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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written November 17, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Do the Zétas - some of them at least - looks like this picture?

We have mentioned that there are over 100 different sub-species of Zeta, as they were transplanted onto worlds in the Zeta Reticuli constellation. Most of these worlds have dim suns, and thus most Zetas have large eyes. There are no photos or images of alien lifeforms being distributed on the Internet which are valid or real. They are all doctored. We have stated that sightings of alien themselves would be on the increase, not just UFO sightings, but this has not progressed to valid captured photos.

By briefly discovering Zéta's history, I found them very courageous and touching. I see them on the whole like pointed scientists with a great intellectual curiosity and a need to understand things, I see them like scientists with great intellectual curiosity and yearning to understand things without bad faith. I could say: with large opened eyes literally as in the figurative sense. How do they define themselves generally speaking ?

The Zeta are as varied as humans are. Each, an individual. No generalizations can be made.

Something else that can seem a little pretentious, but, how can one help the Zetas - even in little tasks?(Differently than diffusing Zetatalk which is already widely diffused everywhere today?)

We have outlined the alien/human interaction as one where the humans give the Call and receives counseling from aliens. Depending upon the nature of the Call, the human either receives contact by the Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. This is dependent upon the nature of the Call given by the human, and thus is in the human's control. We do not direct the activities of humans, regardless of how much they might like to join our team. We work as team members with humans where the activities of the human, who volunteers, leads into areas we are interested in supporting. It is the human who initiates, and don't ask us to suggest what you might initiate so that we might wish to follow. We do not direct human activities!

Can the Zetas comment on the progress of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul? Is his success being suppressed, and is his success allowed as a part of the Awakening? Will his campaign have beneficial affects to the consciousness of the American population?

We have mentioned that Ron Paul, however worthy, is unlikely to get the majority vote of the Republican party for several reasons. He suggests change, beyond what most voters would feel comfortable with for implementation. In addition, the world is sinking deeper into recession at the present time, especially in the US which has a plunging dollar, rising inflation, and real job layoffs. The public is aware of all this despite what the media chirps. As insecurity rises, the taste for risk fades. Second, despite his fervent fan club, he does not score on general polls, so is not considered a front runner. Third, he is unlikely to get the backing of any financial interests such as the financial Puppet Master, who virtually owns the Federal Reserve. Without this backing, subtle promotion in the media will be lacking. Even with this backing, however, because of the other problems we detailed, he would not become the front runner.

Can the zetas comment on the interplay between the wobble, the eventual lean to the left and the artificial "simulating the seasons"? As I understand from previous ZetaTalk, the wobble is allowed to manifest strictly due to the influence of Planet X, independent of artificial season simulation. What is the trigger point that will determine when the simulated season tilting effort is abandoned to allow the full effects of PLanet X to manifest?

Obviously, if we wanted to prevent the Earth wobble, we could. While we are preventing the Earth from freezing or frying and simulating the seasons so that those who are control freaks in government do not panic and begin to mow their citizens down in the streets, we are also allowing those in the public who are psychologically ready to deal with the coming pole shift see that things are not normal. We thus allow the wobble, and will allow a more severe wobble, as this is an important sign they need in order to judge when to make major life changes and move to safe locations. At some point the wobble will merge into a lean to the left, but the wobble will already have alerted the public by that time.

