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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written September 15, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

The Zeta have repeatedly stated that EQ's would increase during the days going into the pole shift; should we all take the incredible Indonesian swarm as a serious harbinger? [and from another] Powerful Indonesian Quakes Leave 10 Dead; Trigger Tsunami Alerts [Sep 13] The 8.4-magnitude quake that shook Southeast Asia yesterday was the strongest this year. An expert says luckily the huge force of water it spawned was pushed out to sea rather than onto land. That spared the region the type of devastation caused by the tsunami of 2004. Two other powerful tremors, magnitudes 7.8 and 6.2, prompted tsunami warnings today, but they were later lifted.

This is just the start. We stated in 1995 that the quake increase would at first be lineal, then change to be exponential. We stated some months ago that the point at which exponential increases would start had arrived. We have made the statement that by the time the last weeks arrive, that emergency management teams in the US would be so overwhelmed that they would turn a deaf ear on cries of "terrorism" from the White House. Bush could still muster a team to check for radiation in New York City recently, during a recent false scare to incite panic in New York City, so that point has not yet arrived.

We humans are 3rd density beings, I assume that we've been 1st and 2nd density creatures in our past lives, although we can't remember that in our present life. How many densities exist and what is the purpose of life for the Zetas? Maybe the souls have to pass through all of these steps to reach God's energy and become one with him? But what about Service-to-Self souls, they can't reach a benevolent God, so perhaps they're going to join a Devil figure at the end of the journey?

These density questions are answered in the Density section of ZetaTalk. Have you read that section? 1st Density is rock and water, without life. 2nd Density is the type of life not intelligent enough to be conscious and spark souls. Your questions about spiritual orientation are answered in the Orientation section of ZetaTalk. There is no Devil, but a small percentage, perhaps 5% of all evolving worlds, choose Service-to-Self and must live exclusively with each other eventually, which we consider to be Hell.

The Zetas have stated that Puppet Master has a direct, controlling, ownership based link to most all banks worldwide and owns the debtor/creditor relationships, and expects to maintain those relationships after the shift. I don't understand how this debtor/creditor relationship will survive the general disruption of the pole shift and its aftermath. It seems to me that rather than emerging once again as the de facto behind the scenes ruler of the financial and political world, he will just be another survivor, albeit still a very wealthy one, I would assume. It just seems to me that there will be too much disruption and too little left of our command and control society for him to be able to effectively run things in the aftertime, as we will be forced into a village type survival mode even in the best of circumstances. He would have to institute a giant feudal empire, and to do so without modern banking, government, media, communications, industry, etc. Just seems very improbable to me.

What the Puppet Master hopes will survive, and what will survive, are two different things. Everyone wants their world to survive, their status quo to survive. Paper ownership of land will be challenged, if not lost entirely. The Puppet Master will have to negotiate with the new squatters, eventually. Assets such as corporates and companies along with buildings and trained personnel and market territory will not survive, period. Political structures may survive, and in this regard having connections and contacts places him in good standing with survival communities. Since the Puppet Master will have more of what everyone else is trying to salvage, including supplies and connections, he is likely to come out on top of the pile, however diminished. He will negotiate with survival communities, offering win-win deals as he has always done, and where diminished will probably die in a position of power similar to that as he hold today.

What is going on in Russia with Putin dissolving the government? [and from another] Putin Dissolves Russian Government [Sep 12] President Vladimir Putin dissolved Russia's government Wednesday in a major political shakeup ahead of parliamentary and presidential elections. The dissolution is expected to result in a new prime minister, who will be seen as Putin's choice to succeed him after he steps down next spring. Sergei Ivanov, a first deputy prime minister and a leading contender to succeed Putin, could be appointed to replace Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov. Another first deputy prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, who is a top executive at natural gas monopoly OAO Gazprom, is considered the other leading contender. Under the constitution, Putin has two weeks to propose a new head of government, which the lower house of parliament, the State Duma, then has a week to vote on. Russian news agencies said Fradkov would serve as acting prime minister until the vote. With elections approaching, Putin needed to have a free hand to make decisions, including those concerning appointments. Parliamentary elections are scheduled for Dec. 2, followed some three months later by presidential balloting.

