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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written February 21, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

My question regards the Earth wobble which the Zetas have said is occurring four times a day as Planet X's magnetic hose pushes into the magnetically charged Atlantic rift. I presume this would be around 00:00 UTC hours and then occurs at six hours intervals. For would be observers or people who would like to record such a wobble by taking a long exposure image or series of images with the horizon in view, can the zeta's give a time the wobble would occur at future dates, the degree of wobble to be expected and the duration it would occur over to maximize success of recording the wobble? Does the Council of Worlds somehow alter the appearance of the wobble by bending light rays (ie from stars, sun, planets) which would otherwise make the wobble more obvious or alarming to earthlings or the establishment?

Nancy has documented the wobble on her Orbits page. The time frame during which a switch occurs is not precise, and moves around a bit. This is a top bobbling about, so a perturbation in one direction will cause a countering move in another direction at times. Check those pages marked Figure 8 for an approximation of what your area might experience. It is the point where the position of the globe moves that is most likely to have a noticable change in the sun's position, in rapid order. A more fruitful exercise would be for you to check for the wobble in the first place. Why are you not doing this? The Sun's anticipated position is published for centuries into the future in planetarium programs like Skymap. Ascertain your N/S/E/W position with markers certain not to be influenced by an errant compass. For instance, some streets have been laid out on N/S lines, or survey's contain a N/S directional indicator. Then find the Aziumuth of where your sunrise or sunset occurs, or the altitude of your noon sunarc. Are these off? You have just captured the wobble!

I congratulate Zetas of the Day of Fatherland Defenders! Questions:
1) Are ghosts to cheat?
2) Can I give my body to the experiments, but instead to take another, and how is it done?
3) Can I manage a UFO?

Nancy does not understand your first question. We decline your offer of your body, and you cannot just will yourself into another body. Manage a UFO? Please be more realistic than a child in these matters.

I do not believe in the theory of human origin in Africa. In Darwin's theory, too. I believe that all races have taken place on other planets, and Earth - a buffer zone, which arrives refugees and stayed to live here. Are Zetas know about it?

It matters not what you believe. The chat rules state that opinions of others will receive no comment from us unless that other can predict with accuracy. Are you saying you are of that caliber? If you want to know what the Zetas know, then check the ZetaTalk website!

I wanted to know why blasphemy brings misfortune. You declined my Q cause I asserted such facts are true. Do you know they are true or not? Excuse me, but I do not want to know your opinion about their truth, but Zetas opinion.

Blasphemy in and of itself of course does not bring misfortune, as the Christian religion has no hold on heaven or hell, and cannot damn anyone, despite their claims. The only misfortune blasphemy would bring upon one would be from ultra-religious neighbors who believe such nonsense.

Recently I watched at least 2 interviews of ordinary economists, given 2-3 years ago. The first was from the USA (Piter Shiff), the second was from Germany. They described the economical crisis as if they saw what is going nowadays. That time everubody ridiculed them and now we see that was truth. I could not understand - several almost unknown economists claimed about the crisis beforehand, but Bush, Cheney, Puppet Master, many other members of establishment, serviced by very smart economists as if did not notice the obvious preconditions of the crisis! Zetas stated it was not good for establishment. But establishment made different financial operations as if not understanding they will bring the world economy to recession. Were they so stupid, the more stupid than several unknown economists?

You presume that Bush, Cheney, and the Puppet Master were oblivious to the trends. This mess is hardly the Puppet Master's doing, but rather a mess visited on the world by middlemen. As we have stated many times, the Puppet Master is not a dictator, but uses his great wealth to influence people. Those economists who state they are shocked may have expected what is called a "correction" but did not anticipate a depression because they were not taking into account the current Earth changes and the impact these changes are having on the world's economies - crop shortages, disaster after disaster such that industry is put on hold while trying to rebuild. Other economists were in the know, seeing the housing bubble and worthless mortgage backed securities being pushed on the unsuspecting public, but went along with all this because it appeared that Bush/Cheney were going to assume control of the world as well as of the Middle East's oil, and they feared retribution.

If people protest on Capitol Hill about releasing the truth about Planet X and chemtrails, would that do any good?