Quakes on November 15 were a Magnitude 6.2 at 15:03 UTC and a Magnitude 6.8 at 15:06 UTC on the coast of Northern Chile. Quakes on November 16 were a 6.3 Magnitude at 3:12 UTC and a Magnitude 6.7 at 3:13 UTC in or near Ecuador. [and from another] On November 11 at 7:56 am my compasses in Pennsylvania now read 30° West of North. They moved even more West than days before. Then at 2:19 pm in the afternoon I checked the compasses and the move is now about 58° West of North. Never seen it go this far before. [and from another] The morning at 8:15 am on November 15 in Madrid the Sun was at some 115 º E. (Skymap expects it to be at 116°, so very close.) I managed to make my measurement this evening too: at 5:45 pm. The Sun was at some 275 º (Skymap expects it to be at 244°, 31° too far to the North!) [and from another] I've been watching the sunset from the same spot almost every evening for weeks. It was steadily progressing further North night after night for the entire time. Tonight on November 3, however, it set dead to the West. Now, I don't know how to take proper measurements, but that is still an unmistakably huge difference. [and from another] Has anybody else seen how far south the Sun is now? I noticed that last week -- seems like it ought to be the middle of December for where it's located. Tennessee: Last week I shot an azimuth of the sun at sunset. It was 242-244. The table said it should have been 262 at my location. Checked the azimuth for the Solstice. 248. That is further south than the solstice's furthest point On Dec 21. Nebraska: It is supposed to be South but it is very South!

The wobble has gotten more extreme, as evidenced by reports Nancy has received lately.

If the current chemtrail upswing is problematic for two reasons: Planet X covering and poison planning, why does the puppet master not step in and halt this? If he wants disclosure and survival of some remnant of civilization, why would he use his power and wealth to shut this down if the spraying is not under military control?

You should not assume that the financial Puppet Master rules the world like a firm father figure over a family of young children he can utterly control. Nothing is further from the truth. His attempts to control the activities of tens of thousands of contacts around the world is much more like herding cats, as the saying goes. Each of his contacts is an individual with a personal agenda. Intimidation and bribery does not work in this setting, as the individual agendas have a way of expressing themselves regardless of oversight. Highly intelligent, the Puppet Master thus attempts to align his own agenda with the agendas of those with whom he is negotiating. This works best, avoids messy battles, avoids the necessity of using extensive spying and snooping which in any case tends to build resistance in those he hopes to work with, and because the paths he and those he negotiates with are heading in the same direction, often expedites his plans with amazing alacrity.

This financial Puppet Master does not start wars, as some assume, but does seek to protect his assets and even gain financially if others start them. Wars are viewed by him as destructive, and he has never, ever, recommended them. The chemtrail operation is not his, nor does he advocate it. His personal resources are not threatened by what is viewed by the elite as the mob. It is the middle man, the wealthy class and politicians of the world, who are threatened by the mob. It is from these ranks that the desire to poison migrating survivors springs. The Puppet Master would no more try to stamp out every effort of those among the threatened establishment to protect themselves than he would try to locate every stray dog in the world so as to find them good homes. He is busy managing his financial empire, and simply not interested in being a cop.

Can the zetas comment additionally on when generally to move to safe locations? Apart from the admonition to move now, if that is not practical for whatever reasons, will we have a big warning that is obvious to all before travel restrictions are out in force?

We are often asked about the countdown, which we have stated in reassurance will not take anyone by surprise. In addition to an obvious wobble, the lean to the left will be a certain sign. This will occur weeks before the pole shift, enough time to escape to safe locations before travel restrictions are imposed. If a distinct lean to the left occurs, this will not mean a long delay or a plateau. We have stated that from the lean to the left to the hour of the pole shift will encompass no more than 4 months, the length of a magnetic trimester, and will occur within that trimester. Beyond this we cannot advise, as we are restricted in what we can say by the Council of Worlds, and any such details in any case would work against the common man but rather aid those who wish to impose martial law and poison the general populace.

Were the circumstances involving the Finnish school shooter no different than that of the VA Tech massacre?

We detailed during the Columbine shooting and through to the Virginia Tech shooting the circumstances of all these massacres. The shooters are doing an audition. They are attempting to place themselves into a higher status on the prison planets they will be incarnating into. They have of course been lied to, as the Service-to-Self aliens who have counseled them do lie. All those in the Service-to-Self lie. Those doing the audition are considered fools, and will be placed in lower positions because of this. But the aliens who counseled them hope to gain more converts into the Service-to-Self by the horror and hopelessness they spawn by their counsel.

Can reptilians shape shift to take the shape and look of a human being and walk among us like the Men in Black? And if so, if the reptile is trapped in danger of being exposed, does he/she take on their true form and escape capture?

