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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Jun 16, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Hundreds flee Hamas-run Gaza amid spillover fears! Hundreds of Fatah supporters fled the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip by land and sea on Saturday and the Islamist group threatened to take its fight against Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's forces to the West Bank. Any comment here, from the Zetas?

Civil war has broken out in Palestine, not a surprise as in the Middle East there are so many factions. Saudi Arabia was many tribes before King Saud united them for greater clout. Iraq is the Sunni, the Kurds, the Shia, all different sects of Islam. The Saudi do not like the Iranians, who are Shia. There is nothing more to say about this issue, as it is simply yet more battles between brothers, very common in the Middle East and self defeating.

There has been increasing bashing of Chavez in the press recently as he is using his oil wealth and power in ways that Corporate Interests/Bush do not approve of (equitable care for citizens, nationalization of foreign companies, etc.) Many people seem to believe that he is a very evil person and try to link him with another "evil" person, Castro as they paint him as the new leader of a South American axis of evil. The Zetas have said look to what Chavez and others do to judge them and they do appear to care about people and stand up to Corporate interests/Bush. Does the Puppet master have a view on this? Is the Chavez bashing partially due to his disdain for the Banking empires of the world? He seems to be making many people nervous. I assume much of this is also due to the oil that he controls as the Zetas have stated previously.

The Puppet Master has no problem dealing with an occasional generous leader who wants his citizenry to enjoy the benefits. As the trustee for an immense family fortune, he prefers people to incur debt, of course, the better to collect interest and cooperation. But Venezuela is a pee in the bucket, in the world, and unless Chavez influence spreads beyond his back yard, not a threat to established interests. Any further influence is not likely to occur before the pole shift, when all paper money will be worthless and all debts canceled due to inability to collect. Thus, this is a moot issue.

The Zetas have mentioned that the Council of Worlds has always planned to sanction the practice of Apparent Precision, masking of Planet X and its major effects upon the Earth to prevent Martial Law until just before major Earth changes kick in, at which point the effects of Planet X would be allowed to begin to be manifest in earnest. Per the Zetas and observation of current World events, this appears to be where we are at now. Has this "Period of Artificial Calm" that we have experienced been necessary to avoid an extended period of panic that would allow a resultant Martial Law clampdown by Governments? Is it that a more brief period of Intense Earth Changes will throw things into such confusion that Martial Law will be impossible? That governments will not have time to implement repressive policies? I am curious about the purpose of the extended masking period versus the obvious chaos that will reign once serious effects are undeniable on a widespread basis. I assume that there is a good purpose for this as many people will still need time to make preparations once they realize that things are seriously amiss.

There is no relationship between the relative calm in the wobble we have been experiencing for the past couple months and any decision by the Council. It is a factor of the magnetic trimester we are in, and the progress of Planet X in its 270 roll. As we described in our new 2007 Crop Circle analysis, the Summer magnetic trimester is most intense, thus the influence of Planet X is most intense in wooing the Earth to align side by side with it, and not jerk back to attempt to align with the Sun. Thus, little lurching about at this time. We also indicated a time frame in this ZetaTalk on Crop Circles, that an extreme lean to the left, 3 days of darkness, etc to the point of pole shift would all likely take place within a 4 months period. When all this starts, there will be panic and all should move to safe locations. By the time this point arrives, most governments will not be in a position to even think about Martial Law. The Earth changes will have torn their countries apart, the homeless in great numbers, the people in panic already and demanding to know what their governments plan to do for them.

If Bush and others (Puppet Master, Governments, other leaders, etc.) plan to try and dampen societal collapse with forceful measures to close/restrict banks, prop up failing financial systems, restrict migrations, etc., surely all realize that this can only be a short term measure. People can be roughly controlled at the point of a gun for sure, but if any form of cooperation (reporting to work, keeping utilities running, goods and food flowing, etc.) is wanted then this type of cooperation is hard to enforce in a Martial Law scenario for any length of time, as the Zetas have stated. I assume that this approach by Bush and others was planned with the "weeks of upheaval" scenario in mind on their part, not an extended period of chaos. Even if Pelosi or another Service-to-Other individual assumes control, they will have very hard decisions to make as the wheels start to come off. Logistically, this "controlled decent into chaos" seems very problematic to me. Can the Zetas comment?