The media coverage would be ridicule, and how would that help your cause?

Concerning the Denver Airport mystery, murals and symbols, what is being hidden under the airport?

Clearly Denver was chosen to be a second White House in the years prior to the Bush administration's ascendancy by coup. We have explained that knowledge of the coming pole shift has been in the hands of those given MJ12 membership, and this includes many in the Bush family. There are dungeons beneath the airport, and tunnels to outlying areas, but not to the extent rumored. The plan was for many planes to land, unload, and take off, with those transported to Denver shuttled off to the suburbs quickly. The plan was for an emergency evacuation of Washington, D.C., thence to Denver, during the last weeks before the pole shift. Thus the telling murals of catastrophe and martial law.

Can the zetas comment on who killed the Minot ND airmen? Cleaning up the nuke plot still?

Obviously, those who participated in allowing the nuclear tipped missiles to leave North Dakota as well as those who simply observed something amiss going on were in danger. It is difficult to have a trial when all the witnesses are dead. Thus, those who gave the orders are trying to arrange for a difficult trial in the future.

Obama is trying to keep the economy afloat for sure with bail outs, home owner help etc. Why does he not restrict the ability of companies to move jobs overseas? If the goal is to stabilize the economy until the shift why not encourage companies to keep jobs here in the US?

Obama inherited a horrific mess from the Bush administration. There is hardly a legislative spot where one could cast a glance not in need of attention. Food safety was understaffed so hundreds of deaths have occurred in the last few years from neglect. Wilderness areas have been ceded to corporate buddies. Families are living in cars, homeless, with children underfed and out of school while cities cannot afford to feed and shelter them. You point to a Bush administration gift to corporations, overseas jobs, without looking at the big picture. Most corporations who have shipped jobs overseas also employ people within the US. It is not a simple matter to undo, in a day, what has been done. Tax laws that favored the wealthy should be undone, as quickly as possible, but any new punitive laws would be debated as to their impact on job loss overall.

Still a bit puzzled about how we are going to keep fear and or STS type thoughts of "look out for yourself" from creeping up in the people we will be dealing with once it is obvious we are at the End Times. Many are happy to try and be a calming influence. I assume we will know what it is we are meant to do when the time comes?

We have stated that little progress is made toward an entity becoming more Service-to-Others or Service-to-Self during the End Times as there is too much chaos. There is more a paralysis, where prior decisions are frozen in place as the status quo. Those who have a tendency to be Service-to-Self will tend to show their nature, grabbing goods and deserting others. Those who have a tendency to be Service-to-Others will likewise show their nature, taking time out to help others.

Do the Zetas have anything to say about the NY Post dead ape cartoon? Surely they must have known that the mention of the stimulus bill, which Barack our 1st black President has been talking about everyday on the news since probably before he was inaugurated, and a dead ape was going to cause controversy. Surely, as a publication they must be aware of the sensitivities of different groups. Was there any agenda? And why is it that so many people just don't get why older blacks, who were dehumanized when they were young, by being called apes and the like, are outraged over this. And use the excuse that Bush was also called a monkey, and just don't get the difference.

Many are showing their true natures, outraged that an African-American has been elevated to the level to replace their precious Bush. It is not just those who are racially prejudiced -- it is also those who were part of the favored crowd, the corporations and wealthy contributors who were granted favors by the Bush administration. The GOP is livid at no longer having power to ram their will through the legislative process and through the White House. None of this will change as time passes, but their true nature and attitudes are being revealed to all.

Why is the Russian language is very rich? Many words have a natural sense. Many Indian scientists have recognized that Sanskrit is the beginning of the Russian language. And even in English a lot of Russian words. And even the meaning of these words is Russian. Can you comment?

Russia is a vast country, touching Asia on the one side, India to the south, and Europe to the west. Travel within Russia was not inhibited, as it has been in the main under one government for centuries. Thus, the richness.

Will the Arkansas River Valley and / or the San Luis Valley in Colorado remain stable during the earth changes? They are close to very large mountains, but perhaps the valleys themselves are safe. It is my guess that since the San Luis Valley is so large and wide that it might be the best bet.

