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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written October 4, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

We are hearing from various sources that a special military unit is being reassigned from Iraq to the U.S. This special unit is trained to deal with martial law and civil unrest. Here is a clip of Amy Goodman re this unit: This is ominous. Please check with the Zetas. Will this unit be used? I know that the Zetas have said that they will not permit martial law to occur. However, they have many times said that we have free will, so things can change.

We have long predicted that the US military would be brought home when the Earth changes or other turmoil related to the End Times required their presence. We predicted that this recall would primarily be conducted stealthily, with little fanfare, as the government's nervousness about panic among the public is extreme. They know that the public will eventually find out about the presence of Planet X, causing the erratic weather and an increase in earthquakes. They anticipate that the public will be enraged over the cover-up, and likely panic and riot in any case. But this crowd control unit is being returned at this time not because of an anticipated awareness of or announcement about the presence of Planet X and the pending passage of Planet X, but because of the fear of bank failures with subsequent rioting.

Was it staged that the pages of Israeli's astronaut's diary were found in a Texas town of "Palestine"? "It's almost a miracle that it survived - it's incredible," Zalmona said. There is "no rational explanation" for how it was recovered when most of the shuttle was not, he said. Pages from an Israeli astronaut's diary that survived the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia and a 37-mile fall to earth are going on display this weekend for the first time in Jerusalem. The diary belonged to Ilan Ramon, Israel's first astronaut and one of seven crew members killed when Columbia disintegrated upon re-entering the atmosphere on Feb. 1, 2003. Part of the restored diary will be displayed at the Israel Museum beginning Sunday. A little over two months after the shuttle explosion, NASA searchers found 37 pages from Ramon's diary, wet and crumpled, in a field just outside the U.S. town of Palestine, Texas. The diary survived extreme heat in the explosion, extreme atmospheric cold, and then "was attacked by microorganisms and insects" in the field where it fell.

This is not, as expected, an actual astronaut's diary. This was planted, and is an attempt to bring the tragic Columbia explosion back into memory, reviving the emotions surrounding the episode. Israel has seen their relationship with the US shrink lately, with their press for permission and support in a bombing run against Iran denied by the US. Olmert is in the process of being forced out of office on corruption charges. Israel sees the US presidency being handed to Obama, and understands the US presence in Iraq will diminish. They are at a loss as to what to do, and are trying for a soap opera.

A 7 year old Australian boy broke into a zoo and bashed a couple of animals over the head and fed them to a crocodile. As well as some live animals. This got me thinking of the Zetas, since I believe they said that only service to others souls have been reincarnating, since around 7 or 8 years ago. Are Service-to-Self soul still reincarnating at the moment on earth?

We did not state that only Service-to-Other souls were reincarnating. We stated that the Transformation process had already begun, so that the percentages would be changing as more Service-to-Other would reincarnate and fewer Service-to-Self allowed to reincarnate. We also stated that some highly Service-to-Self souls would be allowed a final incarnation in order to make a final choice. This is clearly an example.

Can the Zetas comment on why John Mack (Harvard UFO researcher) was killed? Is it likely under an Obama administration to have more direct acknowledgement of the UFO issue?

We stated recently that disclosure under Obama was more likely than under McCain or Bush, but Obama understands that the process of disclosure is preferably to come from the public, for mass sightings and increasing sightings to be the case, and not from his office or any government arm. It is frankly not necessary for the government to admit to the alien presence. It is obvious that a cover-up existed. John Mack was run down, killed deliberately, during the death throes of the CIA arm wanting to deny the alien presence. This arm preferred the negative tone that Bud Hopkins presents rather than the warm tone that Dr. Mack presented in his books.

Obama seems somewhat ill at ease with the bailout. Has an agent of the Puppet Master "talked to him" regarding the necessity of this and other matters yet?

