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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written December 20, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

What is the Zeta position on intent based mind-machine interface technology? Do they think this technology is inherently safe enough for humanity at this time? [and from another] Mind Machine Interface Processor (MMIP) - Testers Wanted! Interchange Laboratories, Inc. has developed a practical mind-machine interface technology that has the advantage of being non-contact and non-invasive without the need for detecting brain waves or nerve signals. The technology is based on interactions at the subatomic level where the distinction between mind and matter disappears and effects become instantaneous over any distance. The hardware that responds to quantum thought field energy is the Mind-Machine Interface Processor(MMIP). The MMIP is an electronic device that responds to human mental intention. The MMIP produces a quantum electrical behavior with which the mind interfaces. Resonance of this quantum behavior is compared by the MMIP's digital signal processor.

Since the machine senses the biological emissions, and does not alter them or return any signal, this cannot be harmful to humans. Is this likely to become a prominent part of human technology prior to the pole shift? No.

I'm curious if you've seen the documentary "The Secret NASA Transmissions: the Smoking Gun", and what, if any, info you have on the numerous phenomena seen in it. The phenomena include extremely large, circular craft. They're kind of rough looking, and range upwards of 3-4 miles across. They were videotaped when the NASA satellite tether broke off back in the 90's. A man in Vancouver who ran a local cable station had equipment in his house and downlinked into NASA's feed. He recorded every NASA mission and spacewalk for five years. There were also the glowing "orbs" that follow around the shuttle and space station, as well as another phenomena that is only visible in 1/64th or something, of a frame. It's an odd 'light beam' that seems alive. In the documentary a camera outside the space station catches these things flying around and at a door/airlock, which the astronauts are trying to open.

It is certainly no secret that UFOs have been buzzing NASA or that NASA and other government agencies are aware of the alien presence. As with many such secrets they are trying to unload and to come clean, these steps are just baby steps. They will never tell you everything by the time the pole shift arrives.

Are we going to have a repeat of the Christmas Hammer this year? [and from another] Live Seismograph of Japan for Dec 20-21, 2008.

The Earth is already being hammered. Note that the live seismographs for today are showing a dual 12 hour pattern, as was the case yesterday. This dual global pattern shows the grab of Earth's surface magnets at approximately 0:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC. But the worst is yet to come.

With all the pain that 3rd density souls have to go through, is it really worth it to seed planets? Torture, little boy getting molested then decapitated. All without the knowledge of reincarnation, densities, STO and STS. Just the awareness of a pure horrible reality. Surely some 4th density aliens must not be big fans of seeding worlds.

What occurs on worlds that have been seeded with life also occurs on worlds that are not seeded with life. In the beginning, seeding did not occur. Genetic engineering did not occur. But soul evolution and growth occurred. What you are complaining about is thus only natural.

Was John Titor for real or someone having fun?

We have stated that time travel is not what man thinks. Such travel is very limited, and approval from the Council of Worlds must be gained in all such circumstances. For a human to state that he has arrived from the future is utterly false. Is he a liar? Yes.

You mentioned just after Obama got elected that he was briefed about the "presence" in the solar system. Has he been given more information since then?

As we have said and will say again - Obama has asked for his privacy in this regard, and we are granting him his request. You will get no answer from us by badgering.

Can the Zetas comment on Dec 26 or this week coming? Is it likely that an Obama administration will still need to restrict access to bank deposits to prevent runs or will sufficient liquidity be forthcoming to prevent this?

It is not possible to give accurate dates for matters that are in the hands of man. We have stated that total bank failure is highly unlikely to happen prior to the pole shift. We have predicted that such measures as limited banking hours, limited withdrawal, price freezes, and other such measures could be instituted to limit panic and failure. Just when such measures might be instituted we cannot say, as humans are unpredictable, especially when panic is involved.

Eliminating Space Debris - The Quest Continues [Dec 16] One idea received from a non-US source suggests orbiting a large number of mirrors or lens that would concentrate the sun's rays on individual debris pieces. If properly done, solar energy would melt and vaporize the debris. This approach could reduce the size of debris pieces, but increase the total number of pieces in orbit. The underlying advantage is that debris impact with spacecraft would be less damaging and could be mitigated through the use of proper shielding. One disadvantage, however, is that the number of debris pieces in orbit would increase by orders of magnitude. Ultimately, if all large debris pieces were reduced to microscopic particles, there could be one massive cloud of metallic dust particles engulfing the space near Earth.