It is possible for aliens to influence what humans see, often called a "screen memory" whereby the human recalls only seeing an owl or a deer but in actuality the subconscious is aware that the human was seeing an alien during a contact. These screen memories are overlaid over the real memory, so when the real memory is accessed the screen memory arrives first. If the screen memory is not accepted by the conscious as the real memory by the human digging deeper to find the truth, then the real memory can begin to surface into consciousness.

How does this work then, for an alien to be walking among humans and inserting a screen memory into each and every head that passes? It is a type of suggestion, a telepathic message, that is strong. It affects the human brains by its strength, as a telepathic thought creates a chemical pathway, which is what memories are after all. It is sent repeatedly, so the chemical pathways are more numerous and connected than the pathways laid by the real event. In essence, the alien walking among humans is working very hard at putting screen memories into human heads, so this is not an activity that aliens engage in casually! Is this a practice engaged in by both the Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other? It is almost never done by the Service-to-Self who are too self focused to pull this off and end up breaking the Council of Worlds rules, thus being removed from the Earth for such a breach. The Service-to-Other only engage in this when the situation cannot be handled in any other way.

From Coast to Coast AM recap of a show that was broadcast earlier this week: "Former intelligence operative and psychic telepath, James Casbolt discussed his experiences in Project Mannequin, a 'super soldier' project allegedly run by the NSA and British intelligence since 1972. Conducted in secret underground facilities." Is there any truth to his story. His story is fairly frightening and paints a bleak picture of the future for all of us.

What is the truth of all the disclosures airing on such programs as C2C? It is 99% disinformation and 1% truth, with the percentage of truth only included by accident because the disinformation happens to line up with the truth at some point. Why would secret government programs be aired in this way? If it is disinformation, then why is this being spread? The government, and those within it such as the CIA or certain US military personnel, have egos. They want the public to think of them as powerful. They want the public to fear them, and thus obey them should there ever be a confrontion. This is to scare you and for no other reason.

Is psychokinetic bending of metal objects really mind over matter or is it fake?

Matter that can be affected by force of will, via the theta brain wave, is soft matter. Done in a controlled laboratory setting it affects, for instance, separating egg white from yoke when the egg is broken into a tank of water, or moving the egg around in that tank of water. Bending spoons is done by slight of hand, using magnets hidden from the public to draw soft metal down. Poltergeist activity where cups fly off cupboards are an exaggeration of the real activity recorded, which is more akin to banging of objects against a wall or thumping. This is done by moving air, in waves, against an object vulnerable to being moved. A thunderclap is nothing more than air masses coming together to fill a void when air is super heated by lightning. A clap in the air in a house can be affected by theta brain waves, as this is affecting a soft substance. And such an air pressure change can affect objects readily moved. The extent of poltergeist activity depicted in the movies is, of course, an exaggeration for effect.

It seems lots of biowar diseases are out and about in the USA. Like MRSA, Flu, Gulf War Illness, Lyme, West Nile, FMS. Some say they come from vaccines, others from chemtrails, others from processed foods. The Doctors seem to have a hard time curing them. Is it always going to be this way? What can people do to avoid these diseases? The new biotoxin diseases including Lyme and Toxic Molds, etc. are very difficult to cure. Most doctors are unfamiliar and those who are, fight an uphill battle. There are many of us who have been unable to recover despite exhausting our resources in our attempts. Any guidance on this would be an immense public service since there are so many of us.

