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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written January 26, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

I've read that the NWO plans to seize world control by initiating a worldwide economic disaster as step one. It sure looks like that is exactly what the USA is spearheading. Can you comment on what could be the worst economic disaster since 1929? What does the puppet master see as his position in one world government?

A rumor that has legs and continues to run, year after year, is that the powers that be want the US economy to fail. Various reasons are given, such as that it would be easier to overtake the US citizenry if they are broke and demoralized, as though enough progress on this front could be made so that the US could be invaded. Another argument is that the establishment, or a portion of it, wants the North American Union to succeed, and must bring the US down for the merger to be accepted. While it is true that Bush and company desire the North American Union as they expect to dominate the continent after the pole shift and don't want interior borders to worry about, this is not the desire of the Puppet Master or any other political entity. China is not planning to invade the US, for instance. The Puppet Master holds assets in the US, and as such would be working against himself to desire its demise.

Why then are these rumors persisting? Those speculating on the relative demise of the US are seeking answers. The answer is simple. More than 50 years ago, around the time of Roswell, the US elite learned of the coming pole shift. They built the US military up, in anticipation of being dominant in the world. Some of these elite plotted to take the White House by coup, by fraud if necessary, ahead of the pole shift to ensure control. It was thus that the US military that was a plum/prize to be captured, and the US debt was merely a means to an end.

Many individuals are making preparations to survive the shift or to help loved ones survive. Apart from the desire to keep loved ones from suffering or death, can the zetas speak to any long term greater good this activity will support? As the zetas have stated that mankind will largely die out and be replaced by hybrids on earth, what are the larger benefits to the transition to 4th density that the remnant humans that survive will contribute to? Is it just that the transition to hybrids must necessarily be gradual over generations and this is the value to this process that the human survivors will bring?

If you were transporting a group of humans to a world where they would eventually die out, for various reasons, would you fail to suggest to them how they might reduce suffering and agony because of this? Love should prevail. Death is the end result, as it has been for eons, but this has not meant that mankind did not try to improve their lot, or that those of good heart did not try to reduce suffering in their fellow man. What kind of logic is it to say that suffering should be endured because the end result would be no different? What does prevail is what the soul remembers, and if it remembers that it delivered comfort, and was comforted, that memory is worth fighting for.

Breaking: US spy satellite is failing out of the sky. The Beginning? [and from another] Wonder what's up with that satelite that is coming down. More satellites have come down in the past. But for what I read there seems to something different this time. [and from another] Disabled Spy Satellite Threatens Earth [Jan 26] A large U.S. spy satellite has lost power and could hit the Earth in late February or early March. The satellite, which no longer can be controlled, could contain hazardous materials, and it is unknown where on the planet it might come down, they said. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the information is classified as secret. It was not clear how long ago the satellite lost power, or under what circumstances. The spacecraft contains hydrazine _ which is rocket fuel. Hydrazine, a colorless liquid with an ammonia-like odor, is a toxic chemical and can cause harm to anyone who contacts it. Such an uncontrolled re-entry could risk exposure of U.S. secrets. Spy satellites typically are disposed of through a controlled re-entry into the ocean so that no one else can access the spacecraft.

This breaking news story states that "control" of the satellite was lost. Whatever the official explanation eventually proferred, the truth is that electromagnetic flux destroyed some of the electronics. As was addressed last week on the chat, our prediction that satellites would fail will be influenced by this factor greatly. Satellites are guided in their demise to land in the ocean, not on land or a major city. This was unexpected, regardless of what official excuse might be given. They "lost control" of the satellite.

Can the zetas comment on why the housing collapse was allowed to develop? They have stated that the Puppet Master is very intelligent and that he does not want a financial collapse. One of the prime reasons for the housing bubble and subsequent collapse was the fed lowering interest rates to 1 percent in 2003. As the puppet master controls the fed surely he would be able to forsee the development of an asset bubble as a result of these actions? It seems to me that the collapse he is trying to avoid was in fact brought on partly by the actions of his controlled central banks. Can the zetas comment on this and the likelyhood of his ability to mitigate the coming financial disruption?

The Puppet Master did not give the approval nod for a Housing Bubble, which involved fraud on many fronts and not just the Fed's rate. The Bush Administration failed in their regulatory duties and looked the other way, as they were desperate to pump up the economy to make Bush look good and keep the press to end the War in Iraq from becoming more shrill as dollars were needed at home. Do you think the US is so top-down driven that whatever a person at the top says is translated into action? The Puppet Master, as we have endlessly explained, is a financial entity and as such has immense influence but this is influence, not dictates. The Puppet Master did not invade Iraq or make a mess of the US eonomy. Bush did that.

