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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 9, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

This was posted on Godlike, and to me it seems like the second sun and to the right. Taken on April 21, 2009 above the Black Sea and near Moscow in Chkalovsky, Russia.

This video from the Black Sea area is a genuine capture of the Second Sun, only visible when a lens shield is used to reduce the glare of the Sun. The light reflected off the Planet X complex, which includes its immense dust cloud, is as bright as the Sun, when it appears, because it is sunlight, deflected. This capture of the Second Sun morphs, during the process of the sun setting, to include times when the Second Sun drops behind the clouds. Reflected sunlight would be on the window pane, and thus stand in front of the clouds in the captured image. Just as it is about to disappear, the Second Sun morphs into a Monster Sun, which we have described during the 2003 sightings as very disbursed light, spreading outward from the dust cloud and then being bend back toward Earth, thus giving a monster appearance. The photographer obviously saw something next to the Sun that caused him to stand for many minutes, filming the sunset.

The Claford crop circle is complex. What does it mean?

The Claford crop circle is once again showing the steps we have outlined for the passage. At first, Planet X and the Earth are in their own sphere's, barely influenced by each other. The first undeniable sign that Planet X is in the vicinity will be the prophesied 3 days of darkness for the northern hemisphere. This is where Planet X is pointing its N Pole almost directly at the Earth, and to evade this hose of magnetic particles, the Earth tips its N Pole almost directly away from Planet X. After this, Planet X prepared to pass through the Sun's Ecliptic, standing straight with its N Pole pointing north. This allows the Earth once again to gain its balance, doing the same. But following this period these two planets are drawn closer in a side-by-side magnetic alignment. This is represented in the crop circle by the dual bar arrangement. In that the Earth is the lesser in bulk, it is drawn closer to Planet X during this phase, causing the appearance of Planet X to increase in the sky and terrifying the populace. Finally, there is a pole shift and Planet X moves off to continue its journey.

What is the speed of the flood tide or the tidal waves immediately after the plates have stopped? See ../poleshft/p124.htm For example, how long does it take for the water from the North Sea coast to reach Berlin, Germany? Northern Germany is flat and Berlin is about 200 miles from the North Sea. Can the Zetas give a number?

The flood tides associated with the hour of the pole shift will be different from all other types of flood tides because the factors inciting them are different. The normal tide is influenced by the position of the Moon, which has a gravity draw on the oceans. Storm surges are associated with low and high pressure over the oceans, drawing the water up, as well as water being pushed by high winds. During the hour of the pole shift, however, it is land that is moving under the water that is the predominant factor. The land will move a quarter turn of the globe, while the oceans are inclined to remain in place. During this hour, the oceans are tending to seek their level, continuously, so are dropping back from any shore they are being pushed upon.

Thus the tide does not have so much a speed, a rush upon the land, as a level where it has not been able to receded into its lowest in the ocean bowl. The whole time, it is attempting to drop to its level, but being forced up by the movement of land underneath. In the case of Germany, which can expect its flood tide to rise from the North Sea basin and from the Baltic Sea basin, the water will be on the land almost instantly. For the initial pole shift slosh, it is not that the water slowly sloshing upon land, on all coastlines where the land is biting into the water, pushing it up onto a shore, the water will be at its maximum height almost instantly. On the opposite shores, where the land is pulling away from the water at a rapid pace, there is the opposite effect, that being that the water level drops, but this is only temporary as the slosh to this opposite side will be occurring shortly.

Where the initial pole shift slosh happens quickly, it takes hours to drain back, though the water will move with greater urgency than during normal tides. The second slosh, on the opposite side, will occur more slowly, within 12 hours, but will rise to almost the same level as the initial slosh. Where Moon driven tides slosh every 6 hours or so, the pole shift tides are dealing with a greater volume of water, which must first settle into its basis before gaining the height to affect the opposite shore. All subsequent sloshing diminishes in height until the remnants of the pole shift slosh have disappeared.

I know how busy you are and this is not a high priority question, however, when I saw this report about a recent Lightwheel phenomenon, and the description of the electromagnetic stimulation of the bioluminescent organisms, I wondered if the Zetas would care to comment, as I could not find a reference to it on Zetatalk. My question is - is this indeed an electromagnetic phenomenon and if so, what is the source of the stimulation? Natural earth emanations, airborne or underwater alien craft, a maritime crop circle event or some other source? And is there a warning or message involved? [and from another] Astounding new Marine Lightwheel Sighting by US Navy Ship in the Arabian Gulf. Documented with eyewitness reports of April 11, 2009, by the Ship's Commander and Officers of the USS Milius. It is a rare phenomenon that can only be seen in waters rich in bioluminescent plankton-type organisms that are apparently agitated in a massive area of the water by an electromagnetically related planetary force that discharges in geometrically configured shapes as far as the eye can see, such as huge rimless rotating wheels, expanding and imploding concentric rings, and spinning spirals among others.