None of the senators or representatives were thrilled about backing the bailout. There is a large segment of the populace who would not understand the necessity regardless of how often it was explained to them. Terms such as "liquidity" and "frozen credit" are not understood, to say nothing of "derivatives". The Great Depression occurred in large part because banks were allowed to fail, after years of housing and stock market bubbles. As we have stated, the world is in another depression, though this is denied. Those at the helm of the financial markets and banks are determined to prevent another great depression by shoring up the banks. Beyond mixed feelings, it is obvious that McCain was planning to have it both ways, to take credit for bringing the House of Representatives to the negotiating table but also to finger Obama somehow for approving the large package. McCain had to pull those negative ads when the bailout failed to pass the first time, but this showed his hand. Anyone being gleeful about the bailout is taking a political risk, thus.

The Zetas seem to side with the Puppet Master in several of their comments and their actions, per past Zetatalk. Is this partnership due to his wealth, control of assets (physical and human), and MJ12 membership? Is his support needed for the transformation to happen in a less painful manner (stopping election fraud, providing supplies post shift, etc.)? Even though he has people either identified and currently in charge or waiting in the wings to assume regional power in a post pole shift world this is not likely to play out as he suspects in all regions.

Most of humanity assumes a type of top-down command-and-control structure among those portions of the elite they assume are running the world. We have explained endlessly that this is not someone barking orders and others dutifully following. Quite the opposite. Having financial leverage means one can bribe and threaten, but one cannot order other world leaders about like robots. Our analogy is it is like herding cats. One absolutely does not herd cats, who have their own minds. One strikes a deal, at best.

The Puppet Master, despite what mankind might assume, is merely a family custodian, a trustee of great wealth. The steps he is taking to ensure voter integrity in 2008 and potentially to educate humanity on what is coming during the shift have a win-win aspect for him. He wins, the family trust wins, as well as humanity. We have never stated otherwise.

Do the zetas foresee attempts by those currently in power trying to hoodwink the incoming Obama administration into disbelieving anything they might hear about a pending pole shift or Planet X? If so, how do the zetas think Obama and his team will react? The last we heard, the zetas said Obama still doesn't know, though he's "heard rumors" and Al Gore was talking to him in coded language. Which is the other half of my question; Al Gore's attempt to do something by giving voice to the "Global Warming" version of the Coverup puts the blame on mankind, an approach advanced by Biden in the debate. Do the zetas foresee Obama following in that mold?

As we have explained, those politicians in the know about Planet X have no choice, at present, but to blame Global Warming. You will note that these politicians are almost invariably trying to encourage mankind away from reliance on oil and gas for energy, and encourage wind and solar energy or other such means that might be available for survival groups. As we have stated, any politicians trying to blurt out the truth about the presence of Planet X would be stopped before he could utter this warning or he would be hauled away to the crazy ward. The message would not be delivered as expected, thus. Obama has his own sources for information, and has excellent instincts. He is, as we have mentioned, a Star Child with an old and wise soul, which will update his mind when the proper time arrives. Right now such information would be a distraction. Winning the election is of prime importance.

Has the elite's "sneak preview" show just been cancelled? Hubble telescope fails; NASA to delay shuttle NASA said Monday that it is delaying its mission to the Hubble Space Telescope until next year because of a serious breakdown of the observatory in orbit. Space shuttle Atlantis had been scheduled to blast off in just two weeks, but an unexpected problem with the Hubble appeared Saturday night, when the telescope stopped sending science data.

The excuses are indeed suspicious, as the purpose of the mission was to repair the Hubble, so it would seem that this breakdown would if anything expedite the mission. The truth is that the danger of potential meteor damage has worsened, but NASA is hopeful that this potential will lessen. Due to the movement of Planet X, they need to reposition the reflective mirrors. Thus, at present, they are indeed being denied their information.

Was this bail-out slipped in before Obama takes office? Could this happen again in 6 - 12 months? Bailout: Will it work? Experts differ on whether the $700 billion bailout plan will prompt banks to lend and help the economy. But even if it does, it will take time.

As we stated recently, this catastrophic collapse of the banking system was intended to happen after Bush left office, in order to look like a Democratic failure. Treasurer Paulson's hand was forced.

