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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written August 4, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

On the April 7, 2007 ZetaTalk Live, I asked the Zetas about the Australian plate and predictable earthquake travels based upon the Zeta's Scripted Drama. The question was asked shortly after the Soloman Islands quake and tsunami earlier this year, and in my mind, in reference to the Sumatran quake in 2004 and its location on the Australian plate. Prior to April 7, the bulk of the earthquake activity was occurring Between Sumatra and further southeast to the Solomons, along the Australian/Pacific fault. Based upon the Scripted Drama, it seemed the logical path of earthquake travel would be toward Fiji and New Zealand off a focal point, which I assumed was near Sumatra. Since April 7, earthquake activity around Fiji has exploded and has moved down, toward New Zealand. Quakes are now showing up at the Australian/Antarctic fault with far greater frequency than prior to the April 7 posting, as if the plate is truly unzipping. In the Zeta's answer to the Apr 7 question, they said the Australian plate was essentially the keystone to the rest of the planet's plates and as it loosened, it would free the other plates, allowing greater plate movement, world wide. Not long ago, a steam geyser exploded from a New York street which the Zetas said was due to ground movement and now we have a collapsed bridge over the Mississippi. Can the Zetas comment, please?

There is a fluidity to plate movement now, which was absent in the past. We have warned of this time, when earth movements would become more extreme and fault lines slide further, with devastation to mankind's structures. When cities were built, roadways laid, rail lines laid, and the infrastructure of plumbing and gas and water mains laid, man did not that assume more than the occasional jolt of a quake would occur. Mankind did not assume large movements in the earth could happen. When the Pacific Ocean adjusts, compressing, this allows the Atlantic Ocean to widen some hours or days later. Since the edges of fault lines are now smoothed, as the rock fingers have broken off during the jerking around the Earth has undergone in the past couple of years during the wobble, there is little to stop the plates from adjusting to new positions almost immediately. Catastrophes will happen in many parts of the globe, almost simultaneously. The broken link will start to apply, in that emergency crews cannot reach the disaster area because their equipment is blocked or broken, and communications are down. A sense of panic will start to erode the confident sneer of politicians who had assumed themselves free from worry as they were promised a spot in a bunker somewhere. They will be nervous about making the last flight out, or the last car to be able to travel down the road. Watch their faces on TV, as the drama is about to begin!

I was curious about the origins of Latin since it seemed to appear out of nowhere during the Roman Empire, is it Annunaki based?

Europe has a history of many languages, due to the mountain ranges that separated one group from another. It does not take much to make a language digress from another, over time, especially when the language is being passed on verbally, rather than as a written word. Language also spreads via a dominant group, as the conqueror does not want to adjust to the conquered, so dictates that its language be used. Latin was around, and is the basis of most of the spoken European languages, the similarity in these languages, if one traces back, to a Latin base. That it seemed to spring from nowhere comes from the presumption that unless a country is speaking Latin, as the norm, that it was therefore not in existance in that country. In fact, it was around in the early years, by a dominant group who then left, moving on. Does this sound like the Annunaki, who traveled everywhere in search of gold? Indeed, these were the dictators who left their stamp in more than one way on the Earth.

Nancy Pelosi has stated that she is opposed to any reopening of the 9/11 investigation. I assume that this stance from her is due to the fact that she has plenty of proof of very serious crimes by Bush and Co without 9/11 and she is afraid to open that can of worms as the investigation could trigger a complete collapse of faith in the government and lead to anarchy. She made an interesting comment stating, "We'll make sure that nothing else happens." Is she referring to the fact that she is working with the FBI and other branches of government to thwart any false flag attacks?

Imagine the delicate position Pelosi and other leaders such as Reid are in. They know about the very real possibility of a Planet X passage, though all briefings are posited in terms of a possible, not a certain, passage. They are aware of the extent of crimes done by the White House, from voter fraud to theft to acting in an unlawful and treasonous manner, such as starting a war for oil, for instance. They must ponder the reaction of the public to announcements of this nature, bearing in mind the feared likelihood of panic and riots. Once this starts, can one go back and try again? Thus extreme caution is the rule. Nevertheless, there are slips in statements, as no human is so steeled that they can be interviewed 24/7, when weary as well as when rested, without revealing what is on their minds.

Do the Power players behind Bush in the US ( owners of Big oil, etc.) understand just how far off of the rails their plans for World domination have come? Do they have a plan B now that it is clear they do not control the military and cannot push for WW dominance of oil resources? The Zetas have previously stated that Big Oil and the US based powers behind the throne were trying to force conservation of US based oil supplies by artificial price hikes, which is like spitting into the wind. It seems to be that these individuals have been somewhat blinded by their power and wealth and therefore do not see clearly the options that they will soon be forced to confront.