This is a natural phenomena where the plankton are responding to something quite outside of the water, else the light show would not propagate as quickly as it does. At the current time the Earth is experiencing electromagnetic surge and variation, with the compass behaving erratically. Whales are beaching themselves in record numbers, and migrating birds are confused. The grid shuts down when there is an electromagnetic surge, but these bioluminescent plankton become excited, and excite each other, thus the spreading wheel.

How long will take for aliens to come live in earth with people after pole shift?

We are here now, living on the Earth and in daily contact with people. You perhaps mean openly, in the same dimension, living next door and in a situation where you have conscious contact. The timing for this depends upon you and your neighbors. Where there is anxiety about contact with aliens, this delays the process.

Are there any psychological effects caused by letting a baby cry themselves to sleep during the middle of the night? They are aware of themselves as separate entities, so it's not like they are oblivious or incapable of being terrified of being alone in the dark, like older kids are. Anything positive about it, maybe the kid growing up to be less dependent on others?

By their nature, babies want continuous contact with their mothers or a mother substitute. This is genetic, inherent, and is what kept the human race from going extinct over the eons. Babes in arms are not dropped and left to be eaten by predators, are not attacked by predators because their mothers are temporarily away, and are fed on demand. Nursing is a simple way of feeding the child, who then drops off to sleep, even if being carried about. A wailing child is in distress, for some reason, and this reason should be addressed. If it is gas, then de-gas the child! If it is hunger, then feed the child. If it is pain, then why would you let this situation go on? Of course babies should be held and rocked to sleep, or if refusing to go to sleep, then simply held next to a sleeping parent. This is our opinion. This is what we do, in our culture.

Greetings to all from Kursk, with Day of the Victory! My question: UFO have onboard computer or something similar, what can respond somebody c the help of telepathy?

We communicate with our space ship equipment via telepathy as well as manually. We have already explained that among groups of Service-to-Other aliens visiting Earth that we communicate and coordinate via a sky computer that is organic. This is done via something similar to telepathy. This is a technology unknown to humans.

Whether the person has the right to be re-embodied inter vivos if the body will give for experiences?

We are presuming that you are asking if the incarnating soul has the right to complain about its pending incarnation, and ask for improvements. It does not. The Spirit Guides make the determination as to what the incarnation should encompass. The young soul has input, but once the decision is make, the young soul is stuck with the incarnation.

Can the Zetas comment on the current wild fires in California?

California has been burning for several years now, and this situation will not change in the immediate future. We predicted in 1995 that increasing drought and deluge would afflict the Earth, and then switch about unpredictably, and this has occurred. California has both extremes, with drought and fire replaced by deluge and mudslides. This will not change, prior to the pole shift.

Is electrotherapy medicine as reliable as some independent scientists insist? So can devices like (Hulda Clark's) zapper or Beck's blood electrification zapper be the primary medical tools for after the pole shift?

There are practitioners who swear the machine works magic, cure their ills and set them right. It is also true that during drug trials that those who are given a placebo often recover and feel better almost to the same extent as those given the drug being tested. There is psychology involved. Most illness has a psychological component, specifically the immune system which can be boosted if one feels confident, and feeling confident that one will recover from an infection or other illness caused by psychological components is part of the game. There are cancer patients who raise their immune system and beat back the cancer cells by imaging an attack on their cancer cells, for instance. The will to live, the desire to recover, has an immense effect on recover. These machines are not the cause, the desire to recover is.

How successful are the paid commenters (don't know the name for them) who go around the internet bad mouthing Zeta Talk? I remember that a couple of years ago I was checking out the Zeta Talk book on, and it was just filled with such horrible reviews. I was so disappointed because it's such a great book, and then for like a split second I questioned myself for being so into Zeta Talk. But then it hit me, thanks to my experience with people, and having read probably hundreds of reviews in my life on other items, that these negative reviews just did not fit the pattern. Why would these people who seem to have not even read the book, be so obssessed with it, and go so out of their way just to bad mouth it. While a person like me who knows about Zeta Talk might see through this, I'm not so sure the average person who stumbles across would. I used to feel that the paid people in these weakly chats were just wasting their time, but do they have an effect on the average person clicking on the Zeta threads?

