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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written August 16, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Utah's Famous Wall Arch Collapses [Aug 9] Wall Arch, one of the most accessible major arches in the Devils Garden area of Arches National Park, collapsed sometime Monday night. The middle of the arch just collapsed under its own weight. Geologists could not recall the last time a major arch at the park collapsed.

This arch survived great quakes along the San Andreas Fault, suchvc as the 1906 quake, and the massive quake that last shook the New Madrid Fault line in 1811-1812. What is different about today that caused the arch to collapse? The bowing of land does not merely shake the land, wherein all moves in unison. It creates a shift in how land is oriented. The base on one end of an arch shifts so less of the base is supported or more of the weight of the arch is unsupported by rock. As this process proceeds, gravity disrupts the balance and crumbling of the arch occurs. For those who question our explanation that a bow is occurring in the N American continent, we ask this question. What has changed for the Wall Arch to collapse?

Much has been said regarding the disclosure of Planet X and the pole shift. My question is more of the broader question of is full disclosure actually beneficial? The Zetas have said that disclosure is problematic for many reasons and those who will prepare will do so without the assistance of government so does full official disclosure represent a net positive or a net negative?

The preferred approach would be for all governments and their scientific agencies to disclose, completely, what is about to happen; allow their citizens to leave their day jobs and arrange for safety for their families or volunteer to continue their day jobs if necessary for the general welfare of mankind; for the rich to donate all their wealth for the betterment of survival sites; for countries to open their borders to allow the citizens of other countries to set up in relative safety; for all to share equally and openly, with fair rules if there is not enough food to go around. Will this happen? No. Full disclosure, as we have stated, is likely to create panic for those in power, who fear losing their perch. The wealthy have been funding the chemtrail program and hope to be able to poison any migrating hoards approaching their enclaves. Where there are those among the common man who would help others as we have stated above, there are also those who would take advantage of others, be lazy, selfish and hoard rather than share. Thus, full disclosure has both benefits and drawbacks.

Hillary has appeared to get with the program lately. Does she still hope for dirty tricks or have the Clintons finally accepted that they will not regain power?

Is Hillary trying to get nominated? Of course, this has long been the plan, as she was only a couple of hundred votes short during the primary. Her delegates and backers have been working behind the scenes while she herself has been putting on an act of publicly supporting Obama. But the delegate count is not reassuring, and she fears this gambit would not work and she would ultimately harm herself politically. Bill has the same dilemma. Thus, they fence-sit and hold out their last options, hoping that time will be on their side and trash Obama. This is not something they can cause to happen, as Obama must crash on his own.

To date Obama is ahead of McCain in the polls, winning electoral states nicely, and the favorite of Hispanics, women and even white males - over and above what Kerry or Gore were able to sway. What is the outcome likely to be? The status quo, where Obama is popular and in control. Hillary will not push to put her name on the ballot unless she sees a trend change, which will not happen. Obama ignores this battle because he does not want it to be the focus. Hillary was caught on camera encouraging her angry delegates because she wants to have this option viable and an ace in her hand should she be able to play the card. Nothing new with the Clintons, who are ambitious beyond what the public realizes.

Is this the body of a Bigfoot? Will the DNA tests prove that it's real? [and from another] "Bigfoot" fails DNA Test [Aug 15] Results from tests on genetic material from alleged remains of one of the mythical half-ape and half-human creatures, made public at a news conference held after the claimed discovery swept the Internet, failed to prove its existence. Its spread was fueled by a photograph of a hairy heap, bearing a close resemblance to a shaggy full-body gorilla costume, stuffed into a container resembling a refrigerator. One of the two samples of DNA said to prove the existence of the Bigfoot came from a human and the other was 96 percent from an opossum, according to Curt Nelson, a scientist at the University of Minnesota who performed the DNA analysis.

This was a hoax from the start, with the hope among the perpetrators that they would incur business and media attention. Their mistake was the DNA tests, which so quickly proved them wrong. Will a gullible public request and pay for adventures in the Georgia wild, seeking Bigfoot? Probably, but not with these gentlemen as guides!

Why do guys go bald? Sound like a superficial question, but it's truly a big distraction. Can less stress stop it?

Hormones and genetics control this matter. It is well known that high testosterone makes a man prone to baldness. Much ado about nothing.

Have events of last week, 50 ships from US, UK and France on way to Iran for blockade, and Russia invading Georgia changed the possibility of war? [and from another] Day-by-Day: Georgia-Russia Crisis [Aug 7] Thursday 7 August: Georgian forces and separatists in South Ossetia agree to observe a ceasefire and hold Russian-mediated talks to end their long-simmering conflict. Hours later, Georgian forces launch a surprise attack, sending a large force against the breakaway province and reaching the capital Tskhinvali.