We stated early in the life of ZetaTalk that increasing illness would occur - among humans, livestock, and wildlife. We stated the reason, that the core of the Earth is swirling due to the presence of Planet X, stirring up emanations that rise up through the crust of the Earth and affect the creatures crawling about on the surface. This is one reason there has been an increase in albinism, a trend we predicted which has come about. Albinism is in the gene pool so that creatures living in caves do not waste resources on coloration, which they do not need, being out of the sunlight. The core emanations are falsely clueing creatures, signaling them that they are living in caves, and thus the White Buffalo's appearance and the like. The issue of illness caused by the tail of Planet X has also been addressed - dizziness, ringing in the ears and frequent periods in human females. All of these factors cause the immune system to lose its strength. The changing climate causes germs and the creatures who carry them to migrate, so those without natural immunity are more vulnerable. There are thus outbreaks, so that even those with strong immune systems might find themselves affected. This is not going to change, but will get worse. As the Earth changes increase and the horror of what is coming cannot be denied, more people will become emotionally depressed and their immune systems will weaken. The pole shift will bring with it radical climate change, with all that entails for opportunistic germs and migrating germs.

Is the ape seen in Glen St. Mary, Florida a Big foot or an orangutan? Thanks in advance!

Yes, it is an orangutan.

How was it that Poppy and Prescott Bush were told of the poleshift before the zetas were allowed to arrange the Roswell crash, and therefore begin the chain of events that led to the public knowing? If the Dubya clones were born in '46, and Roswell didn't happen until the following year, why was this crime family given privileged information before the public was?

Prior to Roswell, which was at the time of the Earth vote to determine the Earth's future spiritual orientation, contact with aliens was allowed to occur in the conscious of man, not buried in the subconscious. We have detailed that after the vote by souls on Earth the Council of Worlds issued a decree that all contact should be in the subconscious. This was to protect the vast numbers of humans expected to join the ranks of contactees from being attacked by organized religion or attacked by the fearful. Most contactees prior to this rule being imposed chose to allow their contact to fall into the background, chose amnesia, due to conflicts their status would have with their normal life. But for those actively seeking contact with the Service-to-Self via devil worship or Satanic rites, such personal subterfuge was often considered an impediment to taking advantage of the advice they sought. That contact and viewing aliens was allowed to be recorded in the conscious can be seen from various works of literature such as the Vedic works in India. What is depicted there is not fantasy, but real alien interaction.

Why are the members of the intel community allowed to mislead Congress with hushed talk of (Service-to-Self) treaties and devices that supposedly see into the future?

You presume, as many do, that the Council of Worlds is here to police the world, to protect mankind, to save mankind. We have endlessly explained that Earth is your schoolhouse, where you are to learn how to interact with each other. You are to learn to rescue each other, and you are to take action to do so. Your interaction with scheming liars is teaching you what life in the Service-to-Self environment would be like.

Can the Zetas comment on the progress of Dennis Kucinich? Is there any hope for this candidate?

Kucinich is to be admired for his frankness and honesty, but like Ron Paul, he will not win the nomination. Those in the Democratic party are not interested in having someone who is unwilling to negotiate at all in such a position. This is not to say that the other candidates are willing to sell their souls, just that they are more tempered in what they say and thus give more latitude or wiggle room. Hillary Clinton in particular is tempered, to the extent that she has been caught repeatedly being evasive and saying different things at different times. She is too cooperative with whatever agenda is in the room with her at the time, as we have stated. But as with Ron Paul, who suggests change beyond what the voting public would be comfortable with, Dennis Kucinich suggests a straightforward approach that is too biting for the voting public. Few would want to rally behind him, putting their status quo at risk. It is thus the polls, and not any other force, that dooms Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul.

I am just wondering if this is another sign of Nibiru coming closer to Earth? How many miles away approximately is Planet X now? Is is visible anytime now day/night in the Midwest of US?

We stated some months ago that we would stop giving reports on how far Planet X had progressed in his 270° roll, and how close he was to the Earth. There are many factors at play, and the Earth reacts to the hosing of magnetic particles coming from the N Pole of Planet X in such as way as to distance herself from her brother for a time. Thus, distance alone can be deceptive. When the 270° roll reaches the point where the Earth is being forced into a lean to the left, or about to be forced into that posture, the Earth tries desperately to escape this hose by moving as far away from Planet X as she can within the cup of particle backflow that pours around the side of Planet X. Planet X at that time will appear to the right again, akin to the Second Sun sightings in 2003. There are other dramas that will unfold before that time, of which we have not spoken. There are surprises that will occur, which the establishment is not expecting.

