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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written February 28, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

I work in construction and the surveyors find the elevation for our pipes. But they drastically change daily and we keep having to change them. Is this an effect of Planet X?

It is an effect of the wobble, affecting the position of the GPS satellites. Elevation is determined by GPS satellite networks, which are supposed to operate as though geostationary. When the distance to a spot on the Earth changes due to the wobble, increasing in distance for instance, the network assumes a lower elevation. Distance is determined by the GPS equipment based on the time it takes for a signal to travel to and from one of the satellites in the network.

Nine die as aircraft crashes near Amsterdam [Feb 26] Flight TK1951 was within sight of the runway on its final approach to Schiphol airport when, without warning, it seemed to fall out of the sky and crashed tail-first into a field with the loss of at least nine lives. Survivors described how, in a matter of seconds, the Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 from Istanbul to Amsterdam plummeted to the ground and split into three. A student who was cycling past, said the aircraft appeared to have lost power.

The black box will show that the engines stalled. This type of crash is not unheard of. As anyone familiar with driving cars knows, an engine can stall if it is flooded, or can stall if the fuel combination is not correct, has water in the gas or some such problem. Aircraft engines are just as sensitive. A stall where there is the altitude to recover is not fatal, but when close to the ground does result in a crash. Distracted pilots caused this problem, and paid for their mistake with their lives. This volcano has been declared to be a total surprise, since it is supposed to have been asleep for some 9,000 years before waking up last year. When it woke up in 2008 it created ice melting and a flood and ashes that went down with the water, that practically destroyed the Chaiten town. The Chaiten town is located downstreams, crossed by the rived bed which was exactly the path followed by the water, mud and ashes. Back then the Chilean government correctly evacuated the inhabitants in time, who were then located at various different temporary shelters and also received financial help afterwords for them to move to other places. Well, last week the Chaiten volcano again woke up. The most interesting thing to see, is the various attitudes, of the people who are involved in this drama. The Chilean government wants to relocate the whole town at a new, safer location, and has stated it will provide the financing required for the people to relocate, at it's own cost. Then it is also interesting to see the division of opinions, among the inhabitants of the destroyed town: many of them just do not want to hear of the latent and actual danger of staying at their original town, in the river bed, and some of them just want to have their new town rebuilt right at the same old place! They just do not want to go to a safer area, or just do not grasp the actual danger. Some of them have declared to be wanting to even die, if so be it. Yet others are trying to get some advantage of the drama.

We have often described the astonishing level of denial we anticipate that mankind will assume going into the pole shift. For each individual who grasps the dangers and take steps to protect themselves and their loved ones, there will be another who will deny that anything is about to happen, or that anything has happened. This will occur even when the Earth has stopped rotating and there can be no doubt that matters are not normal. They may have been deeply dependent upon others, incapable of taking steps on their own. They may be in poor health, or lack skills that would be needed in a survival camp, so that planning to survive seems as risky as a trip to Mars.

Denial is a type of insanity, and in many cases those that frankly go insane are not able to take the mentally held path of denial. These are two faces of the same coin. There are others who will take stock of the situation and determine that they would rather pass on, die, than struggle to make a new life. This is the same as a suicide determination, and in our opinion this is their choice. Those who are in firm denial are most often those who do not have the innate capacity to take survival steps. In any case, these individuals are a burden on those who want to create a survival community.

We people rise in memory of those, who died many years ago defending their fatherland. Do you, Zetas, do the same? I understood, that, for example, without Red Army soldiers that died defending their homes, millions of Jews and Slavonian would have been murdered and so their souls could not develop any more on the Earth. Should we honour one kind of souls because they once gave a chance for other souls to keep developing here ?

Honoring the past is often a way of committing the present to following a particular course of action. It has nothing to do with helping souls develop, as reincarnation exists.

Why do people talk so much about Jesus, forgetting about the rest. Why speak of Israel - The Holy Land. Will be correct - Dead Earth. Why did the Jews regard themselves as super-men, Germans and others pay as fascists? This is hypocrisy.

Those who are insecure cling to religion, or their local football team, or their family name, or their appearance. At their base it is insecurity.

Hello everybody out of the house between the streets Engels and Peskovskaya! I have a question: 1) It should be wishing to make contact in person engage in spirits? 2) Is it possible to quickly acquire telepathy, if not ability? 3) How can I make to communicate with the spirits of use of Radio?

Despite the many claims made, disincarnate souls do not use radio or other electronic devices. As we have stated on the ZetaTalk website, only about 10% of humans have any telepathic ability, and even those are mostly limited. You cannot acquire this if you do not have the native ability. Talking soul to soul with others’ souls is a skill one cannot teach. You learn to do this by having your first conversation, primarily because some experienced soul wants to communicate with you.

