus, the Elite Exodus and migration of Military units to defend them occurred. But the human understanding of why all the planets sling like a ring around the Sun at the Ecliptic, and what forces are at play, does not allow them to predict when great earth changes will begin, and thus the elite sit in their bunkers, impatiently. They will, and have, emerged, so that a second exodus will occur but one which puts them on the same footing as the common man, a level playing field.
Government Bastions
Those who have clawed their way into control of the public via government edicts are not of a nature to allow themselves to be displaced by something as small as a pole shift. Small or large, in the know or only suspecting, they have planned for the best situation, for themselves, which invariably includes allowing those they consider dispensable citizens to die and not demand food or shelter or attention, while selecting those they consider prime workers to be relocated and rescued from the coming disasters. For this, they need accurate timing, as to start a monstrously repressive measure too soon incites rebellion, but as the murder of millions requires days to unfold, to start it too late results in certain failure. Thus, they are frustrated.
Media Outlets
While at a distance, news of the Planet X passage was relatively easy to suppress - blaming Global Warming or Solar Cycles or pointing to a close passage of Mars were lined up as ready excuses, and suppressing news that would counter these pseudo-scientific arguments. But when those in control of the major media outlets are unsure when, or even if, a close passage and pole shift might occur, the dance must go on, else financial markets would fail, corporate interests collapse, and the wealthy elite lose their footing. The Second Sun, obvious to newscasters, and blood red dust in the clouds are adding to the list of items not to be talked about. Newscasters are becoming increasingly suspicious, weary of the endless repression, and the dam ready to break.
Common Man
Those who would prevent travel to safety, trap the common man in coastal or river basin cities, and certainly keep the public utterly uninformed until too late, have zero concern for the common man. They are fodder for the factories when times are good, a consumer mass to be manipulated when they have funds to spend, and fodder for an early grave in times such as post-shift shortages. When the earth changes start in earnest, the common man will now find news of this blurted out in the media, the roadways and bridges open for escape to safe locations, and the repressive arms of the government in disarray. A level playing field.

Huge Homeland Security Drill Planned ... This is the scenario: At noon in Seattle, a hidden bomb explodes ... The next day and some 2,000 miles to the east, people complaining of flu-like symptoms begin to trickle into hospitals in the Chicago area. ... These fictional events are set to unfold over five days beginning May 12 in what federal officials say will be the largest homeland security exercise in U.S. history. Dubbed TOPOFF 2 ... involve more than 100 federal, state and local agencies, the American Red Cross and Canadian government agencies. ... About 8,500 people will take part in this exercise, including officials in the District, Maryland and Virginia...
Second Sun
On the Phoenix news this morning [May 25] there was a story and pictures of what was described as a planet by the sun (around 8:00 AM). After about 15 minutes of speculation on the part of the newscasters, a meteorologist came on and explained it as a weather balloon at about 100,000 feet. It did not look like a weather balloon. ... My roommates work for CBS News. Everbody in the biz knows something is up. The local stations reportedly are taking dozens of calls a day [by Jun 3] about that anomaly near the sun. ... A good shot of X with a bogus explanation on today [Jun 26]. ‘On June 21st, the summer solstice, photographer Stan Richard was at the Pine Lake campground near Eldora, Iowa. "I was watching the sun set when suddenly this 'false sun' appeared," says Stan. What was it? It is almost certainly a fragment of a Sun Pillar," explains atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley. "When the sun has set at ground level, it still shines on high clouds for some time. Here there are probably bands of cirrostratus containing plate-shaped ice crystals, which reflect the sun to form the patches of light. At this time of year, at middle and high northern latitudes, the sun lingers close to the horizon for a long time after setting. When there is a sun pillar like Stan Richard's, it's fun to watch it slowly creeping along the horizon northwards marking the position of the already-set sun."