Do the Zeta's believe and worship God as we do (in general)? Do the Zeta's agree or disagree that Jesus the Christ is the Son of God and is responsible for the saving of mankind from total destruction and death? Lastly was mankind in early history living under a certain grace with God that we threw away by betraying God?

We have stated that we do not know what God is any more than mankind knows what God is, and thus we cannot address this aspect of your question. But of this we are certain. Jesus was merely a Star Child who came to Earth with a mission. He routinely goes to 3rd Density worlds with a similar mission, and is on another world now, on another mission. Each individual soul is responsible for their own salvation, if this is how you want to phrase it. Are you infants? You are to grow up and learn not only to take responsibility for yourself but to help others, to become Service-to-Others. Why would you believe a book such as the Bible to be the word of God? Does God write books? Who wrote the Bible in point of fact should be your first question. And beyond that, who removed information from the Bible that might have described the life of Jesus more accurately and described what you are to expect during the forthcoming pole shift in order to better manipulate you. Organized religion is not your friend.

This month there has been fires reported in the stairwell of the Senate building: Is this an innocent event, or are there reasons these fires have been set to remove the people while offices are searched or listening devices planted, etc? Who is behind the fires if they are being conducted by Black ops? Along these same lines, is there any investigation into the anthrax attacks on Democrats Leahy and Daschle by the 'good guys' which happened right after 9-11? I think I read somewhere the FBI did identify the anthrax as weapons grade from one of the US laboratories. Will the culprits eventually be caught and prosecuted? Why has there not been more follow up by Daschle and Leahy demanding an investigation?

It was clear that the only source of anthrax identified during the attacks after 9.11 were from CIA labs in Utah. At this point, the investigation stopped because Bush and Cheney were in charge of the government. As any school child wanting a recess knows, causing a fire alarm empties the building, and those who want to install bugs, riffle through papers and disrupt proceedings are using the same technique.

In your video on the Bush clones you said that the Zeta's might help in teleporting or transporting the third Bush clone if need be. Anyway, how does this play in the non-intervention of the Zeta's if they are helping the puppet-master or the Bush's or whatever is going on? Why would they do so?

All matters such as this must be approved by the Council of Worlds. Since the world at large, as well as the US, would benefit from having a more sensible and compassionate Bush in the White House, this was approved. The goal is to allow those on Earth who will be suffering the pole shift to realize what is coming, and to take action on the matter by either helping others prepare and survive or to turn their backs on others. In other words, this is an opportunity for spiritual growth, either in the direction of Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. In that the third clone would allow more discussion on what is coming, this is deemed a proper use of our time and efforts.

Can the Zetas comment us about the Service to self reptillian shapeshifters. How they are involved with congress and are the 12th richest families in the world including the Bush family involved. Is this the Elite the government has contact with. Any truth to this?

Reptilian shape shifters are a disinfo story disbursed by those who want you to be fearful of aliens. You are to think they are among you, in leadership positions over you in human society. All of this is utterly untrue. Aliens can only counsel you during the Call you give, and are not living among you in human form. They do not run your society. Those who are spreading this fear, these stories, want you to avoid giving the Call to aliens, of which there are vastly more who are Service-to-Other than Service-to-Self to respond to your Call. The promoters of the idea of reptilian shape shifters amongst you want you to be fearful, and thus pull toward the Service-to-Self as a fearful creature is thinking only of the self and not others. These stories are thus spread by Service-to-Self humans, under guidance from their Service-to-Self alien counselors perhaps, hoping to reap a greater harvest of souls during the forthcoming times.

I was linked to this chat by a friend and am admittedly very skeptical. Why should anyone believe that a race of superior beings from another dimension has chosen you to communicate all of their thoughts? When was the first time you communicated with them? What were the circumstances? Did they contact you, or did you contact them? Is it a single entity you're talking with every time? Is it the same entity every time, or different ones?

