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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Apr 21, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Man Kills Hostage, Self at NASA Building [Apr 20] A NASA contract worker took a handgun inside an office building Friday at the Johnson Space Center and fatally shot a hostage before killing himself. The gunman was able to take a snub-nosed revolver past NASA security and barricade himself in the building, which houses communications and tracking systems for the space shuttle. NASA and police identified him as 60-year-old William Phillips. He had apparently had a dispute with the slain hostage. There was apparently a dispute between Phillips and Beverly. Phillips had worked for NASA for 12 to 13 years and up until recently, he has been a good employee. Jacobs Engineering provides engineering for the international space station, space shuttle and other spacecraft programs, and conducts research and development for new technology. In 2005, the company received a five-year contract with the space center worth up to $1.15 billion. [and from another] I'll be the first to answer Nancy question, she will say the reason the individual from NASA got killed is because he was going to leak info in Planet X. Am I correct Nancy!

We commented on the NASA woman in a love triangle who lost it, driving across country in a diaper, noting that astronauts see things above the atmosphere that indicate the presence of Planet X, and are warned not to talk to others about this. Thus, they talk among themselves. Those doing engineering for the ISS of course hear rumors, but are not informed unless they are expected to come into contact with proof. All else is just rumors. Jobs in the private sector are not easy to come by, professional jobs, despite the chirping lies the media tries to feed the public. Out of a professional job, you drive a cab or work for a relative is you are lucky enough to have those connections. One is overqualified for lower level jobs, and cannot get the jobs they are qualified for. A poor evaluation, at the age of 60, retirement age, is a death sentence. Unless one is expecting to retire, they are in sudden financial shock. Often these types of evaluations are done just as the person is approaching a pension age, when a few more years would make such a difference. NASA hires people who are highly technical, obsessive about detail, have a narrow view of life and can be counted on to stick their nose to the grindstone without glancing up or questioning the big picture. These are also the types who snap. End of story.

Can the Zetas comment on the ability of the Bush administration to hold the Republican members of Congress in line? They still support him in the battles that are shaping up these days with the Democrats. I know many are firmly Service-to-Self individuals but not all are. Are they kept in line with threats? Bribery? Don't they see that the tide is turning? With Wolfowitz being savaged over his role in paying his girlfriend excessive monies at the World Bank, I wonder if Bush allies around the globe are being targeted for decapitation now as well. Wolfowitz's indiscretions have been public since the Fall. On top of Gonzales being taken out, is the larger "team Bush" headed for an even bigger collapse? Is this to pave the way for the demise of "team Bush"?

Looking back a few months, you had the Republican Congress rubber stamping everything Bush did, as he and his team were vicious in punishing those who did not fall in line and took illegal steps to reward those who did. Corruption was never expected to be exposed, and Rove kept assuring everyone they would never be put out of power. Proof was in the pudding, election after election, 2000, 2002, 2004, then oops! Republicans are mostly stitting on the fence now, still fearful that they can be punished with investigations initiated by Gonzales, still fearful of angering Bush and Rove, but also keeping an eye on the forthcoming elections. As the Bush administration collapses, and Congress applies heat, you will see an increasing number of them leaving the fold, openly. Savaging a former dictator is nothing new, in history, and as the dictator shows increasing weakness, is unable to attack as promised, the attacks pick up steam. Today's pace is no indication of tomorrow's pace, thus.

Not to ask for specific dates, but I still can't help but wonder how much longer that the PPT and Bush crowd can keep the economy in the US afloat. There are so very many strikes against us now, Deficit, debt, gas prices, loss of jobs, taxes, declining dollar, declining house prices, higher medical prices, higher food prices (much higher), etc. And this is not even factoring in the big storms and earthquakes that loom just over the horizon. It seems that we will be forced to almost a communal form of living even before the pole shift purely for economic reasons at some point? Is this a likely outcome?

We have long predicted that the world will be essentially on the barter system before the pole shift, and that even though the dollar or other paper money systems are worthless, that the Stock Market will have a high value. This value will mean nothing, as your stocks will be unable to be sold. This is the picture now with jobs, which don't exist, but you are told on the media that they do exist. Just not where you live, you are to assume. Banks may be frozen, accounts frozen, stock sales frozen, but all will be rosy, per the media. This is more than Bush, this is also the Puppet Master, who has a strong interest in the banking empires.

In addition to the Sun being occasionaly out of place, the Sunrise and Sunset times appear to be somewhat off as well. Are we now at the point where aparent precision will no longer be artificially maintained? Is it now council policy to allow occasional orbit deviation to become more obvious as a part of people's conditioning to the pole shift? [and from another] The Sun rose much earlier today than it should have. It was up at least 20 minutes earlier than it should have. When I got to work today I looked up what time the Sun was to rise in my neck of the woods at it was listed as 7:03 AM. It was 6:37 AM when I noted the sunrise this morning. I could understand a few minutes either way but this is way off.

