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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written April 11, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Greetings to all from Kursk! Questions: 1. Who such flying cores? 2. Whether there is on the Earth any power system? 3. Whether the new program on creation of hybrids will be carried out (spent)?

Nancy does not understand your first two questions, so we will not respond. Our Hybrid program has been successful, and as highly Service-to-Other souls leave their current incarnations, die, they are being incarnated into Hybrids in the main. At this time, they do not want to be infants in human bodies because of the pending pole shift where they would likely die in trauma. Incarnated into the Hybrids, they have the opportunity of being of assistance in a few years.

It seems lately that right wing commentators have recently become "defenders of liberty". One assumes that this is due to 1. a desire to attack Obama in anyway possible and freedom to criticize the white house now that Bush is gone and 2. to get out in front of a trend here to try and claim that the right wing was right all along - i.e. Glen Beck

The Bush administration and it's defenders were noted as liars. These same liars are now spinning more lies. The only people who adhere to this twisted logic are the faithful, who are a diminishing minority of the populace. The Republican party is thus grumbling itself into the shadows, and has become irrelevant.

My view is that significant earth changes might be the catalyst that precipitates restrictions in the banking system, perhaps as early as this fall. Can the zetas comment on this? (Not the timing, just the likelihood of the event.)

We are asked how soon the economy will crash almost weekly. Our answer this week is no different. We have stated that we do not anticipate the dollar becoming worthless, though your money will buy less. We do not anticipate the banking system to collapse, though restricted hours and services might be imposed.

Do the zetas or other groups ever restrict the visibility of Planet X from earth as the Council tightly controls both the scope and pace of Planet X awareness?

No. It is difficult to see in the glare of the Sun. Were it otherwise, the human establishment in charge of the cover-up would be concocting some excuse, as they have for the erratic weather, the melting glaciers and poles, and the failing satellites.

Given the recent increase in earthquakes all around the globe, is Nibiru still trapped under the Sun's magnetic influence or is it pointing directly towards our planet? What can we expect from the end of this first magnetic trimester?

Of course there is not enough time for the last weeks to expire during this first magnetic trimester of 2009, which ends at the end of April. Planet X, aka Nibiru, is still fighting to complete its first 270° roll, and we have ceased reporting on its progress as we stated some months ago. You can best determine its progress by the degree of debris from the tail that is descending through your atmosphere in the form of fireballs, and the amount of electro-magnetic interference from the charged tail hosing out from the N Pole of Planet X - fireballs, damage to satellites, and blackouts here on Earth. These are your clues.

It is not clear why people see in their dreams the things that happen in future. Why do they sometimes receive hints and signs with the help of which they find themselves better prepared for life hardships? What can Zetas say about books of dream interpretations and people's efforts to guess dreams?

Some humans prognosticate because they are putting together what they know in a logical fashion, thus predicting the future. This can be wrong as well as right, and most often is wrong. Since dreams utilize symbols that have meaning for the person, and each person has a different history, dream books are of course useless.

You have stated in the past that after the pole shift there will be a dramatic increase in spirit activity with many wandering spirits that have nowhere to go. The media portrays spirits to have the ability to speak to us, take over our body, make electrical devices work without being plugged in, scratch us, push us, grab us, and possibly kill us, depending on their will. Is the media being accurate and honest in the way they portray hauntings? If so what is the best way to protect ourselves from this type of activity? Will there be angry STS spirits lingering around in the aftertime or will they immediatly be forced to leave.

We have stated that spirits are unable to physically affect mankind except to perhaps make the air in the vicinity more cold, affecting heat particle flow. Service-to-Self spirits are restricted from doing anything but counseling those humans who give them the Call. There is such a thing as soul-to-soul communication, which some humans are acutely aware of, but this does not affect the physical body.

Any comments on the Somali pirates? As annoying as they are, the fact that they seem to take care not to hurt or torture the hostages does goes a long way with me. I guess my question is, even though they are criminals are they in the main compassionate enough for us to take comfort that they will at least try everything possible not to hurt the hostages?

