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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written March 6, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

The Zetas said there will hardly be mountain building in the Alps, however they talk about a "rough ride" in the Alps during the shift. What is the minimum distance which I must keep from the rim of the Alps to avoid mountain building during the shift?

When an area of older mountains is no longer subject to mountain building, it experiences the same trauma during crustal movement and plate interaction that crust not in mountainous areas experiences. In other words, if the area is in a stretch zone then crevasses or sinkholes or dropping ground can occur. If an area is on a slip-slide fault line then crumbling ground can occur, or such a succession of jolts that structures are shaken to pieces. Quakes can be either horizontal or vertical and come in waves such that structures slam against each other. Where subduction is ongoing, mountain building occurs, and this involves sudden adjustments of the overriding rock strata, snapping rock layers jutting up at an angle to form a new mountain, or existing mountains tumbling down into valleys as they compress closer together. During the pole shift, all areas receive jolts, as all plates are in motion and slam into each other at the cession of motion. Thus, there will be no place on Earth where the ground will not move in waves, or experience horizontal or vertical thrusts. This is why we have stated that being entirely outside of buildings during the hour of the pole shift, and in a low trench, is the safest place. For areas such as Germany where the foothills of the Alps descend into lowland, the only safety difference is that the lowlands will also experience tidal sloshing. The foothills are safer, and there is no line of safety to be drawn where less trauma from the earthquakes will be experienced.

Ice has been melting around the globe at a very fast rate. But when the pole shift happens there will still be a vast amount of icebergs in the oceans and at the poles. These bergs are huge, the size of entire states. There is no doubt that they will plow deep into the land, scaring it for many miles as the waters of the oceans spill over the inhabited cities. Picture a glass of water with ice cubes tipping over. The cubes really fly across the room! So I am wondering will the Zetas step in and stop the icebergs from ripping across the land? Or will the huge bergs actually stay in the oceans away from land?

Icebergs will of course be in the water, and due to the earthquakes chunks of ice may loosen thus producing more icebergs near the poles or near the point where glaciers empty into the sea. And as icebergs are lighter than the seawater, and float atop the water, they might arrive inland during a large tidal slosh. They would likewise arrive as rapidly as the water is moving, as long as they did not catch at the bottom, and snag. Thus, they would either float back out to sea, being lighter than the tide that brought them in, or snag and provide nearby suvivors with clean drinking water for some time.

Any comment on the rumor regarding the resignation of chief justice roberts? As he is a Bush one team member is he now getting pressure to leave the bench? [and from another] Chief Justice Roberts Not Stepping Down Despite Report [Mar 4] Chief Justice John Roberts is not stepping down from the Supreme Court, despite a celebrity gossip report, a source very close to Roberts told Fox News. reported Thursday that Roberts, 55, would be resigning for personal reasons. But the source said the report is "completely untrue." There is "no medical issue, no issue at all," the source said, adding that there is not even a 1 percent chance that Roberts is considering resignation. later published an update saying that Roberts will be staying on the bench.

Where there is smoke, there is fire. High profile targets have been getting very nervous about the coming Earth changes, wanting to be out of range. As chief on the Supreme Court, he stands out, and his location known as he sits on the court. There has been discussion on what the reason might be, for his resignation, and health reasons are the most compelling. What else would he say, that he wants to spend more time with his family? Since doctor/patient records are highly confidential, this is also a safe excuse.

The Zetas have stated many times that financial and economic systems will continue to erode and slowly collapse until the shift. If we take this prediction as a factual given per the Zetas why is there no appetite or critical mass for countries to print their own debt free money to spend for needed things - infrastructure, health care,education, industry, even PX preparations? I take it as factual that storms, earthquakes and the like will indeed damage economies worldwide. But there is still significant unused capacity in every economy now in the form of unemployed or under employed workers that could be used to repair damage, prepare for PX under the guise of "new deal" type work projects, regenerate industry, focus on solar or wind that will help after the shift, etc. All that is lacking is "money" to facilitate their ability to usefully apply themselves in many ways. Governments should be able to print their own money (as has been successfully done in the past) instead of borrowing it from banks. Money is just a construct to facilitate modern societies and the right to issue it should belong to citizens via their governments, not private bankers that charge us for using what they create for free. If the shift will be upon us in 6 months this is indeed a moot point but if it will not be upon us until 6 years it becomes very relevant to properly utilize and employ the citizens of the world. Given that the Zetas continue to state 6 months, 6 years or anything in between or even outside of this range is possible from a time line perspective it seems to me that much could be gained by governments empowering their citizens and issuing their own debt free currencies to facilitate full employment and economic productivity? Are we collectively just too deeply ensnared in the bankers 300 year old trap to break free? All it really takes is collective awareness. This would seem to be a very STO type step to me.

