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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written November 24, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

The Zetas have said that Jesus was a Star Child and he and other Star Children have as their mission to incarnate on 3rd density world to spread a message of love and they also say that pole shifts occur on other worlds, albeit rare on non water worlds with homnoid lifeforms. My question is - are there Star Children or other such souls who incarnate regularly onto worlds about to experience pole shifts as their mission is to help people deal with/survive this uniquely disastrous event that occurs from time to time on certain planets?

We have stated that to describe the agenda or mission of others in the Universe could not be accomplished, even with such a narrow focus, as each soul has unique qualities and unique roles they are accustomed to taking. Star Children are as diverse as humans on Earth, and can you find two humans with identical agendas?

So Nancy tell us is the World getting better the balance needed or not?

We are often asked about whether the Earth can escape the pole shift if humans clean up their act, become more loving and pollute less and the like. This is often stated in channeled work, often tossed about on the Internet, in that humans are being given a warning or else terrible things will happen. This warning comes from legitimate channels who are relaying that the Earth could escape the coming pole shift if it was highly Service-to-Other, and we have explained the reason for this warning. The Earth could jump to 4th Density if the souls on Earth, incarnated or between incarnations, were altogether 89% Service-to-Other. This percentage is currently at about 30% and not expected to rise above that percentage appreciably. The Earth is populated with mostly very young souls, and the time frame for the 3rd Density lesson, which is to choose the spiritual orientation, takes on average over 1,000 lifetimes. During times of intense anxiety, little progress is made in this regard. If the Earth were in 4th Density, and the passing Planet X in 3rd Density, their atoms would not interact, thus the potential avoidance of the pole shift. However, despite fervent wishes by those hoping to wish this all away, this will not occur.

I assume that the recent UFO sighting in San Francisco is another warning to the people who live there to consider moving, correct?

We mentioned earlier this year, when many parts of the world were getting UFO blitzes, that such blitzes were often warnings to the people viewing them. The warnings were specific to the locale, telepathically delivered to the people below. San Francisco is no mystery as to how it could be affected, as it has 6 million people or more within the reach of the ocean, assuming that the ocean would pour through the Golden Gate Bridge as it certainly would. A strong tsunami would not only roar into the bay, it would run upriver and down to San Jose, swamping all the developments on marsh land built along the bay on all sides. These residents of the Bay area think themselves safe from a tsunami as they are so far from the actual coastline, but they are not safe. Water seeks its own level, and seeks it aggressively. Look to the floods in the state of Tabasco, Mexico recently. Fully 80% of the state was under water, because all the rivers flooded at once. The Bay area could find all the communities ringing the bay flooded, at once.

Apart from the standard "we must attack Iran" rhetoric from the Bush crowd, there has not been much desperation from them in evidence recently, at least to the general public. Any update on the current mind set of Bush and Cheney?

As we have mentioned, Cheney is dying of heart failure, which is causing brain damage becoming increasingly in evidence. He and Bush have been railing for months, for years in fact, trying to get a coalition together to bomb and/or invade Iran. A deaf ear has been turned on all their pleas, and over the months any moral support they did have has waned. Blair is no longer in office. Now Howard is being kicked out. Israel has tried to incite war with Iran, as we have detailed, with all efforts failing. Now the rats are deserting a sinking ship, staff handing in their resignations and leaving. They are writing books about their time in the White House, hoping to capitalize on their experience, and not being kind to Bush. Campaigning Republicans are avoiding Bush, as to claim allegiance is the kiss of death. What are they to do? All has been tried, repeatedly, and failed, attempting to declare martial law or create false terrorism acts included. Increasingly they are thinking about how to set up a firm fiefdom, somewhere in the Americas. Better to be a big fish in a small pond than wiped out as the big fish trying to keep the big pond.