This has been their mode and for a reason. If the hostages are consistently returned unharmed, then there is little reason for the ships they capture to be stormed and retaken. They want the money to continue to flow. The French assault on a yacht, where one hostage died, was due, per reports, to the fear that the hostages were about to be harmed. This is consistent with SWAT team protocol on land, too. The issue of when the Somali pirate problem will be resolved will occur when the commercial traffic that travels those waters unarmed decides to change their policies or when the international community decides to confront the Somali government with other than pleas.

Any comments on the earthquake in Italy this week?

Fault lines that run through the Mediterranean will of course participate in the uptick in earthquakes like the rest of the world. We have stated that the quake uptick would increase dramatically. Quakes are still being under-reported, dumbed down, and eliminated from the databases to skew statistics. Nevertheless, in populated areas, the USGS feels constrained to report quakes with a measure of honesty. Italy can expect more such quakes, of greater magnitude, and with greater frequency. Why would Italy be exempt from our predictions? It is in a quake zone, and the African plate is rolling in place.

"One of the alternatives encouraged by the Service-to-Self aliens was to go into underground bunkers, so many were built. In the past few years the elite have tested the premise, sending crews underground to live for weeks, and discovered many of them dead from increased emanations from rock under stress." As I remember Zetas stated there are two more civilizations in 3rd Density on the Earth other than ours. As they are living underground do they suffer the same "increased emanations from rock under stress." ? I even thought that they seem to perish due to the pole shift!

The Men-in-Black and the intelligent reptilian race that live in underground water ways on Earth are indeed affected by the increased emanations from rock under stress. However, they are used to some of this in their normal life, and thus the increase is not fatal, just a type of increase in sickness. Man, on the surface of the Earth, is suffering from increased emanations also, along with illness from elements in the tail of Planet X that enter the atmosphere. Yet this is not fatal to man, but merely annoying.

Is there a pandemic coming? And if so, when?

The former Bush administration, in collusion with elements in the former Blair administration and most recently a lab in Austria, tried repeatedly to trigger some kind of pandemic. The 1957 virus was sent out to some 4,000 labs around the world by a lab in the US. Birds in the British Isles were infected with the 1957 virus, but died. And the Austrian lab included the present bird flu with other flu types to be used in the development of vaccines. These attempts were blocked, and future attempts will likewise be blocked. The present form of the bird flu is not prone to become a human-to-human infection because it settles deep in the lungs, and is not in the air much during coughing, thus.

Would the ZT's care to comment on the recent shootings in the USA? Is BushCo behind these killers and/or are the shooters involved in any way with BushCo or the CIA or Blackwater?

We have been asked to comment in the past on dramatic school shootings or mass killings where the killer did not know the victims or was only loosely connected to them. We pointed out that many were applications by the shooters for placement in their future homes - prison planets. We recently commented that many other recent shootings were due to a grudge, a personal resentment against the victims. There was an 8 year old boy who murdered his father and roommate, but this was due to his abuse by his pedophiliac father and the refusal of the Catholic church to defend the boy, who was thus trapped in abuse. Increasingly there are suicides due to the economy, where the shooter takes out his whole family along with himself. This is not uncommon, where a confused sense of self afflicts those without a strong personality. In none of these cases were the CIA or the political motives of the former Bush administration involved.

Last chat Zetas were asked about Vanga but Nancy declined that question as she said Vanga did not predict with accuracy. But one of the Trouble Times' member quoted Vanga here ../theword/tworx384.htm "The flood will be too, in 30 or 40 years. The large body will fly to the Earth and will hit the water. The waves will wash away a lot of countries, and the sun will dim for three years. The good-hearted people will survive, and malicious people, which consider themselves clever, will perish. Many people will perish. And then will be a very good life, and immortality will come." As we see that seems to be a true prediction. If Zetas are agree with that can they add more comments about Vanga and her activities ?