We have had Nancy emphasize ZetaTalk accuracy from the start of ZetaTalk, crowing "Zetas RIGHT again", as a means of proof for those ready to actually research this accuracy so that they can see it is not Nancy who has come up with our words, but some other source. Nancy volunteered for this role, before being born into this incarnation, and we work with her because of her boundless courage and ability to differentiate Service-to-Other from Service-to-Self. She refuses to be intimidated and is not a prima dona, among other attributes.

If the Madrid fault line fracturing, the imploding cities, the troops brought home to install order, and the world living on the bartr system happens long before the actual shift,and per the Zetas the shift will happen before 2012, why aren't we seeing more of these disasters happening here and now? I guess "long before" to means just that, and 2011 isn't that far off now.

As you have sensed, this is not a linear process. We have stated that the process moves from linear to exponential, and stated a few months ago that the earthquakes had already moved from the linear progression that existed from 1995 to 2007 into an exponential progression. We have stated that the occasional ping of a collapsing bridge or an imploding factory will become like thunder, so many pings that they can no longer be differentiated. The media will stop reporting these incidences, nationally, only reporting them in local news, and then will stop reporting them even in the local news. It will move in an exponential manner, but with sudden spurts. Fault lines give suddenly, after resisting, and when these fault lines give they allow other fault lines to adjust. This pace will not be linear. In addition, much of what we have described will also entail exhausted emergency management teams, so that the public begins to realize they will have to fend for themselves. This is a sociological matter, which will manifest when the Earth changes reach a certain crescendo.

Do planets in other galaxies go thru renewal as we are with Planet X in a same or different cycle in order to change density?

We have stated that brown dwarfs or planets which have a sling orbit are in existence elsewhere. And we have stated that other worlds have pole shifts, as whenever two highly magnetic planets pass each other in close proximity and their magnetic fields are not aligned but at odds with each other, such pole shifts happen. We have also stated that intelligent creatures that live on such planets routinely go into denial about what is about to occur, such is the horror of living through such a catastrophe. Man is not alone in his reaction.

If Saddam Hussein is alive like the Zetas say, is he being hidden by the Puppet Master to be used to make the Bush administration look bad?

Saddam Hussein escaped into a realm the Bush administration cannot reach. He is in Iran, and can move quickly into Russian territories if need be. It is the Iranians who might reveal that the real Saddam has not been hung, but they are unlikely to do this because they know the US will counter by claiming that Iran is pointing to a lookalike double of Saddam. Iran is using the fact that they are hosting Saddam and his family to torture Bush and his cohorts, as they are unsure what Iran's next move might be.

If the pole shift is going to kill almost everyone, why does it matter how they all die - at the hands of governments or in the pole shift. Dead is dead. The way we get dead is really irrelevant.

The goal of alerting humanity to the coming pole shift is not to save human life, as we have explained. The goal is to allow humans the opportunity to take action of some sort, to move in the direction of being more highly Service-to-Other or to retract into becoming stronger in the Service-to-Self orientation, thus helping the young souls on Earth determine their emerging spiritual orientation. The drama about to unfold is immense in opportunities. There are those who have decided to remain in disaster areas to help those who will die there, to give comfort to those trapped there. Their role, in their eyes, is to help those who might otherwise suffer experience love and caring instead, an exchange of love, rather than be plunged into a feeling of helplessness. There are those who will realize that the path they are on is toward Service-to-Self, because in the end they will save themselves and better their position in the Aftertime, while turning their backs on all those for whom they are responsible.

Strange Space Weather over Africa [Nov 12] Something strange is happening in the atmosphere above Africa and researchers have converged on Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to discuss the phenomenon. The Africa Space Weather Workshop kicked off Nov. 12th with nearly 100 scientists and students in attendance. The strange phenomenon that brings all these people together is the ion plume-a newly discovered form of space weather. Ion plumes are made of electrified gas floating so high above ground they come in contact with space itself. The plumes appear during geomagnetic storms and they can interfere with satellite transmissions, airline navigation and radio communications. It is their effect on GPS signals that led to the discovery of plumes over North America just a few years ago. A typical example is the plume of Nov. 20, 2003. Two days before this map was made, an explosion on the sun had hurled a cloud of magnetized gas-a CME-toward Earth. The plume formed when the CME hit, triggering a strong geomagnetic storm.