Can the zetas comment additionally on the current thinking regarding Planet X related disclosures? Wait until a Democrat is in the white house? Replace Bush version 1 with a more reasonable clone? Have European governments take the lead with disclosure? Other options under consideration?

We are asked this type of question almost weekly, in some regard. The options do not change, and none of the options have broken out as a chosen option as yet. Pelosi is not in the White House. The residents of the White House have not been arrested. Gore is not yet able to step into a leadership void because of any such arrest. The European clone has not yet replaced the current clone in office. All are still open options, viable, at this time.

Which Bush clone had a "life key" (binding his mortality to another) installed? And do the clones share memory? Is it possible that they are actually "temporal clones"? And from Bush's perspective it is all the same life only he has been shuffled around in time? Could explain some of his "confusion" seen when he address' the public. Or perhaps his awareness plugs into the copies of himself? Wouldn't an identical clone of someone actually be the same person? Possess the same soul? Or are these copies actually constructs to enable "others" to act as president?

All fantasies about clones aside, please realize that the Bush clones are actually zygote multiples, as we stated, making them no different as human beings than identical twins. Do twins have a "temporal" existence? Do they have a "key life"? As with identical twins, or identical triplets, each body is incarnated with a different soul.

The new Attorney General, Mukasey refuses to say waterboarding is torture, but yet has resumed the investigations into warrentless surveillance and pledged to block political meddling at the Justice Department. Will he counter the lawlessness of the present administration and bring back the constitution as a trustworthy political appointee, or is he just another political hack to obstruct justice? Will he continue to cover up the crimes of the present administration like the past AG did?

Mukasey is of course better than Gonzales, on all fronts. Gonzales was a personal friend of Bush, owed his career to Bush, and hoped to leap into the Supreme Court before the Bush regime was over. Mukasey was chosen because he was deemed to be able to get through the nomination process, and thus is not a puppet by reputation. There were legal papers drawn up stating that waterboarding is not torture, papers drawn up by the White House as Executive Orders by a sitting president, presumably in a wartime climate. The War Powers Act by Congress gave Bush almost unlimited authority, even though most around Bush are ignoring his orders at the present time. Nevertheless, Bush has laid claim to being able to change the definition of torture during wartime, and the legality of this has not been brought before the Supreme Court. It would be unlikely to stand, if so brought to the Supreme Court, even while packed as it is with Republican appointees. Nevertheless, the statement that Mukasey makes about confusion about the legality of the issue is correct, from a legal point of view. It will take more than a few honest men to unravel the horror that Bush and Cheney have wrought. So much is secret, yet legal, and the White House refuses to divulge what it has done!

Yesterday, I was watching CNN International when their meteorologist came on and said there was a storm heading towards the Philippines (I think). Then today they say that the storm did a complete 180 and is going the other way! Then we have the dramatic storm in the black sea which destroyed 10 ships. A storm in the UK the likes of which has not happened in over 40 years. The snowstorm in Bogota, Columbia earlier, a 7.7 earthquake in Chili and many other occurrences lately. It's clear that the 'anomalous' weather has increased this year. Even people who don't watch for these things are noticing. What's going on here? Is this the wobble picking up?

Most certainly. We stated the wobble would increase after the relative calm of the summer, and it has. Nancy has documented this in the Orbits section of the website, and we addressed this last week on the chat. She notes that reports show that the wobble has almost doubled its strength since 2005. Such lurching about certainly creates what we have called "weather wobbles", the air being drawn over land and water suddenly, creating tornadoes and storms the weather forecaster did not expect. This lurching about also creates larger earthquakes. If you roll a ball against the wall it may jiggle upon the encounter. But if you start to throw the ball against the wall, the trauma is no longer a jiggle! The lurch has picked up the pace on all fronts!

When is the time to stop the conventional work and prepare for change! It has many people who want to stop their activities at this time, the conventions do not support more social. The human being is very pathetic. Maybe we! I do not know! But we need a change urgently, the world can not continue. It seems that evil is overriding to the evil. As in the quarter magnetic closes in April, in January, we would have the beginning of a change. Karen Bishop, talks about a change of power in January 2008. What would this change!