Of course, if the populace were to be informed of what is coming, this would be a very logical step! Everyone prepare! Everyone assigned to large community farms with earthquake resistant housing! All the former accountants and lawyers into the greenhouse to raise young plants for the spring planting! All the former beauty queens to the treddle sewing machines, to learn how to mend clothes! Any laggards or those in prisons to be assigned to chain gangs digging trenches! Does this sound like something the majority of the populace would go along with? Not those who find themselves today at what they consider a better standard of living, and this would be the vast majority of the populace in industrialized countries. But this is beside the point, as first the populace must be informed about what is coming, and the cover-up, as we have explained, is alive and well. The establishment is run by powerful men and women, wealthy or politically powerful, or those controlling organized religion, and they do not want their perch disrupted by a rowdy populace making demands. Thus, a semblance of normalcy is maintained, less the populace suspect!

Due to the tearing of the Atlantic will a tsunami hit Western Europe and the UK/Ireland prior to the pole shift or will it occur during the hour of the poleshift itself?

Both. As the holographic demonstration that Nancy attended last November, and reported upon, states: when the Atlantic tears significantly, water will rush into the void, and then backwash. Due to the motion of the Gulf Stream, this splash will turn toward Europe, as we have explained, to a possible tidal wave up to 200-300 feet high.

I noticed the next tendency. Great territories of Nothern America, Europe and Russia lie in the northern hemisphere. Here the battle for souls was won by STO aliens, here we see developed democratic countries and generally not so high density of population. So it seems there are more of STO people here and less of those with STS and unsparked souls. And these regions will less suffer from the PS. On the other hand, great territories of Central America, Brazil, South Asia and Indonesia lie in the Southern hemisphere. Here the battle of souls was not so brilliantly won by STO aliens, here we see poorer and not so democratic countries with many social problems and generally high density of population. So it seems there are not so many of STO people here and rather many of those with STS and unsparked souls. And these regions will more suffer from the PS. So was it planned that before the PS nations and countries would be set in a way those with STS and unsparked souls would be "struck a blow" more during the earth changes ?

Before you proceed too far with your theory, consider that Russia will be almost entirely under water, except for the thin spine of the Urals. Where are those people to flee to? They must cross all of Russia and northern Europe including Finland, which will likewise be under water, to seek refuge in Sweden. Or perhaps go equally far east or south, and all within a 2 years period after the pole shift when roads and rail lines will be torn apart, and air travel not possible because of dashed planes and lack of fuel. North America will rip apart, along the New Madrid fault line, with the highly populated East Coast pulled under the waves at the time of the pole shift. There is no relationship to how long a region has been inhabited to the quality of souls there, as reincarnation is not required to stick to a region where incarnations have occurred before.

What kind of excuses do the Zetas think NASA, the USGS and the gov't. will offer when the quakes continue and the wobble worsens? It seems that NASA is already floating a trial balloon insinuating that the Chile quake was so large that it will, by itself, begin a wave of larger and more frequent quakes. Should we expect them to offer that as the official explanation?

The excuses they planned to use were to blame the Sun for any electromagnetic problems, and they still plan to do so even though the severe interference with the Earth's magnetosphere started while the Sun was virtually asleep. They will grasp at every minor CME as proof of this theory. They had planned to blame rogue asteroids or asteroid swarms for the moons and debris in the tail of Planet X, and have already mustered this excuse forth, claiming that asteroids crash into each other producing dust clouds. Thus, the many moons seen on SOHO and the Stereo images, with a drifting tail of dust, were to be explained away. By inferring that the Chile quake altered the rotation time span of the Earth, they are trying to put into the public's mind the idea that quakes can affect rotation. Global Warming of course was to be the excuse for rising seas caused by heat rising from the core of the Earth, though this has now been taken from them. Any additional excuses they muster forth will not be believed, as what is about to unfold will take them by surprise!

What can the Zetas say about such possible phenomena as bedeviling (putting the evil eye on somebody)?

Such a phenomena requires cooperation from the victim as without it there is no such result, no such power. In fact, the power of voodoo is only due to the victim's certainty that a curse has been imposed and no escape is possible. The victim has a heart attack, out of fear, thus, or has an accident due to being distracted, or commits suicide to avoid a more brutal death.

