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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written April 17, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

I hear and read that it could take months before this one will settle down. And for what I get this will go on unti and during the shift. There is another volcano on Iceland that also can get active. One that is close to the one that is active now. But today I read about a volcano that erupted on Iceland in 1783 and caused major problems in Europe with ash and so, cropfailures. My question to the Zetas. About the current volcano and the other ones on Iceland, including the Laki one. I feel there is a big chance that this Laki volcano will get active again before the shit, and that it will give about the same problems like the last time. Are my feeling on the right track about this? And can I assume that what is going on now on Iceland, since this island is on 2 plates that what is going on now over there is related to the tsunami that will impact the lowlands of Europe? [and from another] Laki Consequences in Europe The outpouring of sulfur dioxide during unusual weather conditions caused a thick haze to spread across western Europe, resulting in many thousands of deaths throughout 1783 and the winter of 1784. The poisonous cloud drifted to Bergen in Norway, then spread to Prague in the Province of Bohemia, Berlin, Paris, Le Havre, and to Great Britain. Inhaling sulfur dioxide gas causes victims to choke as their internal soft tissue swells. It has been estimated that 23,000 British people died from the poisoning. The extreme winter is estimated to have caused 8,000 additional deaths in the UK.

Iceland hosts many volcanoes as it sits on the boundary between the great Eurasian Plate and the great N American Plate, which are spreading apart. The tearing of the Atlantic Rift has been predicted by ourselves to occur long before the pole shift, and is already occurring. This is just the start. Without question, Iceland's volcanoes will be highly active from this point forward, with only temporary periods where the ash seems to abate. Iceland may be leading the pack, but volcanoes on the West Coast of the Americas, the Andes, and in Indonesia and elsewhere will follow suit. The dangers from volcanic dust are well known, no secret, and one of the main reasons we have warned that drinking water should be distilled after the pole shift. Will crops be affected in Europe and elsewhere? Without question, just as they have been affected by weather extremes since Planet X arrived in the vicinity. However, the spreading of the Atlantic to the extent that the predicted tsunami against the west coast of Europe occurs has not yet begun. This is just the start of this process.

Two tsunami buoys off near the Australian coast in the Coral Sea gave alarms during early April, recording arise in the ocean floor beneath them. The agency in charge of the buoys finally announced that one of the buoys, #55023 must be defective and would be replaced, and cleared the data from public view. However, more than one buoy was involved in the alarm, both recording the same readings. Buoy #55012 likewise recorded a drop in the distance between the surface and the ocean floor. The rise was dramatic. A GodlikeProduction thread started intense discussion on the issue. And as one can see this area just to the west of the Vanuatu Islands is on the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate. This area, Vanuatu, has been experiencing puzzling volcanic activity, and this part of the globe is very seismically active. Then we have what is going on at the opposite side of the Indo-Australia Planet, where islands off Bangladesh are sinking. [and from another] Disputed Island Disappears Under Rising Sea [Mar 24] An island disputed by both India and Bangladesh has been claimed instead by the ocean, marking a rare instance where suspected climate change may contribute to the easing of a conflict. What the Indians call New Moore island and the Bangladeshis call South Talpatti lies in the Bay of Bengal, a region with large potential reserves of gas and oil. Satellite imagery shows the island now submerged.