What Putin is doing is within his presidential powers under the Russian Constitution, as news articles on this matter state. It is no secret that he will attempt to foster the replacement of his choice to be in line ahead of his leaving as President. He is clearing away those he does not want to succeed him, and eliminating those in opposition to him by putting them out to pasture, temporarily. The stage will be set for him, and his chosen successor, to operate from. He's stacking the deck, in other words, and although he himself will not be President, the group he is working with in Russia will still be in charge.

The breakdown in the dollar, The Housing Bubble Collapse, the Liquidity Squeeze in Financial markets all seem to point to increasing Counterparty risk of default for all notes, bonds, currencies, etc. based on faith. The Zetas have stated that The Puppet Master, in the absence of severe Earth changes induced stress to the Financial System, could maintain the existing banking systems for quite some time. I see Modern Fractional Reserve Banking and "elastic, Central Bank created currencies" collapsing sooner rather than later and as the Zetas have stated, being replaced with a barter system. But even in a barter system, or more advanced resource based primitive economies there has always been a role for precious metals to act as a store of wealth and a medium of exchange, simply because they are limited in quantity and thus are accepted as payment due to their scarcity and historical roles as monies. One cow does not equal 4 apples and "generally accepted money" will facilitate the flow and function of even barter based economies it seems. Is this thinking correct?

What will have value will be what one can eat such as food stores, what one can build a shelter with such as hand tools and concrete and wood, what one can travel with such as a horse, and what one can eat in the future with such as seeds and livestock that can breed. Gold and silver will be worthless and not even considered for bartering.

Before the shift, as quake frequencies becomes exponential, will they occur so frequently in some areas that people will move into tents in thier backyards rather than risk being inside a permanent structure? Can we expect Wall Mart to set up shop in tents?

The US government is scarcely prepared for the catastrophes to come. At first, tent cities and trailers will be provided, but soon none of this will be available as all supplies will be exhausted and there will be too many demands. Communities will find their neighbors wandering about, desperate for a room and a meal. This is when the spiritual orientation of individuals will be challenged. Wal-Mart may be forced to provide what they have in their stores, but this will hardly meet the need. Does your local Wal-Mart have a tent for every family in its service area on their shelves?

Could the Zetas comment about what is happening between Israel and Syria lately? [and from another] Pace Wants a Cut in Troop Deployment [Aug 4] Last year, Gen. Peter Pace, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as Iraq was deteriorating, said the war was going "very, very well." It was a telling reminder that Pace was towing the Bush administration line, no matter how foolish it appeared. Now, Pace is on his way out, and he's no longer reading from the White House's talking points. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is expected to advise President Bush to reduce the U.S. force in Iraq next year by almost half, potentially creating a rift with top White House officials and other military commanders over the course of the war. Administration and military officials say Marine Gen. Peter Pace is likely to convey concerns by the Joint Chiefs that keeping well in excess of 100,000 troops in Iraq through 2008 will severely strain the military.

Israel is seeing their position becoming shaky. Bush has depleted the US military in Iraq. Admiral Willaim Fallon, the US commander in the Middle East, and others in the Pentagon are stating that they must draw down in Iraq to 100,000 by year's end or face insecurity. Despite what General Petraeus and Bush say, exhaustion brings vulnerability to a military, and this too is a weakened stance. Israel expected not only an invasion of Iran, but a terrified Syria and an occupied Saudi Arabia. They expected to expand their territory, via the US military invasion of Iraq. Both Bush and Israel have been trying to goad neighboring states to start a fracas, hoping that Iran and Syria will strike back and they can claim they, Israel, are then the victims. The hope is that once the US military engages one of these states, such as Iran or Syria, that the genie cannot be put back into the bottle, and the war both Bush and Israel want will be off and running. Iran and Syria are not that dumb, and are winning at this game.

