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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Jun 23, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

100-Foot Deep Andes lake Disappears [Jun 21] A five-acre glacial lake in Chile's southern Andes has disappeared-and scientists want to know why. Park rangers at Bernardo O'Higgins National Park said they found a 100-feet-deep crater in late May were the lake had been in March. Several large pieces of ice that used to float atop the water also were spotted. A group of geologists and other experts will be sent to the area 1,250 miles southeast of Santiago in the next few days to investigate. One theory is the water disappeared through cracks in the lake bottom into underground fissures. But experts do not know why the cracks would have appeared because there have been no earthquakes reported in the area recently. A river that flowed out of the lake was reduced to a trickle.

Of course the water drained underground, as where else would it go? S America is a solid continent which is nailed at its tip, rolling its top portion Westward as the Atlantic widens. The Nasca plate just to the West of S America prevents the S American plate from moving as a whole. The top portion of S America is free to crush the smaller plates it confronts but forced to ride over the Nasca plate in this press to move West. In particular, at a glance as geography will show, the bottom part of the Nasca plate emerges from the S American plate just about where this missing lake disappeared. S America obviously bows, during Earth changes, thus the breaks in the plate where the Amazon and Parana River at Buenos Aries show. It bows by riding up over the Nasca plate, and curling around the Nasca plate at the top and bottom. Bowing breaks solid rock, creating compression on one side and cracks on the other. It is into one of these cracks that the water flowed! This link is to an article telling about what appears to be an intractable drought strangling most of the U.S. with the country's western states in its eighth consecutive year of drought. This article came from a British news outlet. The following article states: "The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released a report concluding that three federal agencies that conduct scientific research, including NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the latter of which is the home of much of the nation's climate research, do a darn good job of preventing government scientists from telling the public what they've discovered."

The cover-up over Planet X reaches far beyond suppressing admissions from Astronomers and observatories and NASA employees that a rogue planet is in the inner solar system and will make a passage, per its trajectory. It goes, in the minds of those in the White House terrified that the public will find out they are being lied to, to any data that would point to this rogue planet and pending passage. Increased earthquakes, suppressed by the USGS which is now under a gag order and can only comment if approved by the White House. Increased vulcanism is for some reason not suppressed, perhaps because it is not the subject of news, of interest only locally. The weather is allowed to be talked about only because the excuse, Global Warming, is given so much press and so much of the establishment is singing this song. But until recently, Global Warming was on the no-talk list too, with many scientists complaining they were being ignored or silenced. When the cover-up finally breaks, as it will, the public will be that much more enraged, as they hear these stories, about suppression, and will connect the dots! They will blame the White House, putting the blame where it deserves to lie.

Tony Blair says a deal on a new EU treaty protects Britain's interests, but critics call it a major shift in power.
Any comment?

Bush is attempting to make Europe a satellite, putting his old lapdog Blair in charge. There is too much opposition all around for any such arrangement to work. They are relying on legality that will not be passed, and has been rejected by many countries in the past when it was attempted. Blair may get himself some sort of appointment, so he is not idle, but it is unlikely to be under a unified Europe where he can act, essentially, as its President!

In one month passed, Planet X was 150° degrees in relation the Earth. And now where degree is Planet X in relation the Earth. Also in the prophecies speaks very in the meteor rain, because the Zetas does not speak on the occurrence meteor rain?

Planet X is at present somewhat stalled, not having progressed much, which is not to say that sudden motion is not around the corner. This is not a linear matter! The Bible, and the Kolbrin, which relay stories of the past pole shifts such as the Flood and the Exodus, describe hail stones cutting down the crops, cutting the trees to shreds. We have spoken of the destruction the whipping tail of Planet X can and will bring to parts of the globe. This is not universal, but it cannot be predicted as to what parts of the globe will get the worst. These hail storms occur in the days prior to the passage, which is a time when humanity should be under shelters.

Will Service-to-Other souls that perish in the shift incarnate into the new hybrid bodies, or are there different souls already inhabiting said hybrids?