Dramatic differences in the sunrise times expected and observed are being discussed on GLP. Indeed, there is no way for the Earth to lean into the 3 days of darkness without something becoming obvious to the public. The uptick in quakes will soon have most of the world discussing their version of the End Times prophecies, and the weather already has minds moving in that direction. The Council is looking at the potential for Martial Law and war mongering by Bush, who supposedly command the largest military in the world. At the point where the public is already rioting, then apparent precision has no purpose other than to keep the world from freezing or frying, simulated seasons, which will continue.

Now Nancy, you have written a thread on the reason for the murder of 32 individuals on the Virginia Tech school grounds, but why were local authorities told to not pursue the killer, (wait for other authorities and backup) before proceding, was this to let the killer kill as many as possible so that bush would have a greater excuse to clamp down on security so better to create the police state he desperately wants, Was this just a random 1 guy killing 32 I find that hard to believe, that the government didn't have anything to do with it. So did the government stop local authorities from going in so their would have been alot less causualties or is this the same group of people behind FEMA turning away people from helping those in the huricane Katrina scenario?

There has been a field day speculating why Cho did what he did, as his grim visage seemed like a programmed robot and why he would have gone after a building full of students when his argument was with a desired lover has people puzzled. We have explained his reasons, which were the same reasons for the Columbine and Amish school shootings, also seemingly without motive for the large number of people targeted. Since Cho did not date, and was not known to be dating this girl, his first victim, he was not a suspect! Nor does anyone expect the type of response he delivered. These motives are outside what law enforcement deals with, as this is a Transformation issue, a polarization issue. These souls do not expect to come back to Earth, reincarnate, where easy prey exists for their Service-to-Self games. They know they are moving on to a prison planet, and the audition suggestion is thus taken.

Would the Zetas like to comment on a recent find in China, a 1000 pound copper sword and large egg shaped stones. A large number of "stone eggs" were recently discovered along with a copper sword at a construction site in Bandeng Hill and Zhanlong Hill, Gongxi Town of Hunan Province. The discoveries were made by highway construction workers while they were digging the foundation for a road.

We have explained that the giant hominoids from Planet X were in China and Australia as well as the Middle East and Europe and Africa and the Americas. Easter Island heads are an indication of one of their means to intimidate mankind, and these eggs are another. What kind of creature is implied? What kind of giant could wield such a sword?

Newfoundland braces for more landslides [Apr 20] A series of landslides in recent days has permanently altered the picturesque coastline of Daniel's Harbour and toppled one house, leaving the bungalow resting on its roof, metres away from the crashing waves of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Engineers at the scene have estimated that up to 150,000 cubic metres of soil have been swept away in recent days - enough to fill 20,000 truckloads - causing the fall of a garage, two sheds and several utility poles. And more continues to slip down the bluff. The town's 350 residents, many of whom have lived there all their lives, are nervous, and some are coming to grips with the grim realization that their homes and belongings may soon drift away. Several possible causes behind the landslides, including gradual coastal erosion, groundwater seepage from a nearby pond and vibrations from traffic.

The Seaway is being stretched open, a matter we have predicted since the start of ZetaTalk. We have also stated that the ripping Seaway will allow land on either side to pop up, releasing the hold the rock layers under the Seaway had on either side. Where most of these changes will occur during the hour of the shift, stretch zones experience gradual release, thus sinkholes and dropping bridges and heaving roads and derailing trains and imploding factories and buildings. This is nothing new, just affecting a new region! And thus allowed to be in the news, temporarily, until this region can be included on the ban list the media in the US must follow. National Security, you know, as the White House will feel threatened if you are aware of the extent of the Earth changes!

Do zetas engage in the practice of "anal probing" unsuspecting earthling?

We are in the process of developing a hybrid race between humans and ourselves, the Zetas. Many of our contactees offer to help in ways other than ova and sperm production. We run a number of tests on these individual, who allow themselves in some cases to be infused with some of our DNA for a field test. This includes the digestive system, where one of the best ways to collect results is to collect fecal matter. No pain or humiliation is involved. However, those who wish to discourage mankind from contacting aliens make much of these matters.

Yesterday afternoon I was driving along when I noticed this weird light in the sky, a part of the cloud was lit up. I then noticed that there was another one on the other side of the afternoon, soon to be setting sun. Of course it looked like a halo. These did not go away when I changed location, and were visible from every angle. I managed to take a snap shot with my cellphone. 2 images, which I then put together. The sun also seems much brighter then it usually is. I remember reading ZT when you specified that before the passage we would see moon halos, and I have seen a few, but took no pictures. Are the sun halos also the sign of the upcoming passage?