A type of Martial Law will prevail. One can order everyone to stay in their homes, the 'shelter in place' death that Bush and his cohorts would impose on unwanted mouths and have advocated in the face of choas in practice runs via Homeland Security suggestions, or one can allow free movement except for mass migration! Travel restrictions might be road blocks that prevent travel unless one has a legitimate reason to travel - family, a second home, business, etc. This prevents looting gangs from invading another state, for instance. Banks would not close entirely, but would restrict the amount of funds that could be withdrawn at any given day, and would have restricted hours. This does not prevent withdrawals, but prevents a run on the bank! The controlled decent into chaos would likely be in place piecemeal, as matters deteriorate, not all at once with a decree.

How does the ISS issue end? [and from another] NASA Probes Space Station Computer Woes [Jun 14] Engineers try to determine what caused the failure of Russian computers that control the international space station's orientation, oxygen and water supplies. This type of computer failure had never been seen before on the space station. The addition of a new solar array to the space station might be a cause. Other possibilities include electromagnetic interference and a software problem. A new solar array had been unfolded outside the station Tuesday to help provide power for the orbiting outpost, and astronauts spent Wednesday hooking up a joint that will let the arrays track the sun. The crew got a scare early Thursday while the computers were being reconnected: A fire alarm went off on the Russian Zarya module, but Gerstenmaier said there was no indication of fire or smoke. In a worst-case scenario, NASA said, the station's three crew members might have to return to Earth early if the computers aren't fixed. Without the Russian oxygen-machine running, the space station has a 56-day supply of oxygen left. [and from another] Space Station Computers Have Partial Power [Jun 15] After days of computer malfunctions, the crew inside the International Space Station has gotten partial power in two of three computer connections that were down. The crew bypassed a faulty power switch for the two computers, and when the Russians commanded the computers to start, they came on. Although the development is promising, the astronauts still will need to find a permanent fix.

What happened on the ISS that a complete failure of their computer systems which maintain so many vital functions occurred? These are systems that have been in place for decades, are tested endlessly on Earth, and have backup and restart build into them. As most computer owners are aware, surge and brownout protection is necessary to keep units working, as surge and brownout are destructive to the circuitry. Computer owners anticipate this coming from the phone lines or the grid, using circuit breakers to protect their computers, but what if the surge or brownout occurs within the system? Was this caused by the attachment of new solar arrays? In part, as the connection to the computers was unprotected, as the Russians stated. Overconfident in their expertise, the US solar arrays did not have the safeguards built into the older Russian systems. The larger message is that the ISS will not last long, as human technology is fragile, the broken link theory very much in place during rapidly changing times, and repairs parts out in space not readily available. Best to bring the crew home, admit that debris is increasing and the ISS cannot be protected. But this would require the White House to give up a favored vantage point in space, force them to admit to those they have been promising to take to space to escape the rock and roll on Earth that such an escape is not possible, and force them to face questions from the public. Thus, the decision to risk the lives of those up in space is made, as those in the White House forcing continuation care not for a few human lives when their comfort is at stake.

I really enjoyed the new ZT about 2007 crop circles. Since then several more have been laid. I know that you don't want to decipher every circle laid, but a couple of them seem to suggest piercing the ecliptic, however I've been wrong about what crop circles mean many times. This first one, they laid several designs that were almost lost due to growth since they weren't discovered right away.

Earth upside down! We have stated that the 6 days of sunrise West are an over-reaction of the Earth during the 3 day of darkness, where the N Pole of Earth is pushed violently away by Planet X and not only rolls to point directly out into space, but over compensates and literally turns the Earth upside down for days, thus the Sun appearing to rise in the West as rotation continues as before. This does not cause a pole shift, the crust tearing away from the core, as the hour of the shift does, as this is a slow tip. But for the inhabitants of Planet Earth, a terrifying time!

This next one looks like a disc piercing waves. It may be a hoax, but I'd like to hear yours or the zetas opinion.

How extreme will the wobble become? This crop circle is speaking to that. Note that the wobble is most extreme when Planet X is at a distance, and least extreme when it is close. Why would this be? The wobble is caused by the Earth attempting to adjust to both the magnetic fields of the Sun and Planet X, at the same time. If the magnetic N Pole of Earth is hidden, the alignment is with the Sun, if exposed, pushed away by Planet X as Earth attempts to align with Planet X in some manner. This is the wobble in its extreme. When Planet X is close, it dominates the scene, and the wobble is replaced by a singular alignment with Planet X, as during the week of rotation stoppage. For those of you wondering what to expect, prior to the strong lean to the left moving into the last weeks, this crop circle is a clue!