Can we still see tracks of the influence the inhabitans of Planet X had in our daily life? Since they cooperated with Service-to-Self in the past I guess this influence is Service-to-Self related. Like the military system and so?

A military organization is not necessarily STS any more than the chef's in a large restaurant are STS. The organization is structured for success in its mission. If the mission requires great latitude in decision making authority out in the field, it will be structured to encourage free thinking and creativity. If the mission requires a command center's decisions be carried out regardless of setbacks, strict rules about following orders are emphasized. If a restaurant requires its recipes be followed so the patronage can expect the same great taste every time they visit, the chefs will be held to strict adherence, just as in a military unit. The STS influence the Annunaki had was related to their interaction with STS aliens, not their individual professions. STS influence takes many forms.

Where was the plane downed by a missile on 9/11, Flight 93, headed? Empire state? Statue of Liberty?

The White House.

Missing Nukes. Will this info, real truth ever hit the main-stream media?

We have stated in the past that many nukes in the possession of the US and Russia and other countries with an extremely large nuclear arsenal have been dismantled, and not by humans. The US and Russia are not talking about this openly, though they are aware of the fact, because they want the mystique of their power to remain in place. Nancy can tell you that our ability to eliminate radioactivity is a chemical reaction, whereby we pour a liquid on the radioactive mineral and it is simply changed to be another substance. In addition to going about dismantling the large nuclear arsenals, which we are doing under direction from the Council of Worlds, we also collect stray nukes that could do harm. Harm is interpreted as being used against innocents, but primarily is interpreted as giving someone like Bush an excuse to continue his planned domination of the world. We remove these weapons for his planned false terror attacks before they can succeed. We have done this likewise in Iraq, removing nuclear material intended to be planted and claimed as WMD by Bush and Cheney. Where does this material go? Its chemistry is altered so that it becomes benign, and then it is discarded in a desert area somewhere.

When will disclosure happen on Earth of extraterrestrial beings along with release of all classified documents relating?

We predicted at the start of ZetaTalk that sightings would be on the increase, and they have increased. We predicted that mass sightings would increase, and they have. We predicted that sightings of alien bodies would be on the increase, and this has occurred. We predicted that videos and photos of UFOs would become increasingly available with good resolution, not ruined by some means or another as in the past, and this likewise has occurred. The major media is now reporting these incidences, allowing the public to see the videos and photos and hear the full reports of the witnesses, where formerly this was not done. That there is a weak protest from some government agency, some flimsy excuse of what it might be, should be ignored. The public is not fooled. Classified documents will never be released, unless discovered blowing in the wind after the pole shift. But you don't need these to be released to know the truth.

In the whole kindergarten scenario you have mentioned how does the Jesus "poverty will save you" thing work. I think poverty totally sucks. Like could there be a reason beyond "all suits are aresholes" that so many on planet earth are "without"

The message of Jesus was not to desire material goods more than caring for your neighbor. If the community can all become comfortable, where all enjoy all they need and have many luxury items - fine. There was no rule against this! It is not the material goods that are evil - it is gaining them on the backs of others that is the problem.

The red dust reported in Europe,is being blamed On Sand from the Arabian desert. But the weatherman said red dust is not in line with UK.

Dust from the Sahara has been blamed for red dust in Europe and the Americas over the past few years, but this phenomena only seems to have occurred since 2003 when Planet X arrived in the vicinity. More red dust will be arriving, and in places dust from the Sahara can't reach. Siberia had orange snow with an iron oxide concentration, but all this was basically ignored by the media. Red dust will continue to be a problem for the establishment tp try to explain away, and increasingly so.

Would we have more or less freedoms after the pole shift than we have now, in regard to all the laws, rules and regulations imposed on us by authority or even by ETs themselves once "open" contact is made?

Laws will be ignored during the chaos of the pole shift, such that looting in order to save or feed people will be considered an act of caring, not in light of whether it is breaking the law or not. Many Service-to-Self gangs will of course consider the chaos a great opportunity, as the police or marshals can hardly chase them, but vigilante justice will rise up to fill the void. Those communities that are good hearted will not need rules, as they will be guided by their mutual concern for each other. Those communities that are heavily laced with survivors in the Service-to-Self will try to establish a pecking order, a rule by the strong rather than a rule by law and justice.