Those parts of the N American continent that will be flooded in the aftertime are not a mystery, as any land lower than 675 feet is likely to be submerged within two years after the shift. We have detailed what the impact of the flooding of the Mississippi River and feeder rivers will be on the lands they abut. The Gulf will slosh, driving water all the way past Dallas, which will linger for weeks. All rivers will overrun their banks. The key to mountain building is to locate the Continental Divide. Subduction will occur to the west of the divide, obviously, and will create a jumble for perhaps a hundred miles to the east of the current divide. We have advised that examining the rock in a locale can give a clue as to its stability. If it has not been broken in many thousands of years, has remained flat as the Salt Lake area has, this is an indication of rock that will not shatter. If rock appears broken, has sharp edges, then this area is likely to repeat that during the forthcoming shift. You must think these matters through for yourself. We will not be available to proclaim this or that area "safe", as you are trying to force Nancy and ourselves to do. It is your choice where you go.

What is going on with the currencies, especially the dollar?

Many factors affect the relative worth of a currency when compared to others. To some degree it is faith in that currency, in the countries that back it, that maintains its relative value. The dollar was held to an artificial height by being forced for many decades to be the currency used to purchase oil, so when oil producing countries unhinged themselves from the dollar, the dollar dropped precipitously. This plunge has now stopped. The effects of the second Great Depression that has now gripped the world will see many adjustments as this or that region of the world appears strong or suddenly weak.

Do the Zetas, see that Sectretary Gates will look for a way out, or disengage in Afghanistan?

Gates will follow the direction that Obama gives. In this matter, you should thus look to what Obama has stated in the past, and his current statements.

Where is Planet X right now relative to Earth and Sun? Where is Earth relative to the Sun? Is it still in a position end of August or early September? Could the Zetas give us an update on how they simulate the seasons, the planets and the constellations in the sky?

We have nothing new to add to our prior statements. Planet X is outbound from the Sun, moving in the direction of Earth which is trapped in front of it. We stated sometime past that by the time of the pole shift that Earth would be pushed back in her orbit to the August position. It has not left the September position.

Can you give tell us if the new google pic's are of Atlantis?[and from another] Was that the remnants of Atlantis found this week 3.5 miles down off the Canary Islands by a man scanning the new feature of Google Ocean? Did Atlantis sink 12,000 years ago as Edgar Cayce and Plato described? Those must be big canals to still be visible on the bottom with 12,000 years of silt and still so obvious.

We have stated in the past that Atlantis was not in the Caribbean nor was it in the Mediterranean. It was off the coast of Europe, in the lands routinely drawn down under the waves when a pole shift rips the Atlantic further apart. Google has an explanation for the criss-cross lines that appear, which is not the correct explanation. However, this was not a city, nor was it Atlantis. Rock often fractures in a criss-cross manner, depending upon the type of rock.

The power went out in 1/4 of our town last night (Lafayette, CO) for hours. 911 emergency said that there had been a lightening strike that caused the outage. Do the Zetas have any better information on why the power suddenly went out here when there really was just a light snow beginning in the area and not much wind or tumultuous weather to speak of? Something seemed odd about it. And I have to say it was a real wake up call with regard to emergency supplies that I still need to get and thought I had!

Lightning can occur in broad daylight, in a cloudless blue sky. We are not yet having blackouts due to the electromagnetic charge in the tail of Planet X, though this is in your future.

How is the Transformation progressing. Did the presidency of Obama already have its impact on the Transformation? Are there already people, children living wih the hybrids now who have been saved during earthquakes and floods. How many contactees are there at the current time. Could the Zetas gave an aproximation? Most of the children that where born in the 90's and later on seem way smarter then before. Like they develop faster mentally speaking. Does this have to do with the inhabiting soul and that more STO souls are incarnating now?

Numbers are nor relevant, and give a false perception. As we stated at the start of ZetaTalk in 1995, the Transformation is now. The spiritual orientations of Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self are steadily separating into camps, as can be seen if one watches political debate, for instance. On occasion, when the rule that requires an element of doubt may not be broken, those who are highly Service-to-Other and destined for death are taken to our hybrid communities in 4th Density, but their loss must truly be a matter where they would not be missed. These are rare instances. More Star Children are being born, volunteering for harsh duty. Your perception that the IQ is greater is likely due to more old souls about, rather than IQ per se.