We have stated, since the start of ZetaTalk in 1995, that during the pole shift the eastern side of the Indo-Australian Plate will rise while the western side plunges under the Himalayas at India. Of course, this is the steady pace as the plates begin to loosen up and move. In the holographic presentation Nancy attended in November, 2009 she was warned that additional tipping of the plate will occur. The Indo-Australian Plate will tip sideways so that Indonesia can plunge under the eastern side of the plate. Islands in Indonesia will be affected by this plunge, ultimately sinking. Do such adjustments happen all at once, or gradually? Both occur, but the trend is unmistakable long before a major adjustment occurs. If one side of a plate is rising, and the other dropping, will this be uniform, such that the entire edge of the plate rises or falls? Where Earth plates share rock layers that tend to move as one, there is never uniformity. What is seen from above are mountains and valleys, and what could be seen from below are similar. The plates are thick in places and thin in others. We have mentioned that rivers flow along places where the plates are thin, and thus have dropped due to lack of support. This is likewise true of ocean trenches. When a plate is rising due either to subduction by another plate or a tipping action, pressure on one end of the plate causing the other end to rise, what occurs? The plate will tend to rise as one but will sag where the weight of the plate can draw the rock layers down. However, this sagging will not occur where the rock strata is strong. Thus, an uneven rise will be observed. Sagging can cause the the thin area to rise if the heavy rock on one edge bends down, as the thin spot is lightweight relative to the heavy rock that has dropped.

Zetas told that members of elite or their servants can be supporters of neoconservatism only, but I noticed that usual citizens can support this ideology too. I feel that democracy lost its face, and America is embodiment of roughness embodiment and power. Civil rights are forgotten and all want a place under sun and a safety guarantee. They asserts that neoconservatism - successful ideology, telling about results of activity of Thatcher or Pinochet. How can zetas explain this fanaticism? And what can they tell about "economic miracles" of neoconservatives?

Economic miracles are those that enrich the rich, and enslave the poor and middle class in debt. If one follows the lives of those inclined toward the Service-to-Self one finds they try to take advantage of others, steal the work product of others, and promote themselves into positions of greater control over others. If they succeed at any of these endeavors, they parlay their success to even greater control over others, greater wealth at the expense of others, and more theft of what others have done. They then try to lock in the courts and the political arena to support their advantage, and since they have accumulated wealth, they do this by bribery and by purchasing blackmail material. This is then called conservatism, but it only conserves the wealth and power of those already holding it.

What can zetas tell about transformation of Men in Black? Why are not they ready for a life in the 4th density?

We have described the Men in Black in great detail. Their transformation, like the transformation of the Annunaki, depends on many factors, one of which is how long their physical home can support their current culture. Mankind is not truly ready for their Transformation, but due to the pole shift 90% of mankind will die and thus their Transformation was administratively scheduled for this time. The Men in Black can live in their underground chambers long after a portion of the Earth and Sun migrate to 4th density. Likewise, the Annunaki are in no danger of losing their home.

Some people consider that modesty, suicide wishes or personal life principles are indication of egoism. Why do they think so?

All creatures, intelligent or otherwise, spend a percentage of their thoughts on the self. Else, life would not survive. There is no such thing as a creature without an ego, even at the bacteria or amoeba level.

So many events happen now that strengthen my confidence in what Zetas say. But all this story with Dark Twin is one of the moments sometimes confusing me. There is a term in astronomy - "covering" - when one celestial body covers another when passing in front of it. At some days hundreds of astronomers watch in telescopes waiting how a tiny asteroid covers a star in a blink - they know approximately when this moment can happen. Taking into account this, I suppose Dark Twin covers enough sector of sky for thousands of people to suspect something is not right. There are no any claims about this as yet. Please, comment this situation.

Venus is seen as a Morning or Evening star, so tiny it appears at the distance it is from Earth. The Dark Twin is the same size as Venus, so is not a huge object that would eclipse stars. Even if this were to happen, the astronomical community would conclude that some untracked asteroid has eclipsed the star. Unless and until the powers that control the astronomical community, via threats and grants and national security oaths and the like, determine that the Dark Twin is to be admitted, this will be the case.

What can you say about recent summit on the problems of nuclear disarmament? What were the aims of Obama? And why was not Ahmadinejad invited on this meeting?

We decline to discuss Obama's thinking process, as we have explained repeatedly in these chats. He requested privacy, that we not allow his thoughts to be probed, and we are honoring his request. The goals of the summits are obvious, as can be seen by the enthusiasm with which they were embraced. All countries were invited, but as the news make obvious, unless a country agreed to disarm, a nonproliferation agenda, they were not going to be a member of the summit. Iran refused.