Sun halos are common and result in Sundogs, which from your description sounds like the case. These are reflections in the atmosphere, not above the atmosphere. We have long stated that the reason for the Sun's apparent increase in brightness is reflection off the dust cloud of Planet X, which is only thick close to that planet, and can be very thin elsewhere. Chemicals in the tail are in your atmosphere now, affecting human health to some degree, increasing nausea and dizzyness and the regularity of woman's periods. They certainly affect the scattering of light in your atmosphere, which is what you are seeing in increasing whiteness and brightness from the Sun. Put a light in a room of a thousand mirrors, many of which are pointed at you, and that light will appear far brighter than expected!

You and the rest of GLP know well that I disagree with your claim that the Earth has halted in its orbit, and your claim that the Earth has reversed in its orbit - moving backwards. But since you claim that the Earth is now moving backwards in its orbit, will you give us the latest update? For the record, where do you, Nancy Lieder, claim the Earth to be at this point in time? I encourage the reader to get a copy of a star chart program, and see whether Nancy is right! This one is free.

We stated last week that the Earth is in the Sep 27 position. Bear in mind when you compute you must take all of the factors into consideration. Since the Earth clicks to the Sun daily, it is not rotating in the old familiar 24 hour way. Thus, you must add or subtract X hours to be looking at the constellations correctly. 11:00 pm for April 21 is not 11:00 pm for Sep 27, but must be adjusted. Likewise, bear in mind that a tilted globe, to simulate the seasons, may affect the constellations seen.

Hey Nancy. An American Billionaire space tourist returned to Earth today. He was up in space for 13 days. I'm wondering if he saw anything or was told anything about Planet X? Thanks.

Clearly, this man is in space because he knows of the coming changes. There are those in the elite who do not have funds, but hoped all along to leave for Mars or the dark side of the Moon. They encouraged private funds for their personal getaway, and these trips are a result of those promises. Some, like this fool, are still being told they can escape Earth!

In "Scripted Drama", the Zetas say the Eurasian and African plates will move northward and to the east, thereby driving over the Australian plate. In that scenario it is easy to see how the Australian plate will rise at its southeastern end and submerge in its north and western sides. Weeks ago the Zetas said the African plate with also rotate. Is the force from the Atlantic rift what causes the African plate to rotate or is the rotation only brought into play at the time of the shift and northward/eastward movement?

We have stated that as the Atlantic pulls apart, this spread is greater at the Equator than at the poles, and thus S America must roll Westward, crunching Central America and the Caribbean. Thus N America will stretch in a diagonal, Mexico moving West and pulling the New Madrid and realted faults lines apart. Thus Africa rolls its top part Eastward. It is the spread of the Atlantic that is the key in all of this.

Why is it that people like Cho (and maybe me) won't be able to incarnate here in the near future? Is it because we wouldnt like "the higher" vibrations that we will choose darker worlds? Or maybe that other worlds will appear to us as more appealing? Or will there be some kind of mechanical or etheo-organic system put up in the higher dimensions around Earth that blocks certain souls to enter the planet? Somewhat like a spiritual elitism-nazi funnelling?

From the start of ZetaTalk we have explained the Transformation process, which all 3rd Density worlds such as yours undergo before being allowed to be a fully Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other planet. As the Earth's inhabitants voted to be a Service-to-Other world, souls such as Cho's are taken to their new home, not allowed to reincarnate on Earth. Immature souls will likewise be taken to another home, a waterworld, where they will be a type of octopus. Only those souls highly Service-to-Other will be allowed to reincarnate on Earth. At the present time, this is the process, though some souls on the verge of making their final decision re being a Service-to-Self are allowed one last incarnation on Earth to complete the process. This is rare, however, so the world as you know it will become increasingly a caring and delightful place to be, socially!

Since Planet X approaches from the south of our star, it seems only logical it departs her sister star from its northern hemisphere. Therefore, imagining the "middle" point of Planet X's orbit as something akin to an ecliptic, where two magnetic forces intersect at an equilibrium, does that situation not require Planet X to perform a 180° rotation in order to transfer its momentum from repulsion of our Sun to an attraction toward the sister star?

Indeed, we have described, briefly, a dual 270° roll for Planet X as it reaches and then exits the Ecliptic. We have not detailed this for the point after the pole shift as mankind will scarcely care. They will be devastated, attending to injuries and filled with grief. Planet X makes similar gyrations anytime it passes the Sun, as its orbit is at a 32° angle approaching the Sun. Driven on by momentum and the Repulsion Force, as it leaves, it shoots away, not lingering, after finally fighting all the particle flows that are a backwash toward the Sun, it's current impass. The process for the Sun's dark, unlit twin is different, as there are few planets, all dead, and the solar activity in the dead twin hugely different than that in your Sol. We decline to detail this process as again, it is not something you in your lifetime need be concerned about.