We have no comment on what another says, as has been repeatedly explained. We are asked endlessly by anxious folks when to move to safety, when to quit the job, when to cash in the stocks, etc. Our answer in all cases is that this is your decision, not ours to make. We are not allowed to give you a date, no matter how you seek to squeeze this out of us. We are only allowed to detail the signs to look for, which we have done. The rest is up to you!

Are there any Governments besides the US that have been contacted by aliens or are in the process of?

We explained that the US was the primary contact during the Roswell era because the US military had become the most powerful military in the world, in fact equal to all other militaries in the world combined. Service-to-Self aliens contacted the US military just ahead of the anticipated world vote, where the souls on Earth voted to determine the future spiritual orientation of the Earth. As expected, this was to be Service-to-Other. As likewise expected, the Council of Worlds ordered that contact with humans was to be recorded only in the subconscious, so as to reduce anxiety in the world and not incline the populace to the Service-to-Self orientation. This type of approach was standard protocol for the Council of Worlds.

Thus, Service-to-Self aliens snuck in just ahead of the vote and contacted the US military, and thus stories about the Omnipotent Krll and the like. Any contact with governments of other worlds happening after this time would perforce be recorded only in the subconscious of those in power - not at all equivalent to MJ12 which was allowed to continue conscious contact with aliens since the cat was out of the bag, so to speak. Of course aliens are contacting other countries, those in power and in influential positions. This is happening continuously, as the powerful are prime targets for the Service-to-Self and countering their influence is a prime mission of those aliens and humans in the Service-to-Other. It just won't result in another MJ12 like structure, as it is in the subconscious. Russia, and certain politicians in Europe, and certain super wealthy individuals were allowed to be members of MJ12. To that extent, there is conscious contact with aliens done in other countries, but this is very limited, and limited only to former members of MJ12.

Can a Human have a conscious OBE switch to 4th density, encounter the Zétas or other ET and return inside his body with the memory of the meeting ?

We have described a form of contact which occurs between souls, only. The soul incarnating the human has a conversation with another soul from an alien, or a disincarnate soul no longer needing a body. The human thus cannot recall the encounter as there is no contact recorded in the brain, only in the soul. Afterwards the soul can bring the human brain up to date, and thus the human contactee feels differently about matters, not knowing why. Since souls transcend densities, such a meeting can occur between an alien in 4th Density and a human in 3rd Density, regardless of whether the souls of either are going out-of-body for the encounter. Such encounters also can occur if either is out-of-body.

I see that many people are worried about the economy in the world. Another with the good material. That's all fragrance. Do not add anything in life and especially in the evolution of the soul or spirit. When the Zetas speak specific issues, look which represents the anxiety and thoughts of many others do not understand nothing. Those who hear and understand, are people who can receive assistance from Zetas after the incident!

It is true that non-material people are more likely to be Service-to-Other, as they are concerned about the welfare of others and not concerned about their own personal welfare as much. Those who value material possessions over concern for others are more likely to be turning a deaf ear to others. This is not a hard and fast rule, of course. All souls have faults or weaknesses, even those who are highly Service-to-Other. If a soul experienced starvation in its past lives, it may be inclined to hoard food, but would not let this override concern if others were starving in its presence. If a soul were mistreated because it was incarnated into an ugly body in the past, it might be vain, concerned in the extreme with its appearance. Nevertheless, this vanity would not preoccupy it if others were in pain and needing attention. Thus, each case must be examined for its overall orientation. As an example, Bono is rich, but highly Service-to-Other in his actions!

In Oahspe, which the Zetas say is a truthful account of previous soul harvests on Earth, it seems like every poleshift is characterized by near-total violence between the humans. The Zetas have said that there will be no invasion of Iran, but will there will another form of "Armageddon" or global violence, unhindered by force of law when the earth tips into the 3 days of darkness and erases all doubt that something 'big' is going down?

