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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written July 26, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

As America Collapses US Government Secret Plans Revealed [May 21] On March 13th 2008 there was a secret closed door meeting of The United States House Of Representatives in Washington. The story was first released in a newspaper out of Brisbane, Australia revealing the contents of the secret U.S. Government meeting and plans for America including all of it's citizens.

We have often alluded to the fact that some members of Congress - along with some members of the Judiciary, FBI, and the US military - are operating as a block to keep the Bush administration from declaring martial law or creating false terrorism incidents whereby they could declare martial law within the US. Examples are the attempt to steal nukes from Minot Air Force Base so as to create an incident to be blamed on terrorists, and the attempt to use the Emergency Action Network to declare martial law directly from the White House. Not all members of Congress are aware of the actions of the group blocking the White House, and those not fully aware become alarmed when they hear of plans to force the US into a martial law situation, declaring Bush to be president for life and setting aside the forthcoming presidential elections.

Whereas this closed door session was officially declared to discuss the FISA situation, much more was discussed. The items on the list included those issues that members of the House had heard as rumors and wanted discussed. Obviously, they were reassured that martial law would not be allowed to be declared, without specifics being revealed as to how this was being blocked. Action in Congress is being taken to prevent an economic collapse, such as the pending housing bill and support of the banking system. And although the Bush administration has indeed arranged for internment camps to be constructed and the Amero to be printed, neither of these is expected to be put into operation. Thus, these matters were not denied, but reassurance regarding them was given by Pelosi and others in leadership positions.

There have been some reports that the government has recently ordered a very large number of coffins. Also there are reports that the government is requiring some municipalities to locate sites for mass graves. Any truth to this and if so, what's going on? Planet-X? Pandemic? False-flag operation? [and from another] Alex Jones Video [and from another] Hercules Airseal Vault: A Burial Vault is an outside receptacle or container, in which the casket and remains are placed, at the time of burial. This helps to maintain the above ground aesthetics of the grave site. [and from another] After some research on the Fed-Spending site I found that the government has done business with PolyGuard Vaults. The Veterans Administration has been buying Burial Vaults from PolyGuard Vaults for years. Go to the Fed-Spending Site Click the Contracts tab and type in Polyguard. Go to the year 2006. Level of Detail: Complete (all information) setting. In the "Contract Description" fields you'll see: Thermoplastic Graveliners

Much ado about nothing. These are plastic grave liners, used primarily for coffins that will be relocated, potentially. At times, old graveyards are relocated so that land development can occur. Relatives of the deceased are no longer available, long ago having stopped visiting the graves and unknown to the owners of the graveyards. Coffins fall apart after many years, and old graves seldom have the coffins encased in concrete as today. The deceased are dug up and placed with identification into the plastic vaults, and relocated elsewhere so a housing development or factory can be constructed. As with all products, they are mass produced for efficiency. The Veterans Administration buys a stock for those situations where the body is decomposing before it can be processed, and embalming is no longer possible. This happens quickly in hot climates like Iraq. Completely sealable, these vaults allow the family to determine a burial site and conduct a funeral without being exposed to the smell.

Mystery Vibrations have Green Bay Couple Spinning [Jul 23] For two years now, the Ehrfurths have been enduring an annoying, persistent noise in their home - a low, motor-like rumble accompanied by a vibration. [and from another] The Hum The Hum is a generic name for a series of phenomena involving a persistent and invasive low-frequency humming noise not audible to all people.

Looking at a map of Wisconsin, one sees that Green Bay is at the point where the peninsula is pulling away from the mainland of Wisconsin. In other words, at the rip point. Looking further inland along the line of rip, we see Lake Winnebago, a large body of water which formed over an area that had sunk in the past. When we described the St. Lawrence Seaway ripping open during the pole shift, and the ripping process which has already begun since the wobble and tugging at the surface of the Earth occur daily, we described not just the seaway but a Mississippi River bridge failing at Minneapolis and the much earlier rumpling of the Black Hills in S Dakota. Of course the ripping open of the seaway is going to affect Wisconsin as it is in the heavy traffic lane!