As a human society, we judge on appearance. So, could humans mistake human-like or attractive aliens as Service-to-Other, when they're really Service-to-Self, and vice versa? Is telepathy the only way to tell the difference?

Learning to recognize Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other entities for what they are is one of the lessons you are to learn. How long does it take you to see past the warm smiles to see self-centered behavior? This is not an intellectual lesson, one you can memorize or be taught. You must learn this, as part of your 3rd Density existence.

Us humans have bad dreams, night-mares, bad thoughts, revenge thoughts towards former friends/colleagues (but we don't actually mean any actual physical harm to them), so how can we make open contact with Service-to-Other aliens, without embarrassing ourselves with dirty laundry in our sub-conscious, when we make telepathic contact with Service-to-Other aliens? What I mean is, I like we say 'I'm gonna kill that person!!' but we don't actually mean it for real. We're just merely emotionally hurt by others thoughts and actions.

Those aliens who meet with contactees are not fools, and know the difference between rage or ranting and actions taken. We, the Service-to-Other Zetas, meet with those who are undecided and leaning in the direction of being Service-to-Other. Even those who are highly Service-to-Other on occasion give in to despair or vent their anguish and frustration. Service-to-Other does not mean being a saint! It means thinking of others 50% of the time.

How on earth are you going to clean up the planet of pollution, dangerous chemicals, viruses and radiation after the shift?

We have the ability to isolate and remove chemicals that you do not have, or the ability to break a harmful chemical down into harmless substances. This includes the ability to break down radioactive materials into something harmless. After the pole shift, there will be teams, composed of willing humans, ourselves and our hybrids in the US and in other parts of the globe, many many different life forms and their contactees, who will go forth and clean up industrial cesspools. It will be a rewarding time!

Could the Zetas comment on the study about the verichip and it causing cancer in lab animals at a significant number. Will they still try to tag us before we see X in the sky? And their national ID system, what is the purpose of this any way? Is it too control the population after the shift?

Any sort of ID chip will not become law and enforced before the pole shift. This has been the plan since before 9/11, and was pushed hard after 9/11 with some parents and pet owners allowing their children or pets to be chipped. But this was a handful of people, and commercial interest in this faltered, then failed. The government may push more effective ID's to be carried, such as driver's licenses, which is another matter. When the pole shift happens, databases will go down, paperwork will be lost, and such identification soon will become worthless. The plan, of course, was to chip everyone, identifying the good workers from the bad, those with skills and a good track record of compliance, and identifying those with health problems or criminal records so they could be eliminated. And by eliminated we mean death.

Will people be able to see Planet X in close detail passing over Earth during the hour of the pole shift? Will it look like the Moon or larger? People would be in shock to see space ships of all kinds in the sky during the pole shift. Will this happen?

We have detailed the Point of Passage, which has Planet X coming at the Earth from the right in its retrograde orbit, zooming overhead as it leaves the solar system at a 32° degree angle to the Ecliptic, and drawing the Earth closer to it during this time so that the Earth is only 14 million miles from Planet X. Legend and folklore state that it is seen coming from the Sun, rapidly appears as large as the Moon, and writhes like a dragon due to the tail of Planet X pointing almost directly at the Earth, hosing out from the N Pole of Planet X as it does. The Kolbrin has many descriptions of the Point of Passage.

Could the zetas comment on the gentelman that was on C2C the other night this week that has a new book out about the return of Wormwood. He contends that by Sept -Oct 2009 it will be visible for us to see with the naked eye. Will the govenrment people be in the hiding placing then or will they be moved to Denver where they are already in the process of moving alot of their government agencies now? Then he says the real damage comes when the planet is going out of the solar system more around Dec 2012, Mayan calendar date.