Our rule on prediction accuracy before commenting upon what another says is such to avoid spending all our and Nancy's time on the many who clamor for the stage, making up predictions that have no worth. Thus, we require that the predictions must have come true, in past years, so this criteria can be determined. What Vanga is stating is all pointing to the future.

Will any martial law happen before the pole shift or only after? Will the FEMA prisons be used to kill people?

We have stated that martial law is unlikely to occur in countries accustomed to being a democracy because this state is difficult to maintain for more than a few days. In those countries where martial law is the current state, such as Indonesia and China, this will continue to be the state to the time of the pole shift. As this is all in the hands of man, we cannot predict with accuracy, however, as man has free will. It was the plans of those who installed Bush and Cheney into the White House to kill great numbers of US citizens, to kill those they considered "useless eaters" as the common phrase asserts. They supported the use of chemtrails to poison migrating hoards and vacinations to kills the old, young, and sick. They would have used any means to establish work camps where only the healthy were allowed to eat and work, the rest to starve. This is not likely to occur under Obama, and only if the local or state level politics support this philosophy. There will be great divergence among locales, in the weeks running up to the pole shift.

Will hyper-inflation kick in this summer? If so, any suggestions on how to get through this summer economically?

Hyperinflation is being forecast by many economists, as a result of the nonstop printing of money. The US blocked the view of the M3, which reports the source of the funds the fed is distributing. Thus, printing money can proceed unabated and the public is never sure if the souce for M3 funds is US bonds that are being sold or investments thaty are being made, or if the dollar is being dilluted by the printing of yet more dollars. Inflation is already rampant, and has been for a few years. The media reports are in essence lies because they do not include food and energy prices. Inflation has been closer to 20% in past years than the low percentage reported. There is no point in our giving advice on how to survive, as our advice remains the same. We stated years ago that paper assets should be avoided. Get real things that will help with survival in the future - seed, hand tools, and land in rural areas.

The Council of Worlds is applying an element of doubt about the coming cataclysms. What about the previous passages during the Jewish exodus and great flood?

We have stated that the Council allowed us to tip the Earth forward and backward to simulate seasons during prior passages, in order to maintain life on Earth and prevent freezing and frying, so to speak. Visitations with aliens was not as common in those days as it is today, leading into the Transformation, and was recorded in the conscious of the contactees at that time. Thus, visitations are recorded in the Bible, in the Vedas, and in much folklore.

Did your planet/race also have a similar state of events like what's happening here on earth? Where a group of elites tries to take over the world by all means? If so how did you take it down? What were the key factors or events? Is this type of pattern of elites trying to rule in total dominance over their own species common thoughout the civilizations in the galaxy/universe? Or is earth an exception where the natural evolution has been interrupted throughout history?

This is so common on 3rd Density worlds as to be considered universal, the norm. The Service-to-Self try to control and are greedy, and the Service-to-Other try to counter their efforts. This battle is not settled until a young world has its Transformation where the Service-to-Self are removed to prison planets and the undecided removed to another 3rd Density planet. This is the key factor or event.

The mainstream and not-so-mainstream news was full of articles and reports in the past week that the economy is improving, no longer in a free fall, appears to be leveling off, and there is a glimmer of hope. Is this wishful thinking, propaganda, and/or the usual chirp, chirp, chirp to keep we the people calm and placated?

It is the latter. The mark-to-market rule was relaxed so the toxic assets on the bank's balance sheets can be considered worth more than they are on the market in today's world. Thus, the illusion of wealth is presented. The paper money system is a confidence game, as we stated years ago, so of course the chipping goes on.

Does President Obama use hypnosis and NLP techniques in his speeches? And if so then why?