As far as "open" contact is concerned, who would the ETs be more concerned about, as far as making news of ETs existence, in regard to politicians, religious leaders or the media? Who do you most fear, in messing things up for you? We all know about Red Top newspapers with their sensationalist headlines that can be downright silly or even dangerous, depending on how the reader takes it. I just cannot imagine you ETs holding hands with world leaders on the White House lawn, or outside Downing Street, all smiling and happy, without someone in the background wanting to create drama and trouble for everyone involved. How would you deal with this situation?

We have explained that the Awakening proceeds on different levels, depending upon the readiness of the people in a community, vicinity, or country. If the level of acceptance is such that undue anxiety would not occur, mass sightings and the like occur. If the level of acceptance is such that fear would be engendered, only individual contact is done - very secretively. We do not work through the political system and certainly not through organized religion, which seeks control over every matter. The latter would not be an avenue we would bless with our presence. Using political terms, we are a grass roots organization, using political terms, building from the bottom up. We go directly to the public, to each contactee, thence getting contactees in touch with each other for team work to prepare for the coming troubled times. We cut out the political hierarchy and organized religions.

What's the story with the picture of a figure on Mars?

We have stated that life on Mars only developed to the extent of bugs and moss, and that this only existed when the planet's water was on the surface. The Annunaki were there, mining for gold, until they ruined the planet by washing their ore by running the surface water into underground chambers. What is in the photo is not a living figure, but a rock.

In regard to power packs. You say you make them like car or boat batteries. Can we assume these packs are 12 volts? And how many AMPS/Watts would they be capable of delivering?

You are, first off, assuming you will be receiving such a pack. Second, you are assuming that the Service-to-Other contactees who will be receiving such a power pack will be kept dumb about how to integrate it into their electrical system. If you are in a position to receive such a pack, you'll know!

Are Colombia and the US really planning an aggression against Venezuela as Chavez states?

Venezuela has oil, and Colombia has many rebels. Bush and company have been frustrated in trying to get the US military to invade and the CIA has been frustrated in their attempts to generate a coup or an assassination. Thus, they are trying to get a neighboring country to cause troubles. This will not succeed, as Chavez is not dumb and certainly has seen this coming.

The United States government wants to give out a tax break benefit package of upwards to $800 for singles and $1600 for couples. What is the real reason/agenda behind doing this? Is this just more distraction to keep the people calm before the shift?

Neither Bush nor Congress could avoid this step, because if either one turned their back on the floundering economy, they would be blamed. Already the cry is that it is too little, too late. The US economy has been pumped up by the War in Iraq, which funded the Military/Industrial complex, and the Housing Bubble, which funded the construction industry. US citizens have been encouraged to become as debt ridden as their federal government. US citizens have run their credit cards up to the limit and borrowed on their home equity, and now are losing their jobs increasingly and defaulting. Handing out a few dollars will not fix this mess. A worldwide recession is in place because of the Earth changes, erratic weather, crop failure, infrastructure dropping as the ground moves, and the consequent inability of corporations and governments to continue as before. This will only get worse, despite any lies the Bush administration might shrill.

Regarding people with disabilities, do they all have a soul? What kind of soul do the Spirit Guides incarnate into these people? Is there a sort of punishment for an Service-to-Self soul?

The Birthing Guides do not simply allow souls into hale bodies, as the goal is to allow the soul to progress in its lessons. Wealth or poverty, good looks or disabilities, high IQ or low - all of these situations afford the young soul opportunities for growth. It varies greatly. These types of choices are not karma driven, as is often presumed, but rather focus on the lessons to be learned, the choices to be potentially taken.

Some unusual animal behaviour in the UK this week:
Forget crop circles - now we've got a mysterious sheep circle.

The weather has caused much plant life to grow outside of its normal boundaries. It is known that sheep, goats or cattle will eat one plant in preference to others. When a flock finds a favorite vegetation, it will cluster, and will migrate out from the center of the cluster as the particular vegetation is eaten at the center first where it is most dense.

Can the Zeta's comment on the blue haze in West Virginia, and that it smelled like Chlorine?

Smog, or an inversion of an air mass, is not uncommon. The weather swings will bring such inversions on occasion to areas not used to them.

Last week it was stated that the media's been covering an abnormal amount of time on the Presidentials candidates because they have been told to not report on much. Can the Zeta's inform us of the kinds of things they are not being allowed to talk about that is going on?

Examples are the existence of Planet X, any sightings of Planet X components in the sky, the Earth wobble, the Moon's erratic orbit, the location of the rising and setting Sun, how much the weather is varying from the past, how badly things are going in Iraq, the true unemployment situation in the US, the true extent of the national debt, how the US is funding their debt by simply printing money like a banana republic, the alien presence, the cover-up over the alien presence, and criminal activity in the White House. These issues are a short list.