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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written September 13, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

McCain leading? Tell me it isn't so!

This temporary bounce is based on a positive story, while the negatives are still seeping in. Timing is the issue here. There are two months to go, and those Republican positives will erode steadily. Obama has nothing to fear, no "bombs," but McCain's side is loaded with worrisome possibilities - his temper, his senility during debates, Palin's horror stories getting repeatedly reported as the media steadily digs into her past and "troopergate" unfolds. McCain has other issues to fear too, which the media is unaware of as yet, due to his long, long history with lobbyists and many affairs during his marriage with Cindy. Palin will show a cold, sharp anger during interviews, which she will be forced to give, with the host allowing this to show in retaliation for the lack of access allowed to both she and McCain. McCain and Palin have made the media their enemy, refusing interviews and publicly blaming them. This was a mistake!

Can you tell me what is the real purpose behind the endless spying programs conducted by our government? They claim this is to hunt the terrorists to protect the American people and yet their actions never show any care for the American people. I believe this program is in place because to spy on Americans and not terrorists. This is perhaps how a great truther of information gets killed for knowing too much or is a threat to the government. And its no accident that the only major legislation proposed by Republicans and passed by Congress is related to spying whether they be FISA or the Patriot Act. My question to you are my suspicions correct?

The FBI was aware of the Arabs who were in the US learning how to fly commercial airliners prior to 9.11, and tracking them. In fact, they were assisting them, clearing the way so they could get their training, as so many within the US government wanted a 9.11 type of excuse to declare martial law and/or invade the oil fields of the Middle East and the like. Did they need the wiretapping privileges to learn about these Arabs and their plans?

Hardly. If you look at the overall plans of the elite during the past couple of decades, as the time of the coming pole shift approaches, you will see an increasing use of repressive tools, and an allowance for government to suppress the people. Executive orders allowing the President to quickly and easily declare martial law have been put into place since the era of Reagan. The number of such executive orders increased under Bush. Microchips in people and pets has sprung up, as a concept pushed, only recently, as has genetically identifying people, all of which facilitates sorting people into those who would be good workers and those who should be eliminated.

The whole trend is toward a "1984" type of government infrastructure, so the public is fed lies and is forced to be compliant. Fear of terrorism, and denial of the insider involvement in 9.11 has placed the burden of proof on the Democrats, who were struggling to get elected in large enough numbers to overcome the Republican grip. Of course this firm grip was due to voter fraud, but the fear of informing the public that a key element of their democracy had been taken from them stayed the hands of those who would have made this fight an open one.

How does one tell the American public that their vote has been stolen and a fraud is in the White House? Those who would bring this to light feared public chaos and social disruption. The fight went underground, into blocking what the Bush administration was trying to do. But to declare that the government should not have the tools they claimed they needed was considered fatal, as then the Republicans would claim the Democrats were soft on terror. Thus, temporarily, such repressive laws have been allowed.

Is the fact that Ike is striking yet another blow to the GOP happy talk economy by hitting our energy infrastructure and large cities now just coincidence?

This is coincidental, but Nature has reminded the public that a lowered gas price at the pump is a fragile thing, indeed. Just as the continuing bank failures and fallout from the subprime mess are reminding the public that regulation under the Republicans for the last 8 years has created a disaster. That this is all occurring during the campaign is coincidental, however, despite the frantic attempts of the Bush administration and McCain camp to arrange for an illusion of good times and lower prices at the pump.

Is it likely that the Zetas can be a bit more specific regarding the Planet X time line once Obama takes office?


During the tsunami I saw a couple of stories on the news of people who seemed to have an intense desire of rescuing their kids, and against all odds everybody else died except them. Were some Service-to-Other people given a lift during the tsunami?

We presume you are speaking of the Sumatra tsunami on December 26, 2004. Yes, those who are intensely Service-to-Other and cry out for assistance so they can help their loved ones, their children, for instance, and who take risks with their lives, willing to sacrifice themselves during rescue attempts, are given assists, often. This is an example of what actions qualify a person for assistance.

Will the truth this time be told of the number of people that died last night or will they continue to tell the spin of just a few people are missing, like during Katrina? Will this be the trigger that sparks the New Madrid Fault to go first as the Zeta's reported here a few months back would be the first quake of size to go before the west coast quake goes?

There is no relationship between hurricanes and the pending quakes to afflict the New Madrid Fault region. There is no reason to cover up the number of hurricane related deaths, as the authorities lately have done everything according to the book and conducted a proper evacuation.