Keeping an eye on the situation in Kyrgyzstan I see how its main officials run away from the country, the president stays at his native village (like "enclave") with armed accomplices and when ordinary citizens try to burst through their rows towards the president they (accomplices) start to fire in air. It resembles me how the Zetas described the "last weeks" when ordinary people would collide with elite. So, may the events in Kyrgyzstan exemplify collisions between elite and ordinary people at "last weeks" ?


Was the recent nuclear summit in DC a cover-story event staged so that Obama could discuss the PX situation with other world leaders? I've never seen so many military vehicles and blockaded streets in DC as I did during the 2 days of the summit.

As we have mentioned in the past, all events where heads of state meet result in some face-to-face discussions about the pending passage, the state of the cover-up, and whether the prognosis for the passage has changed. These discussions are not deemed safe in any but face-to-face meetings.

Would the three days of darkness bring an extreme freezing?

We have explained that the temperature extremes experienced during the last weeks will not surpass what mankind experiences today on the globe. This is because the atmosphere and oceans circulate, high pressure areas moving to low pressure areas, and thus moderate the temperature.

The zetas have said repeatedly they can't give a date for the poleshift, but can they say whether or not the earth changes will at least be so noticeable before the end of the year that even the casual observer would know that something is definitely wrong with our place in the cosmos?

We have stated that the Earth will be at a 7 of 10 by year end, and that a 7 would constitute something that would shock the world. Beyond this we cannot comment.

What would be the harm in telling us whether or not the "last weeks" (3 days of darkness, slowing rotation, visible Nibiru in the skies to naked eyes) would occur during the 2010 calendar year? Would it enable the elite to do more bad things if they knew we had that much more time before the shift?

Yes. Panic in the elite would result in innocents being mowed down in the streets, on the excuse that rioting was being controlled. To a degree you cannot imagine. When the last weeks creep up on the elite, such that they retreat to their bunkers steadily, they let loose the reigns of power in order to barricade themselves. If the date were known, then the elite would fear revenge from the public, and panic. They are currently holding too tightly to the reigns of power. If the date were to be known, then opportunists would likewise abound, seeing that the end of law enforcement was at hand. Promises would be made for safe communities, money taken and spent elsewhere so that those who relied on a contract find they have nothing in the end.

You said that animals have no souls. But how to explain their individuality? The trick, greed, curiosity, kindness, generosity and much more. Instincts, genes, reflexes that do not explain it.

Yes they do.

You've mentioned in the past that being involved into 'physical action' and active fighting confrontation is 'counter productive' thus you do not use physical force. The question though comes when there is oppression, when those in power use their might to enforce their will upon the others. Do the ones under this oppression have the right to fight back according to your philosophy? Do those in oppression can be justified when they revolt and try to fight back and be released from their chains? When somebody gets your freedom away, and enslaves you with all the cunning means there are out there nowadays, are you justified to fight for your freedom? Are you justified to have a battle against them, are you justified to use physical force, are you justified to remove their lives (and send them back to seek another encarnation) in a confrontation if the situation comes? Or will you stay stoically under the oppression just waiting for your freedom to come by ?

You need to read the Orientation section of ZetaTalk, where we describe the two spiritual orientation. Then the Rules section where we detail how the orientations are separated after 3rd density and only interact under tight rules of engagement. We, in the Service-to-Other communities, do not oppress. On the prison planets where the Service-to-Self are forced to live with each other, this is the norm, but they have made their bed by their past lives, their own choices.

Can a man who has no soul is interested in different things, think about good and evil, to be an idealist. Or they are not interested in this?

A human who is not incarnated with a soul, or who has a young soul just sparking, will tend to be flat, not a deep thinker, as though taking a trip in a new land and gazing about.

There will be a change of regime in Northern Korea before pole shift?

This is in the hands of man so cannot be accurately predicted, as man has free will. But given the iron hand of this regime at present, it is unlikely to change.