Is Obama going to serve his full term or will he be impeached?

Why would he be impeached? This is an absurd question.

What are these "woodchipper" machine parts that have been falling from the sky (two so far). The most recent one was so hot it took half an hour to cool off. Are these really parts kicked off of a woodchipper or something else. If something else, then what?

Explosions can throw debris high into the air, with the trajectory sending the debris afar. Friction with the air can likewise make metal white hot. Isn't this what happens when a meteor burns up, or falling space debris burns up upon reentry?

Al Qaeda and the Taliban are the projects of the CIA. Am I right?

It was certainly to the advantage of those with ambitions to be world powers, such as the Bush family has had, to create the threat of terrorism, and to assist this trend if it was not moving in the desired direction. This should be no surprise, as the American Indian was demonized so that the settlers might take their land, and the Palestinians are pushed until they explode with rage to justify Israeli incursions. One need not create these elements, only antagonize them, to achieve the desired end.

In southern Australia last night I noticed the sunset was very red, with a lot of clouds having a very red tinge to them. Is this more red dust from the Planet X complex wafting into the atmosphere? Also a couple of months ago a lot of dust covering everything that was bought down with a light rain, this dust was not the usual dust blown from the ground, but very fine talc like, my question is was this from the Planet X complex?

Red dust has been in evidence since 2003, when the tail wafted past the Sun to waft over the Earth. At that time there were electromagnetic disturbances too. Although the tail is pointing increasingly toward the Earth, heavy dust has not yet arrived. Volcanoes can likewise cause a red sky, and Australia has had such severe drought that a fine powdered dust is not surprising.

I know that in the 3rd Density the goal is to make a final decision about one's orientation. STO or STS. After a soul makes its decision it graduates to the 4th Density where the lessons are longer and there is much more to sort out. I think beings in 4th Density are aware of their spiritual progress they're making. What I mean is are they aware if they're getting close to 5th Density? What would (if there is any) the conclusive point of a soul graduating to 5th Density? I can only speculate that it's very complicating because unlike in 3rd Density, once the decision is made it's done. But in 4rd Density there is so much more to learn, so maybe the decision is up to the Spirit Guides and they determine if the soul is ready for 5th Density or not yet.

These are matters you need not be concerned about as you have yet to graduate from 3rd Density.

Can you tell us where the the North Magnetic Pole is currently located?

Human scientists have tracked this being pushed from the Arctic, north of Canada, into northern Siberia. This is a matter you can determine with your own compass and a web search to determine the offset that you should be expecting from your location. Your compass deviation from what is expected will give you your answer!

If the hybrids residence is in 4th density, are there also places on earth where they live at the current time in 4th density? For what I read on ZetaTalk the Zetas have a base in the Gobi desert. I assume that some of the hybrids also live over there?

It is irrelevant where the hybrid homes are located, as 4th Density does not interact with 3rd Density. We presume you want to know, as you anticipate the hybrid homes suddenly coming into view when the globe transforms into 4th Density. By this time, you will not be alive, and surviving humans would have found their place in our society in any case.

What is going on with all these fireballs hitting the earth? And things crashing into each other.

The tail of Planet X is turning toward Earth, with the rate of fireballs increasing accordingly. This pace has concerned the establishment enough for them to create a hoax about satellites crashing into each other. They want to put forth an excuse, blaming fireballs for space junk returning to Earth. They want to also put forth an excuse for increasing satellite failures.

Could the Zetas give some advice on how to interact and handle the physicaly and mentaly disabled now and after the pole shift?

We have called the coming times an "opportunity" for service, as there will be so much need. In normal times, this or that family is afflicted with a disabled child or an adult member of the family might become disabled. This is seldom shared with the neighbors, but in some communities and cultures such matters are a shared problem, with many helping hands. Such communities have a head start toward becoming the type of survival community that will flourish after the pole shift. Love is the answer. More hands allow those weary with the task to feel rested and hopeful.