From the start of ZetaTalk it has had professional debunkers lined up against it, paid for their services. There are of course those individuals who are so frightened by the message that they throw tomatoes, or so indoctrinated by their faith that they feel certain that Nancy is talking to demons, but beyond those who are paid to debunk, this behavior comes from those scared beyond reason by the message we deliver. The campaign against ZetaTalk encompasses finding any website where Nancy posts or where a positive comment might be made and flooding it with comments that appear to come from many people when in fact it is a handful pretending to be many personas. It includes discouraging radio or TV stations from having Nancy on, to the extent that giving her media coverage is described as a national security matter. It knows no bounds, in fact. What this campaign has done is convince those who have discovered ZetaTalk and see the disparaging remarks that ZetaTalk must be onto something! Else why the unwarranted attacks! Ultimately, this has helped spread the fame of ZetaTalk, so the debunking campaign has shot itself in the foot.

Observed from your post-poleshift map, Europe seems to have a very troubled future. But what exactly do you think will remain of the "old continent"? And can you confirm its future position at the equator?

Europe will spread out along the new equator and have a very temperate climate. It will tend to be a series of islands, but will retain its old identity.

There is a good deal of discussion as to disclosure by ET at the end of May, any truth that you are aware of?

Disclosure has been gradual, country by country, the most recent reported to be Sweden. This trend will continue. We have explained that any mass landing, or well publicized contact between aliens and humans, will not occur. This is due to the rule that the Awakening must be gradual, and not induce extreme anxiety in the populace. Contactees are on the increase, and mass sightings likewise on the increase. Periodically there are predictions about some sort of coming out where aliens will stride in front of TV cameras and all will be known. This is not how it will happen.

People have been finding these mysterious things for years. I mean metal balls that can not be cut with cutting diamonds or even laser or other things - and what is amusing they seem to be artificial and are often found on several metres' depth. Are they the artifacts left by aliens here with special purposes?

The Earth has had visitors from elsewhere long before man was around, as it is an abundant hot house full of life. Items get left behind, by accident. At times even skulls or other biological evidence has been left behind, a visitor who got lost and fell sick. No one seeks out the remains, or the artifacts accidentally lost. So on occasion, man now finds them and ponders their meaning.

Zetas stated initially the US government cooperated with STS aliens and that means STS aliens had a right to interfere in our reality. Now they do not have such a right, do they? The Q is: how much time ago they were forbidden to interfere? Any data?

The rules under which aliens are required to operate are often confusing to man, who has no such rules. Man finds they can assault and intimidate their fellow man with impunity, unless they are sloppy and get caught at it. Aliens have no such latitude. The rules the Service-to-Self aliens operate under requires that they not touch or affect human life. They can only provide counseling, and this only upon request by those humans giving the Call to those in the Service-to-Self. It was not the Service-to-Self aliens who interfered with your reality, such as effecting a cover-up over the alien presence and claiming all UFO sightings were swamp gas or weather balloons, for instance. It was humans who did this.

My question is if the aliens are so powerful are they the ones creating this prison planet of death on the earth. And why. Are the aliens still using humans to mine minerals from earth for the aliens use.

You are making assumptions. Aliens are not using humans to mine minerals. In the past the Annunaki used mankind as slaves to mine for gold, but the Annunaki are mankind's peers, another hominoid race, and at present are quarantined from mankind and the Earth. Earth is not a prison planet. It is a young planet, of mixed spiritual orientation where young souls can sort out their spiritual orientation. Prison planets are where those who evolve to become solidly Service-to-Self eventually go. The Earth will be a planet for those solidly in the Service-to-Other, in the future.

Merkel, Sarkozy, Berlusconi: three controversial European leaders. What's your take on them? Do you think they will serve their countries now that we're approaching the pole-shift event, or will they act for themselves?

This is, as we often say, in the hands of man. Neither of the three is particularly sentient, but rather inclined to put the welfare of the common man on the same plateau as corporate or government interests. But given the situation where the approaching pole shift is obvious, or at least a catastrophic occurrence is obvious, then more honesty might be forced. If one country informs its citizens, given the power of the internet, then others might be forced to do likewise.