What I don't get is that if the Zetas are all knowing, it shouldn't matter whether or not Nancy understands the question. She could just tell them the question, and they could work out the intent of the poster. They claim to do this with public figures like Bush, they always seem to know what his intent is, and he was never the most coherent subject. The Zetas should be able to intuit what the poster is trying to ask, and clarify this to Nancy. That he is derided and ignored because of his language barrier is another indication of just how unfriendly Nancy and her Zetas are.

We have explained the difficulties in using Nancy as a telepathic vehicle for our concepts, and these explanations are available on the website Nancy maintains for those who would bother to read. She is not a pencil. She participates in translating our concepts to the English language, which is her native language. If she has a concept in her head that would interfere with the concept we are trying to relay, this clouds our answer and builds in inaccuracies. She needs to be on the same page in order to correctly address the question and answer. If she is guessing at what the question might be, this is problematic from the start. The immense success that ZetaTalk enjoys shows that the process works when done correctly. Our refusal to be bullied by insults is part of this success.

What do the Zetas want to say regarding those people stating they are time-travellers, "coming from the future"? Some of them claim that they come from the so-called aftermath, the post-poleshift time, when some of the "visitors" and humans are supposed to live together in a new high-tech society. Is such a thing possible? The Zetas too on some occasions said that they were helping some human "angels" with their time-travel technology, for example, making sure that everything was ok during the US presidential election. Are those the same guys? [and from another] Is this the actual present or are there other timelines? And if so, how can this be possible since the soul is only one and can't live in multiple bodies?

Those who are claiming this are liars and know it. Time travel was not used to counter voter fraud in the past two US elections. Time travel is extremely rare and not what these claimants are asserting.

Do you know what the ball of light in the North was?

This was a fireball, one of many that has been in the news lately. This and grid problems on March 30-31, 2009 around the world show that the charged tail is back, and the debris in the tail is incoming. Those who would look to the Sun as an excuse for electrical problems, or to the most recent disinfo that spies are targeting the grid system for outages, should consider why so many fireballs are showing up.

Is this true or are they using yet another avenue when we have a swipe of the tail? [and from another]
Cyberspies penetrate electrical grid: Cyberspies have penetrated the U.S. electrical grid and left behind software programs that could be used to disrupt the system, the Wall Street Journal reported. The intruders have not sought to damage the power grid or other key infrastructure but officials said they could try during a crisis or war. Napolitano spoke after the Wall Street Journal reported that cyberspies had penetrated the U.S. electrical grid and left behind software programs that could be used to disrupt the system. The Journal said the intruders have not sought to damage the power grid or other key infrastructure but could try during a crisis or war.

This is another attempt to confuse the public into thinking that something other than the charged tail of Planet X is involved when the blackouts the establishment fears return. They planned to blame the Sun but the Sun has gone to sleep. So this is a replacement excuse for anticipated grid failures.

Here is a page of Zetatalk about the repulsion force. ../science/s34.htm "Where the repulsion force comes to equal the force of gravity by the time the objects in play would make contact, it builds at a rate that differs from gravity." <snip> "The repulsion force is infinitesimally smaller than the force of gravity, but has a sharper curve so that it equals the force of gravity at the point of contact." Under those alleged attributes of the alleged repulsion force, what caused Planet X to allegedly slow down as it approached the Sun? Per the Zetas, there would be no net repulsion until Planet X contacted the Sun.

You have once again attempted to twist our words, which you refuse to quote in full. In describing the Repulsion Force, we did not say it does not click in before contact. Were those our words? We gave the parameters of the force in that briefly quoted statement. This is an example of disinfo, paid disinfo. Twist the words, take them out of context and do not give the full context to be noted by the reader, and unless the disinfo is addressed, claim we ran away and admitted their statements. These individuals care nothing for the common man, and everything for their stinking pocketbooks.

Suppose enough good-hearted humans desire for protection and release of our hero from the Alabama Captain Phillips from the obviously STS pirates. What is required of good hearted humans to petition for and/or affect his immediate release? Is Captain Phillips Service-to-Others?

