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ZetaTalk: North American Union
written Aug 24, 2007

Video: [Apr 22] CNBC Interview on the Amero [and from another] Video: [May 20] CNBC Discussion on Amero [and from another] White House Riding In NAFTA Superhighway Fast Lane [Aug 17] The White House has been knee deep in hush-hush negotiations with Mexico and Canada to build a 12-lane superhighway stretching from Monterrey, Mexico, to Winnipeg, Canada. This highway, being dubbed the NAFTA Superhighway, will stretch from Laredo, Texas, to Duluth, Minn., before crossing into Canada. The highway will cut through America's heartland, passing through cities such as Dallas, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Kansas City, Des Moines and Minneapolis. It will be a red carpet for the Mexican trucking industry. And for those who doubt the whether this highway will ever be built, it is important to know that construction is already underway in Texas. While officials say a NAFTA Superhighway does not exist, one merely has to ask why Laredo, a city of 231,470, would need a 12-lane highway. The rush to Wal-Mart cannot be that intense. It is clear that this highway is not just an extension of some foolhardy free trade ideology; it's one of the final steps in creating a North American Union. [and from another] Leading Conservatives Denounce Bush on 'North American Union' [Aug 21] President Bush is meeting in Quebec Monday and Tuesday with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderon to discuss the SPP, which the U.S. government's Web site describes as a cooperative effort among Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The SPP meetings (the fourth since 2005) have afforded little access to the media and no access to the general public except for leaders of some large corporations taking part. The secrecy has led activists on both sides of the political aisle to develop ideas about what might be happening behind closed doors. U.S. Ambassador to Canada David Wilkins called the opposition to the SPP "conspiracy theories." Wilkins said that "while conspiracy theories abound, you can take it to the bank that no one involved in these discussions is interested in, or has ever proposed, a 'North American Union,' a 'North American super highway' or a 'North American currency.'"

The Amero is ready to hit the printing presses, the NAFTA superhighway is on schedule, and Bush's plans to become a dictator controlling the entire N American continent have not abated. Would not such a matter as the national currency require approval of Congress, and a similar approval in Canada and Mexico? The plan, when laid years ago by those who maneuvered Bush into the White House in 2000, was to have Bush declare martial law and strong arm the Canadians and Mexicans into cooperation.

Bush's fortunes have not faired well, his other plans either failing to get the backing of the American people and Congress or, if implemented, running amuck of Congressional investigations. His invasion of Iraq for oil is almost a certain loss, something even Bush has to admit privately. His plans to move Social Security funds into Wall Street, something he personally campaigned for, never gained approval even with the Republican Congress. The immigration reforms, which would have provided Bush a cheap and cooperative work force after the pole shift, fell victim to squabbling among Congressional members. Repeated attempts to force an invasion of Iran have failed, blocked by a reluctant US military. Even the infamous Karl Rove has left Bush's side, as the rats are leaving the sinking ship. Given the failures and setbacks, what is Bush's attitude about his planned North American Union? Full steam ahead. He has been insistent, in private meetings, that the plans remain the same. What has changed is his public ownership of these plans.

One might consider the Bush plans for world domination like a pyramid, where success in one area is required for success in another. Building blocks.

Imagine this pyramid actually being built, and not meeting the opposition or crumbling that has occurred. While fresh in Iraq, the military not yet exhausted and flush with the glory of "shock and awe", renewed terror attacks in the US gain Bush public support to invade Iran and thence the oil fields of Saudi Arabia. With control of the oil fields, demanding subservience from Europe and Asia is expected to meet with cooperation. The American economy appears to be booming due to the housing bubble, and flush with success Bush pushes through the Social Security scam whereby Wall Street can get drunk on the Social Security funds. Riding the wave, Bush declares martial law on yet another terror incident, giving him the right to form the North American Union with neighboring countries too intimidated to resist.

In that Congress would have to approve of such plans, especially the Amero, this shows that Bush expected martial law to be in place by that time. In that martial law would require some extraordinary situation within the US, such as an attack on the homeland, this shows that such an attack, in reality faked terrorism, was part of the plan. In that no WMD were ever found in Iraq, and Bush is refusing to exit even when being requested to do so by the elected government of Iraq, this shows that oil was the reason for the invasion of Iraq. You now see Bush standing in the rubble of his crumbled pyramid of plans, holding the Amero and the NAFTA superhighway plans, saying, "Plans? What plans?" He has no explanation for any of it, and is caught red-handed.