As anyone following the current book topics and guests for radio shows has gathered, 2012 is the date of choice. We have explained that this date is not when the Mayan calendar ends, for many reasons. It is simply a guess. The pole shift will happen before this date. But there will be endless opportunists hoping for fame and book sales, and Rand is yet another. Jaysen Rand has no track record, just an opinion, unlike ZetaTalk which has an astonishing track record of accurate predictions. Mississippi bridges are falling down and collapsing, per our predictions, but C2C has Rand on. This is because he is unlikely to bash Bush, or make statements of fact. Rand can be relied upon to stick to message, as Major Ed Dames and others who are well in hand of the White House. They hate ZetaTalk, and do everything in their power to prevent it from getting the attention it deserves.

The Zetas have mentioned that defense budgets have been used to illegally siphon tax payer monies for the financing of black programs, particularly for the elite's PX preparations. Earlier articles have mentioned trillions of missing dollars from the U.S. government.
This bottom link explains that "ten years after Congress ordered federal agencies to have outside auditors review their books, neither the Defense Department nor the newer Department of Homeland Security has met even basic accounting requirements, leaving them vulnerable to waste, fraud and abuse," and these two budgets account for over 50% of the total U.S. annual budget. Why would they tighten the ship if that means cutting off their funds?

Despite Congressional oversight, these massive budgets are unlikely to ever be called to account. This has been attempted in the past, with the result that shell games ensue, with the missing dollars moved around so those trying to trace them become exhausted. Congress has the worry of trying to look as though they are accomplishing things, and not bashing the good guys. Too many questions and a Congressional investigator begins to look like they are conducting witch hunts, hounding the good guys, and the like. Thus investigations are delimited for success. Contractor abuse is likely to get an investigation, particularly if and when Cheney is taken out of power.

How can we expect the government and media to spin all this coming earthquake increase? Are they expecting this increase? And have they settled on an excuse?

They are braced for the worst, which in their mind is massive quakes on the New Madrid Fault and the West Coast only. They are planning for this, but what will occur will be so much worse, with stretch zone problems covering almost the entire eastern half of the US, and bowing accidents (such as the Hoover Dam breaking) affecting much of the southwest. After a while, like the weatherman trying to explain today's weather, they just stop trying. The news will just be reporting what else has gone wrong, no excuses offered.

Do Service-to-Self Alien races do their part to incarnate their own breed of souls who are and have been the Dictators and Decieders of Man? Would the bloodthirsty power hungry souls been allowed by the Service-to-Other type Aliens to incarnate knowing what just might happen?

Each life, as we have explained, is considered a clean slate as in truth this is what it might become. Hardened Service-to-Self do discover their empathy and start to move in another direction. Those firmly in the Service-to-Other orientation can encounter situations that challenge their ability to think of others as well as self. Man is given free will, and 3rd Density existence is to allow this full play. Not all who are Service-to-Self become dictators and deciders of man. Few do. They prefer to find a niche where they can be in control, have their needs met, and are not challenged. Big fish in a little pond.

I am a person who is anxious to make contact with friendly, intelligent life forms that exist out there. I believe and feel I am ready. Anyway, you have stated that the Zetas use implants to communicate with some and that they also make it appear as though you are looking at a cloud when they have a ship present. I have a good friend (20+ yrs. now) and about a month ago, he confided in me that he has not only been in contact with aliens, but that he has had as many as four implants in him. I have never known him to be insane or an outlandish liar and I am convinced that at least he believes these things have happened to him. The problem is he is very fearful of talking too much about it, but not because of ridicule or scrutiny. He is afraid of the aliens for some reason. He said he has had three of the implants removed with one more remaining still inside of him. He said he couldn't tell me too much due to the implant and his alien associates hearing him. He also said whenever I see a cloud in the sky, it may be a ship and I just can't see it. From what he has described to me, it sounds alot like what you have said about the Zetas. Is there any reason that people would or should be fearful of Zetas or is he talking about another species of beings that just happen to have some things in common with the Zetas? He is genuinely afraid to speak too much about it, even in one on one conversation and he has made me give more thought to my desire to make contact. I fear nothing, even the unknown, but it still made me look at it from another perspective. Listening to Dr. Greer will make one think that all aliens are friendly and don't mean us any harm. Any input would be appreciated.