I understood that some people do not like propagation of STO ideas very strongly. They are ready to attack the preacher. Why they have such position?

Those in the Service-to-Self like situations where they can take advantage of others, where rules supplant empathy and truth is suppressed so that manipulation of others is more likely to be successful. Service-to-Others preaches empathy, empowering others with information, and fair treatment of all. Thus, this is resisted by those in the Service-to-Self.

Can the Zetas comment on the motives and influence of the Tea Party movement? [and from another] The zetas have certainly noticed the rise of the "tea party", which appears to be made up mostly of dissaffected Republicans who feel their place in the world threatened by the Obama administration. Also on the rise are so-called "Christian militias" and now a call for the Oklahoma state legislature to establish a "state militia" to defend Oklahomans from the "tyrannical federal government". Why did we not see this when there truly WAS such a threat, from the likes of Cheney and the Bush clones? Is it due to the sixth sense that people have that something is definitely wrong now, whether due to the earth changes or to the obvious fraud that's being uncovered day after day (such as the Goldman Sachs deals yesterday)? And why are the proponents of these right-wing reactions so stubborn about attributing these things to their true causes?

The Tea Party movement is a conglomeration of those who were deposed when Obama took office and the Congress had a Democratic majority. Step back a couple years and you see Bush and Cheney in office with a Republican majority. Separation of church and state was being undone. The wealthy were having their tax burden eased while the poor were having their burdens increased. Those who cling to religious dogma are rule oriented, and this is a trait of the Service-to-Self or those leaning in that direction. Those who enjoy getting rich at the expense of others are likewise Service-to-Self. Thus, to ask them to see the error of their ways is antithetical. This is their way!

Are the govenrments evil or just trying to not scare us on what is coming. I've got to think they are evil because they are only building underground shelters for themselves. And leaving the rest of us out on our own without a clue.

A government is composed of many individuals, so is not in and of itself evil. Each individual, learning of what is coming, has decisions to make. If they are informed, officially, they are in some kind of an official capacity, and thus have taken an oath of office. Thus, they stand to lose their job and their livelihood if they talk. Beyond this, they hear the rumors about those who died suddenly, and the message is not lost. Once in this position, of knowing but being unable to speak out, then they have two choices. They can make plans that will include themselves, or a limited number of people, or take the martyr route and refuse to make plans if the common man cannot make plans. The latter seems to serve no purpose. Many placate themselves by telling themselves that they are saving mankind, so civilization will not be lost. This is a common theme in the movies during disaster scenarios. Thus we have the military wanting to house their officers in safe locations, by the rationale that the military will be necessary for the safety of the country and the military cannot function without its officer class. This, even though the military will not be functional after the pole shift, as soldiers will desert en mass. Thus we have members of Congress going along with continuity of government plans, which provides for their safety, even though the federal government will not be functional after the pole shift. In each case, the evil plan is the choice of an individual, who chooses to include themselves in a safety plan while protecting their job and salary.

Are the zetas comfortable with Obama's total lack of even a hint that the escalating earth changes might have to do with something like an inbound rogue planet? It's not only disappointing, not only frustrating, it's beginning not to make sense, to have the true situation not even mentioned as a possibility worthy of rational discussion.

As we have often stated, Obama or any head of state does not operate in a vacuum, does not have top-down control. Decisions are made after extensive consultations with department heads and experts. The pro and con of disclosure is discussed in smoke filled rooms, and always the issue of what hard disclosure would cause is raised. Citizens leaving their jobs, rioting and looting unchecked, demands on the government for safety, food, and shelter. Then there is the issue of the decision to effect a cover-up being made so many decades ago, and maintained through so many past administrations, that undoing this decision has immense impact on many careers and individuals. Those involved lobby for no change, as they don't want to be savaged by an angry public. Frankly, for a head of state to step forward with an announcement, without the support of others in this decision, is suicidal. Even if death were not arranged, a case for insanity would. It will not be from heads of state that an announcement is made. The truth will be forced upon them by events outside of their control.