What is the situation personally between Obama and the Clintons? How has Barack Obama turned the Clintons around? They seem to actually be friends now, or just good actors. Were they given a position or is Obama just that good at diplomacy?

The world is speculating about what passed between Bill Clinton and Obama during their very private luncheon, where no others were allowed in the room. Clearly, Bill Clinton was making demands on Obama he didn't want made public. This all related to his bruised ego and his legacy. There was discussion about settling Hillary's debt, but Obama made it clear that his run for the White House needed every dime raised, that the time for filling her coffers was past due to the date of the convention having passed, and that he was not personally wealthy enough to buy their loyalty or help. Not much changed, thus, during their discussions, except an airing of grievances by Bill. Obama took pains to give the impression that Bill had given him advice, however, as a gesture toward one of Bill's grievances.

NASA hasn't updated it's shuttle in 30+ years. That's pretty pathetic. You would think with all it's funding and the rapid advancement in technology they would of been capable of designing a better craft within the last 30+ years. What is going on over there? Do they have better shuttles they are secretly launching? Or are they really that pathetic to be launching that same old craft up year after year? Surely they are capable of designing a better craft in the 21 century.

If you examine the history of MJ12 and their interaction with Service-to-Self aliens, and our earlier statements on the alternative 1, 2, and 3 scenarios, you will see that the elite did not anticipate needing their own ships in order to escape to Mars or the dark side of the Moon. They were taken there, during the referred to alternatives, and returned home safely.

But within the last couple years those elite strongly in the Service-to-Self called in the promise to deliver the elite to safety off the surface of the Earth, and were denied. They have realized that the Service-to-Self lie and are after harvesting their souls, not saving their skins. However, too much time has passed so that the technology to go to Mars and establish a colony there cannot be garnered in time. Thus, there is no effort to use NASA or space travel for escape. The elite realize they are trapped on the surface of Earth along with the common man.

Don't the humanoids on Planet X miss not being able to see the stars while on their home planet? I would not want to live there.

One adjusts to what has been one's lot since childhood, in the main. They are able to get around their dense cloud cover by lofting rockets, which they do as sport just as mankind climbs Mt. Everest.

My greatest wish at this time is to let current McCain voters to know that if we have a Republican controlled White House in these crucial next four years and if a disaster strikes whether they be a hurricane or a pole shift, that they will make Hurricane Katrina look like nothing compared to how they would treat humans during the pole shift and after. Absolutely no aid but declaring martial law for each state or contry hard hit by the shift which translates into giving up our guns for protection and a police state. The slow response from the government surrounding Hurricane Katrina was their attempt to declare martial law in New Orleans and 'take over' the state. Harmful thoughts was their primary focus.

If the Republicans can't declare martial law by their wish of a next terrorist attack (terror-wish) they will certainly declare martial law after the pole shift. This I worry greatly. Humans, primarily in the unconcious has the desire to support the dark agenda and feel that an experienced, stubborn, and violent candidate is 'suitable' for the job because they feel this is what defines politicians and needs a bully to feel safe from threats from other countries. People are forgetting that Republicans also consider citizens to be terrorists as well. Many McCain voters thinks that they would be safe from a McCain administration and yet this is actually the exact opposite in reality of their intention. Bush Administration wouldn't have proposed deadly chemtrails nor the deadly viruses which were all intended secretly against the human species. I'm looking forward to aiding many after the pole shift and hopefully many will too. Care to comment on this matter?

We agree!

Was the recent train wreck human error? What really happened with the train collision in CA?

Without a doubt, as the authorities already know. The question is, why would a conductor overlook a red light, as the result surely killed both conductors! This was not suicide, but the increasing distraction rampant in society these days, as we have explained, due to the public sensing they are being lied to. The economy is not verging on a recession, but is in a depression. The weather is not due to Global Warming, but some outside force. People are distracted.

During the upcoming pole shift to our planet is their going to be a super volcano that is going to rise out of the ground around or near Stoneridge Golfcourse in or around Bowling Green, Ohio? Because it really worries me how many people would be affected by this massive disaster that could take place. So we can give the people a heads up warning.

No supervolcano, and not even a lava flow. Spend your time worrying about what will happen, which we have detailed in our Safe Locations section on the ZetaTalk website.