If at the time of the shift there would be a 350 mile per hour wind, all windmills would come down. Should they be buried and put up after the shift? Wouldn't power and light attract the wrong kind of people? Wouldn't it be better to have a campfire only at night and no windmill?

Windmills need to be protected from high winds, and most have some kind of protection such as being able to swing freely in high wind or being able to be taken down temporarily. We have stated that the hurricane force winds expected during the pole shift will be no worse than the winds experienced today, so winds of 350 mph will not occur. The atmosphere itself works as a braking mechanism in this regard.

Elizabeth Fritz is an Austrian woman who was locked up in an underground dungeon for 24 years by her nut father who raped her repeatedly and fathered 5 kids by her. How did she survive down there for so long with no sun and very little oxygen? Would the dungeon have had to be deeper in order for her to have suffer the effects that the elite would suffer if they stay in their bunkers?

Her dungeon was not deep in rock but was more equivalent to a basement. Even in basements radon gas exposure occurs, as human research has shown. Bunkers in rock have other problems beyond radon, the knowledge of which has only emerged recently as the rock has come under stress. This was a surprise for the elite, and not the last surprise they will encounter.

Does Sarah Palin know she is deliberately lying or does she really believe the things she is told to say? One more question about Palin. Given the many examples of her 'knowledge' how in the world did she get to be mayor and governor? Has she really done some good somewhere? [and from another] A couple of Q's for the Z's. Sarah Palin appeared to be well composed for the recent VP debate. Some on the internet believe she was wearing an earpiece as video evidence seems to indicate some straight line running from arm of her glases into her right ear. Was she wearing an earpiece or how was she answering relatively coherently (not like previous interviews).

Palin is a consummate politician, dealing only with facts that will promote her career or that are at issue during an election. Her education thus has not been broad, as an examination of her college education shows. She switched schools yearly, and wanted to be in broadcasting where one merely reports, from written reports, and does not need to think. She is playing this same game today as VP nominee. No one trusts her judgment.

When comparing her to other governors, one should bear in mind that Alaska is a sparsely populated state, equivalent at most to a small sized city of half a million. Line her up against those who have attained a mayoral position of such a city for a proper comparison. Palin was following her notes closely when grappling on what to say or how to respond, but was not so crippled that she needed an earpiece. She preferred to refuse to answer question, launching into memorized rants instead.

Why do the Zetas believe we are seeing such an increase in police brutality?

There are many ways a populace responds to increased tension in their daily lives. We have mentioned that the populace senses they are being lied to, and are uneasy as to the cause. What could be so horrific that the government could not be honest with them? Distracted by this worry, industrial and transportation accidents are on the increase. But this is not the only expression of deep worry. Illness is on the increase, as this type of unmitigated tension depresses the immune system. Irritability is likewise on the increase, with those worried and distressed less able to focus on others and be empathetic. For those given to outbursts of temper, having a short fuse, these episodes likewise increase.

Law enforcement often is staffed with individuals who like a sense of order, of control, and thus flareups occur when the public does not respond quickly to orders. A diabetic man can appear drunk, and can be mistaken for a man simply refusing to respond to orders. This is tragic, but these types of episodes are likely to increase as we approach the time of the pole shift.

Who is the bail out really suppose to help? I trust Pelosi. She looked so happy about the passing of it but is there things she does not know?

Pelosi understands the dynamics of what occurred during the Great Depression, which have remarkable similarities to the current times. Banking failures exacerbated the economic downturn, and it is understood by all who took Paulson's descriptions seriously that such a downturn would occur if steps were not taken. Pelosi was happy because she was able to deliver the House vote, not for any other reason.

Can we expect to see more ET craft - either STO or STS - in the skies immediately post-shift? Or do we have to wait until the STS humans leave the scene?

As we predicted at the start of ZetaTalk, sightings will be on the increase and will progress to sightings of aliens physical bodies. All this has occurred. We have also stated that sightings and such glimpses of alien bodies is dependent upon acceptance by the public. Thus certain parts of the world, certain locales, will experience an earlier awakening compared to other parts of the globe. It is certainly not dependent upon the percentage or presence of Service-to-Self individuals.