At what mark - 7,8 or 9 the Internet will become unavailable worldwide?

We have stated that satellites will increasingly falter as the tail of Planet X lashes the atmosphere and electro-magnetic interference destroys electronics. Where land lines exist and reliance on satellites minimal, the Internet will function until the grid itself is affected or land lines torn or the hosting servers are taken offline.

Given that the recent dearth of major quakes in populated areas has for many people signalled the beginning of the beginning as it were for those who are watching the signs, what is in the minds of those who (in the media, governments, weathermen, etc) might be in the positions that they might blurt something out when the time comes? Surely they are feeling they heat? What they didn't want to be true is starting to come to pass. At least they are starting to ask questions:

As the Earth changes increase, those who have suspected the truth, or who frankly know the truth, will move in one of three directions. Those of good heart who might be inclined to imply or blurt out the truth will agonize more, suffer insomnia, and have slips so that they may be let go or reprimanded. Those who themselves are insecure and fearful may slip into denial and chirp ever more loudly that all is normal, telling themselves that nothing serious will result. The worse the Earth changes, the more denial will cast its grip on these individuals. Those who are basically selfish will spend their energies preparing for their own safety.

Will the state of Israel exist in 10 years?

There is unlikely to be any government that functions in any recognizable state after the pole shift. We have stated that only local governments will survive, depending upon how well they serve the people of the area. Whether those who survive in Israel will want to be known as Israelis in a land dominated by Arab neighbors is doubtful.

Insider John Moore's a lot of his predictions I believe have come to pass. Would you suggest that his timeline of TPTB thinking 2010 to be the timeframe for the passage of Nibiru to be correct?

No date will be given, no matter how you present your question.

Are the evil elites of another race or alien race. They sound like they are different than average people. I've always wondered how the elites stick together and are able to enslave the rest us without someone in thier elite group countering their evilness (selfishness).

The elite are the wealthy or politically powerful. If born into wealth, an individual has the choice of giving away their portion or remaining aloof from the common man. Their upbringing encourages a sense of superiority, and since the majority of humanity is undecided in their orientation, most go along with this. If not born to wealth, those who attain wealth are almost invariably ruthless in promoting themselves, thus Service-to-Self in nature. Politics likewise attracts those who want power and the perks that go with power. Most politicians lean toward a self centered nature, even if they profess otherwise. All very human.

In all the time that I have been reading through ZetaTalk and GLP Live Chats, one of the more difficulty concepts for the many to grasp, or that leaves us confused is those among us that live with sparked souls and those that live without a soul. I think it generally believed that to be 'alive' one needs a soul. But the Zetas say this is not so. It becomes equally confusing when it is explained that we may not be even able to tell be looking at one another whether we are looking into the eyes of another sparked soul or a man, woman, and/or child without a soul. I'm not sure what to ask to help to end this confusion. Is there anything else that you can offer to make this more clear?

The idea that a human would not be alive without a sparked soul is frankly ridiculous. A gorilla or orangutan does not have a sparked soul. Do they fail to breath for this reason? A human with a reincarnating soul does not have a different appearance from one without. It would be during conversation when thoughts are revealed that one can sense depth, knowledge, and the experiences of past lives coming through.

Question about communcations during and after the PS. I am a HAM operator and feel a very strong sense that I will play a role in communications via HAM HF airwaves. Will this be a good way to communicate? If so how?

Short wave radio is used today for emergency conditions, as it can function without the need for extremely high towers and high voltage equipment. Short wave, or Ham radio when in the hands of amateurs, does require a relay method but can utilize the ionosphere and even the potential of Moon bounce, thus can span a long ways. It is also possible for short wave to be relayed from one contact with an antenna to another, passing a message along. We have advised that those wishing to communicate after the pole shift get familiar with the technology, get the equipment necessary to be a player, and learn the terminology and protocols. This is likely to be the only means of long distance communication.