Space debris is in and of itself a concern to those countries going up into space or sending satellites aloft. But the impacts to date are not from space debris but rather from meteors, which is debris from elsewhere. Lately, fireballs have been increasing. This is, thus, an excuse in order to implement one of the plans for shielding the Earth from the debris in the tail of Planet X. This plan will not work, nor will it become operational in time to save anything from the pelting that awaits objects above the atmosphere. The tail, as we have been warning, has returned, and will become vicious.

Will the events normally associated with the solstice next week bring us to the 6 on the scale of 1 to 10 the zetas claimed we would arrive at by year's end?

As has been noted during many successive December 21 solstices, the Earth is prone to earthquakes during this time. The reasons for this have never been addressed by ourselves, other than to point out that the end of December is the end of a magnetic trimester. The great Sumatra tsunami on December 26, 2004 occurred during this time frame. Nancy has noted that global shuddering is again apparent on the live seismographs, often with a dual global, 12 hour apart pattern. Nancy has also noted that the Earth seems to be registering significant quakes along almost all earth plates during a given day, on one recent count touching 10 of the 14 Earth plates along their fault lines. The plates are slippery, able to move far greater distances. A day or so ago another Internet cable was severed in the Mediterranean, showing that the Arabian Plate is rotating again. There is more pending. The worst is yet to come.

Could you (Zeta) give us full text (message) of the 3rd part of the message as it was given to Lucia Dos Santos (Secret of Fatima) that is now held as secret?

It was not, of course, a text message at all. It was, as are most contactee communications, a holographic visual of the coming pole shift. We have warned of this, including descriptions of large earthquakes, hurricane force winds, and in particular raging water due to sloshing oceans and flooding rivers and the like. People being overcome by water is a terrifying sight to children. The Pope himself relayed the content of the vision to a German audience, and this is of record. He stated there would be no reason to warn people if they were only going to drown, implying that they would simply worry about it for their remaining days. Of course, some would arrange for survival, and they are not being given that opportunity by the Catholic Church, which in the main looks after its own, its elite.

I would like to ask the Zetas about the Annuaki Language. When the Annuaki left the Earth,they must have left some of their language behind. Are any words of the Annunaki in use today and does the English language consist of any of the words that closely resemble their words? What ethnic language today resembles their language?

The Annunaki did not have speech such as humans rely upon. Their language is a series of grunts.

On Friday night, there is notice of the plane crash of Mike Connell who was about to testify regarding the Ohio elections and perhaps those lost GOP email issues, and perhaps spill the beans about Karl Rove. He was the IT person for some powerful Republicans. Did he have time to provide evidence to a "safe" person or place before he was killed? He had told his attorneys and the judge he was being threatened.

This was without doubt an assassination. The servers this man managed were at the heart of the Ohio voter fraud, and he himself was personally aware of those issuing the orders. He was on the cusp of cooperating with the investigation, and suddenly his small plane runs out of gas just short of the runway. This was arranged.

When are the volcanos gonna start?

They started over a decade ago. For several years, the number of erupting volcanoes has been higher than in the memory of man. What do you supposed all the furor about Yellowstone warming up was about? Volcanoes that have been inactive for thousands of years, presumed permanently inactive, have been awakening. Educate yourself.

Question about vitamin and mineral supplements. Do they really help? Sometimes after taking weeks of a vitamin or a supplement such as Glucosamine, I feel worse! I don't trust pharmaceuticals and wouldn't be at all surprised if they had the opposite effect than intended.

Glucosamine is not a natural vitamin or mineral. If you are deficient in Vitamin C or iron, and take a supplement, this will undoubtedly help you and make you feel better. Eating well, eating proper foods that are not junk food, is the best insurance. Often the mixtures the pharmaceutical companies put together are not tested well, and problems with the mix only come to light years after the public has been treated as guinea pigs. If something makes you feel bad, then stop taking it! Your body is speaking to you. Listen!

