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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written April 12, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

LIGO, short for Laser Interferometry Gravity-Wave Observatory, is one of the newest arrows in our astronomical quiver. It is designed to search for gravity waves produced by colliding black holes or collapsing supernovae. LIGO will join with other gravity-wave observatories around the world to become more than the sum of its parts. The Grid Physics Network, or GriPhoN, joins LIGO and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey with the Large Hardon Collider at CERN, the European accelerator laboratory. They form a computational and communications grid that ties together resources from the United States and Europe. We expect that advances in developing petascale virtual data grids made in this project can be extended to other components of our nascent cyberinfrastructure. [and from another] We have the capability to receive gravity waves and soon with the LHC we will be capable of creating (transmitting) gravity waves (black holes). All these systems around the world are going to be networked into a local grid matrix. It seems to me what determines if a world is ready for official contact is the ability to truly communicate. Will this be the advance that will finally lead to humanity joining the galactic community?

Hardly. This is bragging by humans on what they hope to achieve, not a report on what they have achieved. In addition, your Earth is in the process of being contacted and drawn into the galactic community now. This was not based on their technological achievements, but on the readiness of the souls who have developed on Earth for their next spiritual plane. Even intelligent fish, who have no capacity for technological development, join the galactic community.

There has been talk about the many inconsistencies of ZetaTalk. I present you with this one, which is quite grievous. How do you, or the alleged Zetas on who's behalf you allegedly speak, explain the following? [and from another] ../density/d38.htm Note: written Aug 15, 1996 In shifting large areas, such as will occur when your world goes through its Transformation, the same mechanism is used. (snip) If one wishes to wash a tiny area one uses a tiny hose with a pin-point nozzle at the end and uses a steady hand or allows the directed flow to be under the control of a computer, a steadier hand. If one wishes to wash a large area, such as when hosing out a fire, one does not concern oneself with precision as much as maintaining the volume and force of the flow. [and from another] ../density/d40.htm Note: written Sep 15, 1996 We will leave some undesirables behind. (snip) The agents of many diseases such as a virus, bacteria, fungus, or invading parasite will not be moved during the shift. [and from another] Clearly, both scenarios can not be satisfied. Either an entire planet is moved in bulk with everything included, or attention is paid to tiny viruses little more than 100 times the size of a Potassium atom with no attempt at moving an entire planet. Strangest of all, the two articles cited above were written just one month apart. Go figure.

We will not explain the mechanism of density shifting beyond simplistic descriptions. There are markers on physical matter and living matter that identify that matter precisely. The markers for what we wish to leave behind are identified to our density shifting computers, implying that all else can be moved. In identifying what you call "conflicting" ZetaTalk on density shifting, you have omitted one other - that the physical Earth will not be entirely shifted. Part of the Earth will remain behind in 3rd Density as the Men-in-Black are not moving to 4th Density at the same time as mankind and life on the surface of the Earth. Does this mean that rock and water will be on one Earth but not on the other? No. It means that portions of the current Earth's rock and water will move, the rest will not. So it is beyond markers, and includes proportion. How we work this out is not for you children to know.

Why are your alleged Zetas allegedly planning to implode the Earth by shifting some of it into another dimension? With parts of the Earth in this dimension, and parts in another dimension, surely both (if not just one) will be so cavernous as to implode. What exactly would prevent implosion, within this apparently ridiculous scenario?

We have stated that the shift to 4th Density will occur approximately 100 years after the pole shift, and have likewise stated that after the pole shift that the oceans will rise to approximately 675 feet above sea level as a result of heat swelling the ocean bottoms. This rise in sea level will last for several hundred years. The Earth of the future will thus have hardened rock plates that are not pressed closely together but rather are pulled apart at the edges. Magma is not static, and can be increased by melting rock. Much of the land plates that ride on the molten magma are very thick, and can spare some thickness. Underground cavities can be increased, likewise. All this allows for a second Earth to be built from the original. The Earth being left behind is not expected to have life for long, so will have less atmosphere and thus less water to build the atmosphere. The heat inherent in the caverns that the Men-in-Black live within is sufficient for their lives until they are ready for their own transition to 4th Density or relocation to another home planet.