Is it possible for a human to be possesed by a demom and be mind controlled? I have seen Britney Spears and Ann Nicole Smith's videos who seem to have been mind controlled. Is this what really happened with them according to you? Are demonic possesion and mind control situations that any human can experience or does it need a low spiritual level in order something like this to happen?

Anna Nichole Smith was possessed by drugs, and Britney Spears is bi-polar and thus possessed by brain chemistry swings. Possession can and does occur but is rare.

Two questions about the Council of Worlds: is it a real place? I mean, located on a solid structure in this portion of the Universe? How do you feel when interacting with the other numerous species?

Those who are contactees will tell you that interacting with another intelligent species is no big deal. After the initial shock, it's just like talking to your best friend. In that the Council meets with incarnated entities as well as those in spirit form, it must be in a physical location that would not be poisonous to those attending. Just where in the Universe this might be is irrelevant. You won't be going there any time soon. .

How will the moon be affected by the passage of Planet X? Will the passage cause changes to the orbit or rotation of the moon? Will the moon move to 4th density along with the Earth?

The Moon will continue to hug the Earth during the passage. And will be present in 4th Density also, as so many life forms are dependent upon the tides.

Last week the zetas explained that Cheney has been frustrated at being out of power, so is acting like a "tail gunner" as one pundit called it by continually trying to justify his policies regarding torture. Now this week we have Karl Rove also acting insolent towards the new administration; don't these people realize they're treading on thin ice, that they could be indicted for serious crimes? Even if Obama keeps claiming he has no stomach for holding them accountable, his AG Holder and others may not have the same compunction and may just call there bluff. What say the zetas about this possibility?

Cheney and Rove are enraged at being out of power. They thought they had laid in enough moles left behind in the administration so they could operate as before, even if out of power. They are learning otherwise, being ignored, and are furious. At present they think they have covered their trail, put others in front of them to take the blame, and are safe from prosecution. They have also been relying upon a Republican dominated Supreme Court which has suddenly changed with the resignation of Justice Souter. But this is unlikely to create lambs out of these raging autocrats, who are almost out of control in their fury.

What is the voltage rating of the perpetual Batteries?

What we deliver to qualifying Service-to-Other communities will be customized to fit in with their needs.

Is it a good idea to go look at one's past lives to see what kind of person you were and maybe figure out what lessons you've learned from those past lives and how it may help you in your current life?

To the extent the soul feels this would be of benefit in their current incarnation, with their current lesson, the soul does update the human being incarnated. Most often, this is a block to progress, as the human gets into hand wringing or guilt or obsessing over a loss or a missed opportunity and remains stuck in a rut. Each new incarnation is considered a blank page, a fresh start, so the soul can proceed without this baggage.

I know man is a 3rd density being created for young souls, but don't you think he deserves a more respectful treatment? I mean, there are wise souls incarnated in men too, so why don't we have some kind of representatives in the Council of Worlds? You're discussing our future and the future of our planet there, and all we can have is a sort of "unconscious contact" from unknown aliens?

The babe complains he should have the status of an adult. The Earth is home to souls at all levels of development - basically newborn and just trying to sort it out, mature and having made their decision on their spiritual orientation, and very old souls often visiting in the form of Star Children. We have explained that the Earth vote as to its future involved all reincarnating souls, in proportion to their spiritual age. This means that those who have incarnated thousands of times would be given more weight than those who are in their first reincarnation. The fact that all contact is at present recorded only in your subconscious is a decision by the Council of Worlds, to protect those who are becoming contactees and are liable to come under attack by those humans in the Earth's power structures who consider this a threat. This is not your decision, as a young soul, but the decision of those far older and wiser than you. We do not expect this explanation to reduce your resentment, however.

Are the zetas the same ones controlling the banksters to suppress the earth. Or is it another alien race or two that controls the power brokers on earth to enslave the human race.

Neither. Humans often assume that because they would like to enslave a young world or control the power structure, that visiting aliens are doing the same. Of course the Service-to-Self would love to mass land and terrify humans, and enslave them in all manner of ways, but they are not allowed to do this.

Who would win a fight Zetas or Annunakis? Like a fist fight no weapons or any you know kick boxing training just regular aliens fighting?

We, the Service-to-Other Zetas, would not drop to that level, nor would we need to. The Annunaki are just like you, hominoid and at present in 3rd Density, on a young world. They are not high tech as those who have graduated to 4th Density. It would be no contest, but then, there would be no battle engaged.