Those who have clawed their way to power have been so used to being the bully, via wealth or intimidation, that they begin to think of this as the norm. The world they have known has never been any different, as they were always able to bludgeon a competitor or lie their way out of a fix or bribe someone to get their way. They become complacent. They assume a world similar to the one they have always known will continue to exist. If you tell these people that the grid will be down, communications nil, starvation rampant and insanity on the rise, they still continue to think they will be "top dog". They cannot conceive of a situation wherein those they are commanding are not listening to them. Intimidation no longer has a club when the phones no longer work and mercenaries are looking out for what they can plunder for themselves. Punishment does not exist where police and courts are not at hand and willing to be bribed. The former top dog will be alone on the road, just another survivor! This is the flaw in their logic, and it will prove to be a fatal flaw.

Can the Zetas comment on The Federal Reserve under Greenspan and other State Banks that are controlled by the Puppet Master? The Fed kept interest rates artificially low for a long period of time which allowed the housing bubble to inflate to the dangerous degree that we now see. Other Central Banks also provided loose money ( and continue to do so) to prop up other bubbles as in The Netherlands today. Was the purpose of creating these property bubbles to prop up economies in the face of slow underlying activity, or was it rather to create a bubble, pop it and then swoop in and pick up the pieces once again while owning the defaulted note holders to extend control over their lives even further? The Zetas have stated that the reluctance of the Fed to cut US interest rates today is partially due to the Puppet Master's desire to decapitate Bush and remove any financial levers that he might have for remaining in Iraq. It seems to me that a delicate balancing act is in progress, removing financial and budgetary flexibility from Bush while at the same time keeping a pretense of a functioning economy that is still afloat to the general public.

There are many games in the financial field, and many players. Taking advantage of an opportunity is something many can do, so someone as astute as the Puppet Master would not build a bubble and allow it to pop just to make a dime. This is a simplistic view. He can gain assets from the misfortune of others in a more controlled manner, without creating chaos. What is happening to the US under Bush is not of the Puppet Master's doing. Bush and company desired to be Kings in the Aftertime, peers of the Puppet Master, and assumed they had the power to do this because they controlled the US Military. They are still trying to accomplish their goals. They went broke trying to do so. That it is the US, the federal government, which went broke is not their concern, as they are not personally liable for the debt. The Puppet Master is in a delicate situation, as to continue to allow Bush to burden the US with debt puts stress on the rest of the world. He wants Bush demolished, the whole crew "decapitated" so the US is run by Congress and the agencies per their statutes and the Judiciary. To accomplish this, he must allow the mess the US has become to be become obvious. Thus, he steps back and allows problems to manifest. However, we anticipate he will not let the economy slide too far.

Without getting into any hurricane predictions, can the Zetas explain what factors so far, are hindering any ones from developing this season? The last 2 years, pre-hurricane season was predicted to have many but fizzled out.

Hurricane predictions are off target because the forecasters are not taking into consideration the right factors. They ignore the wobble which moves land under the atmosphere so the temperature of the land and air mingle and equalize. They ignore the new position of the Moon, which pulls on water by gravity as the Earth turns under it. They ignore the mild sloshing of the oceans during the wobble, which changes the temperature of a water mass by this mixing process. While the hurricane season has been mild, tornadoes have appeared in unusual places, and certainly drought and deluge have been devastating around the world. It is not just the hurricane season that has proved unpredictable. This inability to predict the weather in general will continue and in fact get worse, as we long ago predicted.

Do the Council of Worlds know who God is or what made them? Do they know of beings higher or further along then they are?

We have mentioned that where we believe in God, and have a religion in our respect for the way the Universe is laid out, we cannot answer the many questions posed to us about what God is, as we are not any more sure of this than mankind! However, we the Zetas are at 4th Density, and the wise and massive beings who lead the Council of Worlds are of a much higher and lighter vibration than 4th Density. They may have an understanding which we do not, but they are not sharing this understanding with us. Many lessons, and much wisdom must be learned, not taught. Thus, it is through experience, sacrifice, and actions taken that one comes to understand. When we suggest that mankind take action to demonstrate their decision to be Service-to-Other, it is not because we are directing man to do as we say but not as we do. We ourselves must take these same steps.

Can the Z's comment on the new PM in the UK? Did the recent attacks affect him in any way? Will he now be a Bush hugger?

Bush was uncomfortable meeting the press with Brown, as he had not received the pandering he was used to from the British PM. Brown made it clear, as the press reported, that they would leave Iraq as planned regardless of the US position. Brown did not bow and scrape the floor in obeisance. Bush was uneasy as he feared a public response during the press conference, revealing this, but Brown is a consummate politician and avoided embarrassing Bush. Nevertheless, the fact that he no longer has a lap poodle was clear, and distressing to Bush.