Moon-Walker Claims Alien Contact Cover-up [Jul 24],23599,24070088-13762,00.html Former NASAastronaut and moon-walker Dr Edgar Mitchell - a veteran of the Apollo 14 mission - has stunningly claimed aliens exist. And he says extra-terrestrials have visited Earth on several occasions - but the alien contact has been repeatedly covered up by governments for six decades. [and from another] Have public figures like edgar mitchell been given a pass to discuss aliens or are they just at a point in their life where they do not care if they are suicided?

Mitchell has been known, for many years, to be itching to reveal what he knows about aliens. He has lately been told he can say what he wants, as the status of the cover-up is so battered that no one believes what the government says anymore. He expected to be countered by NASA, which he was, but as expected no one believes what NASA says anymore either.

There has been a noticeable effort recently in the media to paint Obama and his campaign in a favorable light and McCain in an unfavorable one. This would seem to be the work of the Puppet Master. Is the election not to be monitored by him to ensure fairness or is the media conditioning just to ensure a democratic landslide that will not be questioned? [and from another] In Study, Evidence of Liberal-Bias Bias [Jul 27] The Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University, where researchers have tracked network news content for two decades, found that ABC, NBC and CBS were tougher on Obama than on Republican John McCain during the first six weeks of the general-election campaign. You read it right: tougher on the Democrat.

What unfairness? McCain makes overseas trips and all this is fine, but when Obama goes overseas he is accused of seeking photo ops. McCain makes numerous senile statements, such as regarding Pakistan and Iraq sharing a border, and this barely gets a mention in the press! Obama is attacked with an insulting New Yorker magazine cover and everyone is surprised there is a reaction, but would a cover showing McCain as a Manchurian Candidate and his wife Cindy as a pill-head be allowed? Yet these are the rumors about McCain, just as the New Yorker cover displayed the rumors about Obama. The media has been protecting McCain from embarrassment. CBS jounalists even doctored their interview with him to remove another of his senile statements, as it was so bad. If he were expected to win, there might be more press to expose McCain to the same scrutiny that Obama gets, but everyone can see it will be a landslide for Obama.

Are the rumors of a completed "total information awareness" project that is being illegally put to use after Congress was told it was shut down true? If so does it matter as Earth changes will soon make issues like this somewhat irrelevant?

You are correct on your last point, as all surveillance will cease when the pole shift happens and may cease well before that point. The US government has been spying on its citizens and much of the world for decades, in secret, and made no apologies. It was only when some of the programs were revealed during these past few years that an uproar occurred. What was not seen, reported, or covered by law still goes on.

Are those supporting Bush/McCain Service-to-Self or just spiritually immature, easily misled? Is political preferences indicative of spiritual orientation of the voter?

The fact that Republicans are less empathetic has been shown by psychological analysis of their childhoods. The report stated that more whiny kids turn out to be Republicans later in life than those kids who can deal with the gray area. Republicans, thus, are more likely to want black and white - in other words, security. Which spiritual orientation does that sound like? The Service-to-Self, who are more comfortable with rules and strict regulation so they know where they stand and what to expect. For those who say that a young child, whiny and wanting their way, wanting utter security, does not have an established soul, we point to reincarnation. It is the soul that dominates the personality, even at a young age.

Will stringed instruments (violins, etc) be played in the aftertime? I suppose that some will survive, but since there will be no string manufacturing, sales or distribution - there will be no music from guitars violins etc. Therefore after the initial shift and survival - I assume there will not be music for many many many many many years. If ever again.

What nonsense! Primitive peoples make music with water filled gourds and drums from skins pulled over hollow wooden buckets. Flutes are made from bamboo, and the music from them is as beautiful as any from a manufactured instrument. Will you lose your voice so you cannot sing?

Was the problem with Ron Paul's recent flight an attempt on his life/warning? [and from another] Thursday, July 17, 2008 Texas Congressman Ron Paul has warned the House that he is "convinced the time is now upon us that some Big Events are about to occur." that will cause liberty to go "into deep hibernation". Paul told the House: "These fast-approaching events will not go unnoticed. They will affect all of us. They will not be limited to just some areas of our country. The world economy and political system will share in the chaos about to be unleashed." "There are reasons to believe this coming crisis is different and bigger than the world has ever experienced. Instead of using globalism in a positive fashion, it's been used to globalize all of the mistakes of the politicians, bureaucrats and central bankers."