It is said there were massive deaths during hurricane Andrew, completely covered up and never revealed to the public, so the question of Service-to-Other rescues makes me ask, were the Zetas active rescuing some during Andrew, Katrina or Ike?

Nancy will relay that she has been present during times when Service-to-Other children, rescued from certain torture and likely death as sex toys, were delivered to our high tech dome cities to live with ourselves and our hybrids. Highly Service-to-Other human adults were also present and living in these self sufficient cities. The criteria for such a rescue and relocation is
1. that the human would not be missed
2. that the human is highly Service-to-Other
3. that without such rescue that death of the human would likely occur.

The episodes that Nancy participated in, as our guest and teammate, were to educate her in this process. The children were rescued from underground bunkers where they were literally burried alive awaiting sale as sex toys. Their captors just assumed that a rival trafficker took them. The adults were walked off a cliff, to kill them, as they were resistant to the local dictator and were considered trash to be swept aside. The assumption by their executioners was that they were crushed at the bottom of the cliff, as so many others had who had gone before. No one bothered to check. And yes, Nancy walked off the cliff with them, to experience the rescue, as part of her educational process.

What's the zetas comment about the two witnesses mentioned in the Revelation? What's going to be their role during the End Days? Should we expect them to show up soon? Have the 7 years of Tribulation also mentioned in the Revelation began and if not should we expect it to begin soon?

A literal translation of the Bible is not something we plan to do. There is so much misinformation, deliberate disinformation, woven throughout the Bible that this is all we would do if we set out with this mission. Certainly, the Earth is within a 7 year period before the coming pole shift, as it will happen prior to 2012, as we have stated. Drought, insects fleeing the stressed rock under their feet, mutations in animals and humans alike, an increase in albinism, deluge and high tides, increased quakes and volcanism - all of this is occurring at present. There is truth and falsehood mixed together in the Bible. If you want the truth, just read the ZetaTalk website.

What's the questimate on the solar cycle, ie where are we and whats to come?

The current solar cycle, which has few sunspots even though we are supposed to be approaching the solar maximum, is aberrant. This is due to the influence of Planet X, its presence, as the S Pole of Planet X is pointed toward the Sun, and the S Pole is an intake for magnetic particles. The surface of the Sun is merely unruffled at present, and the regular cycles deep within the Sun itself are not disturbed.

I know you said the Democrats will win the presidency, but could you for a moment paint what the pole shift would be like under each party. If for example, the Republicans won, what would be the difference, if there is not going to be a government after that anyway? Is the Democratic win so critical in light of that?

If McCain won, which we do not predict to happen, there would be continued press to occupy Iraq and attempts to assist Israel in their attempts to take control of the oil fields in the Middle East. This was the original Bush plan. McCain would attempt to call a draft, but this would be resisted by the Democratic majority of the Congress. Congress would also resist his desire to make winning or losing a war the top priority, so deadlock would ensue. The public would not be warned about what is coming until it was upon them, not so much because McCain personally would deny them this but because he is so rapidly going senile that his administration would not be run by him. Those around him would be opportunists, as is already the case with those who have surrounded him during his campaign.

However, when Obama wins, which is anticipated, there will be strong press for public service, which the youth of the nation desires because they see that normal opportunities will not be available for them during what is in essence a second Great Depression. This will naturally morph into people helping others, as one catastrophe after another seems to strike. Obama will be at his best in this environment. When it is deemed time to make an announcement, most likely at a time when disasters have essentially destroyed the former way of life, the public will be informed.

Have you not concidered that it is a one party state and all sides are pushing in the same direction. What I mean both sides push in the same direction.

It has often been theorized that both political parties in the US have a common source, and the major candidates are selected from that source, so that whoever wins the controlling hands behind the scene continue in control. This is true to a minor extent, but Obama was never vetted by the mid-level managers who try to run society to their liking. The Puppet Master, who runs them, approves of Obama, however, as Obama is a reasonable man and the Puppet Master can see that a win-win agreement can be attained.

The mid-level managers, who include the lobbyists and heads of corporations, thought of McCain and Clinton as equally maleable, and would have been happy with either. Thus, Clinton was pushed, hard, during the primary season, as this would have provided them a win-win situation. They are distraught over an Obama win, and many tricks to change the course of the election have been pulled, without success, to this end.

What might be truly enlightening is would gold or silver be the comodity that is worth investing in for when the pooh realy hits the high powered fan.