To address your continuing confusion over this matter: land masses float on the sea of magma, as we have stated, because the composition of the land mass is lighter than the magma underneath or else land would sink beneath the magma. Land masses that are honeycombed which have more caverns are lighter still, so the existing land mass can be so honeycombed without harm to creatures on the surface or creatures living within the caverns. Sea water distributed between the two Earths will mean a lower sea level, something we have described for the future Earth in 4th Density, and the Earth left behind will become a dead Earth and will have very little of the water. Both planets will be smaller than the Earth of today.

Is the disclosure of Planet X being somewhat managed to a time line that optimizes the preparations that can be made for the most people? Too early and panic and social collapse destroying any chance of preparations surviving a pre collapse mad max scenario and too late of a disclosure not allowing enough time? Those that are somewhat aware and mature prepping either consciously or unconsciously now and those too immature or unaware never able to prep anyway, with the middle group comprised of most people benefiting from said time line disclosure?

This question is often raised, as many suspect that the passage of Planet X is being deliberately delayed so as to be in step with affairs on Earth. We have depicted the last passage as being fairly rapid, due to the placement of the planets Venus and Earth at the time when Planet X arrived to creep past the Sun. This allowed Venus to avoid being in the cup, the eddy flow of particles coming round from behind Planet X, but did trap the Earth. The Dark Twin also did not arrive in time in its orbit to get caught in the cup. Thus there was less contention for Planet X, fewer planets before it in its path, and it passed more quickly.

This time all three planets - Earth, the Dark Twin, and Venus - have been caught in the cup, and thus there is more of a struggle during the passage. There has been no interference with the timing of the passage. Mankind will not be ready for this event, even if hundreds of years pass. Those with intimate knowledge of what is happening are engrossed in a cover-up. We have stated that when the last weeks arrive, that most of mankind will be in the dark about what is happening, their only clue their folklore and prophecy from their local prophets.

What fate awaits the current Bush persona (Bush 3)? Will he be protected by the Puppet Master? Rage against him will become extreme soon I suspect.

The first Bush clone, Bush 1, is being kept alive for the day when they need a body, as we have stated. He is a drunk, and so damaged by cocaine and booze that he can hardly function. Yet his DNA would match, and his physical appearance would match well enough to pass as the Bush 3 clone. DNA rules in these matters of identification. If burned, or decomposed, it would be a certain pass. This first Bush clone, Bush 1, has been taken from the prison where he was kept at Denver, and is in safekeeping in the Puppet Master's domain. Bush 3 was assured that should he be threatened, such a suicide will be arranged and he will be extracted to safety. There is little love for Bush 1, who is the Bush that the public knows and hates. Thus, no one argues for Bush 1 to be spared.

Who's responsible for fire in Clinton campaign office, and what is the motive?

One of the Clinton Indiana campaign headquarters experienced a fire which started on the roof during a time when some campaign staffers were at the office. This is not arson, but an electrical fire from equipment kept on the roof. Were it arson, the fire would have been set when the office was empty, and would have been set on the lower levels. Fire goes up, heat rising, and a fire on the roof would not be assumed to burn campaign materials below. Thus, all evidence points to an accident.

How does today's bombing of Iranian mosque fall into the puzzle?

There are factions within Iran, and certainly factions within Iraq and other countries in the Middle East. Iran is not entirely Shia, and even if it were, Shia sects battle with each other. What do you suppose went on in Basra in Iraq? Shia fighting Shia. Iran has their share of trouble with rebels, as is well known.

I made the call. I can't say I received any convincing response though. I'm tired of being a normal stupid animal on this planet. Can the Zetas assist in supercharging my psychic abilities - telepathy, astral prejection powers, premonition, telekenisis, nicotine abstinence, etc. (such for a very crude example - as the power a yogi may have of putting a corpse into a pot of boiling water and out of which appears fresh vegetable soup or such yogi is rumored to teleport from mountaintop to mountain top?) It's not a totally selfish endeaver either. I'm of the moral calibre that I would use the powers responsibly. I may try to teach someone a lesson that deserves it though. Anyway I made the call. Am I destined to carry on like this, or are the Zetas going to give me a boost?