Whats up with Russia sending ships to Cuba? [and from another] Russian Warships Bound for Cuba in New Show of Strength [Dec 15] Russia said on Monday it was sending a group of warships to Soviet-era ally Cuba in its latest defiant naval move around US waters, part of a drive to revive old Cold War ties with Latin America. US officials have said they see no military threat from Russia's naval manoeuvres but continue to keep a close eye on the situation.

We stated many months ago that in order to keep the Bush administration, and its ally Israel, from initiating an attack against Iran that the US would be subtly threatened. We implied that threatening Hawaii or in particular Alaska, so very close to Russia, would be a likely route. Thereafter, Alaska was getting odd flights from Russia coming too close for comfort. There are many within the Bush administration, with staunch Israeli allies, who see their window of opportunity closing. Israel tried to get Department of Defense backing last July for overflights over Iraq to bomb Iran, and other such support, and was refused. By holding war games exercises in the Caribbean, Russian is making a statement, and those in the Bush administration wanting to pretend that the confrontations could never come home are being forced to back off.

The Zetas are aware the Israeli's took over the White House? It is more than obvious that the Obama administration is the most Israeli of all administrations in history of USA.

We have long explained that the Jews, in the main, run the banking enterprises. This has been true for centuries. They are smart, savvy about business, personable and good with human interactions, and work together not only promoting family members but those who share their religion and heritage. Countries that run a deficit, as the US is prone to do, are forced to keep good relationships with their bankers. The Federal Reserve is funded by the Rothchilds and Rockefellers. This does not mean that Israel runs the US government, or that anyone with a Jewish heritage is a pawn of Israel. You are naïve in your thinking.

The Zetas agree WW3 is imminent? This is no longer a cold war because Russia has everything to loose, while the USA is at brink of complete destruction. A war will take place.

Once again, you are naïve. You think that increased tensions translate to war. We have stated since the start of ZetaTalk that despite sabre rattling, that WW IIII will not occur. The reason is simple. All countries are suffering crop failures and food shortages and a restless populace on the verge of rioting. For a war to occur, there must be a prize across the border, and there is none. Why take on yet more problems, especially when your own country is unlikely to muster behind a leader wanting an unnecessary war?

NASA: Ionosphere Not Where It Should Be [Dec 17] The U.S. space agency says it has discovered the boundary between the Earth's upper atmosphere and space has moved to extraordinarily low altitudes. The finding was determined by National Aeronautics and Space Administration instruments aboard an Air Force satellite launched in April. During the first months of the satellite's operations, the transition between the ionosphere and space was found to be at about 260 miles altitude during the nighttime, barely rising above 500 miles during the day. Those altitudes, said NASA, were extraordinarily low compared with the more typical values of 400 miles during the nighttime and 600 miles during the day.

At first glance, this article seems to be saying that Earth's atmosphere is lowering, disappearing. NASA is at least admitting some phenomena they cannot explain. They recently admitted that there was a breach in the magnetic shield four times the size of the Earth. That we have stated that Planet X is four times the diameter of Earth is an interesting correlation. Why has the Earth's magnetic shield been breached, and why is the atmosphere disappearing? Clearly, this is an early sign of the onslaught that the tail of Planet X will cause. More is yet to come!

Why is Bush buying a house in Dallas. Is that just for show?

Anyone involved in the cover-up over the coming pole shift is supposed to act casual, as though there were no worry. We have stated that Dallas will be flooded for weeks. Dallas is safer than Houston, the Bush family favorite location, but Dallas is also within the zone the Zetas are warning about. He can escape to higher ground from Dallas, whereas to escape from Houston may be trickier. Houston may be flooded by a rogue tide at any time, for instance.

Why does the communication with the yourselves, the Zetas have to be only on the subconscious level? I mean, what would be the difference from the conversation going on right now in this chat? Why not just appear to those ready to accept this?

The Godlike Productions chat has the element of doubt, in that you can assume that Nancy is in fact a team, with a steno doing the posting while others write the answers. You can assume that the attendees (other than yourself) are all government agents asking pre-arranged questions. But if you are faced with real life aliens in your conscious, there is no element of doubt for you. You will react, in your workplace and in your personal life, and may get fired or divorced, for instance, or chased down the street and beaten. It is for these reasons that the Awakening proceeds apace, with ever increasing sightings and contactees going about their daily lives without these worries. At some point, conscious contact will ensue.