Yes. He was warned to watch his mouth as the full extent of the banking crisis and the criminal greed allowed during the Bush administration is not presently known to the public.

I was wondering if the zetas would like to comment on the recent jet plane almost catastrophe where a plane had a hole punched in it in mid flight. Was it a meteorite? Obviously they are are down-playing the incident but it looked to me like a possible Planet X precursor type event. Here's a link to the story:

Since the entire piece was torn from the plane, this was not a meteor impact but a failure of the bolts. Several bolts failed, one after the other, until the wind was able to grip and tear the entire piece off along the weld lines. On occasion there are catastrophic failures such as this while a plane is in the air, but what was unusual about this failure was that the plane was able to land. In other cases the incident is explained away as an explosion within the plane of something in the luggage compartment or the like, and airport security and inspections are increased. The truth is that planes age and fall apart, but the public is not to think of these matters or else business might be affected.

Can Zetas give any advice on how to deal with those 'quietly going insane', unable to comprehend the changes occuring, known world crumbling?

Are you speaking of yourself, or others? Our personal advice would be to realize first that death is not the end, and all life ends at some point whether abruptly or after a lingering illness. The pole shift is likely to bring more deaths quickly, avoiding the lingering illness, and this is in fact a blessing in disguise. Second, the purpose of your existence on Earth is to learn to love others, and the coming pole shift and disintegration of support structures around the globe is an opportunity. Focus on others, and how to help and comfort them, and your concerns about yourself will melt away. If you are speaking of others, your family or friends, there is little you can do unless they are receptive to our words above, which we doubt. They will slip increasingly into denial, which is a type of insanity, and eventually not be in touch with reality at all.

I heard lately that Einstein had said that when bees die the human race will extinguish in four years. We know now that bees began to disappear and die one or two years ago. What's your comment on that and what's the conncection between human existence and bee existance?

If all commercial crops were to be affected, mankind would have immense starvation indeed, but not be extinguished. Einstein was speaking figuratively on the impact that the death of bees would have on civilization. Tomatoes are self-pollinating, as are beans, so no effect there. Wind pollinated crops such as grains and corn would likewise not be affected. Certainly many crops such as fruit trees would be affected. Bear in mind that bees are not the only pollinators, though they are the commercially used pollinators. Ants and wasps, for instance, likewise pollinate, and the bee populations will not be extinguished by the current problems.

Hearing more predictions lately from various sources that McCain will be the next Prez. Is that how the Zetas currently feel it will go?

He is losing in the polls, as all national polls have consistently shown Obama ahead by several points. He is losing in the states, which any inspection of shows. If all states which have Obama leading are counted in his column, it is a massive sweep into the White House. Voter fraud, the Republican technique to get control of Congress and get Bush into the White House, will not be allowed this coming election any more than it was in 2006. The Republicans are toast!

Is psychic vampirism real?

This is a term used to describe a person who wants constant attention, and finds numerous ways to demand that the thoughts of those around them are constantly focused on the attention grabber. Only the problems facing the psychic vampire are allowed to be discussed. All others must attend to this person or loud demands are made. After a bit of this, everyone else is exhausted as they cannot take a moment out to think of themselves, which all living creatures need to do. Psychic vampirism is just another way of describing intensely self-focused demands.

Is unsparked soul exhibiting mostly instinctive behaviour? It is unthinkable that 4.5 billion of Earth's population is that. The Zeta statement is that an unsparked soul is one without strong personality and is passive, no initiative. Can this lack of initiative be just a feature of character - temper type, introversion vs extraversion? Was Hitler an unsparked soul ('sheltered, babied existence, lacking any real life experience' - according to ZetaTalk), or just a very young soul, immature, thus easily misled and manipulated?

Hitler was neither a fully established Service-to-Self nor an unsparked soul. He was immature, meaning undecided. Those living in cities or connected to the Internet and watching TV are astonished to hear our descriptions of unsparked souls composing the predominant portion of the populace on Earth today. As we have stated, those souls reincarnating migrate to the cities, as this is where the drama, the action, is located. Of course passivity can be present in a sparked soul, for instance one who wishes to take advantage of others around them, and can be a deliberate manipulation of others rather than true passivity. An introvert can indicate a cautious approach, and an extrovert one that is almost desperate to establish human connections with others, and both of these approaches have nothing to do with the age or existence of a sparked soul. Those who have established souls, old souls, have no difficulty recognizing they are dealing with a human who has an unsparked soul, and can identify at least one individual they met in their life whom they would put in that category. There is no soul interaction with these individuals.