Isn't it strange that with all the reported sightings of UFOs that we have first no better pictures at our disposal and second, is it possible that nobody saw a UFO landing and having contact with the passengers?

Certainly there are innumerable videos of UFOs lately - in abundance. There has even been a video of an alien on a porch, which we affirmed was genuine. Progress is being made!

My Christian upbringing brought me into contact with the concepts of Heaven and Hell. An individual only had one lifetime to get it right. Eventually, my life experiences led me to believe in reincarnation and karma. These concepts made sense in a world where innocents suffered and died needlessly, while evil prospered. Believing in karma and reincarnation gave me hope that there would be justice--somehow, sometime. Whenever I took a suffering or abused animal to be humanely put down, I comforted myself with the belief that they were going to a better place. I needed to believe that all beloved pets would be reunited with their humans at some point. I've read the ZetaTalk about animals and the afterdeath period for humans. I know the Zetas say that animals do not have souls, as humans tend to have. My life experiences have convinced me that the Earth is both a gift and a school. Like blackboards and textbooks, are animals just props? Does the horiffic suffering of animals in research facilities, slaughter houses, etc. not matter in the grand scheme of things? Do our beloved companion animals just cease to exist when they die? Would the Zetas care to comment?

We have stated that a certain degree of intelligence is required in order to spark a soul, and this is the ability to conceive of the self as separate from others. This is defined as being "conscious" of the self. Regardless of how clever or empathetic dogs and pigs and chimps are, they are not at this level. Souls do not spark within them. However, an already sparked soul can incarnate into a pet or other animal for set reasons, and this does occur. In nature, animals are prey and carnivore, and tear each other apart during territorial fights. Abuse at the hands of humans is no more brutal, but the potential for long term pain, not found in nature, exists. In the scheme of things, less brutality than Nature provides exists in many cases, for instance with pets or well tended domestic herds.

It appears that quake activity is slowing down. Only a little break?

As we have repeatedly stated, we are not allowed to warn mankind as to when or where earthquakes or volcanic eruptions will occur. Earthquakes occur in bursts, in part because the plates move against each other until they encounter rough spots and the fault lines are snagged on these spots, unable to move freely. This may seem like a pause, but stress continues to build and will suddenly result in a large quake when some snag snaps and breaks.

Why is the US military moving the Cheyenne Mountain Command Center to Peterson Air Force Base? Will Cheyenne not survive the pole shift?

Such moves show clearly the collapse of buried bases. During the Cold War, such bases were assumed to be immune to nuclear attack, but times have changed. The US does not anticipate a nuclear attack, and those at the helm know what the greater danger is - the passage of Planet X with consequent magnitude 9 earthquakes worldwide. Cheyenne Mountain was never anticipated to have to experience such a quake. Thus, they are vacating.

Do certain earthquake locations and their magnitudes help to flesh out the scripted drama better than most? For example, three large earthquakes in the Atlantic, Japan and Sumatra region followed within days of repeated earthquakes near Vancouver Island and at a point on the mid Indian ridge where the Australian, African, and Antarctic plates abut. Do the Vancouver and Indian ridge temblers have greater significance to the current drama than the three which followed? In other words, are they clues to a new level of activity and direction of plate movement?

We have stated that the greatest brake in plate movement is the point where the Sumatra quake occurred, as the Indo-Australian plate must be driven under the Himalayas and this has great resistance. Beyond this, there can be no general statement on sequence of events, as there are so many snag points along fault lines, and depending upon tension buildup plates may move in many directions, at different rates, when any given snag point eases. Then, immediately afterwards, another snag point becomes the hitch and the whole scene changes. Suffice it to say that earthquakes are unpredictable for man, who cannot see below the surface and has poor predictive abilities.

Weeks ago the Zetas claimed the Bush administration was pilfering (my paraphrase) the federal funds for infrastructure to pay for the Iraq war. Here is validation of a nearly bankrupt highway trust fund.

The highway funds and the funds set aside for Social Security payments have both been the source of "loans" to the current deficit funding of the Bush administration, and this administration is not the first to tap into these giant reserves.