Is Bernard Madoff hard-core STS, or an undecided who simply got carried away with his scheme? Was the Ponzi scheme his intention from the start, or did it evolve into such over time?

This charming man, who knows the operation of the Stock Exchange well having been in change of it in past years, did not ever expect to arrive where he is today. He did not expect the economic crash. Without the crash, his scheme would not have been discovered. He intended that this would all be discovered after his death. As those who had invested were almost entirely wealthy individuals, something he verified as he himself was in charge of who could invest in his firm, he did not have guilt about the final accounting. Meanwhile, he lived a happy life.

Any other info on the Three Gorges Dam? [and from another] Three Gorges Dam Tested as Water Rises [Dec 19] Rising water levels in China's giant Three Gorges Dam have triggered dozens of landslides in recent months, damaging houses, land and infrastructure worth millions of dollars. Critics say rising water levels in the reservoir are eroding already fragile slopes and triggering landslides which could worsen as levels reach their maximum height next year.

As with other countries in the know about the coming pole shift, China will continue with this construction on the chance that our warnings will not come true. The effects upriver have long been projected, a known consequence. But China's leaders are ambitious and are pushing forward. Of course, this dam, like all others around the world, will shatter when the pole shift occurs, if not before.

I got a couple of UFO pic's this last month. One looked like two after burners of a jet looking through my zoom lens, but the photo showed a red orb, and when the photo was lightened it showed three objects. I've also seen a video where two UFOs seemed to join. Do they actually join and split apart or what is really going on there?

Most of what the population sees during UFO sightings is an illusion, designed to incite curiousity such as yours and to incite discussion. Motherships that are at first not seen at all and then sensed by lights at the periphery. Orbs that merge and break apart and then remerge. This is not to say that motherships and light orbs and the like are not real. It is just that the real thing is rather boring, so we jazz it up.

How do the Zetas explain this apparent contradiction? If the Earth is halted, how can all these objects: the Earth, The Moon, the Sun, the Planets, and the stars and the visible galazies be lining up accurately, as predicted hundreds of years ago?

Nancy is currently taking another monitoring of the wobble from her international team. She last posted in early November, reflecting readings in late October to early November. None of these readings reflect the Sun itself being in the position that planetarium programs such as Skymap predict. Once again, this debunking attempt at distorting the truth fails, by simple facts gathered by those bothering to check!

This was an interesting story about the bedrock in Antarctica being "on the move". Does this have anything to do with the new land rising? [and from another] As Ice Melts, Antarctic Bedrock Is On The Move [Dec. 15] When you compare how fast the earth is rising, and where, to the models of where ice is being lost and how much is lost -- they don't match There are places where the models predict no crustal uplift, where we see several millimeters of uplift per year. We even have evidence of other places sinking, which is not predicted by any of the models.

Antarctica is a land mass that is being assaulted on many sides. As the Pacific compresses, there is pressure on that side of the plate, which eventually causes that side of the plate to subduct. As the Atlantic widens, there are opportunities for the Antarctic plate to slip into voids, rising as it does so. All of this generates internal stress along any fault lines, which all plates have. So the answer to your question is "yes".

You mentioned last week that the humans immune system has weakened. What can we do in order to get it stronger again?

The human immune system is not a mystery. The will to live has the most immediate impact, as when this falters the body fails to eliminate cancer cells and the body is likely to develop tumors that become invasive. Most humans will admit that when they are under stress they tend to catch colds more often. There are certain foods that boost the immune system, and these likewise are not a mystery to man being already known. Eat well, keeping a positive attitude about survival, recognizing that the setbacks of today are superficial, only involving "things" lost such as cars or houses or possessions. Focus on love between yourself and your fellow man, which is the lasting "thing" of value, and which will not disappear due to economic setbacks or a pole shift.

What about the latest undesea cable breaks? Is this a prelude to something? [and from another] Cut Cables Bring Down Phone Lines Between Europe, Asia, Mideast [Dec 19] Internet and phone communications between Europe, the Middle East and Asia were severely disrupted after three undersea cables were damaged in the Mediterranean. The causes of the cut, which is located in the Mediterranean between Sicily and Tunisia, on sections linking Sicily to Egypt, remain unclear. It was unlikely to have been an attack. Sixty-five per cent of traffic to India was down, while services to Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Taiwan and Pakistan were also severely affected.