We have consistently described the tail of Planet X as a "charged" tail. During the passage, lightning passes between the Earth and Planet X due to the nature of this tail, as we have described within the body of existing ZetaTalk. If this lightning were to travel from Planet X toward Earth, it would be devastating to Earth, but it moves in the opposite direction. Planet X is almost entirely a water planet, and absorbs these strikes in its vast oceans. It is the charged nature of the dust cloud that causes it to cling to Planet X, creating a shroud around it so it cannot easily be seen from afar. Unless sunlight is bouncing off this shrouding dust cloud so that it can be seen, it appears as a dim fuzzball. The moons of Planet X and large debris in its tail are held in place by the gravitational attraction of Planet X, but the dust particles, which are ionized iron in the main, are held in place by their charged nature. Planet X is a large magnet, as we have explained since the start of ZetaTalk. Why has NOAA just recently taken such an interest in this new phenomena - the ion plumes? It is because they interfere with GPS satellites, and the functioning of other satellites. As Planet X comes closer toward Earth the licks of its tail are more serious because the tail is more dense the closer it is to Planet X. NOAA and other government agencies know that problems with satellites will will increase, with the repercussions huge. They are trying to prepare for this day by, at a minimum, learning how fast the phenomena is increasing.

Have Jupiter's Smallest Moons Been Obliterated? [Oct 9] NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has found hints that Jupiter's tiniest moons have been obliterated. The findings are among a wide variety of observations of Jupiter and its moons that were released today by mission scientists. Launched in January 2006, the New Horizons probe flew by Jupiter on 28 February 2007. The Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) camera on New Horizons should have been able to spot moons down to a diameter of about 1 kilometre. But it saw nothing smaller than Adrastea, a 16-kilometre-wide resident of Jupiter's faint ring system. This is puzzling, because scientists expected the number of objects to increase at smaller size scales, as they do in the rings of Saturn. The missing moons may have been eroded away by micrometeoroids. A steady rain of small objects - probably between the sizes of a grain of sand and a pebble - would destroy small moons while leaving larger ones mostly intact, they say. For example, a 27-kilometre-wide moon could survive having its outer 5 km worn away over time, whereas an object just 5 km across would be eroded away to nothing in the same time period. But why did this process spare Saturn's small moons? The answer has to do with the fact that Saturn is simply less massive than Jupiter. After micrometeoroids knock material off Saturn's small moons, the material may be able to fall back down again, replenishing what was lost. But small moons orbiting in Jupiter's rings cannot do the same because of interference by Jupiter's powerful gravity field.

Both Jupiter and Saturn are gaseous planets but there the similarities end. The composition of these planets is very dissimilar, and certainly not well understood by man. Human scientists are speculating that the lack of small moons around Jupiter is due to its more massive gravity, which pulls away debris from the surface of any small moons around Jupiter while allowing such moons in Saturn's rings to retain surface debris. Gravity is indeed involved in the dilemma but not in the manner these scientists presume. We have since the start of ZetaTalk explained the gravity repulsion force, whereby large objects of similar size repel each other. The repulsion force is such that small objects can collide with large objects, as they must be of equal or massive size to generate the repulsion force between them. Dust is relatively free of a gravity pull, as the gravity particles can flow around small particles and other interaction such as electromagnetic charge can come into play, keeping dust particles apart from each other and from settling on larger objects. The larger moons of Jupiter are large enough to create a repulsion force with matter inside Jupiter. The smaller moons are drawn into the gaseous body of Jupiter. And the dust evades the gravity pull due to other particle interactions and their small size. Saturn does not pull its small moons into its corpus, being less of a gravity draw than Jupiter. Simple as that.