Another serpentine-like one was laid the other day as well.

Westbury shows the course the N Pole of Earth will take during the months between now and a rotation stoppage. Note the N Pole first leans toward Planet X, as it has lately to a slight degree, then away from Planet X as moving into the 3 days of darkness, then aligning straight up for a side-by-side preceding the rotation stoppage. The implication is that the Earth will be virtually upside down, and rightside up, at least twice, in addition. We have hinted that the Earth will have many gyrations before it is pushed into the inevitable path leading to the 3 days of darkness, and this crop circle give detail on some of those gyrations. Man will be stunned at what the Earth will do, as litter along the highway that Planet X must travel. At 5:30 p.m. on Thursday February 1st 2007 a total of ten to fifteen strange lights were spotted over North London in the inner-city district of Islington. The police in Islington reported the event to the Contact International UFO Research organization. [and from another] Man Freed from Collapsed Building [Jun 13] Crews used a crane to reach the man, believed to be a builder. Police said structural failure may have been to blame and it was down to good fortune it was not more serious. Scotland Yard said the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) would be responsible for determining the cause of the collapse.

London is an old city, and the stretch zone causes as much grief as quakes. UFO's covered the sky, and London will be covered with flooding and distress such as sewage in the streets during any serious wobble that is in the future. The collapsed building is also along a river, and such areas are the first to be destabilized during the stretch. Rivers, as we have stated, are at the low point and this is where rock fingers have pulled apart such that there is the least support, thus the greatest sinking during stretch. London beware!

I have heard that there are ET's among us that are not good, i.e. do not have our best interest at heart. Can you tell us who/what they are? Also, who are the Blues, or Cobalts? Blue ET's?

Indeed there are aliens in the Service-to-Self who are visiting Earth, as we have explained in the Orientation and Visitation and Call sections of ZetaTalk. They are allowed to counsel humans who give the Call to them, by virtue of the nature of the Call. If the human wishes harm on others, this is a Call to the Service-to-Self. We have also explained that all worlds produce approximately 5% Service-to-Self souls, the other 95% deciding on Service-to-Other. Thus, all life forms visiting Earth might be in either orientation. Just as with humans, who might be Service-to-Self while mouthing sweet things, or Service-to-Other while being sharp and irritable due to their heavy responsibilities, one cannot tell by their looks. Some life forms are green, as they have incorporated chlorophyl, and blue is a version of this.

Can the Zetas comment on if Libby is likely to roll over on Cheney now that he is facing prison? Might he be suicided?

At present, the talk in the back rooms of the White House is to have Bush pardon Libby, but he is likely to go to prison for awhile before this occurs. Libby is unliky to nix this deal by turning on Cheney, unless something happens to both Bush and Cheney and he is forced to deal with Fitzgerald. Thus, we will likely see a nervous but resigned Libby in prison.

Any comment on why America is the most obese nation in the world and what can be done to help this situation?

Obesity is a response by the organism to tension, and the expectation that starvation may be around the corner. Like many so-called diseases, the ability to pack away fat has been inherited because those who were able to do so, readily, survived starvation to bear young! It is a symptom, in any country, of several factors, among them the availability of food, the trust the populace has in their government, and the culture which tolerates fat people rather than to ridicule and punish them. The US is the aggressor of the world, the standard of living radically changing such that many are seeing themselves pushed out of home ownership, pushed out of jobs, without health care, all the while being told the economy is booming. It is not so much the level that citizens are at, but the change from a prior status, that causes anxiety. America is plunging, especially under Bush, who acts completely arrogant and keeps it up, ignoring the welfare of the citizenry.

With all the commotion in investigations of the Dept of Justice, Leahy finding the 'lost' RNC emails as he promised, resignations of Justice Department officials, while the scandals keep coming, why has Bush and the White House been so unusually quiet this week? Regarding the BAE scandal involving Prince Bandar, which is now spilling into the US Dept of Justice investigations since money was laundered through a bank here, will this hurt the Saudi Royal Family or cause an upheaval in the social structure in the Middle East?