We have stated that those in power who think their power will continue are assuming much to stay the same, when it will not. Mad Max gangs will loot until there is nothing left to loot, and then will turn on each other. The Service-to-Self do not plan well, and they will end up starving, freezing and in point of fact eating each other. Service-to-Other communities will be protected to some degree, especially if they take care to lay low and locate where the Service-to-Self are unlikely to find them. The Service-to-Self will seek out the enclaves of the rich to loot, as this is where the goodies are. The rich think their militias will protect them, but why should they honor their past boss when there are no police or courts to restrain them? The wealthy will thus be scrubbing toilets or become rape victims while the militia fight among themselves to establish the pecking order. Governments will not function, as those they command will scatter seeking their loved ones and families, and communications will be disrupted. Any military unit is likely to break down into local groups which may go bad or do good depending upon the prevailing nature of the unit. Those going bad will end up like Mad Max groups, destroying themselves. Those doing good will join the local effort to help the injured and starving, becoming part of good-hearted survival groups. Add to all this the fact that the power grids will be down, oil and gas will burn up and not be refined or shipped, all distribution of food will stop, and 43% of the survivors will go insane to some degree. Just how is the "force of law" or any martial law going to overcome all that? This is a possibility today only because those in the military see they can be caught, tried in the courts, are paid a salary and promised a pension. When this goes away, as it will, a military does not function.

If people live 600 ft above sea level, are away from Oceans, but are close to Mississippi River (East side of river), would they be able to survive the immediate Pole Shift with the water sloshing during that time?

The oceans of the world will rise an average of 675 feet above sea level within 2 years after the shift, as we have explained. This is due to a combination of melting poles and glaciers and the heating of the ocean bed from friction with the core, which occurs during the shift itself. This heat rises into the ocean water and causes it to swell, thus an increase in volume. There are few places along the Mississippi River that will be flooded to 600 feet above the normal water level during the pole shift. There are exceptions if rivers are blocked from flowing to the sea, the water from the Gulf backwashing up the river so that a temporary tidal bore occurs. One should analyze their location carefully for such a possibility. Avoid being trapped between rivers that will flood, or where rushing water may bore up into ravines.

Anunnaki invaded The EARTH when?

The Annunaki had been visiting the Earth for eons, when man was barely out of the Stone Age. Man was physically small, not technically advanced, and very intimidated by these giants. The exact year does not matter.

Please tell me furture of Osaka, Kushu Is, Hokkaido Is, Tohoku etc. in Japan.

Japan will not fare well during the coming shift. It is riddled with volcanoes which will all explode. We have stated that one should be 100 miles from such a volcano to be safe during explosions. Cities along the coastline will be swamped when the Pacific compresses. This compression is expected to run over the Philippines utterly, drowning all there, such will be the force. Tidal bore will occur along Japanese coastlines where the land rises sharply from the sea, and where it is flat the water will push inland for long distances. Thus one must be in the mountains, not near a volcano, and not near the coast where tidal bore can occur.

Will there be justice for the public when the elites try to hide in their bunkers as the shift approaches, or will we have to wait until a "judgment day" for the meek to confront their tormentors? Will we have to wait for death for our souls to be taken to their respective places off-world?

The idea of "Judgment Day" where a soul is damned to Hell or rises to Heaven is one purported by organized religion which wants to reign over mankind by using fear. There are many lifetimes involved in the decision to be graduated to a 4th Density world among the Service-to-Other or banished to an Service-to-Self "prison planet". Even then, the result is not final as a soul can change its mind and take action to be of a different orientation. This is all explained in the body of ZetaTalk, in the Orientation section. Those who have been offended or wronged by another soul do not get to participate in the decisions regarding that soul's next incarnation. Their pain has been registered and is part of the deliberation process, but only if the soul in question was in a position to understand what it had done during the incarnation, and had turned its back on that pain and proceeded to live a selfish life. Great regret during the incarnation, or a decision to help others in a similar situation, or a lack of capacity to understand what had occurred all factor in.