Some human souls have already incarnated into hybrid bodies, and even into full blood Zeta bodies. The issue of whether to incarnate again into human form is one discussed by the Birthing Guides and the soul in question. There are many variables. Those souls incarnating into Zeta or Hybrid bodies are preparing to be of service when the pole shift hits, are grown, and educated, in a role that will count. Those souls that need a lesson particular to 3rd Density on Earth, the battle between good and evil, are placed on Earth in an appropriate setting. This is very much dependent on the maturity of the soul, and their chosen roles.

Will Zetan (and other galactic species) flying craft be seen in the skies post-shift with regularity? I mean, will it be 'open' communication with the populace, or will the Zetas restrict themselves to the 4th density and simply await the full Transformation?

This likewise is a matter dependent upon the readiness of the humans who will be seeing these craft. Some parts of the globe, some communities, are so receptive that conscious contact with alien lifeforms will occur during and after the shift. As we have stated, having been shook up, literally, they are open to almost anything and such encounters will not increase anxiety. Other parts of the globe, other communities, will not even see mass sightings, such is the fear likely to be engendered. If they have been told these are demons in the sky, and have no other way of knowing, then this would not be helpful to them. Thus, it depends, again, on location, location, location.

Is Dan Burisch a Service-To-Other soul, and is this why he seems to be a spokesperson for the secret cabal that includes Cheney?

We have addressed this privately with DonDep who is an advocate of Burisch. He is a legitimate MJ12 member, and encountered Service-to-Self aliens during his work. What he was told were lies, from these Service-to-Self aliens, but Burisch is telling it straight, in other words, repeating the lies and not trying to spread disinformation. Of course, as the Service-to-Self alien lies are disinformation, this is not helpful to humanity.

Overall, what area in the entire world will be the better area (for trees and water and food) 5 years after the passage? Just curious as I won't be surviving due to insulin dependence.

We have stated that the Earth will take 25 years to clear from volcanic gloom, and this on a steadily decreasing basis so it is not all deep gloom for the 25 years. Some parts of the globe will have sunshine on occasion, amid the cloud cover. Other parts, those immediately downwind from burping volcanoes, may have gloom for closer to 40 years, as Moses experienced. Thus, it depends on location, location, location!

Heavy rain and floods have killed at least 45 people in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Officials say up to 56,000 people have been displaced and moved to relief camps. Most people were killed when flash floods destroyed their homes. Any comment here? Another sign, perhaps, of the upcoming changes leading to the Shift?

India is sinking, the Indio/Australian plate tipping up at New Zealand and plunging under the Himalyas. This is disguised as a rising sea, an increasingly inundating tide, but the land is sinking. This will get far more serious before the pole shift, with sudden adjustments forcing massive evacuations.

Is it true that this world is run in secret, and that the power of the vote is fiction?

There are many democracies in the world, among them the US, which until recently had fairly clean elections. Rove changed that in 2000 and 2004, but was countered in 2006 to match the will of the people. Stuffing ballot boxes is not the issue, in the main, nor the question asked here, as it is who is placed on the ballot that is in question. We have frequently mentioned the Puppet Master, who controls the Western world by his great wealth, beyond what most even imagine. Fronts are arranged, so his wealth cannot be gauged. We have described his interest in controlling elections to be akin to herding cats. He does not choose, but approves or disapproves of various candidates based on his perception of how well they will protect his interests. It would astonish many that though of Jewish heritage, he is not interested in protecting Israel! We have stated that the push for this is from banking interests, which are in the main headed by those of Jewish heritage and fond of Israel. To the extent that the candidates are presented on the ballot, the vote has power. Where a candidate would be a concern to the Puppet Master, he would never reach the ballot, as money would be behind a campaign to discourage and discredit him or her.

Can the Z's comment on the violence perturbing the streets, where someone can get stabbed in the back and not know who the killer was, being with friends who don't help to find the killer even though they may know who they are, and how in murdering someone some may think they won't get caught as the police don't help or really try to find someone who has killed another? More murders, less help from the law, is this what is to come? More commit it without any worries as the police et all will not find them. A mob gone wild in a sense, killing, and getting away with it as it is sooo rampant on the streets where I come from for example, not in the news, an everyday occurrence. No more respect on the streets, just death.