What occurred in Georgia was not a war. It was a police action, with the fault lying with Georgia. Georgia invaded a UN protectorate and killed over 1,000 citizens in an attempt to bully the protectorate to resume being back under Georgia’s control. This is not being denied. All the posturing that has occurred since is only that -- posturing. No one wants war with Russia.

How can a 41 year old swimmer Dara Torres do so good against girls half her age? How can someone as strong willed a Michael Jordan grow so tall when his family is short, or Lebron James grow a couple of inches "over night." Is it the will of the soul? Help from aliens?

Genetics and determination.

Is it possible that the tables for the full moon peak are off by more than one day? This is the second or third month that the full moon apparently reaches its peak at least one day or more before the calendar date for it. I would swear the moon approached full thursday morning the 14th when it says the 16th on the calendar. During the Boston Red Sox game at the end on wednesday night the 13th, they flashed to the moon from Boston, and it was on the verge of full it seemed, same as outside from Maine.

It has been noted and documented on the ZetaTalk website that the Moon's orbit is tilted too far to the north during half the period, and too far to the south during the other half. This makes the distance across the face of the Earth shorter, as the Earth is broader at her middle, at the Equator. Taking a route over land above or below the equator is a shortcut, so to speak. So gradually the Moon has gained on her regular 28 day orbit period, thus peaking earlier than in the tables, as you noted.

Is this the year of the ants? Usually I ask them to move and they do, but not this year. Generally, how are insects planning for the change?

Insects do not plan, but react. They go on the move when the rock beneath them emits electro-magnetic screeches under duress before earthquakes. Thus, their behavior is another indication that an earthquake may be pending. Beyond that, they migrate to seek food and especially water, as does all Earth life.

We've had thunderstorms and rain, hail and snow here in Colorado in August for the past 36 hours, sort of like a late cold wet monsoon, but from the north instead of the South. This is supposed to be our summer. My question is should we expect a new weather pattern to emerge here in the Western US where we get snow and 36 degree weather in Summer on a more regular basis?

We have stated that the seasons will blend into one another prior to the pole shift, and that weather extremes will get more extreme, steadily, until that time. This is due to the Earth wobble, which roils the air over land moving rapidly under it. Expect more of this.

People who have a 6th sense is that natural or did we get it from aliens?

What is termed a sixth sense is the ability to sense the presence of a spirit and communicate with it, which is simply soul-to-soul conversation. All souls have this ability, but not all souls choose to utilize it.

In the news earlier this year, it was said our solar system is not in the Milky Way, but in the Sagittarius Galaxy colliding with the Milky way and that is why the Milky Way appears at an angle to the ecliptic on summer nights. Is this true, and how come no one noticed it before?

Does it matter? Humans are barely out of the time period during which they claimed the Earth was flat. Our question to you is why is this of such importance in your life? You are about to have your life, and the lives of your neighbors, torn apart by a pole shift. Are you ready to help them when this occurs, or are you distracting yourself?

How often does the Council of Worlds grant permission to time travel? At the time of the poleshift will there be more usage of this technology to assist the survivors and what is an example where time travel would be used?

It would be logical to assume more requests for time travel to rescue those we intended to rescue but were unable to rescue due to work overload. This is an example of the use of time travel. We would, hopefully, be allowed to return and effect the rescue, so a highly Service-to-Other individual could continue as requested after the pole shift to assist others.

Question regarding atmospheric pressure. I was driving locally here in CO and all of a sudden my ears starting popping as though I was in an airplane (decending). The water bottle next to me was concave, meaning a higher air pressure. Is something going on with the wobble to cause this?

The wobble acts as a suction pump, suddenly decreasing air pressure over a region and then hours later when the wobble moves in another direction, increasing pressure. If the globe moves away from an area, some of the atmosphere is pulled with it, but to some degree a vacuum is created. The air over the area where the globe is pushing into will have the opposite effect, crowded air or sudden high pressure.

You have stated that beef in the US in no longer safe to eat due to mad cow disease. Is the same true of pork or chicken?

Prions can infect any species, just as they have infected man. The situation is critical only where body parts from slaughter are fed to other animals, such as occurred in Europe as a general practice. The brain and nerves from sheep were considered good protein, and fed to cattle, for example despite being infected. Where these practices are eliminated due to regulations, mad cow disease is reduced and can be eliminated. In those countries where animal parts are not allowed to be fed to pork and chicken, prion disease should not occur.

Work begins on $57 million border fence in San Diego If Gov. Schwarzenegger is in the know about Planet X, where does the building of this fence fit into their picture? It would seem that little would be left of that area after the shift.

All members of the establishment aware of the pending passage are living double lives. Just as contactees live double lives, aware subconsciously of their contactee status and meeting regularly with their visitors while in the conscious state perhaps denying that the alien presence is real, these members of the establishment pretend that nothing untoward will be happening. Schwarzenegger would have to explain his lack of interest in the border fence. And how would he do that? Thus, he builds the fence.