He's been on the news lately, so it has made me curious, but is Conan O'Brien an old soul? It's just that for years before I ever heard the term STO, I would get this painfully overwhelming feeling of just an unbelievable human being, who like Obama also happens to be obsessed with Abraham Lincoln. He sometimes even has guests who are Lincoln experts, which is very odd for a comedy show. I could go on and on about his obsession with Lincoln. Is he a very old soul who maybe had something to do with Lincoln in the past? (I'm not very fond of celebrities.)

He has a reincarnating soul but is not old in the sense that humans refer to souls as old. He is terran born, and has not even determined his spiritual orientation.

Two things are needed to make a monetary economy go - money supply and velocity. The FED (aka Puppet Master) can affect the money supply by just printing it if necessary. But velocity, the turnover of the money in the economy - is a bit more problematic. With trillions being added to the money supply in the last few months, only a lack of velocity has apparently prevented hyper-inflation - but it is a danger. A complete meltdown in trust of the system can cause this dam to break and all this money would go after goods in order to secure some form of value. In Weimar Germany, there were people with wheelbarrows of money, and people stealing the wheelbarrows and leaving the money on the sidewalk. How do the Zetas see the final course the dollar will take?

We have stated, repeatedly, that the economy will not collapse prior to the pole shift. We have stated that what people will instead find is that the value of their assets will fall. Their home, car, or stocks will have a certain value on paper, but no buyers will be interested. Deflation will at first be the result, is in place already, with hyperinflation occurring only where there are shortages. Certainly this will be the case with food, unless price controls are enacted. The renowned banana republic syndrome only occurs when so much money is printed that all possessions are diluted in value. The US is a gigantic economy, and there is a huge amount of dollars worldwide in various accounts. Thus, it will take a lot of printing press activity to create a banana republic out of the US.

My question is about Burris. Why did he start making statements to contradict himself after he got the senate seat? Was his conscience bothering him and he thought he could slightly redeem himself some how?

Senator Burris was very eager to get into the Senate, and assumed that once in, no steps would be taken to get him out. He has walked a fine line, but the sentiment against the former Illinois governor who appointed him is strong. He is not likely to survive, and certainly would not survive reelection.

How dire off coast of Oregon? 3rd EQ over 4.0 in two days.

The Juan de Fuca plate will crumble, as opposed to any action pressing into the N American Plate. However, as it crumbles, it will cause jolts along the West Coast, so this should be expected.

What is the fate of the EU? I have heard of the early breakdown in the EU.

There are advantages and disadvantages to being a member in the EU, and the advantages will hold during the coming economic downturn. What country would benefit from being separated? The Euro is strong in the markets, comparatively.

Are we at a "6" yet?

We stated at the end of 2008, after a rough December with lots of earthquakes, that we considered the globe to be at a strong 5 or 5+. There will be plateau times, when the Earth changes seem to settle down, and other times when they will seem to be assaulting the Earth. Thus, we are not yet at a 6.

How can you explain to humans the good nature of your actions? How can you convince after all the things that happened with your case, that you are true and without an agenda?

There are those among mankind that smile at you while slipping the knife between your ribs, taking your last dollar with a promise they know is false. How do you determine the honesty and integrity of their actions? It is the ultimate result. And this is for you to determine, in Nancy's case. She has been accused of being a government agent, a tool, but gives no evidence of this. She does not earn money at what she does, regardless of what some might say. Where are the ads on her website, which she personally supports? Her book sales are virtually nil. Her total CD and video sales overall would not fill her oil tank for a month of home heating during the winter. If you choose to believe she is laying out all the information that she does, factual information, showing the patterns that are obvious if one merely looks, and is doing so maliciously, then this is your problem.

I was recently reading about Lincoln's depression and was shocked at how deep and extensive it was. He wrote "I am now the most miserable man living. If what I feel were equally distributed to the whole human family, there would not be one cheerful face on the earth. Whether I shall ever be better I can not tell; I awfully forebode I shall not. To remain as I am is impossible; I must die or be better, it appears to me." It was said he would wander the woods with a gun and appeared to be acting "crazy", and never carried a knife for fear of taking his own life. How can a star seed have such a struggle?

Depression, which he was afflicted with, came with the human body he assumed. Manic depression is a disease that brings with it great blessings in the form of creativity and an ability to communicate with others, and also brings with it hells in the form of exhaustion, delusion and a desire to end it all in suicide. One takes the bad with the good.