Mob violence is on the upswing, reports in the US just this past week where a man was beaten in Milwaukee for no reason, pulled out of his car and his face smashed by teenagers on a rampage after an annual fest in Milwaukee. Another man in Texas beaten to death as he tried to defend another. Most crimes are never resolved, in point of fact, so this is nothing new. Terrified witnesses, witnesses who are done away with, this is all nothing new! But having the seething frustrations spill out into mob violence is a new trend. We have spoken of the many tensions that the populace deals with, without abatement as the cover-up does not allow them to understand what is happening. They are told, in the US, that jobs are plentiful, the economy up, and can see the devastation all around them, knowing these reports to be lies. The weather increasingly erratic, and yet Bush declines to address the stated causes of Global Warming. They sense they are being lied to, and explode. This is a situation that does not have an action plan we can recommend. When the public realizes they have been lied to, they will take out this rage on the White House or its proxies. The best plan is to inform others of what is coming, and as they begin to believe this, seeing the signs that will soon be apparent to them, they can take action to help themselves and their loved ones. This defuses the situation, as action is an outlet for anger.

My English is very bad, but, the governments believes that it has the control of the world, passes over everything to remain itself the to be able, looks at the people as a product that paid the taxes that keeps them the to be able, at the moment where, it will have beginning the occurrences, the most able and defenseless government will go to abuse the authority with the population?

This depends on the country, on the government, on who is in charge in the government. All these matters can change about, as people will be in a state of panic and this includes those in charge! A country such as Sweden, which is a social democracy, is expected to tell its citizens what is coming and help them move to high ground and address the issue of survival in the Aftertime. Perhaps they will close their borders, but will not become autocratic. On the other hand, if those in charge panic or go mentally ill, as 43% of the population is expected to do to some degree, the whole approach may be entirely different! Where a country is controlled by a dictatorship, it is likely to become more hardened and cruel, yes. But then, there may be a coup, with the dictator killed and someone kind and wise taking charge! One should, thus, prepare for either eventuality.

I and my husband have been having problems getting to sleep at night, for the past few months. There seems to be no obvious reason for the insomnia to have hit us. Try as we may, we stay awake at night and can only catch sleep during the day. [and from another] I have spoken to many people in many different States about not being able to sleep at night, do you hear other people mention this to you?

Little children want to sleep around their parents, regardless of the noise, and object to being put in a quiet room at the side. Likewise, little children want a light left on, the door open. What we are saying is that anxiety is reduced when it is light and there are sounds of others nearby, the sense of abandonment negated, etc. Even though you are older, you are no less subject to anxiety when the world is changing so fast. Lately, there is increasing admission that things are not right with the world, glaciers and poles melting, the weather so obvious that it needs no admission. People sense that things are not right, even if they do not hear the theories about a pending pole sift. Tension is high, anxiety is high, and at night when all is still and dark, there is not enough to distract you from your worries! During the day, you are naturally distracted, and feel, as the child, comforted!

Spirits can publish sounds?

Sprits communicating via the phone, or able to be heard on a tape recorder, are a misunderstood phenomena. The spirits communicate with the person, soul to soul, and the person perceives what it expects to hear on the recording or on the phone. Mentally ill people hear voices, yet no voice spoke, for instance. Most documented cases are such that the sound perceived to be the message could be interpreted many different ways. Nonetheless, the communication may be quite real, and the outcome of any actions taken on the relayed message, which might be attempting to solve a crime or counsel a troubled person, helpful.

With the Immigration Amnesty debacle Bush has alienated even his core base of support. Cheney has withdrawn even more and declared that he is not a part of the Executive Branch and subject to no oversight whatsoever. It seems as if the option of Bush and Cheney going for broke and declaring an Emergency of some sort may be now more likely. They know that they have at the most 18 months left and they appear to be like cornered animals. Can the Zetas comment?