As with the dramatic breaks in January-February of 2008 in Alexandria and Dubai, this is a result of the rolling of the Arabian Plate. As the African Plate rolls its top eastward it pushes against the top of the Arabian Plate, rolling it likewise. Cables are not simply laid into the mud. They are anchored at points so that the cables can be located when it is time for maintenance. Thus anchored, the cables are stretched and snap. More of this to come.

Is there any in government who might spill the beans about Planet X before July 2010? If not Obama, do the Zetas see any likelihood of anyone else letting the public know?

We are frequently asked this question and must answer that this is in the hands of man. Of course there are many who agonize over the continuing cover-up. They themselves are able to prepare, at least mentally, but their friends, neighbors, family members, and all they see in the great sea of human faces on any given city street do not have this information and will be, presumably, taken by surprise. We have stated that one reason we do not provide details about what might be coming next month or next year is so that the establishment will be taken by surprise. Thus surprised, the list of subjects newscasters are not allowed to talk about may be too thin, and subjects may thus get mentioned. There is also the possibility that government officials will simply snap and spew the news before getting cut off, a type of “suicide” mission to get out the truth. Some might go insane as the Earth changes pick up, and rant without hesitation. All of this is possible. .

I have spent the last year trying to understand why the Zetas are using Nancy to communicate with humans. So I will just ask why are you here and what do you want to acomplish and once you do whatever where will you go?

The ZetaTalk mission is obvious to any who explore the website. Nancy, in her Bio page has detailed her personal relationship with us. From this one can see that beyond being a contactee and a participant in the hybrid program, she had chosen before birth the role for herself of a communicator. She allowed herself to be modified in her twenties to this end, so she could hear our telepathic voice.

What is the message of ZetaTalk? Look to the website, which emphasizes educating the public about the coming pole shift, the truth about the US government's interaction with aliens, the spiritual transformation the world is undergoing, the increased encounters with aliens and UFOs, and an overview of what dimension shifting is about and all the intelligent life elsewhere. The purpose, thus, is educational. We anticipate that Nancy will be involved in this effort long after the pole shift, as many Service-to-Other communities will need to be contacted, and she will be the ideal emissary in that role.

The more I read, listen about thing I feel I know more. But the more I know I found out I know nothing. Now I stepped out of the circle and I see the world in different light and I am not sure what is true or fiction anymore. How do we help our dearest ones stuck in the circle? Circle represent depression, illusion of modern day world structure, "I am nobody" thinking, etc. How can we stay out and still help them but not look like crazy to them and not getting back into the circle just so they can feel normal?

Sincerity is the best conversation starter. It is recognized instantly as an attempt to speak the truth. Even if your conclusions are discarded, your sincerity will not be so discarded, and will cause others to ponder what you have said.

Can "undecided ones" or "STS" contact STO aliens in preparation for the future? And if you have family across the world can we orchestrate our plans for the "future" with the help of aliens (i.e. even if the ones we wish to save are all across the world)? When one makes a Call to STO, what are the chances of it being answered. If one plans on carrying out an ambitiious plan, and if the aliens think it is too far fetched, will they not answer the Call?

The Call is answered based on the nature of the Call issued. If the human is concerned about others, is himself of a Service-to-Other nature, the Call is answered by Service-to-Other aliens. Therefore, a highly Service-to-Self human would never get a response from Service-to-Other aliens. Those who are undecided will receive a response according to the nature of their Call. Of course not everything a Service-to-Other human asks for will somehow be delivered. The Call is essentially a request for a counseling session, so that the human can proceed with their actions in a more effective manner. The Call should never be viewed as a vehicle by which a human can arrange for survival sites, gather family from around the world, stock up on supplies they could not otherwise arrange to gather, or any other ambitious plan. If you cannot do this in your life, with your circumstances, then it is unlikely to occur.

We do arrange meetings between contactees, group meetings in fact, to facilitate the possibility of action by contactees. This is still human action, not alien action. The nature of our response, the limits of what aliens can and cannot do, is of course explained during any contact. The Call is always answered, and without delay.