Hi Nancy, I am curious about two crop circles recently. The first one was added onto at a later time. This is a rare event as far as I know, reported the 22nd of July. Here is the link.

This circle and the addition a day later are both legitimate designs, not hoaxes. If you assume the original circle to represent the Earth and its core, then the additions indicate the effect on the Earth of a consistent and violent wobble. We have described the Earth turning under her mantle of air and the waters in her oceans, so that the wobble increases air turbulence and high tides. But herein as described is more that is affected by a wobble, as there are thousands of particle flows of which man is unaware. The upper atmosphere will be affected, as will the magma under the surface, so that man and his equipment will be affected as the wobble worsens. Of this we can say no more.

Please comment on the 'non impeachment hearings' and Bugliosi's reference to Bush cabal and murder? Will this thing fly?

Of course the Bush cabal has been responsible for assassinations, too numerous to list, as well as treason. Will this be an official reason for impeachment? Hardly. There are many layers of separation between the act and the hands of the Bush family and their cronies. No connecting proof exists.

How many degrees is the true magnetic N declination now? My realtor had a tough time honing in at 17° and looked confused and had to fudge a little when checking out my property stakes.

The compass swings about, and those who track this say that the compass moves from side to side every few months. Deviations in the double digits have been reported, but this depends upon the location.

The weather here in Central Europe this year was very instable, big temperature changes in short time, humid, not predictable, and especially enormous rain, for example today in Dortmund in few hours it rained 203 l per sqm, average July in one day 80 l per sqm. Records. Is this extreme pattern to see in your prediction of the time the pole shift is nearing and do you believe it will become more severe? Or is it just coincidence? [and from another] Dangerous Floods Devastate Ukraine and Romania [Jul 27] Ukraine's Emergencies Ministry said water levels were dangerously high on the Prut and Dnestr rivers after five days of non-stop rain. More than 20,000 homes have been flooded and 7,000 people evacuated, many by boat or helicopter.

When we predicted weather irregularities in 1995, where drought and deluge would get increasingly worse and even switch about suddenly for no obvious reason, we were predicting the effect the Earth wobble would have on the Earth. At the time of our prediction we were ridiculed, and were the only source making these predictions. Few are laughing now. We cannot say if your region will continue to have deluge episodes, as matters will be highly variable, and increasingly so.

Is it a Service-to-Self tendency [controll freak] to not let one do whatever he desires about his own life, but imposing 'right choices' ('helping' with decision)?

One modus operandi that those whose orientation is Service-to-Self use to manipulate others is to claim that they are "helping" those others to do the "right thing", that the dictates are "for your own good" and the like. Of course, if the person being dictated to is a toddler and the dictator is a parent, it's another matter.

Zetas, is it true that there are large chasms/voids underneath the New York City area?

No. The New York City area is considered very solid rock, or skyscrapers would not have been allowed to be constructed. All rock, however, has caverns within it, but when these are completely enclosed they are unlikely to collapse.

I looked at your map of the world after the changes and I noticed many things, not all of which I will ask at once, but the most important, I guess are that South America and North America rotate around to be next to what is the old northern arctic edge of Europe and Asia, thus, after the change, the entire east coast of the USA will be in, or almost in, the new polar Arctic circle. Thus, those who survive the flood will gradually be frozen to death. Why not tell everyone to move to the mountains of British Columbia which eventually will be just above the equator and much more pleasant I would think than NY State or Maine, for example.

You are wrong. The ocean off the coast of the Bulge of Brazil is the new N Pole, and the East Coast is at some distance from this point. The East Coast will clearly have a temperate climate, as they do today. What nonsense! You can cut out the map that Nancy has provided, as is suggested there, and tape it together or paste it onto a small ball to simulate a small globe. Put your finger on the new N Pole and the new S Pole and twirl the little globe and you will see your error.