Bush and Cheney are beginning to exhibit the cornered animal syndrome, indeed! They will use various stonewalling methods, legal or just the deaf ear approach, until impeached or assassinated. The support around them, in staff or among Republicans in Congress, is steadily eroding. As this happens, they will get more rigid, more isolated. This in and of itself is not a huge problem as the country will begin to operate per statute, run by Congress, the Executive branch following their statutes. It is when Bush or Cheney attempt to force their wishes by grabbing the mike and announcing Martial Law that matters will get sticky. It is then that those who know them to be a criminal enterprise will have to act! But this day may in fact never come! Bush and Cheney may just become boxed in until the pole shift descends upon the Earth or they leave office, whichever comes first (and we aren't saying!)

The Financial System had a scare this week with CDOs (Subprime Mortgages) blowing up and a near collapse that was hidden and propped up with more loans. The Zetas have mentioned that at some point Banks, wealthy individuals, Financial concerns, etc will break ranks and grab what they can ahead of others as the last to act will be left with nothing. We saw a preview of this possibility this past week with Bear Sterns feuding with Merrill and other heavyweights. All was nervously swept under the rug as the paper contracts involved are in fact fast becoming worthless as the Zetas have predicted. It seems to me that this thing has the possibility of getting out of hand very quickly and burning down the financial house, thus preempting any attempt at an orderly financial shutdown. Are we at the point that we should consider assets left inside the financial system as a total write off? The Zetas have said to buy land, supplies, books, etc. Does the Puppet Master care if funds are withdrawn from the financial system for this purpose?

With essential price fixing, where the Stock Market has a level it seems to be holding, the dollar has a value it seems to be holding, and the US operating off printed money and asserting that inflation does not exist, one can ride a long time. Inflation will increase, but it would take years to reach the crisis point. Stocks may not be able to be sold, but the holders will get some kind of issue, annually. Companies will go bankrupt, but may get government loans endlessly to stay afloat. Banks may be insolvent, but not be forced to close their doors, and may by law be allowed to only issue savings withdrawals in part. We anticipate that this situation may be the case going into the last weeks! It is not whether you should liquidate and buy supplies now, as that you should be aware that you may not be able to sell your stock or withdraw your funds or find the items you want on sale for a reasonable price when the times comes.

Is there anything that the Zetas can tell us regarding the 270° role or the progress of Planet X and its relationship to Venus, Earth and the Dark Twin currently?

We have stated, in crop circle analysis, that until the May-Aug Magnetic Trimester is over, that Planet X will have a strong hold on the Earth, and the wobble and lurch will be quiescent, as has been the case for some months. The second factor is the progress of Planet X in its roll, as at some point the fact that the N Pole is pointing outward toward Earth will incite a violent wobble, a lean to the left. We are not saying or giving any clue as to timing in these matters, as one may come before the other. In addition, there is a tightening cup, both Venus and Earth caught in the cup, the eddy flow of particles coming round from behind Planet X, and as Planet X progresses outward, this cup tightens. This means that Venus and Earth may become confrontational, in some manner. We are likewise not being very specific about this, re timing. and there are matters that will unfold not yet even hinted at,as we have repeatedly stated. We wish the establishment to become discombobulated, and the coverup to crack.

Can the Zetas provide an update on PX's roll progress, Earth's orbital position and the position of PX on the line drawn from the Sun to the Earth? Last September it was stated as 43% along, 57% to go.

Planet X is closer to 45% along on a path between Sun and Earth, the struggle with switching its alignment from the Sun's magnetic flow lines below the Ecliptic to an alignment above the Ecliptic affecting its progress. It should be recalled that we have stated that the passage itself does not occur when Planet X has approached Earth as much as it is affected by the magnetic alignment. In the last weeks, the Earth draws closer to Planet X. We have stated that the passage occurs when Planet X is at the midpoint between Earth and Sun, standing at the Ecliptic and directly between Earth and Sun so as to negate the magnetic dominance of the Sun. 45% along would seem to be the midpoint, but Planet X is not at the Ecliptic as yet, is slightly under the Ecliptic. Nor has the 270° roll progressed to the point where Planet X is about to roll upright, pulling Earth alongside it until it is 14 million miles between the Earth and Planet X, to cause a rotation stop. Just when all this will happen, we are not saying!