Does the green comet 38 million miles from Earth visible this weekend 2 hours before dawn in the south mean anything?


Mother Mary who does have an excellent track-record for the past 200 years at least, said there will be 2 suns after the "turning of the earth" i.e. the pole shift. Zetas do not mention this. Comment please?

We not only predicted the Second Sun but photos of this are on the website Nancy maintains, from 2003 when the Planet X complex was in such a position as to allow sunlight to reflect directly back toward Earth. We have also stated that the entire complex will be visible 7.3 weeks before the pole shift, such that there will be no doubt what is coming toward the Earth. The Catholic prophecy of 3 days of darkness is something we have confirmed, where the Earth goes into a severe wobble, then leans to the left, and then the N Pole leaning away into 3 days of darkness and the 6 days of sunrise from the west as Islam states. We are not in the business of reconciling every prophecy or interpretations of other prophecies with our own statements, and will not be drawn into this further. Read ZetaTalk if you want the facts.

Clear blue sky in CO today, except for the wide, glaring, haze around the sun. A few jets managed to spread chem-trails directly N and S of the sun around 1:00. At 4:00, all that follows the sun is the glaring hazy. Makes me wonder, what's behind that haze. Can you offer clairity for this haze?

Those spreading chemtrails at present are trying to prevent any sighting of Planet X. Just as the Sun is difficult to see behind haze or clouds, Planet X is likewise obscured from view. Planet X is slightly to the right of the Sun, along the line of the Ecliptic. Depending upon the angle, sunlight can bounce off the complex, giving the appearance of two suns in the sky at sundown.

I have been keeping an eye on the abnormal lunar orbital path across our sky for some years now. However, this week I have seen it in a position that I have never seen it before. I live South Central Australia, which is very low in the southern hemisphere, and the moon was directly over head! It never goes that high in the sky! It moved from being half way between the horizon and straight above to its position this week in under a fortnight. Would the Zetas care to comment on any new or stronger influences to the moon?

The Moon has had an extreme tilt to its orbit around the Earth since 2004 to evade the particle flows coming round from behind Planet X. It is these same particle flows that prevent Earth from continuing in her orbit. The Moon is only where expected at the Full and New Moon point, but is too far north or south between those points. This has been noted by many, even those who are unaware of our predictions or comments. Since no comment is made about these matters by the media, those noting this errant orbit put their observations aside, thinking something the matter with their eyes. The phases of the Moon have shortened slightly too, due to the shorter trip the Moon makes when it goes north or south of the equator. These facts can hardly been hidden, and can easily be ascertained by the common man. As Planet X comes closer, these particle flows become stronger, forcing a wider path to be taken.

Are most of the members of the the United nations - 190 plus countries - monitoring the ZetaTalk site? Or still for the most part unaware of Planet X?

We explained that the Bush administration was forced in late 2003 to inform a number of heads of state that there was a presence in the solar system that was expected to pass. These heads of state were told that the big danger was panic in the public. Much bribery and intimidation was used to assure that anyone in the know would stay in line. Not all nations were informed. There is a great deal of rumor, not only among heads of state and diplomats attending the UN regarding this rogue planet. Since few countries can send probes aloft, and observatories are few and far between and tightly controlled by the US, there is little opportunity for rumors to be verified. Thus, for many, these are only rumors. The economic slowdown is more pressing.

Would I be able to detect deception in Obama's voice as he describes these one and two year plans in the stimulus package? He knows of the polar shift and he is playing the game of ignoring it, but he seems obviously insincere to me. I see a lot of Democratic party supporting newspapers are voicing complaints from people about this stimulus package. Would it be safe to say the plan to fix everything went over like a lead balloon?

As we stated previously, we will not comment on Obama's state of mind or plans. The stimulus passed, and was considered a success especially in light of the GOP's staunch determination to be the party of "no". Both Paul Volcker, chairman of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board and George Soros, billionaire investor and philanthropist, made statements recently that the current state of affairs is far worse than was the case during the Great Depression. Many are saying that the efforts done in the stimulus package are not enough. It is, thus, too soon for celebration.