If this was the intent of your Call, then you did not make a call to the Service-to-Other. This is a self serving Call, however you may be deluding yourself that you would use your new powers responsibly. You backed out of your Call when you sensed what was about to arrive, and thus are not yet a contactee. We would recommend you change your focus before trying again.

A recent measles outbreak in Milwaukee is causing a renewed push for immunizations amongst preschoolers. Many people believe that there are just too many immunizations given to our youngest most precious children and can't be good for them. There is still mercury in a lot of the vaccines and who knows what else is being injected into our life's blood. Is stepping up on these early childhood immunizations a good thing or a not so good thing?

At present, vaccines do not poison people, though this has been planned by those who would sculpt mankind into the worker base they desire in the Aftertime. There are a certain number of adverse reactions to vaccines, as is known. We have stated that mercury is not responsible for the increase in autism, and consistent statistics bear this out. Autism is on the rise for many reason, most related to the increase in tension in mankind, who senses that things are amiss and that they are being lied to by the authorities. The rise in illness has been noted for the past few years, which was one of our predictions, due to depressed immune systems and emanations from the core of the Earth. A parallel phenomena is a rise in auto-immune reactions, which is due to a heightened immune system. Many cases of autism are auto-immune related, either from the child itself or between mother and child.

A week or so ago I asked a question on many of us rising in the wee hours of the morning and your reply was fine. I don't believe I asked quite the way it should have been however. My question is, is there a particular reason why many of us are getting up at the EXACT same time every night (morning)? And I'm not talking about insomnia as the reply referred to last chat because the people I've been talking with all think it's weird if nothing else and none suffer from insomnia. Whatcha think guys?

Threads on this message board, GLP, have discussed the timing of the insomnia many seem to be suffering from, specifically that it seems to strike at about 3-4 in the morning regardless of locale or time zone. Beyond worry there is an answer for this seeming synchronized behavior. We have talked about the violent push the Earth receives when the magnetic N Pole of the Earth rises over the horizon to confront the N Pole of Planet X. This causes the wobble which pushes the magnetic N Pole away, and has caused the severe winter experienced by the entire northern hemisphere affecting both North America and Siberia. Thus, the flow of magnetic particles coming from the N Pole of Planet X is considerable, and man is an animal sensitive to magnetic influences. Consider that 3-4 in the morning is when your portion of the Earth is about to rise up over the horizon and face the Sun. Planet X is in the direction of the Sun. You are being awakened by a sudden rise in magnetic particles.

Is the "mile long" UFO video real?

This is not the appearance or behavior of a UFO. A crude fraud.

A question referring to answer "in the last weeks most of the populace will not know about Planet X": does that mean when Obama is made President and Gore steps in some place along with him that plans aren't in the making of informing the public even then?

Both Obama and Gore are inclined to inform the public, should they be in a position to make this call. Being responsible, they would not simply sally forth and make a pronouncement. They would both want to consider what advice they should give to the public, what steps the public should take.

How would you go about preparing for 300 million citizens who would all want to move to safety and be fed and given shelter? How would you proceed to direct emergency management, police and the military to ensure that little harm was done during such a transition? What would you say to those citizens who could not be fed or housed, as resources are limited? It is not a simple matter. Clearly, when the last weeks are about to arrive, or have arrived, such frank discussion is required. Beyond that, we cannot even speculate, as this is in the hands of man, and many men and women will be involved in this matter, not just Gore and Obama.

I've heard many rumors they may be doing some kind of experiment that has to do with trying to shift dimensions so some can alter dimensions so during the pole shift they won't feel the effects, is this the Caldron Project, or something that they plan to do with disastrous results predicted. So nancy is their any truth to this? This suppose to take place in MAY of this year 2008.