I'm having difficulty understanding how Earth's current side-by-side alignment is causing the slight lean to the right. If Planet X's N pole is pointing away for the Sun wouldn't a side-by-side alignment cause a slight lean to the left, so that both Planet X's and Earth's north poles pointing in the (relative) same direction?

Planet X has a retrograde orbit, and a retrograde rotation. It is swinging its N Pole toward Earth from the right, as you look toward the Sun from the Northern Hemisphere. Thus, at 145° along, it is pointing out into space at the right hand side of this view. It is also somewhat to the right of a line drawn between the Earth and Sun, as during its retrograde orbit it has been pushing Earth backwards in her orbit. The lean to the left occurs when this 270° roll is sufficient to have the N Pole of Planet X pointing toward Earth directly, a measure we have described as being almost 195° along. It is then a severe wobble will ensue, a lean to the left, rolling into the 3 days of darkness. All this drama is expected to progress to a pole shift in 4 months time, as we have recently stated in crop circles analysis.

I've noticed lately here in San Diego unusually long twilight period at dusk. Any comments?

Just as the Inuit Indians noted for their Sun, which did not disappear in the Winter months as expected, you are also seeing the result of an artificially tilted globe, to effect the seasons. At times, we must drop the Earth slightly below the Ecliptic, which causes a sunrise and sunset too far to the North, a high arc of the Sun, and lingering twilight.

Since it is stated also repeatedly on ZetaTalk that death is a natural part of life, what would happen in case you should pass away, either through assasination, or a natural death? Is there somebody else already for such a case, who would step in, or would the Zetas have to choose a new contactee? I hope you don't get this question wrong, but the reason is very simple: It's not that I would wish you to be dead, but just the opposite, me - and many others I am sure - are looking up to you in a way, waiting for news from ZetaTalk.. Being happy that there is somebody speaking about the upcoming changes, especially while there are forces trying to prevent the people from knowing about it. I think the word freedom fighter comes very close to describe you.

Nancy can only die if she wishes this to occur, a type of suicide, which our Zeta culture does not prevent. She is not likely to go this route, nor is her health such that we cannot prevent a death or serious injury to her from such causes. Assassination is blocked, as she is under a protection, although this route has been tried literally hundreds of times. But in the event that Nancy ceases, for whatever reason, to be available to you, you have the ZetaTalk websites and works available as a resource. Get a copy of this from the nonprofit for $4.10, the twinset CD's, and be at peace!

Nancy, all speak that the occurrences will be in 2012. But, everything is happening now, mainly in the signals in the crop circle. Some days before, the goverantes or the Zetas will go to inform the population?

You have noted that mass sightings are on the increase, admissions by governments that they are aware of the alien presence, and all this is on purpose. There will be few secrets by the time the pole shift arrives. Many wish their conscience to be relieved, but mostly, there are many who see the visitors as helpmates, and want to erase the barriers that have been put between the public and the visitors by jealous politicians who want to see the public embrace them, not the visitors. 2012 is not the date, as we have stated, as the Mayan calendar was not lined up correctly with the Gregorian. The pole shift will happen sooner than 2012.

Many times you have explained the reason for not giving a specific date for the pole shift and this is also very understandable. But more generally, will there be any point in the next time, where you will tell the public: "Now be ready, the poleshift/3 days of darkness/ will be happening in 1 month", or the other option, not to tell the specific date to any time, so the governments are kept clueless not knowing when to declare Martial Law. With this second option it would mean that we should never expect any date from ZetaTalk, but instead should be watching the signs and the skies to know when to leave to our shelters.

We have been very clear, in ZetaTalk, in detailing the steps that will occur going into the pole shift. These are endlessly repeated also. This is what people should use as a guide, as by the time these 4 months leading into the pole shift commence, there will be no doubt what is occurring. A strong lean to the left, where the Earth is almost falling to her side. What else could that mean? Be aware that we have stated that by the time of the pole shift, the months leading into the pole shift, that satellites will be almost completely useless. This will cut into communications, cut into the Internet. You should not be expecting to necessarily be in contact with ourselves, with new ZetaTalk, at that time. It is the signs that we have detailed, that you should be looking for!

Will there be new species of animals brought to earth after the poleshift, or may be also new species evolving from already existing ones?