Thus, whatever you are pouting about is not the issue. It is what the Spirit Guides consider important for the growth of the soul in question. Thus, a great crime may go unpunished, while a slight offense gets a severe reaction, depending on the circumstances. A man who simply ignored a phone call, once, may have failed his lesson in life, and be consigned in his next incarnation to a horrific standing as a result so he understands his impact in a past life. A man who is a mass murderer because his human body has this inclination due to child abuse or brain damage may not find repercussions if the soul is young and could not control the body in question. It all depends!

The idea that the zetas are descended from present-day humanity is a lie, right?

The Zeta were in their current form before man became man, engineered from the ape. Those who say otherwise are attempting to make themselves feel more powerful, as they are feeling intimidated by the alien presence. It is not our wish to intimidate mankind, as we, the Zetas, were once a lesser race too. It is our wish to aid mankind, especially those who have chosen to be Service-to-Other and are struggling with obstacles.

I was reading on the zetatalk web site that the zetas recommend that humans eat their food raw for the most part, as this is generally the healthiest. I'm wondering if they were talking about eating raw meat as well as raw fruits and vegetables?

We have stated that raw foods provide the most nutrients, and this certainly is no secret to man. We also stated, in the same breath, that one should cook foods if killing parasites is an issue at all.

Is the Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper Service-to-Self or Undecided.

Harper is cooperating with the Bush administration because he must, not because he is in alliance with them on any plans. This includes the North American Union, which both Canada and Mexico feel they must go along with. The US is a giant, economically, by population count and due to military might. They have no choice but to go along, at least until Bush is out of office or removed in some way from power.

And how big is the Council of Worlds? Milky Way, visible space, a small cluster of stars?

We have stated that the Council of Worlds administers that part of the Universe of which man is aware. This is larger than man's current concept allows him to realize.

Cruise ship goes down off Antarctica [Nov 23] A Canadian cruise ship struck submerged ice off Antarctica and began sinking, but all 154 passengers and crew, Americans and Britons among them, took to lifeboats and were plucked to safety by a passing cruise ship. The Chilean navy said the entire MS Explorer finally slipped beneath the waves Friday evening, about 20 hours after the predawn accident near Antarctica's South Shetland Islands. No injuries were reported although passengers reportedly endured subfreezing temperatures for several hours as they waited in bobbing lifeboats for a Norwegian liner that took them to a Chilean military base in the region. The Explorer struck submerged ice and began taking on water through its cracked hull.

The anticipated speed of ocean currents guide ship captains when they enter ice fields. Encounters have two vectors to consider - the movement and speed of the ship, and the movement and speed of any icebergs in the area. Clearly icebergs were anticipated. Clearly the ship captain was aware of his ship's speed. What he did not anticipate was the movement and speed of the iceberg. We warned that ocean whirlpools would develop, not seen in the memory of man and only alluded to in folklore. These have been appearing, most notably off the coast of Australia. We warned of storm clash, creating huge waves, and these have been on the increase too. The base cause of these changes in ocean tides is the Earth wobble which developed as a result of the close proximity of Planet X to Earth. We warned that ocean tides would become erratic as this Earth wobble developed, pulling the waters along with the lurching Earth to disrupt the normal and anticipated tides. Does the location of the MS Explorer accident have any bearing on why erratic tides were encountered? It does indeed, as land's end at the tip of a peninsula is equalizing water pressure on either side of the peninsula, and in the case of the Antarctic peninsula is equalizing pressure in the Atlantic with pressure in the Pacific. There was a rush of water, bearing icebergs, which in this case became predatory icebergs. Such incidences will be on the increase.