This is wishful thinking or storytelling, not reality. Mankind does not and will not have dimension shifting abilities, and the only rescue of mankind is for those humans incarnated with a highly Service-to-Other soul. This rescue, as we have stated, is not to escape to another dimension but to survive the hour of the pole shift. Most of these Service-to-Other individuals decline this assist, as they have responsibilities toward others that they will not desert.

A person who has dreams of the pending Pole Shift - firestorm, incoming Planet X, and moving of the constelations - does not mean that it may happen, or a wake up call for that individual?

Dreams can mean many things. They can be simply a type of sorting out of sensory input you have taken in during the day. They can be a telepathic communication with other humans in Alpha brain wave during sleep, as this brain wave is conducive to telepathy. They can also be from your subconscious, telling your conscious something you learned as a contactee about the coming pole shift. Many contactees are told the frank truth about what is coming, especially if they ask as most do.

How much are we the public really influenced by subliminal advertising and flicker rates and other techniques of mass hypnosis and mind-control? There is admitted use of even more sinister mind-control techniques by the CIA in the past. Just what are the powers that be really getting away with today?

As with the concept of a Manchurian Candidate, the CIA is given more power in myth and story than it possesses in reality. Manchurian candidates, as we have explained, do not exist as the mind is not compartmentalized as readily as the CIA would hope. Attempts to create such human robots only result in broken minds, not functioning robots. The results of any subliminal advertising are what would be expected if the advertising were consciously perceived. If the human is inclined, they have been influenced. If the human is not inclined, then the suggestion is rejected. Thus, other than making their case where they might otherwise be prevented from doing so, the CIA or advertisers have not achieved anything.

Can the Zetas comment on all the UFO crashes other than Roswell, such as the one in Aztec, NM in 1948 (it was reported that this one had containers on-board that held human body parts) and the one in Kingman, AZ in 1953 (where the "traitor" appeared)? Were these Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other events?

Reports of aliens in possession of human body parts are invariably lies spread by those in the establishment who want mankind to be fearful of contact with aliens. As we have stated, there are rules. Contact is consulting with humans who give the Call, not consumption of humans!

I was wondering what type of "jokes" the zetas have. You know, something like "why the chicken crossed the road". It would be really neat to know if they have a similar type of humour.

Since we don't eat meat and don't raise chickens, this is not a joke we would appreciate. Humor depends on species and culture. A barking dog is releasing tension, and the bark is not far from the belly laugh of humans. Humans laugh to release tension, so something that is "funny" is actually tension producing. Your chicken joke is meant to reflect on people who do stupid things, like run back and forth across the road for no seeming logical reason. Is the harvest of bugs any better on one side than the other? In our culture we have tension producing situations, and jokes that relieve this tension are common. Since these situations would not match up with your situations, given the differences between our solidly Service-to-Other culture and your life in an undecided culture, you would not relate. Thus, we decline to crack a joke.

ZetaTalk is somewhat vague on how it was that Service-to-Self aliens came to Earth first, before Roswell. Can the zetas explain what happened, when and how, to cause Bush 41 to arrange for multiple clones/zygotes?

As the story of the Omnipotent Krlll states, Service-to-Self aliens contacted the US military just ahead of the Roswell incident, and thus established conscious contact with the US military and the CIA. Bush Sr. was inducted into MJ12 by virtue of his CIA connections and family background, which is as has been rumored to be connected to many wealthy and powerful individuals who are not necessarily in his official family tree. The expected arrival of Planet X was, as we have explained, much under discussion between MJ12 and these Service-to-Self aliens as well as between MJ12 and the Service-to-Other aliens. Thus, Bush Sr. had a long range plan to have a son, his firstborn, in the White House when the time came, and carefully plotted his course!

Could the Zeta's comment on the Awakening? It seems to be proceeding at a snails pace these days.