We have stated that many species go extinct on Earth during pole shifts, the Mammoth for one. Velikovsky has detailed much of this, and questioned why these species have gone extinct if not for cataclysmic episodes. Many more will go extinct during the coming shift, though many will be rescued by ourselves and others. There are no plans to bring species to Earth, which is rich in life and has resources from which species can be grown and adapt, expanding their territories.

George Bush will meet with leaders of the Caribbean this week in Washington. Is there any chance that he will give hints of Planet X in the solar system and the danger it poses to these islands? As per the Zetas the Caribbean will be utterly devastated by the pole shift. Also, are any leaders of the Caribbean aware of ZetaTalk and what is in store for us in the immediate future?

Countries unable to verify the presence of Planet X on their own are in general not informed by those in the know. Certainly, the tiny Caribbean countries do not qualify. They are of little economic significance, but by their location, some strategic significance. Any leaning to join the anti-American stance that Cuba and Venezuela hold is considered a threat, but using the Planet X card would not be done as Bush and his cronies are terrified of the American people realizing how he has been lying to them. His casual attitude toward the welfare of the American people, and his adamant insistence on continuing his oil grab in the Middle East would be seen for what they are, his plans for being King of the World in the Aftertime and turning his back on those he considers useless eaters in the populace. Thus, these visits at the White House will be a polite mouthing of platitudes, statements that the White House supports democracy, praise for progress made and hints of future mutual endeavors. Nothing more.

What do the Zetas believe is the motive of the CIA releasing the so called "family jewels"?

It is often stated that government classified information is released only after all the guilty are dead. The date for the JFK information has been pushed to 2029, for instance. For information to be released dating back to 1970 shows that it is only released when it will be a curiosity, not a subject of lawsuits or rage on the part of the injured. This is routine practice, when a date arrives, unless pushed into the future again by one of the guilty or their associates in a position to do so, it is released!

Just in this time period, between the 3 days of darkness and the pole shift, will there be normal sunsets again? Will the people wake up at this point and realize what they are about to face or will it still take them till the poleshift itself to face reality?

After the severe lean to the left, with violent wobble and lurch leading into this, and 3 days of darkness, and 6 days of the Earth being upside down with a sunrise West, the Earth will right itself. Yes, there will be normal days then but this leads directly into a slowing rotation with the Earth drawn toward Planet X so the Sun and Planet X both increase in size, in the view from Earth, and heated days. All this hardly means that people will assume things are normal again. But as we have stated, there will be many into hardened denial, who will claim that nothing is wrong and try to go about their day, showing up for work, making plans for the future as though nothing is amiss.

What do the Zetas think of neighborhoods organizing for self survival and mutual support during and after the shift. Small groups seem like the best option to avoid governent workers yet provide mutual support and defense of an area.

Small groups, operating in the Service-to-Other, are the ticket for survival. Know your team mates, so as to not be taken advantage of by strangers. Family and friends, those you have known for years, are unlikely to surprise you. A second important factor is the orientation of family and friends as those in the Service-to-Self should not be included in your plans! They are opportunists, and the pole shift opens many opportunities. June 18, 2007 Ljutomer, Slovenia - On Wednesday, June 13, 2007, a crop formation of 18 larger circles "strung on" three rings, plus a very small 19th circle on a small fourth ring orbiting one of the larger circles, appeared near Krapje at Ljutomer, Slovenia.

Circles around a central circle are often interpreted to be the solar system, but this particular pattern is showing what happens when moons, many moons, are hovering around a large planet. The planets in the inner solar system have few moons, the Earth one, and Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, having more than a dozen. Planet X, as we have stated, has at least two dozen, which form into swirls trailing behind Planet X as it travels. One of the moons even has its own moon. Looking head on toward Planet X one sees a dance between these swirls, which appear as wings to the side, the Winged Globe of legend. The two major moons attempt to position themselves equidistant on either side of Planet X, thus the wings, each complete with a portion of the charged dust cloud that clings to Planet X. What does the outer ring of 14 moons represent? That these minor moons keep their distance from the action, arranging themselves in one of the major moon swirls or another, depending upon where the tail is wafting at the moment.