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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Feb 17, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction chat.

Can the Zetas comment on whether the Bush crowd will ever get it and stop trying to declare Martial law, invade Iran, rule the world, etc? Don't they get tired of setbacks? Don't they understand that they are not going to be allowed to lord over the Earth? Are they so rigid that they cannot grasp any other possible reality other than the one they wish for? This seems very delusional on their part and hard for me to understand, it is as if they want to self destruct. Do they not understand how hated they have become?

This is a race to the finish line, the pole shift, with this crowd. They assumed the White House when they did because they felt sure 2003 would be the year. They think the current timing will be Earth changes so dramatic that calling Martial Law will be allowed, tolerated. Then they will remain in charge. This is now a race against impeachment and assassination and prosecution. They still think they can win this race, given the steps that must be taken, with all but assassination, to stay in power. They under-estimate their opposition, and the extent of the Earth changes that will wrench control of the federal government from their hands.

The changed world will need power, you talked about some sort of free energy in ZT. Will that come due to human hand or by the ones who are helping us afterwards. Lots of impulses are now done on anti-gravity devices. Will those be the kind of devices you were told about?

The Perpetual Battery pack, as we have called it, will be handed out by ourselves and the hybrids or other benign alien. This will only occur, as we have stated, where Service-to-Other groups control the environment and no takeover by Service-to-Self groups is possible. Thus, some Service-to-Other groups will only receive other types of assistance, such as gifts of seed, or a cloak so looting gangs do no find them. We have stated that mankind as it exists today will not get free energy, that this is a fruitless search. Service-to-Self element would attempt to contol others, via this means, so the rules are that this will not be allowed.

With the recent increase in UFO activity how is the administration handling it?

The Bush White house is terrified that the alien presence will become official recognized, by the media or some element essentially out of their control. Then the lies they are propagating in this regard will be added to the list they are already dispised for. Other countries, such as Europe or Russia, have not been so tight in admissions and leaks, and are not uptight, thus, about the trend.

This past Thursday and today Ohio has experienced the loud BOOM that the Zeta's have spoken about any updates as to what's going on in this region? [and from another] Last night's 'big bang' unexplained [Feb 15] "It" was a loud bang, something loud enough to be heard all over town, and loud enough to make small objects move in houses. Rumors range from an earthquake to a meteor strike, a sonic boom to something ice-related. NBC4 has heard the reports, too, from Fairfield, Muskingum and Pickaway counties. And the National Weather Service has heard similar reports out of Cincinnati, Wilmington and Lebanon. One place that hasn't heard anything is the Ohio Seismic Network. Director Mike Hansen said a seismograph in Columbus recorded a faint blip at 8:42 p.m., which is likely too early to be the "bang." A much more expensive U.S. Geological Survey machine in the same building in Alum Creek didn't record anything, Hansen said.

Here again the New Madrid and associated fault lines are at play. As with the Seattle drums, the booms heard elsewhere around the world, no seismographic registration occurs because this is rock adjusting without a jolt. Pulling apart, in the case of Ohio, as we have endlessly explained about the stretch zone behavior. A snapping rock in a compression zone makes the rock on both sides of the snap jump into the air, thus causing clapping in the air when air rushes back. The snap itself is not considered more than a minor quake, on the seismographs, as this is primarily an atmospheric boom.

Was Rumsfeld's pushing of aspartame through the FDA, despite knowing the dangers, part of the population pruning projects or just one man's desire to make a lot of money at the risk to public safety?

While the players that plan to be Kings in the Aftertime are awaiting the pole shift, ruling the world by sitting on Black Gold and forcing slavery and concessions from all those in need, they need funds to feel secure. Thus, look upon their minor theft by corporate greed and manipulation of the rules, as just petty cash for the present. In the meantime, they are stealing billions from such funds as the Wanta funds, or DOD allocations for Iraq, or Haliburton contracts. These billions are the major theft, for the Aftertime, filling their bunkers with supplies and arranging for paid mercenaries when the time comes. None of this will play out as expected for this crowd, as we have explained.

Pentagon blames Iran for 170 US deaths [Feb 12] America today blamed Iran for the deaths of 170 US troops inside Iraq, accusing Teheran of supplying insurgents with increasingly sophisticated bombs. Senior defense officials in Baghdad said that Iranian-supplied projectiles were frequently being used against coalition forces. They said the highest levels of Iran's regime were responsible for giving them to Shia militias in Iraq. They added that some weapons have been captured and they bore the hallmarks of having been manufactured in Iran. Many were made as recently as last year - ruling out the possibility that they could have been left over from the many arms caches scattered across Iraq by Saddam Hussein's regime.