Gold and silver will be worthless after the pole shift. Can you eat it, or catch food with it? Commodities that will have worth will be seed, hand tools, fishing equipment, and skill sets to go along with these commodities.

What do the zetas have to say about the price of gas these days? They said that Big Oil brought the price down to help McCain; will this continue, or are the effects of the ruined refineries going to make that scam impossible to maintain?

You said it well. The oil companies will only go so far to get a Republican into the White House. When it started to actually squeeze those executives who were doing this favor for McCain, then the favor stopped. There is no honor among thieves, and no favors among those in the Service-to-Self.

Between all the networks, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS, which if any is more aware of Planet X and wondering when to bring the subject up and how? Is there one network which is more likely to hint at this and should we watch that one more to see what will be revealed? Or will all of them keep us in the dark? [and from another] Is it a good idea for those who like ZetaTalk to contact the news media and bring the topic up?

None of the anchors are aware, officially, of the Planet X scenario. They may have heard rumors, and to this extent trying to inform them of the coming pole shift or the ZetaTalk website does not hurt, but it will not help you. They have their jobs because they are cooperative, and follow the list of subjects they are not to address with precision. Mentioning a "Second Sun" rising or setting is verboten, as is any indication the Sun is not rising or setting in the right spot. If they raise the issue with superiors, they are told that panic in the public is the only real worry, and that perhaps there is something wrong with the Sun cycle. At most, they are told that there is a presence in the solar system that will pass, with high tides and a few quakes the worst result. As with astronomers, who are closely watched and have been told it is a matter of national security not to speak of these issues, but deny, these TV anchors are watched closely. Any sign of discontent, of rebellion, and there is an accident or illness.

Would you please address the recent prediction of HalfPastHuman regarding October 7th?

HalfPastHuman has a good prediction accuracy track record, and thus we will address them. As they fully acknowledge, everything they predict is a guess, like reading the entrails of chickens thrown on the floor, only a hunch. Their data comes from the collective conscious, as they analyze word frequency and association. There is truth to the obsessions of the public, but not necessarily truth to the outcome of their obsessions.

For instance, there has been worry about war with Iran, about Israel making a bombing run against Iran. We have stated that this will be blocked, and has been blocked, by the contingent blocking Bush and the neocons. But the public is not aware of what goes on behind the scenes, only the sense they gather from watching Cheney, et al. who rattle sabers about Iran. Recently an article was published about what had been going on behind the scenes, that Israel requested a corridor through Iraq, refueling planes, and requesting more bunker busting bombs. All this was refused by the Department of Defense (DOD), as it was obvious that a bombing run on Iran was the goal.

Thus, those forming the database for HalfPastHuman were wrong in their prediction of Israeli aggression, thought not wrong in their concerns. October 7 is a time when an October surprise might occur, soon enough before the election to ruin things for Obama, or so the thinking goes, but not so close to the election that the public would not have time to be informed. Thus, the October 7 date. As we have explained, no October surprise will occur regarding this, as this is being blocked so the McCain camp will not succeed, though they certainly are plotting such things.

Project Camelot, the approved disinfo site per the Zetas, has now spun off a "preparedness" site called Project Avalon. Is this an admission that the sweet-sounding lies are just that, and that they truly want to help the public prepare now? Or is it just another scam, perhaps to identify possible dissenters and 'loose cannons' that might be a danger to the elite's plans to maintain the Coverup right to the end?

Those fronts trying to take the spotlight from ZetaTalk originally sought to simply pronosticate, often stealing directly from ZetaTalk in doing so. When this failed to gain them the popularity that ZetaTalk enjoys, they tried to insert the sense that they want to "help" people, thus preparedness. Since they are not administered by truly Service-to-Other people, and their goal is to disinform, they are missing key ingredients in ZetaTalk that the public senses. Thus, once again, they will fail!

I am from Houston, and I can tell you I have never seen hurricain to close like this (Ike), too much demage in the city, no power. Thanks my husband has a generator and we were ready for this. Is it going to we worse in the future and more frequents events like this?

Absolutely. We have stated that before the pole shift that there will be many coastal regions around the world that will be considered uninhabitable and used only for crops. Certainly the regions of the Gulf of Mexico that are hammered by hurricanes regularly will be some of the first to recognize this trend.

Is it true that the elites have started preparing more shallow bunkers and facilities, knowing that the DUMBs are more than likely to be tombs for those using them during the cataclysms?

This is correct. They are trying to stay out of the public eye, so are reinforcing their basements, or building community shelters billed as tornado shelters in their gated communities.