We stated in 1995 that the Awakening would be paced according to the acceptance of the public, and that this would vary by locale. Some countries would have only individual contact, while others might have mass sightings and even eventual glimpses of alien bodies. We stated that mass sightings would increase, the number of contactees would increase, and the Awakening would overtake the cover-up over the alien presence. All this has happened and is increasingly happening. The cover-up is being dropped. Many countries allowing their secret UFO files to become public. Mass sightings are very much on the increase. Crop circles and UFO sightings are being discussed on tv where formerly forbidden from discussion or only subject to ridicule. Thus, it is all proceeding apace! Since more happens behind the scenes, you should not be discouraged by a perceived lack of progress.

The Zeta's have stated that leading up to the days of the shift the authorities will be very busy (my words not their or yours). I've always assumed that the Zetas meant busy with natural disaster events. Do they mean natural disaster or human panic, rioting, looting etc?

Emergency management always includes an element of societal problems, which includes injury, panic, looting, and feeding and housing the newly homeless. Primarily authorities will be busy trying to rescue those humans trapped under buildings or bridges, or involved in plane or train crashes, or those humans stranded because of volcanic eruptions or floods, etc. Societal problems follow, of course.

Nancy, your website asserts that all UFOs are disk shaped, like galaxies, and that there are no spherical UFOs. What is ZetaTalk's stance on reports of cylindrically shaped UFOs?

Mother ships take many shapes, including something that seems to humans viewing them to be a cigar or cylinder shapes, though this is not the actual shape. These are elongated saucers, or seen from an angle where the human presumes them to be elongated. They are not concerned with being aerodynamic as they teleport from one location to another, and do not zip about in your atmosphere. But the base logic that they need to be a gravity center on their own applies.

Do the Service-to-Others Zeta work for the Christ hierarchy?

You have placed your concept of God over the Universe. Do not be so shortsighted. Jesus, as we have stated, was a Star Child who visited Earth among many planets where he does similar work. What your organized religions did with the information he imparted is another matter, and was hardly Service-to-Other in nature.

When we are taken to the new dimension, will our world still be as it is? Will we still work a similar job, live in a similar abode? I apologise if this question has been asked before, I don't think I could sort through past talks to find an answer.

We have explained that being shifted to another dimension is something you will hardly be aware of, except for the fact that you will be more aware of your soul, your spirit, and less conscious of your physical side. The soul navigates with 4th Density with greater ease. We find 3rd Density similar to walking through and breathing dirty water, our analogy for comparison. Since your physical setting will be moved with you, you will hardly notice the change unless attuned to your spiritual side as we have stated.

It looks like there have been several large quakes right between the Indo-Australian plate and the Pacific plate. Looks like the plates are popping. Will Kilauea explode because of this? I'm assuming this will also eventually cause the Indian plate to sink?

We have predicted that the Indo-Australian plate will stay intact, albeit bending a bit at the center of Australia. As we have explained, this plate is the brake keeping all other plate movement at bay. Large adjustments start with this plate moving, so other quakes around the world can be expected to follow any significant adjustment in the placement of the Indo-Australian plate.

With governmental influence disintegrating now, how many years following the shift will it take for government as we know it (top-down hierarchy) to disappear altogether?

Leadership, as we have explained, will have to be earned. Most existing governments will fail to lead, as in the main they are peopled by self promoting individuals who are living like parasites off the people. These governments will set up in pockets and bark orders at each other until they consume each other. How long they survive in such a setting depends on their general health and supplies. Since supplies will not last long and must be replaced by sweat and toil to grow or find food, we expect such enclaves of so-called government will not last long.

Will the Obama campaign be damaged by his "bitter" comment?

Is this even equivalent to the Reverend Jeremiah Wright issue? Hardly. It is valid, and addresses the real issues facing these folks. It opens up the discussion as to what the real solutions are. Hillary is trying to throw mud, and this is not appealing nor is this fact lost on those watching this drama. She is offering a negative, not a positive, which is what Obama is doing. As with the Wright episode, when her ratings went down when she was attacking Obama (though the problem was his to resolve) she will find the same thing happening here. The public is not that stupid. In addition, he will rise above this, showing once again his mettle, as he has been given the opportunity to do so.