Obviously when the poleshift happens most art, literature, electronic data etc. will be gone. Do the Zetas feel there is a benefit for saving these kinds of materials as a reminder for any curious future incarnations? I know that of course they will be busy helping human life first so would they just not have time to do this?

We have been asked this question before, and our answer is the same. What we, or other benign aliens acting as historians, would consider valuable would not be what humans might consider valuable. Certainly, our historians are documenting the human race, just as we have documented other intelligent life forms on other planets.

I live in central Wisconsin. I haven't really felt the Green Bay hum, but I'm wondering when that area of land rips next to Green Bay, I think it's the St Lawrence Seaway, well how will that affect areas like Stevens Point/Marshfield/Wisconsin Rapids/ Wausau/ Plover/Waupaca etc.? I hope you can give me a rough idea what I can expect for mountains like Granite Peak which I believe is the largest mountain or one of the largest in Wisconsin, if these little mountains and big mountains will actually come to life when the shift occurs since I heard in pole shifts in the past the Earth split open like a roasted nut. Can you explain if you see any of this occuring in the area?

Stretch zones primarily experience sinking ground, as the support in the rock strata is stretched thin. Thus, buildings implode and gas and water mains break, as we have stated. River beds are often found over areas which are prone to stretching, as this is why the land is lower there. It was subject to a stretch before. Do your own analysis on your surroundings.

Is it true that Europa actually had a pole shift in May of this year of 90°? It is in the start of the article here from Pravda. [and from another] Europa's ice-heavy poles shifted 90 degrees and changed their places with the equator in May of the current year.

We have often discussed why the entire solar system reacts when Planet X approaches and begins its passage. The Earth and other planets and moons in your solar system were reacting when Planet X was well outside of the solar system. How could that be? Our analogy was a spider web, where a bug on the far side of the web signals the spider by slight tugs. There are particle flows coming from and returning to the Sun of which man is quite unaware. On a scale of 1 to 1,000, man is aware of only one particle for every 1,000 of which we, the Zetas are aware. Man has no explanation for why the planets line up around the Sun like the rings of Saturn, or why the Earth's moon, so heavy and slow moving, remains above the Earth against man's laws of gravity. Suffice it to say that Europa adjusted to the particle flows, just as Earth's Moon has done by tilting her orbit since 2004, a well documented fact. It means Planet X is in the vicinity!

The Zetas say that the giant hominoids from Nibiru did not genetically engineer men but it was "the teams of genetic engineers who periodically descended on Earth to check on their handiwork, and left when mankind had made another leap". Who exactly were those genetic engineers? Were they Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self and where did they come from?

Genetic engineers are never Service-to-Self, as these entities are not allowed to do this work. Just who they were and where they came from is irrelevant. You would not relate to our explanation. We have stated, however, that they were reptilian as well as hominoid, but your engineers were many, life forms of all types, and all cooperating.

Has peak oil come true? Has the Earth's oil demand exceeded the supply of easily recoverable oil?

The Earth has oil reserves that would last thousands of years at today's pace of consumption, but most of these reserves are undiscovered at present. However, after the pole shift, the new high tech communities will not use oil, and thus it is a moot point.

I and many other humans suffer from periodic depression. Mine gets extreme on a regular basis where it is hard to "snap out of if", i.e. I can go on for days feeling very bad physically. Can you please recommend some effective ways we can cure depression? I have the opinion that pharma drugs like zoloft are not good. Thanks very much for any reply! [and from another] My wife is on prozac and depakote. What will happen to her at the end times when there is no more available. Is there something she could work on now to stop the medications and still be ok?

We have stated that 43% of survivors will be insane to some degree, after the pole shift. This may or may not include those who were subject to depression and mental illness before the shift. Our explanation on mental illness states that often it is the stress of trying to live in what is termed modern times that forced those genetically predisposed to mental illness over the line. Give them space, a quiet setting, fewer demands, and they often get well almost magically. Depression is very much related to repressed rage and anger. If the rage cannot be directed outward, it is directed inward. An animal unable to escape from a trap thus can be allowed to die, via depression, and not forced to live in unbearable circumstances. Cancer is another such escape mechanism. Thus, after the pole shift, many formerly depressed individuals will find themselves free of restraints and suddenly full of energy and no longer depressed!

Can we expect any false flag or terriorist events during the Democratic convention?

Those who plot such events would prefer it not be during the convention but prior to the general election, timed to suddenly turn interest in McCain into voting enthusiasm. These attempts to manipulate the election will be blocked, just as false terrorism has been blocked throughout the Bush administration by benevolent aliens and collaborating humans.