This captain is certainly of good heart, else he would not have offered himself up as the sole hostage to save his crew. Your good wishes certainly do not hurt, and are heard.

Is this image, caught recently by the SOHO, the famous winged planet, Nibiru?

Yes. And Nancy has pointed out the relationship between it's appearance and the winged globe of ancient legend. Nancy has received questions as to why the winged globe appears smaller than Mercury, which likewise appears in the SOHO frame. The Planet X complex is reflecting almost all sunlight that strikes its back toward the Sun, thus little escapes toward Earth. Mercury on the other hand reflects sunlight generously at all times. It is the amount of light that affects the apparent size of these planets in the SOHO image, thus the image does not represent the true size. Planet X is immensely shrouded by its dust cloud.

The Hopi's meeting has started and apparently they have come out about Nibiru. They say the Crossing is about to occur. As in months. Can the Zeta's come out about it?

We have repeatedly stated that we will have no comment regarding a date. That still stands. The Hopi are to be respected, especially in their intent and good nature, but are not necessarily effective prognosticators on record regarding dates.

There has been a lot of soul polarization lately, (STS killings). Is this an increase or at a normal rate going into the shift as we get closer?

We warned that polarization would increase, but the increased suicides and shootings are not due to polarization. The times are hard, and will get harder as we approach the time of the pole shift. Earth changes will crumble infrastructure, job losses will continue to occur, crop shortages will drive food prices up and increase starvation among the poor, and the explanations given by the establishment will increase anxiety as clearly the truth is not forthcoming. Thus despair and anger will be on the increase.

Will a confirmation of the lean to the left be a sun that is too low (from sunrise to sunset) in the southern horizon (as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere)?

This depends upon your latitude. A simple exercise to determine what to expect is to take the globe in your hands and place a lamp in the position of the Sun vs a vs this globe. Note the angle of the lamplight as you turn the globe in a manner appropriate for the season, i.e. winter or summer. Now lay the globe on its side and turn it in this position. What is the difference?

Can the Zetas inform us on how Psoriasis be cured?

We are often asked how to cure this or that disease when no cure is available for mankind outside of what the human medical system can already provide. This is an auto immune disease, and as such gets worse when the immune system is hyper sensitive as it is during stress. The medical profession has also noted that the UV in sunlight breaks the attack, so exposing the affected skin areas to direct sunlight as much as possible is helpful and is often a temporary cure.

Google reveals nine million image hits for Star Trails, showing the sky moving normally. None showing it abnormally. What do the Zetas have to say about this?

Of course the constellations revolve around Polaris in the manner they have over the centuries. Just because the Earth has a wobble does not mean the constellations are wobbling. We stated at the start of ZetaTalk that observatories and astronomers have been leaned on to deny the existence of Planet X, and this has been the experience of those who attempted to use observatories in 2001-2003 to view Planet X when it was inbound and appearing in the night skies. A facility like Star Trails would of course arrange to anchor on a particular star, not a position or angle from Earth, so as to deny the wobble.

How long after the pole shift will it take for the ocean sloshing to settle down?

Several days, but the major sloshing occurs on the first day. Stay inland for a week to be safe.

I watched a show on Nova the other day about an extinction that took place 12,900 years ago. They were trying to say it was a comet, but there was no proof. Was it actually Planet X?

Count back 3,600 years and you find the Jewish Exodus and prior to that Greenland was the N Pole. The Flood occurred three pole shifts back and that would be 10,800 years ago, often stated as the time of the last Ice Age. There are energetic attempts to confuse this signature by documentaries that cite other ages and climate changes, but these are minor compared to the 3,600 signatures. Thus, such attempts should be considered a type of disinfo. Ask Nova to discuss what happened approximately 3,600 years ago, when the oceans of the world dropped 16-20 feet, worldwide, when the last of the wolly Mammoths died out in what is now the Arctic circle, and when the course of the Niagara changed. They will refuse, or mutter excuses.