Nancy, I recently read an article stating Bush may have the power to cancel the 2008 elections! On prisonplanet websight! This young contactee friend of mine stated about the Zeta's stating, if their will even be a 2008 election because of the pole shift, possible occuring before, because Bush and the elite, can they possible be increasing Nibiru's speed cause of their evil actions? Second question, has Nibiru been clearly spotted through the telescope in Arizona used by the Vatican? Also would I personally be able to spot Nibiru through a telescope so high up in the northern hemisphere? From what I read the southern hemisphere is the only area that you can view Nibiru clearly, some people even say the South is the only place you will see Nibiru at all, cause its coming from the South, I may be misreading something, but is it possible or not to view clearly in the northern hemisphere?

Those who state that sightings can only be had from the southern hemisphere are wrong, as both have the same view, lost in the glare of the Sun in essence. Those stating this are assuming Planet X is not yet risen to the Ecliptic, and it is virtually there. Bush has of course tried to invoke martial law, which would presume no elections, but has been ignored, as we have stated on many occasions.

I read an article stating the number of private security personnel employed by Wackenhut, Blackstone, and other private security/paramilitary firms, vastly out numbers the country's municipal police forces combined. The Zetas said private security forces would be employed by the elites to protect them and their bunkers, though warning these were mercenaries who will ultimately take care of themselves when push comes to shove. Though their numbers do not equal those of the US arm forces, they are well trained and well equipped. My question is, since the US military is no longer responding to President Bush's orders, and thus, can no longer count on the military, is it the White House's intent to severely weaken the US military in an attempt to give the Bush crowd a leg up in their anticipated after time endeavors, or potentially even before?

Despite being refused, Bush continues to believe he can control the US military, as he thinks he can remove those officers refusing him and charm the lower level officers into cooperation. He assumes, rightfully, that the degree of rebellion has not been explained to the lower ranks. However, he fails to consider how much those in the armed services hate him for his actions, for refusing to arm them properly, for failing to plan an exit strategy, for sending them back into battle when sick and going back on promises to give them care as vets, and for paying private contractors so much more than those in the military. Even so, it is not the Bush plan to weaken the military.

Orangutan communication resembles a game of charades, a study suggests. Researchers from St Andrews University have shown that the animals intentionally modify or repeat their signals to get their messages across. The scientists said they believed all great apes could have this capability, suggesting that the skill may have evolved millions of years ago. Any truth here? Do apes have a language that we have not yet detected?

When man was genetically engineered from apes, it was because the ape had the potential for thought, for puzzle solving, and was not a long way from being conscious of itself as an entity apart from others in its species. Sparking souls require all these things, and the ape was a step away. Humans read body language, more so than they realize. Humans use tools and language. Thus it is no surprise that apes would have these capabilities to some extent.

With Man's brain being redesigned in the Hybrids and the older reptilian brain will be left out for no one needs to hold secrets, etc. My question is if a hand is hurt and the pain is great, how will one suppress the feeling for instant pain relief or dive into freezing water thinking it's not freezing.

Do you think us fools? You think we are engineering an inability to feel pain, or compute a proper response to pain? It is true that our hybrids will be more telepathic than man, and thus unable to keep secrets. This is true of the Zeta now, but in 4th Density Service-to-Other cultures, this is the norm.

I was surprised to read both the Senate and the House are busy rushing through the new FISA legislation, according to the plan Bush demanded, before they leave for break. What would be the rush? There were Democrats voting for it, and yet even a judge at the beginning of the year ruled the program illegal. All of the capitulation to the Executive branch doesn't make sense. With all of our civil rights circling the drain, has something happened in the background? [and from another] Congress Yields to Pass Bush Spying Bill [Aug 4] The Congress yielded to President George W. Bush on Saturday and approved legislation to temporarily expand the government's power to conduct electronic surveillance without a court order in tracking foreign suspects. The new bill was needed in part, aides said, because of restrictions recently imposed by the secret court on the ability of spy agencies to intercept communications. Final passage of the bill came a day after Republicans rejected Democratic alternatives that would have provided greater court supervision. The measure is to expire in six months. Lawmakers are to come up with permanent legislation in the meantime.

What was approved was a temporary continuation only, as they are going on a summer break. Bush was trying to take advantage of the timing to force through more permanent change. He didn't get his way. Without FISA in place, matters would get worse, so at least a temporary continuance was necessary.

Why was Tillman seen as such a threat?