Do the zetas think that some of the members of the elite or those "in the know" will try to come forward as events ramp up? If not, is it because a) they will still be afraid of being taken away in white coats or killed by an assassin right up until the last minute; b) think so scornfully of the zetas that they refuse to believe them right up until the 3 days of darkness; or c) they're really that selfish that they don't concern themselves with the health of their soul and where it might be headed to?

All of the above apply. There are of course a range of opinions among what might be called the elite. There are family members who object to the cover-up, but who are very dependent upon stronger family members, thus intimidated. There are politicians in the know who would slip into the mode of revealing to the public very readily, who are held in check by the knowledge that most others fear to unleash panic. As they are being closely watched for their propensities they fear death if they take the first step.

Zetas said the so-called "anomalous zones" nowadays are the places with densities changing. What will happen with them after the PS ? Will they stick to the territories where they are now, or will they "move" somewhere or alter in some another way? Will they keep to be harmful for people and will they dissapear after the shift into the 4th Density?

You are, presumably, referring to places like the Devil's Triangle in the Caribbean, where natural gravity particle outbursts are such that a temporary switch to 4th density occurs, thus the disappearances. Temporary invisibility, with a quick return to 3rd density, also occurs in these places. As with other such places, such as off the coastline of Japan, or in Lake Superior, the composition of the crust is such that an outburst of gravity particles selects this route. The composition of the crust will not change simply because the crust went on the move. Thus, we do not anticipate that any new such locations will emerge.

During and after the pole shift, will the atmosphere be depleted of oxygen? I know that firestorms will temporarily rob the air of oxygen, but will the destruction of the rainforests and so much other greenery on the Earth mean that not enough oxygen will be produced to sustain life in some places?

Firestorms are rare, and only deplete the oxygen in their immediate area - a brief flash. All forests will suffer because of the volcanic gloom, with much die-off. But the great oxygen producers are not the forests, but the oceans, where kelp forests and algae grown. We have stated that the oceans will bloom, turn green, and for good reason. The carbon dioxide in the air allows this.

If you are certain that close family members are leaning towards STS but are not hardened STS and you know that if you include them in your Aftertime plans they would surely cause your demise. Is it STS of you to leave them behind?

No. It is karma.

Since Zeta have judged humans as "lesser than", humans as a dying extinct species within 100 years of PS, and Zeta hybrids as new race taking over the planet Earth, what will be the purpose of surviving humans, slaves for the Zeta hybrids? How will humans be treated by Zeta hybrids in the after times? Will humans be shunned and outcast by the new Earth race taking over? Why are humans treated as "holier than thou" by Zetas?

Do not presume that we, the Service-to-Other Zetas, think like you! You may assume that ones with greater intellect make slaves of those with a lesser intellect, but we do not. All souls in the Service-to-Other are treated as team mates, as we have endlessly explained should you have bothered to read the substance and content of the ZetaTalk website at all.

Why did Obama lie about the public option when it was revealed it was really he who asked Sen. Reid to keep senators from offering it up? Is the hospital lobby really that powerful that it would cause Obama to lie about something the American people so plainly want? Without it, it looks like the Democrats will probably lose the mid-term elections, which would almost guarantee no hearings that might bust the coverup. (Unless the poleshift arrives before then, or hearings have already begun.)

Obama wants the public option and fought for it, campaigned for it, as you might recall. He also wants some portion of health insurance reform to succeed, despite having to push into the headwind that the Republicans are producing. Thus, in order to move part of the agenda forward, he has reluctantly dropped the public option.

Recently NASA declared that the Chile quake had altered the poles slightly and had shortened the length of the day though by less than a second. Are they trying to prepare for when the slowing begins as well as for when there are massive satelite failures?

Yes. They are hoping the public will assume all manner of oddities to be due to the increasing earthquakes which they know are already upon them. They are trying to put off the day when they will have to either run for their bunkers to hide, or barricade the doors to avoid being lynched. Any excuse to delay that day, is their logic.

If the poles will shift as much as you say, which is far beyond the last major shift distance (from Hudson's Bay to Siberia), then why would you tell where it will be, if the nasty elite types will therefore avoid those areas? It would seem maybe to be a new white lie, so that Denver and other centres of iniquity would be ruined. Am I making sense? So, what do you have to say about why you told where the poles will be? Are the elites just not listening anyway, so you can reveal the truth?

It has been our concern to urge people to prepare, sooner rather than later, and to explain to them the dangers of this or that location. There is no reason to avoid giving this information to the public, despite the elite taking advantage of it, because the elite will not succeed in dominating or controlling these regions. As we have explained, the elite will turn on each other, and the militia they hire will turn on them, so that enclaves of the rich and powerful will ultimately become homes for good hearted survival communities.