Can you please comment on the discussion as to the increased level of the Schumann Resonance and its relationship to the shift.

When Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003 there were a number of effect from the charged tail, which wafted past the Earth causing blackouts due to electromagnetic surge. The tail then fell back to curl around Planet X which was making slow progress past the S Pole of the Sun. Now that it is outbound, the tail is hosing out from the N Pole of Planet X, and creating increasing fireballs and problems with the Earth magnetosphere. Where NASA denies the presence of Planet X, it has stated that there is a hole in the magnetosphere on the Sun side that is four times the diameter of Earth. This just happens to be the diameter of Planet X. The sunspot activity is almost nill, due to the S Pole of Planet X pointed at the Sun with its quieting influence, and the solar wind quieter than in 50 years. Compasses have been erratic and unreliable ever since Planet X arrived, for the same reasons. Electromagnetic surge.

Is the reptilian race really living among us? Do they have evil plans?

We have explained that there are more reptilian planets than those bearing hominoids as the intelligent race, just as there are more water planets than land planets. This does not made reptilians evil. The same rules apply to all visitors to Earth.

Can you tell us how the mass-consciousness of Earth has changed in the last six years and/or how our mass consciousness of Earth is progressing to 4th or 5th density?

What is termed the collective consciousness, or mass consciousness, is telepathic communication as well as communication via body language among the populace. Body language can have great impact, for instance, if done by a TV host. The general public sorts out what they are hearing from politicians and the media, are arriving at conclusions they do not utter but nonetheless communicate with their own body language and life style changes. The predictive accuracy of the webbots, HalfPastHuman, was due to this, as the collective conscious sensed what was happening and were themselves making predictions. The populace is aware they are being lied to about Earth changes and the state of the world.

We all know the powers that be are hiding technology that would give humans a lot easier and better life. Why are the zetas and aliens that instruct the powers that be doing so. [and from another] Why are the zetas and or other aliens instructing the powers that be to destroy so much of the earth and the animals that live on it.

You are making unwaranted assumptions. Often those who can see the Earth changes occurring feel they must have someone to blame, and blame either the government or aliens. Earthquakes are blamed on the HAARP program when this does no more than measure the magnetosphere. The bad economy is blamed on plans by the elite to enslave mankind when the elite would prefer to have a healthy economy and are victims themselves. Earthquakes and the economy are due to the periodic passage of Planet X, at present, and this is a natural event just as lightning storms or tornadoes are. If anyone were to be destroying the Earth, it would be man himself, as if left to the current pace of destruction, the Earth would not be a viable place to live in approximately 100 years. Man pollutes, and man is greedy and rapacious and power hungry. This is where the blame should lie.

There is still a lot of UFO activity happening here in Texas, especially around the Stephenville area and surrounding towns within the past few months! I have seen them myself! Is this you guys or the military or someone else?

It's not the military. We have addressed the message that are being sent to the Stephenville area. This has not changed.

What's going on with the new attacks on Pelosi implying she knew of torture tactics approvingly? Is Cheney/Rumsfeld behind attacks looking to cause disharmony?

She has many enemies, but this attack has fallen back on the attackers. The CIA does not detail its briefing, and other attendees confirm what she has said. Congress was kept in the dark, deliberately, on these matters.

Why the moon is near the constellation Crux. What is the movement that listens to the moon be in this position, or is the Earth that moved on the constellations?

The Moon's orbit has had an increased tilt since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003. It is too far to the north for half the month, then too far to the south. It is the Earth that is wobbling and the Moon that is tilting, so in your view the Moon is out of place at times.

Long time follower, first time poster. My questions relates to mental and emotional health. Is there a way humanity can protect its self from negative forces over the coming months?

For every negative about the changes that are approaching, there is a positive. Nancy often tries to spin this during radio interviews, pointing out that for the children school will be out, and they can be active. Of course school will often be at their parent's knee, helping with activities, but what children find painful about school is being forced to sit at their desks and pay attention to something that seems dry and dull. For adults, bills to pay and punching the clock at a job that seems a rut will be in the past. Life will be full of change. Working in teamship with others to accomplish goals is highly satisfying, but seldom available in the workaday world, but after the pole shift will be what almost all tasks involve. Even death, after an illness or due to old age, will happen more quickly because the modern means of keeping someone alive despite their illness will not be available. Then there is the aspect we frequently mention, that good hearted communities can anticipate meeting visitors from elsewhere, bearing gifts, and these meeting will be in their conscious. Much to look forward to!