Many contactees have mixed feelings about their status. They realize what they are doing would put them at odds with their fellow man, in many respects. If they talk about this at work, they may miss out on promotions or get fired. They get visits from the pastor, as they are considered to be talking to demons. The wife or girlfriend might decide that insanity runs in the family, and back away. Aliens in the Service-to-Other certainly do not tell their contactees not to talk about their status, but are honest when discussing the travails. Thus, where this information lies in the subconscious of the contactee, but is not complete in the conscious, the contactee realizes there is something to be feared, something involving their contactee status, but is unsure just what this is. Right emotion, wrong source.

I have tried to consider the position of the next president of the U.S., assuming it will be Al Gore or another Service-to-Other human who feels an obligation to notify the public of the impending passage. One can quickly foresee the potential ramifications of such a notice. The Zetas have mentioned small survival groups is the desired solution by the Puppet Master, however, if the planet is officially informed of the passage it seems to me, as a Service-to-Other leader, he/she would feel a need to be proactive in relocating the masses from the coasts and setting up these diverse, small survival groups. It takes about five seconds of thinking about that to realize the virtually insurmountable problems that must be overcome in that scenario. Organized transportation, enough safe land to relocate to, diverse infrastructures such as food production and distribution during the transition, sanitation, security, Service-to-Self individuals, etc. A nightmare to be sure. Can the Zetas tell us what goes through Gore's mind and that of other leaders who wish to help others survive?

We can tell you the plan, loosely. They intend to honestly inform the public of what is likely to occur. They will explain that social services as they are known today will not be possible. Government will do what it can, but it cannot do the impossible. Government was never setup to do what would be required, so should not be expected to operate as a rescue operation. People must rely upon themselves, and help each other. This will be the announcement. People will be advised to leave the coast. Travel restrictions will be imposed to prevent looting and invasion of private citizens' homes from happening. Thus those with family or friends willing to take them in, inland, will be allowed to travel from cities, others will not be.

It is the wish of Al Gore that busloads of people in cities be taken to rural areas where they can at least forage, disbursed in this manner, but this plan is unlikely to get cooperation from state and local government and thus will fail. State and local government will be the deciders in the end, as federal government breaks down during the last weeks. The US military will be in the main returned to the continental US, with the enlisted allowed to return to their homes to be with their families. In this way, the soldiers are less likely to become armed gangs, and will become defenders of their homes and families, at least so it is hoped. Those trapped in cities are likely to force an escape at the last minute and flood the rural areas around the cities, in any case. We have advised, repeatedly, that those hoping to survive make their plans early, make their moves early, and have a strong footing in a rural area for the days when travel restrictions might be imposed. This advice still stands.

What is the protocol and procedure for humans meeting Zetas for the first time?

The Council of Worlds does not allow for infringement in the free will of man. This means that the human controls the contact, can give the Call and can change his or her mind and wish to end the contact at will. Aliens are not allowed to touch a human unless they agree. Those aliens in the Service-to-Self are not allowed to dictate or enslave a human, regardless of their desire to do so. They can only consult. They cannot deliver on promises, such as the apparent deals made during Satanic rituals. Service-to-Self aliens can lie, and fool their human contactees, but they cannot deliver goods. The results of contact, thus, are what the human does, not what the alien does. This concept is much misunderstood because the CIA wished humans to fear contact with aliens. Disinformation is rampant, as in that this or that human is "chosen" or directed to do this or that. Nothing could be further from the truth. The human chooses.