There was an interesting article about how university researchers would like to see the Internet as we know it, scrapped, and a new clean slate installed. I've been wondering, since the Bush camp is falling steadily, does this group wish/plan to silence ZetaTalk once and for all? Is there a secret reason for this idea of a new Internet?,,2-13-1443_2102155,00.html

If one could see the plans laid by this group who took the White House by coup, you would be horrified. Martial Law, ability to snatch citizens off the streets and commandeer goods and services at will from the people. The daily job would be like living in a prison camp, no choice, ordered to do what the commanders dictated. This can all be seen in the steady encroachment of civil rights, the muzzling of the media, but the plan has not gone as expected. Bush expected to be sitting on all the oil fields by now, intimidating Russia, encroaching on the Russian oil fields. He expected to be President for life by now. But just because their plans have hit roadblocks does not mean they do not still have them. They will not succeed, but are marching to the original plans as though nothing has changed for them. Iraq a disaster but now we must attack Iran! Silencing the Internet was part of the plan, which is late in starting and will never even be in the running, such will be the pace of the Earth changes and the pace of demise of the Bush administration.

What days or months are there from 3 days darkness to Poleshift?

Things move quickly during this time, weeks, not months. There are 3 days of darkness, 6 days of sunrise West, 5.9 days of rotation stoppage, and a short period, days, for rotation to slow to a stop. But going into the 3 days of darkness there is an indefinite period of time when a lean of the N Pole away from Planet X will occur. We say indefinite, as we will not say how long this will take. Nor will we address other gyrations that will occur during this process.

If humans were ever capable of everyone making Service-to-Other decisions, with equitable distribution of food, water and other resources, how many people could this planet hold without being taxed to the limit? Also, with the various civilizations that came and went like Atlantis, where does this age rank in terms of knowledge gained, accomplishments, etc?

Your planet could hold 20 billion humans, easily, if managed correctly. But at the current rate of pollution and mismanagement, you would be ruining your planet for life in 100 years. Souls do not have rank by age, as some souls grow rapidly in mass and wisdom and others remain infantile in outlook and mass for millions of incarnations. You must also consider the presence of Star Children, born elsewhere but incarnating on Earth. Rank would be considered promotion to a higher density, and we suggest you read the Density section of ZetaTalk for a description of that.

WaPo blog reports that Cheney is to be impeached. Not much reaction in the blogosphere. I think everyone is a little exhausted from too much hoping and too few results. Comments?

Impeachment of Bush and Cheney have moved from being a word that dare not be uttered to organzations collecting signatures and editorials on the matter. Now we are having states voting for this and bills entered on the floor. The trend is all for the good as this tells the common man that the White House leadership is no longer respected. However, our prediction has been that real action will not occur until both Bush and Cheney and other crooks in the White House can be removed simultaneiously. Such is the way they have stacked the Executive branch, to avoid impeachment threat. Bush Sr. had Quale as security, as no one wanted Quale, etc. The likely outcome is a misstep out of panic by Bush or Cheney causing the Congress and Judiciary and agencies to inform the public that a criminal enterprise is being ended, that Gore and Kerry actually won, something along those lines, and putting Pelosi in charge.

The movie The Reaping, alludes to the Biblical plagues and Moses etc. In The Reaping, a small town in Louisiana is being tormented by what appears to be the Biblical plagues of the Bible. There is another apocalyptic movie, Sunshine, in the cinemas now. Sunshine is set 50 years in the future, at a time when the Sun is dying. Mankind's fate rests in the hands of eight young astronauts and physicists, piloting what is essentially a giant bomb into the centre of the sun in an attempt to create a star within a star.

The list of disaster movies that have appeared in the last decade is long, and often commented upon. The establishment is caught, unable to tell the populace openly about what is coming as the public would make demands they cannot meet. The taxpayer would rightfully want their tax dollars spend on preparation for the public good, and those in power, in the know, recognizing that there is not enough to go around and the public cannot simply be saved from such a disaster, hesitate. Those of good heart fear causing rioting, that many will die perhaps needlessly. Those with self interest at the fore want to prevent the common man from realizing what is about to happen so there is less competition for goods, and so that those in the know can emerge after the cataclysms on top of the pile, knowledge being power. Thus the cover-up is maintained, seemingly intractably. But where fearing to inform the public openly, those of good heart, in power, have encouraged Hollywood to tell the story in fiction. Volcanoes erupt in the middle of LA, asteroids drop into the ocean and cause huge tidal waves, the core of Earth stops rotating for an unknown reason, sudden climate change creates a polar cap over New York City, the Earth's ice melts and the Earth becomes a waterworld, and sociological changes where Mad Mad gangs are threatening the citizenry and the government has collapsed or is absent. All these scenarios are presented for the public to mull over in the back of the mind, with the hope that when the real Earth changes become undeniable that the public will remember that the government cannot save them, and that they must save themselves.