I also want to ask if all the new hybrids will be living on earth in the 4th dimension, as I got that impression from their website, so that we survivors will not experience them? Or how long it will be until we run across them if we do?

The hybrids at present live in 4th density, but they are all in the Service-to-Other so many will volunteer to live in 3rd density in order to be good neighbors to surviving humans.

With all the earthquaking going on, do you have any input as to what is the cause?

Nancy has been documenting what she assumes to be either an increased wobble or a slight lean to the left. It is both, but it is the slight lean to the left that has garnered attention as this has skewed the constellations out of place significantly and placed the Sun very noticeably out of position. This is due to the increased pressure on the Earth's magnetosphere from the hose of magnetons from the N Pole of Planet X. Planet X is coming from the right, so the N Pole or Earth is leaning to the left. This is not, however, the lean to the left we have predicted, which is preceded by a severe wobble. This is also not the severe wobble, which will occur along with the lean to the left and 3 days of darkness during the last weeks. This slight lean to the left is a temporary adjustment, which may result in a sudden bounce back with an overcompensation of a lean to the right. These types of temporary adjustments will occur on occasion as the Earth pulls hard to the left, to evade Planet X. All this pushing and wobbling and bouncing lurches the Earth plates, and thus they move, causing earthquakes. Where this may come and go, the pace will only increase, and certainly not go away.

"Venus is moved to simulate its orbit when viewed from Earth, just as the Earth's seasons are simulated by tilting the Earth or dropping or raising it below of above the Ecliptic." ../index/zeta361.htm Based on this statement, we could understand that the visitors have the technology level that can move the planets. So, theoretically, I tend to think that the pole shift is avoidable, of course with the technology of the visitors; Is my assumption true?

Yes, aliens could create a scenario where the pole shift would be avoided. But this is not the decision of the Council of Worlds, as we have repeatedly explained. Pole shifts are normal for your planet, just as tornadoes and droughts are, and thus you in your spiritual schoolhouse are to seize this as an opportunity to help your fellow man, and grow, spiritually, toward a capacity for greater empathy.

I have a question regarding the "true" / definite timeframe of when the pole shift is about to occur. I am aware that the Zetas are not allowed to give any specific dates but it was mentioned before that the pole shift would happen "way before 2012". can we be absolutely certain / sure that the pole shift is in fact going to happen prior to 2012? It has come to my attention that many followers are worried about another "white lie" type of situation.

As we have stated that we are not allowed to give the date or timeline, any statement by ourselves as to say that a date is after the pole shift would be revealing a date or timeline. Thus, any such statement made by ourselves was only to encourage mankind to prepare, without delay, for what is coming. We are not allowed to give the date, but we are allowed to press man to heed our warnings.

Are the oarfish that have been washed ashore in fact a sign of what is to come in Japan very soon?

These deep ocean fish as all surface or land based animals are sensitive to stress the rock beneath them is enduring. Just as land animals flee the electromagnetic screeches that rock under pressure release, sea life likewise attempts to flee. For deep ocean fish, there is less of this screeching on the surface, because it is further away from the rock.

I don't think the Zeta's have addressed these rainbow type clouds I took here in East Texas lately. I'm not sure what they are possibly from ice crystals, or chemtrails? I've never seen these before. Here are the links to three of them. More are in the album. The first was taken November 27, 2009 then 16 February, and then the third of March of this year. You could see the glow go along the cloud as the Sun was setting.

This is neither red dust nor the bending of light rays that occur in rainbow displays. This is a change in the chemistry of that portion of the atmosphere. Just as neon clouds or those portions of swirls affected by magnetism (such as the Norway swirl) can assume a color, temporarily. There are many chemicals in the atmosphere, due to the tail of Planet X, causing halos around the Moon or Sun and neon clouds and the like. This is one more such phenomena from these chemicals.

Is it possable that an unforseen, unpredicted, unexpected solar flare could be strong enough to knock Planet X away from a close approach to earth? How much of a nudge would be required to do that?

No. Planet X is kept away from the Sun by the Repulsion Force, and CME's do not reach out to where Planet X rides.