We have mentioned that Bush is on the ropes, and the continuing investigations that show no end in sight have the White House pondering a change in plans. Their tac has been to berate Congress, to declare loyalty to anyone being investigated, and hope Congress gives up and the American public forgets the uproar. The investigations are like water torture, no subpoena in and of itself so harsh, but the endless dribble wearing. Staffers are quitting, like rats leaving a drowning ship. When they leave, they are free to testify. Bush and Cheney and Rove and their close cronies are deciding if another tac might work better. Chose a scapegoat for every issue and burn them at the stake! Thus, we might see Gonzales sacrificed shortly, and another just as compliant as he put in his place! More musical chairs! Where many scandals like Bandar Bush my be newly in the investigators sights, the scandals are hardly new! Particularly when the villain is associated with an oil rich country in the Middle East. Even if fully exposed, this will be brushed off as irrelevant.

US forces in Iraq have launched a major security offensive around Baghdad. How long will this go on for Bush and his plans in Iraq? [and from another] US Arming Sunnis in Iraq to Battle Old Qaeda Allies [Jun 11] With the four-month-old increase in American troops showing only modest success in curbing insurgent attacks, American commanders are turning to another strategy that they acknowledge is fraught with risk: arming Sunni Arab groups that have promised to fight militants linked with Al Qaeda who have been their allies in the past. Critics of the strategy, including some American officers, say it could amount to the Americans' arming both sides in a future civil war. There is also the possibility the weapons could be used against the Americans themselves. An Iraqi government official who was reached by telephone on Sunday said the government was uncomfortable with the American negotiations with the Sunni groups because they offered no guarantee that the militias would be loyal to anyone other than the American commander in their immediate area. [and from another] Iraq Imposes Indefinite Curfew in Baghdad: TV [Jun 13] An indefinite curfew has been imposed in Baghdad following the bombing of a revered Shiite shrine in the northern town of Samarra, state television reported. Baghdad already is under a nightly curfew between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am. Suspected Sunni insurgents on Wednesday blew up the minarets of a revered Shiite shrine in the Iraqi town of Samarra, 15 months after its bombing by Al-Qaeda militants ignited brutal sectarian clashes. US and Iraqi forces are currently deployed in the Iraqi capital as part of a massive crackdown to curb the daily violence.

Is it an accident that Shia shrines were bombed by the Sunni's only days after the US announced formally that they were arming the Sunni? Hardly. We stated that it was the US that bombed the Golden Mosque in 2006 as they desired unrest so as to have an excuse to stay, permanently, in Iraq. It is also no accident that Pace was suddenly replaced, this announcement made just weeks before. There are those within the US Military who cooperate with Bush, and those who are blocking Bush orders, and the group that is cooperating with Bush is losing in these internal battles. The surge has failed, is being evaluated by an impatient Congress and a public who see these failures, and Bush and his allies are frantic to find an excuse to remain in Iraq. Why are we hearing only now about the US arming the Sunnis, when this practice has been going on for some time? This is a leak, and not one Bush wanted. Just as the Sunni are getting comfortable with the arrangement, and feeling they have been given the go-ahead to attack the Shia, the arrangement hit the press. Just as the Sunni are planning and executing an attack on their ancient rivals, the leak is fresh in the public's mind. This was a well timed leak, thus, to gain maximum attention of the public to what those within the US Military cooperating with Bush have been up to!

I am fascinated with your fast moving Space Craft. My question is how do the Ships manage to fly through the atmosphere without making a sonic boom or a clap of thunder.

The secret lies in our speed. Lightning creates thunder as it separates the air, super heating it so there is a void, which caused the air on both sides to move into the void, thus the clap as these air masses strike each other. Our ships do not superheat the air, but push is aside, temporarily. Temporarily is the key, as the movement is so quick that no adjustment occurs in the air masses on either side. There is increased pressure on either side, which is quickly relieved as the air returns. In thunder, there is no air to fill the void, thus movement of the air results. In space ship travel, the air is not removed, it is pressed to the side, momentarily.

My question is are the Appalachians and other mountain ranges in the US going to hold up well during the pole shift?