I have a deep question of feeling for you. If dedicated "Service to Others" are help during the poleshift "if caught in flood waters they will just wake up and find themselves holding onto something floating", and afterwards when needing food "they will discover that a fruit tree just happen to grow among them" (including of course there own efforts to assist one another in their group). All done by the Unseen Helpers 'assigned for this'. Then 'they' (STO) really have no reason to waste time, (by not presently devoting their time in intense STO work now), trying to prepare for a so-called 'safe place' to save thier own skins. In other words to "true" STO will be helped to survive the poleshift. Part of the proof if this is that they do not prepare, whereas those who are Service-to-Self will prepare. For them it does not matter where they are on Earth. In fact they must be in danger areas in order to carry out the STO work. That is why they are truly in Service To Others.

Said by someone who is obviously not Service-to-Other! Just lay back and let others do the work? You think that busy aliens have nothing better to do than serve you?

I was doing some investigating of 9/11 and Flight 93 when I came across a taped message from CeeCee Lyles. After listening to it was obvious that she was being fed the lines. "I'm on the plane, calling from the plane" I think not. Anyone in tune with their intuition will realize something is not right. The most amazing part of the tape is at the end you can hear another woman whisper "you did great". I believe she was being forced to make this phone call, along with the other victims who made calls. Can you verify this claim? I don't think she was even on the plane making those calls. We owe it to CeeCee to find out what really happened to her! RIP CeeCee Lyles. Flight 93: Cell Call Exposed 9/11

Your suspicions are correct. She was not on the plane! But this does not mean that she is alive at present.

I recently moved into a new apartment, I had to cancel Direct TV and switch to cable TV. I didn't order cable TV and after at least a week or more I feel different, it is really weird. I'm seriously starting to think TV hypnotizes the brain and must put it into a lower brainwave. I feel like if the media said every day the sky was red and kept repeating it every day eventually people would look up and start really seeing a red sky. Can you verify that TV is sending out signals causing the brain to go into a type of hypnotic/sleep brain wave? Feels good to be released from it's hypnotic spell.

TV is not doing brain control outside of the obvious influence that the standard messages are repeated endlessly. For instance, the public is being given the impression that there is a contest between Obama and McCain when it is clear that Obama will win. Why? Because the media likes an argument, a contest, so is trying to create that impression.

Does Planet X jolt the earth once in a while? A while back I noticed the sunset 3 or 4 months ago was way off to the north. From where I work the night before it was setting from the garage door. The next evening it wasn't setting where it should of been. It was more north. Then the next evening it was where it should have been the night before. It was back to where it should be. This is part of the chemtrails also I assume?

This has nothing to do with chemtrails but has everything to do with the wobble. Indeed, the wobble is not precisely the same from day to day. Planet X is a magnet, as is the Earth. When it moves its N Pole to point more directly toward the Earth, there is a reaction from the Earth. The Earth's reaction can play back to Planet X such that Planet X makes an adjustment and the Earth goes back to a modest wobble again.

I'm hoping you can comment on the TSA Terrorist watch list errors. Are these lists of names of people who are anti-war, anti-bad government and or whistleblowers, etc. who post things about the corrupt US government on the Internet then are watched as potential terrorist when they are not?

Yes. People who are known to speak out against the Bush administration, quite legally and legitimately, are on the list. If one points out facts, known facts not even in dispute, they can be put on the list. The reason it took an act of Congress to get Nelson Mandela off the list was because there are so many levels of approval for removal. So much easier to add than take away, and the list is now impossible to maintain. It has become a joke, and will be used less and less because of this.

I realize that people learn spiritual lessons from Hollywood movies that contrast black or white intentions, the proverbial choice we make between thinking mostly about ourselves (Service-to-Self) and thinking about others (Service-to-Others). I enjoyed the quality of some of the actors in new Batman sequel. Was Heath Andrew Ledger's acting mission (in part) to portray positive views associated with a future Service-to-Self career? If so, was his recent death related to his successful portrayal of the STS Joker? Perhaps Heath's untimely death was unrelated to the Batman movie. I'm thinking he thought he was successful, completed his mission, and for whatever reason died. Can, or would the Zetas elaborate?

Heath Ledger died because of his drug use, not because he had completed a mission. Yes, Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other conflicts and the results of decisions and actions are almost always the basis of Hollywood movies. This is because the Earth is an early schoolhouse for young souls who must make a personal decision about which orientation they will choose.