What do the Zeta's say about the channeling of RA and the Law of One?

This is valid channeling, not a fraud or a hoax as so many channel claims are. We have often been asked to reconcile every message relayed to mankind with every other message, as well as to reconcile these messages with ZetaTalk. We have declined to do this, and have suggested that mankind read these valid messages with an open mind and heart, hearing the overall messages, rather than the details. Each such message involves several factors that may put it out of synch with other valid messages. The soul behind the channel or communication has a different message to relay from others, having different priorities. The soul may be trying to use an analogy, which can be lost on the human channel or on the humans reading the resulting message. The human may not have the capacity to relay the message fully, lacking necessary vocabulary, for instance. And finally, the transcriber may simply get an idea stuck in her head and transcribe the message differently than intended.

How does one continue to live this double life? It's so hard, there is no purpose to do something that doesn't lead you anywhere. Is it not better to focus on trying to prepare for the future times? Can the zetas say anything at this point in terms of how much more longer we have to live the current "everything is normal" life? I may be wrong, but I think zetas said that the economy would still be functioning (although in a depression) till the poleshift. Do you mean that we would really be living in a depression, but governments all over the world will still be saying all is fine , and everyone will be going about their lives like today?

We stated that the world would be in a depression prior to the pole shift, not when the world would be in the last weeks. It is in a depression now. We have also stated that our projection is the governments of the world will not tell the populace about what is coming until the last weeks are upon them. Governments may make plans. They may encourage certain proactive behavior such as family gardens. But a full admission that the passage is due and coming is unlikely to occur unless there is some kind of leak, or several leaks, so the truth comes out. The reason for this is because the governments of the world do not have a solution for their people. They cannot feed them. They cannot house them. They fear that if an announcement were made, that vital jobs would not be attended to, looting and riots would occur, and conclude that this is not better than silence until the last weeks.

Please tell me if the Zeta's know about/believe in the Oneness of All. In other words, do they understand all of us to be aspects of the same one supreme Source? Or do they see the separation we are now experiencing as being a state which continues into the higher dimensions.

We, the Zetas, have stated that we do not know God's plan. What we experience is what you experience. You are a separate individual. Your soul is separate from others, and your human body and mind are separate from others. In fact, this sense of being conscious of yourself as being separate is required for a soul to spark in an intelligent creature. The chimpanzee is smart and can use logic, but he has not developed to the extent that he understands that he is separate from others. Thus, souls do not spark within chimpanzees. What you conclude about all of this is up to you.We are stating that we don't know God's plan.

Please tell me if the Zeta's know about/believe in true multidimentionality. In other words do they ascribe to an understanding in which there are many co-existant time-lines.

We, the Zetas, are allowed on occasion to time travel. This is in every case with the approval of the Council of Worlds, and involves only the hybrid program wherein we might need a bit of DNA from a deceased person. To the extent that the present day timeline continues while we go back to secure the DNA, there are parallel timelines. We have also explained that there are many parallel densities, which some call dimensions. This is physicality vibrating at different rates, as has been explained in the Density section of ZetaTalk. The soul is able to transcend all such differing vibrations, so a soul incarnated in a body in 4th Density can chat with a soul incarnated in a 3rd Density body.

Persuant to the previous question, if they do believe in multidimensional existance then would it not be so that there might be many versions of planet earth flowing forth from this one. And many possible outcomes for us. IOW there might be one outcome which is wonderful and peaceful and another which is violent and catastrophic.

Earth is in one density, one dimension, at a time.

Do I understand that the Zeta's are offering their services to hybridise themselves with us so that they and us can incarnate into these hybridised forms? If so, do we each have the right to accept or refuse to be a part of such a plan?

You certainly have the right to discuss this with your Spirit Guides, who are in charge of your next incarnation. There is a misunderstanding among humans, some of whom believe that they can choose their incarnations. If this were the case, then every Service-to-Self soul would be incarnated into a beautiful body, with a high IQ and into a wealthy family. This obviously does not occur, nor would it provide the spiritual lessons a young soul needs.

Can humans grow more than 2 sets of teeth? Ever wonder why sharks get several rows of teeth and people only get one? Some geneticists did, and their discovery could spur work to help adults one day grow new teeth when their own wear out.


How will relationships between STO humans and the hybrids work? And for the physical aspect how will they make love? Mentally?

The Hybrid section of the website that Nancy maintains is full of detailed information on the physiology of the hybrids - how this compares to humans, and how this compares to ourselves, the Zetas. Have you read this? We stated that sexual desire and capacity were included, in force as strong as it is in humans. We, the Zetas, blunted our sexual urges in the past during genetic engineering but now consider this important for bonding. We likewise state that the ability of our hybrids to nurse babies has been included, due to the bonding factor. Does this sound like only mental activity will be taking place?