The Appalachians are old mountains, and mountain building will not occur there. The issue is more the stretch zone, which will cause all the land to the East of these mountains to be drawn down. The issue for those in the mountains is how to survive with the drowning rats that will inundate them, from Washington DC, from the suburbs in Virginia around Langley, from Wall Street in New York city, from the mafia headquarters in New Jersey and Philadelphia. All those rushing to the hills will not be good hearted folk deserving a helping hand. Many will be your worst nightmare!

What is the Zeta view on the exorbitant amount of anti-depressants being prescribed in the United States? Is there an underlying purpose to this we aren't aware of?

Not only in the US, but in many countries were sedatives can be prescribed freely. As we mentioned when addressing obesity, if the populace is anxious, then the body responds, and it is in the establishment's best interests to have drones walking about, attending to their jobs, than fist fights and psychosis and suicides. Better drugged than noisy, is the logic. If doctors are not investigated or punished for their actions, then the word gets around! Attention deficit children, who are treated by giving them drugs that excite the nervous system! Epidemic! Autism, which is a number of illnesses which cause the symptoms, either childhood schizophrenia or a type of auto-immune reaction from mother to child, both caused by anxiety, unrelenting tension. We predicted increasing illness, dropping immune systems, opportunistic germs, going into the pole shift. We also predicted that most of the 90% of humanity that will die after the pole shift will be due not to injury or starvation but depression. The person simply sits down and refuses to help themselves, and eventually lack of food and water take their toll. During Katrina, there were hospital personnel that assisted the fatally ill to die without pain, which was a kindness as no one was going to rescue them, and the waters were rising. Should they save themselves and let the patients drown? There will be many such decisions in the times ahead, where medical personnel, assured that they will not be prosecuted, will chose a quiet time, a quiet death, over hysteria.

I am getting a guilt trip on preparing for the shift. Family and friends are in denial,so there will not be enough food and supplies to go around. The golden rule is in trouble here.

We have stated that the coming pole shift is a great opportunity for decisions, movement toward the Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self orientation. These are not easy decisions! Most strongly Service-to-Other actions have an element of sacrifice on the part of the entity taking the action. All strongly Service-to-Self actions affect other entities badly. Our advice when being in a group that is affected by food shortages is to discuss the matter with all and make group decisions. Should the aged eat, while the toddler gets brain damaged from lack of food? If obesity is in the group, then make these individuals eat weeds for vitamins, perhaps an egg a day for protein, and live off their fat! Those individuals who bring food into the group, who know how to garden or hunt, or the nursing mother who is feeding perhaps several babies, should be considered first. These are decisions that many cultures around the world deal with daily!

It seems like the severe weather has moved towards the northern US! Like softball sized hail, in Wisconsin, near where I live, never do I remember that happening in central Wisconsin, is this because the Earth wobble is causing the weather patterns to go North and South , like looping storms?

We predicted at the turn of the millenium that tornadoes would not increase in intensity beyond what man knows but would appear in unlikely places. This is certainly true of Wisconsin, considered a tornado free state, virtually, in the past. Brazil experienced a hurricane, another of our predictions, that these would appear in atypical places, and were formerly unheard of in S America. We have explained that the weather is a product of the Earth wobble and lurch, which runs the Earth under her atmosphere, then back, so the air mixes. The jet stream has indeed been forming loops, a matter we addressed years ago when the phenomena first appeared. All this will increase, get worse, and cause storms in a manner man does not expect, as we move along toward the coming pole shift!

I have been following your site for many, many years now with great interest. I always believed something huge was about to happen. These past few weeks that feeling has exploded. I am having second thoughts about my plans to stay in place here in the northern suburbs of Washington, DC. I do not have the funds to relocate at this point. Should I leave the bulk of my supplies behind and move or should I stay? Also, if I go, should my weapons (machine guns and such) be on the top of my list for items to bring along? I also have a wife and child to think of.

Washington DC is lowland, and as such will be subject to sloshing inundation during the hour of the shift, if not before due to an extreme wobble. Thus, this question, for you, is moot. Just when you move, and what you take, is however a personal decision, which we will not make for you! We have also advised that guns are an animal that will bite in two directions. It is statistically noted that one is more likely to be killed by a family member, in a household with guns, than in an assault. We have predicted that 43% of humanity will be suffering from mental illness to some degree, as a result of the shift. Those who own guns presume the man of the house, or the woman of the house, will be level headed and a protector. The opposite might be the case! Consider that, when deciding to haul along your assault weapons.