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ZetaTalk: Grounding Airplanes
written April 12, 2008

What are all the grounding of airplanes really about? Doesn't seem plausible that it's just maintenance!

Why the sudden crackdown on airlines remiss in their safety checks? The problems being addressed were not new. The problems with Southwest, which included cracks in the plane's fuselage, were over a year old and had incited a House investigation. American Airlines had been given a directive over 18 months ago to check the wiring on their MD-80 jets. Why the sudden crackdown when the FAA had been so lax for so long? Coddling industries at the expense of the public was nothing new for the Bush administration, but lack of maintenance on safety issues has a cumulative effect. Eventually this would result in an embarrassing exposure such as a plane crash caused by lax oversight. Thus, the FAA knew they were flirting with danger, but the recent dramatic crackdown did not come about because of a change of heart within the FAA. Nor did this come about because of pressure from the Executive branch to correct what could become an embarrassing episode in the Bush administration's history.

Note the timing on the crackdown in relationship to the switch of the Bush 2 clone for the Bush 3 clone. The clone switch was noted on March 7, 2008 during a Bush speech on the economy. The Southwest grounding for inspections occurred on March 12, 2008 followed by American Airline's groundings in early April, 2008. Other crackdowns with potential groundings are pending. If these crackdowns are not a result of a change of heart in the FAA or an Executive branch order, then why the dramatic change? The grounding of American Airline flights has not only proved costly to the airline, it disrupted business and seriously damaged the reputation of US based airlines. Who or what caused this aboutface and what were the reasons for the crackdown? We mentioned that one reason for the Bush clone switch was the pending resignation of Admiral Fallon and the likely increase in a press for war with Iran from those within the Bush administration such as Cheney advocating this. But there were other reasons for the timing of the clone switch.

The Bush 1 and Bush 2 agenda included creating false terrorism within the US, in the hopes that any such episode could be used to incite war with oil rich Iran and potentially be used as an excuse to declare martial law within the US. All manner of attempts were made, hundreds in fact, though most attempts have been under the radar so the US public has been unaware - an attempt to use the Emergency Action Network to declare martial law, the Rayburn Building shootout, and attempting to incite a birdflu pandemic among others. Such direct attempts were blocked by ourselves and a contingent of humans working to block the Bush administration. When such direct attempts were blocked the Bush administration attempted to create situations that would overwhelm the blocking mechanisms, hoping to succeed by sheer volume of effort. Selling port security to Dubai was one such attempt, and destabilizing the airplane industry was another.

What would be the conclusion if several commercial US airplanes were to crash within the same time period? After a crash, the wreckage is searched for the black box and any clues as to cause, but this takes months to resolve, if the matter is ever resolved. After the first crash, there would be murmurs of suspected terrorism, but after the second and third crash this would reach a crescendo. It would be 9.11 all over again, or so the conspirators hoped, this time with Iran the suspected villain, so off to war with Iran post haste and martial law to contain the horrors afflicting the airline industry. The sleeper cell Bush 3 clone was put into place to prevent any new executive orders or pronouncements that would propel the US into the path. But the Bush 3 clone is not working alone, of course. Now that any corrective action within the FAA would not be stopped by orders from the Oval Office, those within the contingent blocking the Bush administration from success in their plans essentially put a gun to the heads of those within the FAA responsible for lax oversight. Thus, the sudden crackdown following the clone switch!

American Cuts More Flights; Fliers Fume
Friday April 11, 2008
The FAA noted that airlines had 18 months to check electrical wiring on MD-80 jets since an initial order was issued in September 2006. American, a unit of Fort Worth, Texas-based AMR Corp., canceled another 570 flights Friday, bringing to more than 3,000 the number it has scrapped this week due to safety inspections of its MD-80s. The carrier said disruptions will continue through Saturday as it works to comply with the federal safety order.
Southwest Grounds 44 Planes
March 12, 2008
Earlier this week, Southwest placed three employees on administrative leave and began conducting an internal investigation into the allegations that it flew planes without proper inspections. The FAA has said Southwest operated 46 Boeing 737s on nearly 60,000 flights between June 2006 and March 2007 while failing to comply with an FAA directive requiring repeated inspections of fuselage areas to detect fatigue cracking. Whistle-blowers say FAA managers knew about the lapse in safety at Southwest, but decided to allow the airline to conduct the safety checks on a slower schedule because taking "aircraft out of service would have disrupted Southwest Airlines' flight schedule." The mandatory checks for fuselage cracks were required after the cabin of an Aloha Airlines 737 tore apart in midair in 1988, killing a flight attendant. The incident was blamed on cracks in the fuselage that grew wider as the plane underwent pressure changes during flight.