Can we have an update on the Southern Hemisphere Magnetic Anomaly that seems to be right where the new pole will be per the Zetas? How big an impact will this have on planes and the population near it be before the pole shift?

The new N Pole of Earth will be off the coast of the bulge of Brazil, in the Atlantic Ocean. The anomaly is far south of that, and is caused by a different set of circumstances. The coming pole shift will grab the magnetic S Pole of Earth and pull it toward the passing N Pole of Planet X, attempting to draw it up into an end-to-end alignment during the hour of the passage. The magnetic S Pole of Earth is in fact near Tasmania, in the South Pacific. Since the globe will be frozen in a stopped rotation with the Atlantic Rift facing the Sun and the rapidly approaching Planet X, the S Pole lift is thus from the other side of Antarctica and up along the Atlantic to the place where the Bulge of Brazil now lies. The anomaly is due to weakness in the Atlantic Rift, a place where the rock mass under the ocean is less dense, and thus allows the magnetic field inherent in the core to break through at this point.

I have a friend who is a very intelligent person and a staunch Bush supporter. She has studied Hitler's rise to power and the holocaust, not understanding how an entire country could "go along" with the extermination of millions. She was mystified, trying to determine the psychological aspect of it. Yet, when I posed that a similar type of take over has been happening here in the US, by degrees, she laughed and continues to blindly support anything the administration desires, refusing to see any parallels. That is mind boggling to me because it occurs despite all the evidence that continues to come forth, such as the following link. Do the Zetas' have a thought on this paradox?

Both Hitler and the Bush administration have played upon those with deep insecurities. It has been pointed out that Republicans are more likely to have been "whining" babies than Democrats or independents, who are able to deal with the gray area whereas Republicans tend to want a black and white decisiveness. They are, frankly, more insecure, which is a sign of immaturity. Old and wise souls understand that the undercurrents are more important than the superficial, and are grounded in this base. Immature souls cannot so counsel the minds they incarnate and thus these souls and minds both want something firm, stable, which life does not frankly offer.

Hitler rose to power during a time of economic insecurity and after Germany had suffered humiliation during the prior World War. He pointed to the Jews as a scapegoat, and this gave those who were immature and looking for quick relief an outlet. Thus, they went along, feeling the same release that those who burned witches at the stake felt about eliminating evil from their villages during the Middle Ages. Bush has done the same, or attempted to, by scapegoating Arabs and raising the fear level in neighborhoods and schools. As in the book 1984, all were encouraged to spy on and turn in their neighbors. Had the Bush administration been allowed to cause false terrorism as planned, this heightened fear and scapegoating would have ramped up, and a repeat of the insanity that led to Hitler's rise would be playing out today within the US.

How come visitations always occur at night? It seems like it would be much easier on the humans involved if they could see the ET's in daylight. If giving the call brings ET's toward one's self, then couldn't the ET's send a message for the human to be at a certain spot to get together?

Nighttime visitations are hardly done in the dark. Contactee and visitors see each other fully on spaceships. It is only the cover of night that allows the contactee to experience missing time without disruption. A few minutes missed during the night's sleep is not noticed, whereas those minutes are harder to disguise during a busy day's schedule.

Is going about our normal everyday life the best way to go into the shift? I am getting really sick of only discussing problems in the world and I'm getting antsy to start getting active in trying to change things, but if it's all going under in a few years is it really worth it? I mean, I probably will continue to do what I want to do, but I'm just curious if there's a recommended course of action, aside from learning a self-sustaining lifestyle and other survival things.

We have stated that the real purpose of your life is to sort out your spiritual orientation, between Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self. This is the real drama going on. Preparations for the pole shift, in this light, are to ease the anxiety of others, to assist them to accept what has happened, to envelope others in love, etc. Preparations should not be viewed as trying to save as many people as possible, but rather to envelope others with love during these times, regardless of the outcome. Thus, encouraging loving empathy among others is a worthy cause at present, regardless of how it plays out in the survival game.