I have several questions that would help to prepare for the PS and life afterwards. You mentioned that Earth will lean to the left soon, due to the force of Planet X. In the hour of the PS will the Earth rotate vigorously to the left? If so, and most important, will the strong winds caused by the sudden rotation come from the West or North West? Or from which direction? After the PS how long before the Earth will start rotating again? Can you tell if it will rotate clockwise or anticlockwise as now? Will the existing prevailing winds change?

The lean to the left does not involve windstorms, other than those that might be engendered due to temperature changes. It is an attempt of Earth's N Pole to evade the magnetic press coming from the N Pole of Planet X. Hurricane force winds from the movement of the Earth are only anticipated to occur during the hour of the pole shift itself, when the crust moves 90 degrees within an hour. The direction of these worldwide hurricane force winds can be gauged. For instance, in the N American hemisphere, the winds will come from the NNW because the Bulge of Brazil will be pushed up toward the current location of the N Pole.

The pole shift with 3600 orbital period will be caused by Planet X when it casts the magnetic balance between the Earth and the Sun. Do pole shifts always happen in a same magnetic trimester? So, will the coming pole shift take place in a same magnetic trimester as it was before?

We have stated that the coming pole shift will occur toward the end of a magnetic trimester, which is either at the end of December, April, or August. We decline to state which trimester will be involved, or in which year.

This is what is being put out. Can the Zs comment? And what of the "Concerted international efforts and the dangers of hypothetical space debris crashes will make it possible for humankind to cope with this problem in the long term." What kind of efforts are we going to be seeing and what if they don't get to it in time, will they wear that egg on their faces? [and from another] Space Debris, Comets And Asteroids Threaten Earth [Feb 26] Humankind has created a major problem: space debris, now threatening long-term space travel. So much space junk has accumulated that the international community must take urgent action to prevent major accidents at high altitude and on Earth.

As we stated last week, space junk is the current cover for increasing fireballs and meteor activity, and the current cover for what is expected to be an increase in loss of satellites. Thus this theme will continue as the establishment does not want to explain to you the real cause of these phenomena.

Hurricane's seem to be off to an early start in the US. Will this trend change at all with the wobble? Will we see significant weather changes in the US that you can tell us of?

We have declined to be specific about exactly what weather will occur in what locale, and when. We have given general predictions, however. The wobble will worsen. The wobble causes unexpected winds, more violent winds, and what has been called a looping jet stream. We have stated that the seasons will almost blend into one another by the time the pole shift arrives. This latter statement alone indicates a lot of unusual atmospheric activity. Beyond such statements, we are not allowed to say!

When our spirit reincarnates, at what time does the spirit take the new body? Is it at fertilization? During the pregnancy? Or at birth?

We have explained, in the Density section where reincarnation discussions are recorded, that the incarnating soul is allowed to be out of body for several months after the birth of a baby before it is forced to incarnate. The soul is in the vicinity, however, getting acquainted with its new family.

Any idea when we'll reach that 6 the zetas thought we would hit by the end of 2008? At least they admitted they made a mistake, though it would be helpful for their credibility when we're out telling people to read zetatalk if they would say upfront "we expect X" instead of "Y will happen on such and such a date".

We have been asked to describe what 2009 will bring, and have declined. You can read into this what you will. We did this for 2008, and made the statement that the pole shift would not occur before Obama took the presidency. No further such revealing statements will be made.

The most noticeable effect of Planet X as seen from Earth seems to be the erratic orbit of Earth's moon. Will the moon encounter more stress during passage than Earth because of its smaller mass? Will the moon survive as Earths satellite? It seems many " moon children " are experiencing above average illnesses and accidents. Is this in part due to the erratic moon?

We have stated that the Moon will hug the Earth during the pole shift, and not be ripped away. We have also stated that the Moon's orbit has become more erratic, more tilted, as Planet X has drawn closer. The Moon does not have more of an effect on one human versus another, regardless of what some clinging to astrology might state.

I was wondering if this chemtrails is in action to dumb us all down, to hide the truth from us about the coming pole shift. From what I was told 1 operation cloverleaf 2 operation raindancer 3 name unknown 4 name unknown. Can it be confirmed this is indeed in practice and on a golbal scale?

Chemtrails, as we have stated, are at present being sprayed to fog up the skies so the presence of Planet X is not discernable. This is an operation run by private individuals, wealthy individuals, not the government. Therefore, it does not have operational code names as you suggest.