I have begun going to local self-sufficiency meetings to meet like-minded folks and to learn about survival techniques. Most individuals at the meetings attend because they believe in some version of the 2012 destruction-of-civilization theory, although some attend to learn how to return to a simpler life. Meeting agendas have been interesting, with demonstrations of things like sprouting and using water filters and vacuum packing foods. Unfortunately, many attendees seem angry or bitter -- about the economy, about politics, and especially about President Obama and his administration. I've considered not returning to future meetings because of the negative vibrations in the room. Do the Zetas have suggestions about how to bring balance to the cynical energy at the meetings?

Where most of ZetaTalk has been addressing those good hearted folk who will form survival communities dominated by those in the Service-to-Other, this is certainly not the only group of people concerned about survival. Most in the world are undecided souls, if incarnated by sparked souls at all, and a small percentage are hardened Service-to-Self individuals. Where not blessed with wealth or power so that they can simply buy or demand what they want for their sense of security, they will nonetheless try to save themselves and provide for their future comfort. If you find yourself in such a group, their focus will be on the self, with bitter complaints about how life is treating them. This, as we have explained will be the cry coming from the undecideds and Service-to-Self in the Aftertime - wailing, demands, and attempts to manipulate the good hearted. Avoid them, and find a new group.

The UK is going to have general elections in the next few months. Is there any preference between Gordon Brown and David Cameron in terms of poleshift disclosure and people's general welfare?

Since this is in the hands of man, and either of these individuals could change their minds and hearts, or be assassinated by those in opposition to their posture, we decline to comment. Hands of man is unpredictable, in this regard, and man has free will.

Last week it was reported on CNN that Obama put a call in to Dick Cheney, ostensibly to "wish him a speedy recovery". Considering all that Cheney has done to impugn Obama's policies, what was the real reason for that call? Can the zetas comment, or would that be something they can't comment on because it would reveal what his thinking is?

The latter, and thus, no comment. Last week at the chat we detailed that Cheney was under tension because he had learned that George Herbert was not successful in getting Obama to agree to additional protection of the Bush family during the last weeks and pole shift. Cheney knew he would not get any special treatment either. Phone calls are not where matters such as the pending pole shift are discussed. The phone call from Obama, thus, was just for the public, playing nice.

Will the natural disaters happening during the pole shift happen all at once? Or will it be a series of events? Like one day this will happen and the next day that will happen and so forth? Or will all happen all at once?

The hour of the pole shift sees all parts of the globe participating in magnitude 9 earthquakes and hurricane force winds equivalent to what man experiences in the hurricanes of today. All coastlines will experience tidal sloshing. The last weeks will unfold within a 4 month period, a magnetic trimester, as we have detailed. What occurs prior to this trimester will be many, many incidents, spread out over a period of time.

Will the foothills on the inside of the North American continent near the rockies would be better for survival than the high mountains? The foothills are incredibly above sea level, but not so extreme and likely will not move as much as the high ones on the outside?

Bear in mind that the Continental Divide will be pushed to the east, during the subduction of the Pacific under the N American plate. This affects all the rock layers above the subduction zone, which can result in rock shattering, more mountain building. As we have stated, those areas where the rock has not recently broken are your best bet, as they have withstood this type of pressure in the past. For the foothills to the east of the Rockies, plan to be as far from the current Continental Divide as your desire to be above flooding will allow.

I have told my parents and older brother about coming changes, I believe a part of them believe what Ive said, the other just ridicules me for it. I feel torn to do the best for my husband and brother which we have talked and planned for the future, but the mere possiblity of my parents souls growing into more STO beings by including them makes me uncertain. I know it will be nearly impossible for us to all get along. I feel torn between two groups that I love, what should I do in a case like this ?

This is your personal decision, and we do not advise on such matters. These are times when all souls are presented with many opportunities for heroics and empathy. It is also a time when polarization between the orientations occurs, when separation can occur.

Can you control by meditation your soul leaving your body?

No. Going astral, or out of body as some call it, is a skill learned by the soul, not the human. Meditation is something the mind and body attempt, to tap the mind, the subconscious, or encourage telepathic contact. It has nothing to do with the soul.

Since this shift is predicted to be the strongest the Earth has ever seen, will the new mountains also be the tallest ever seen? Are mountains to be measured from sea leavel, or the ocean floor?

The Himalayas will rise, yes, and new mountains will be built on the sea floor as well.

As the pole shift arrives, would the Council of Worlds allow telepatic humans to be in conscious contact to aliens?

This will occur on an individual basis, for those humans or groups of humans who would not be unduly alarmed by such contact.

Did Hillary Clinton in the recent tour in Latin America, inform the goverments there about the poleshift?

These heads of state were already aware. Her trip included attempts to keep these heads of state in line with the cover-up, for as long as possible.