Is it possible that if we are almost to the 4th dimension now, that could occur before the shift, and the disasters will happen on the 3rd but not the 4th and those on the 4th will not be aware of it? If the future is not written, could a worldwide day of prayer or Service-to-Others push the earth into the 4th density before the pole shift?

We have explained, since the start of ZetaTalk, that the rumor or hope that the cataclysms can be avoided is due not only to the human hope that this might be possible but also to alien groups who simply don't want to be the bearer of bad tidings. These alien groups tell their contactees that if the world were to straighten up and go right, that the prophesied End Times could be avoided. There is some truth to this, for if the world were 89% Service-to-Other the switch to 4th density could be avoided because the Earth would be in 4th density and Planet X is to remain in 3rd density.

However, the globe is at present only about 30% Service-to-Other and not likely to improve that percentage. Certainly, prayers to save one's skin would not change this matter, as this is a Service-to-Self act! And most certainly, going through deliberate acts of Service-to-Others in order to fool the Council of Worlds will not work either. Service-to-Other is not just going through motions, designed to put on a false front, it is genuine, where one puts the self in danger for the betterment of others.

Many of us are so angry, so anguished, at how the media and the Republicans in charge of the Coverup seem to be able to lie so blithely to our face. Knowing as they do what goes on in the minds of these people, can the Zetas impart anything to us that would give us pause when our anger can't seem to find a method to ventilate?

You will notice that the media is not simply repeating lies but rather has outrage at the McCain camp lies. The record on Palin is being set straight, and the Obama camp has righteous anger and is putting out ads at the rate of several per day informing the public. Put yourself in the shoes of a voter, hearing first one thing during the Republican convention and then realizing that it is all a pack of lies! McCain's own prior words counter his current statements! We have predicted a rush to Obama prior to the general election, and this will be in no small part to the realization that McCain is indeed McSame, and is lying in order to get elected. After eight years of a lying Bush administration, the public is frankly fed up. Thus, their lies are only digging their grave, and there will be no returning to the "straight talk express" after this turn of events. They have sealed their doom.

My question has to do with survival communities. I live in a medium sized town in Colorado. I've approached some family and friends about the possibility of Planet X and a pole shift and the consequences and they wonder if I'm "losing it". I can't find these survival groups! Will they form before or after the shift? Also, if a person publically declares that they want to be a part of a survival community, who would notice but the government - the ones we don't want to take notice! How will all this change the closer to the pole shift we become?

We have in the past explained that the best partners in a survival community are family and friends, long known and not an unknown quantity. Such communities are likely to form only during the last days, and thus those in the know must gather some of the supplies that will be needed on their own and then wait for the Earth changes to convince the others. Planned communities will likely be inundated well before the last weeks by opportunists, who will either try to dominate the group or be lazy. Thus, most communities will be formed suddenly, even among strangers who find themselves thrown together during the last weeks. Many of these may be contactees who are guided to find each other.

Why the gentleman channeling the Oahspe was asked to stop eating meat?

Many highly Service-to-Other persons are by choice vegetarians, due to their determination to avoid causing any lifeforms any distress. But beyond this, the channel for the Oahspe had a hereditary tendency to heart attack, and was being advised so he would be available for his work as a channel.

I was thinking about empathy and how it goes hand in hand with telepathy. It makes perfect sense the Service-to-Self ET's don't have telepathy. When one has empathy you feel the pain of another person as if it was happening to you. With telepathy it is like a greater version of empathy, allows the transfer of feelings and thoughts. In order to have telepathy you must first be able to feel the pain of another, you must have empathy. Thus Service-to-Other ETs have telepathy and Service-toSelf ET's don't. Does this make any sense? A link between empathy and telepathy?

There is indeed a link, as those in the Service-to-Self do not wish to be bothered by empathy, as it distracts from their focus on the self. Thus, they avoid telepathy, which relays not only the thoughts of the other but the feelings of the other.

Is there anything the Zetas would request their fans to do to help others than as set out in ZetaTalk so far?

As we have often explained, we do not direct people in their actions. Contact with aliens is done via the Call, which the human initiates. The human is in control, and can end the contact if and when they wish. Each human has many opportunities to help others, as want and need are all around them. They have but to look to see this. Thus, our answer to any who look for direction is to be empathetic, follow the Golden Rule, and take action, but not to request direction, which we will not provide.