Tillman was a prize for the war effort, so very visible in marching off to war, and likely to inspire others to do likewise. When he saw what was actually going on, a failure to hunt down Bin Laden, foot dragging, he then realized other games were afoot. He was talking within his group, his talk getting back up the line to superiors, and the horror of such a notable becoming an antiwar spokesperson loomed. As with embedded reporters, who are shot deliberately, such assassinations are done by a wink and a nod, in response to a complaint or a report. No written record exists for such orders, but they are real just the same, and those passing them down the line confident of being protected. Thus the general in charge is only being reprimanded, perhaps a star removed which he is certain will be returned to him shortly, along with a prize assignment. Tillman was shot in the head under orders from high up the line, to silence him and to make of his death a hero to those wanting to join the war effort. The truth is finally coming out.

Please explain this comment you made last week on the chat: 'We have been in a quiet time since March but the Zetas state will pick up end of August if not sooner. Worse than lurches will happen, like 3 days of darkness tilt, rotation stoppage, etc.'

We are famous for not revealing what will happen if withholding the information will cause the establishment to stumble and the cover-up to falter. We did not, for instance, explain that an Earth wobble would develop in 2004, or even that the Earth would halt in her orbit on December 25, 2003 and be pushed backwards. All this took the establishment by surprise. We did not predict that the Moon would have the erratic orbit it has assumed. When we predicted the current weather, way back in 1995, we did not explain the cause, which is the wobble. We only pointed to the roiling core of the Earth heating the surface and thus the atmosphere and waters above the surface. The wobble is the real cause of the current weather anomalies, however. We predicted a rapid approach of Planet X into the inner solar system, but did not reveal that a slow crawl past the S Pole of the Sun would result. We explained the ZetaTalk Triangle, wherein Planet X is offset to the right at the point of passage, but did not explain until very recently where this occurs during the 270° roll of Planet X. Thus, when we say that some things will occur soon, toward the end of August if not sooner, there is lots of wiggle room between the wobble of which you are aware, and the lean to the left into 3 days of darkness, which we have explicitly detailed. Just what those "some things" are, we decline to state. We wish the establishment to stumble, and the cover-up to break!

Another question- do the entities on Nibiru use radio in the form we know it on Earth, for communication, and will we be able to intercept these at any time?

Mankind is aware of radio waves, x-rays and light rays among the many particle flows that can be shaped to carry communications. We have described the crystals rumored to have been used by the Annunaki, crystals on the Moon used to communicate between the Moon and Mars. Mankind does not understand their usage and could not use them even if they secured possession. The technology of the Annnunaki developed along different paths than the communications of mankind, so radio waves are seldom used. As they are in quarantine from mankind, any such communications would be intercepted by ourselves or others in Service-to-Other. You are not to meet, period.

Was the Great Depression done intentionaly by a group of wealthy bankers and what did they hope to gain from it? What are they planning to accomplish by doing it again?

Greed drives these matters, with each participant anticipating that their actions will not kill the host. The tapeworm does not intend to kill its host, as then it too will die. It is only when the result of unregulated greed is evident that safeguards are put into place to prevent the host from dying. The Great Depression had many lessons for those who saw what unregulated greed could bring. The current situation is different, as the weather has caused devastation to the world in ways not admitted by the news reports. Crop shortages have been occurring, as well as the inability of a segment of the population to have purchasing power because as farmers they have no product to sell. This has a domino affect, with others anticipating their products to be sold finding themselves with inventory they cannot move. They drop the price, cutting into the income and viability of other corporations and other producers. Seeing the situation and wanting to avoid the word "depression", captains of industry and banking in particular have allowed such things as the credit card overuse and the mortgage bubble to develop. This has all run longer than anticipated, as it was anticipated that the pole shift would happen in 2003, so they have been caught!

Is the housing market on the verge of collapse? How soon do you see the super highway taking shape? How soon do you see the barter system back in use cause I've read some articles on a severely dropping dollar?

The housing market in the US is already in collapse. The only question is the outcome as to how many empty houses will be in the hands of bankers, and how many mortgage companies will be going belly up. The bulk of the pain will be passed on to consumers, who will be forced to live with relatives or in their cars, while the banks take the equity in the houses and try to recoup. The North American Union superhighway through the middle of the US will never be constructed, and its construction is irrelevant in any case as it will run in the main through areas to be flooded during the pole shift and the big melt afterward. Will these trucks drive under water? We have predicted that the barter system will be in place throughout most of the world long before the pole shift. This point has not yet arrived.

Does the new Bush eavesdropping bill that McConnell is so insistent on passing have anything to do with the Coverup, or does it really have to do with listening in to foreign terrorists?

Bush and company are trying to control the populace, to determine who within the populace would be a rebel instead of a compliant worker. They are also wanting to locate their enemies, amid the Congress and Judiciary and agencies. They want unlimited intel, not for supposed terrorist activities but to support their plans for a dictatorship. None of this will succeed, as the tide is against them.