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ZetaTalk: Ricin Plot
written Feb 15, 2004

Ricin, a poison, was confirmed to be found at Capital Hill. Here we go again. Is the beggining of the goverment raising the terror alert level to Orange again? Gee, what a coincidence that this is now happening in perfect harmony with the next upcoming [Feb 9-14] sweeping arm of the sun.

Earlier attempts to set the stage, with the Oklahoma City Bombing and TWA800 missile shot, resulted, due to internal resistance within the US Government, in failure. Staged by factions of the US Military, at the time, these attempts were also resisted by factions of the US Military, which is by no means a cohesive unit of one like mind. Thus, these attempts scuttled sideways into accusations against a single individual, in the case of OKC, and mechanical spark in the gas tank, in the case of TWA800, both aborted Martial Law incitement. Where 911 was known to likely occur, by the Bush Administration, it was a plot and play by those in the elite, located in Europe, wanting to bring the Bush Administration to heel. The Bush Administration stalled, a staring contest in which they hoped their counterparts would blink first, and thus their stunned shock and slow reaction, the source of the many conspiracy theories abounding post 911. In 911, those within the Bush Administration wanting to impose Martial Law, suspension of all civil rights, were handed an opportunity, but this faltered.

The frustration of those who wish to impose Martial Law within the US is the lack of a continuing, immediate, and internal threat sufficiently horrific to support such a burden on security infrastructures. As horrific as the 911 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon were, they were temporary, as by all appearances additional precautions on air lines have solved the problem. Terrorism was not a continuing threat. For Martial Law, more than an outside threat is also needed. An outside threat is handled by tighter border control, including airline security and postal package inspection. Even the Anthrax scare that followed 911 was not sufficient, as Anthrax requires labs and expertise, so the finger had to point either to external sources, such as US allies, or internal sources such as CIA labs, neither proving to be a convenient villain. Even Iraq, the accusation that Iraq had such Anthrax in hand, proved embarrassing as it was the US which had supplied this in the past. Thus, Anthrax was not deemed an internal threat.

As we have mentioned, numerous attempts to promote a NWO takeover of the planet, using the massive US Military as an adjunct to a White House taken by coup, have been stymied by ourselves and our brethren. No WMD planted in Iraq. No dirty bombs exploding in US cities. No nuclear plants or bridges taken out. But in looking at the pattern of interference, those at the helm of the Martial Law plot thought they saw a hole. Big items like nuclear power plants get noticed, but occasional assassinations succeed. WMD planted in Iraq are not allowed but starvation in that country continues. The Anthrax plot, after all, had not been stopped. So Ricin was tried, seen as having the advantage of being continuing as it can be manufactured readily from Castor Beans, from ornamental plants popular worldwide and within the US and thus internal, and in that there is no cure for ingestion of the poison, immediate.

What went wrong with the Ricin plans is that the plot in no way succeeded as planned. What was planned was a massive disbursal, via food stuffs, causing death and panic in more than one city, overloading hospitals and staff with the medical emergency and bringing the lack of an antidote home to the US citizens via the media in graphic detail. Frantic hospital administrators, interviewed, grieving families in anguish, demanding something be done, endless discussion on the media about the common sources of Ricin poison, and the difficulty in tracking down the source. Then, just when the panic and shock were at a peak, massive quantities of Ricin would be found in the hands of terrorist cells within the US, planted of course, the sleeper cells long watched and kept operational for just such a need. What occurred was a mild threat, no illness or death, and the large stocks of Ricin simply disappearing. Poof. Desensitization of the American public occurred, instead.