Predicting, last March, that evidence against Iran would be planted by a White House eager to force the US Military to attack Iran, was an easy feat by ourselves, as the thought was in so many minds congregating in the White House. As they faltered on the evidence they used to make claims against Iraq - the Nigerian Yellow Cake sales, the nuclear bombs being manufactured by Saddam - they wanted actual weapons to display this time around. Does Iran produce rockets? Certainly. Are they being pushed into Iraq? No. They are for use by their own military. If one wanted to examine the weapons being used in Iraq, today, dozens of countries would be represented as the source. Primarily, weapons manufactured in the US! Theft of weapons from US bases to supply arms dealers the CIA wishes to partner with has long been an issue in the US. Should the world attack the US because its arms are found in the hands of criminals? Many European countries are selling arms, Russia and China and Pakistan are selling arms. And the number of countries acting as trading partners is even larger. An easy feat by the CIA to gather some arms manufactured by Iran and plop them into the hands of those in the US Military willing to say anything for reduced stay in the Green Zone, forseen as a death trap by even the naÔve required to remain in Baghdad. Unlike the days leading up to the Iraqi invasion, the Congress and press and American public are not trusting anything the White House and their allies say, they are demanding proof. A timid presentation in Baghdad, by unofficial spokespersons presenting rockets that are manufactured in many countries and can be postured to appear as though they are from Iran is simply not enough. What's next? This pathetic display shows the desperation the Bush White House is feeling as they see their last chance to snatch the oil fields of Iran slipping away. Israel will not act alone, and the US Military is reluctant and putting up blocks to any orders Bush might issue. Iran is refusing to react to provocation. The case is lost! The next card to be played will be one played by Planet X, as it looms closer and more violent earthquakes and adjustments in the stretch zones occur. The US Military will be needed at home, and as we have predicted, will be called home or chased home by turmoil in Iraq, leaving Iraq to its fate.

What is happening regarding the mass honeybee disappearances? The reports have been very specific to point out that they were in fact disappearing en masse. They touched on it's implications as far as crop failures go too, no bees to pollinate the fields. [and from another] Mystery killer silencing honeybees [Feb 5] Something is killing the nation's honeybees. While a few crops, such as corn and wheat, are pollinated by the wind, most need bees. Without these insects, crop yields would fall dramatically. Agronomists estimate Americans owe one in three bites of food to bees. As dead or dying insects are collected, dissected and tested, several possibilities are emerging. The most recent mite problem - the varroa mite - compromises a bee's immune system, so a virus might be the new culprit. Or it could be a new fungal pathogen. Honeybees are not natives. Last fall, workers transported managed hives - about 450 per tractor-trailer - to California from colder areas such as the Great Lakes and the Dakotas. Now, hives are coming from Texas, Florida, Maryland and Pennsylvania. In all, about half the country's managed hives are needed for the mass pollination.

We mentioned at the start of ZetaTalk that increasing illness would occur, in wildlife as well as humans, as the time of the passage approached. This has certainly occurred, with weakened immune systems due to emanations from the Earth core as it swirls about in response to having a giant magnet, Planet X, nearby, or due to migrating opportunistic germs as the erratic weather allows migration into new territories where resistance to these germs has not built up, or due to simply due to depression as the stress of the Earth changes takes it toll. For wildlife, which includes insects, worry is not a factor as they don't watch the nightly news or the stock market trends. Recently, we have explained that waves of nausea and vertigo, experienced by humans and reported at the start of 2007, was due to the effects of gases in the tail of Planet X which is increasingly wafting over the Earth, as well as magnetic variations as the Earth's magnetic field becomes erratic. For bees, several factors are affecting their ability to thrive. Their immune systems have been compromised by a mite, which is passed among the hives of the nation by the practice of hauling hives about for polination, cross country. This spread the mite, and is spreading several microbes too. The failure of the honey bee population to thrive is entirely a man-made problem. The answer is to isolate healthy hives, which will probably be done too late to affect the crops dependent upon these pollinators. Man has largely killed off the natural pollinators who could replace the honey bee by pesticides. Thus, in the short term, there will be crop shortages, another of our long ago predictions.

Since the Earth farted haven't seem much activity, why so quiet lately? So years back the African rift started ripping is their any progress to this per the zetas?

Tension builds up, and then releases. The same mechanism that spaces out quakes under normal eras. We have warned that the plates are now loose, the edges worn smooth, rock fingers gripping along the fault lines broken. This will allow more days such as the Jan 8th Earth Fart day, on an increasing basis. Soon the adjustments that the plates make will be more dramatic, moving over larger spans, and occur more frequently. The pace will quicken, so that in some places, places not used to this, contant tremors will be the norm.

According to Frontline,, FBI agent, John O'Neill, was a highly competent and tenacious investigator who was promoted to Chief of Counter-Terrorism in 1995. In the six years he investigated international terrorism, he apparently came very close to figuring out the network and preventing 9-11, yet he ran into official roadblocks to his efforts. He was essentially driven out of the FBI by the highest offices in the agency. Shortly before 9-11, he took a job at the World Trade Center and died there. Like so many coincidences that hover around the Bushes, it appears O'Neill may have been set up to fall, but as it stands, that can only be speculated upon. Can the Zetas comment on this?

We have stated that 911 was, yes and no, an inside job. The Israeli's knew it was coming and celebrated, as is known, because they felt Bush would be able to move the US Military into Iraq and take over the oil fields for them, the plan. Members of the banking establishment knew it was coming and profited by moving gold physically out of the WTC and insider trading ahead of time. Cheney knew it was coming and delayed a response from the military so that the Pentagon was hit, the WTC towers hit, as is known. Bush was warned this might happen, but kept out of the loop. Condi was also not entirely informed, more in the category of dumb Bush. But the Israeli reach into the US government, and the ultra right crowd in Congress, in the agencies, also wanted Martial Law to come, had tried to arrange it with TWA800 and OKC. There were parties in the military, in the FBI, certainly in the CIA, who fell into this category. Of course O'Neill was killed, by his placement, knowing what would happen, to silence him.

I seen this one poster the other week, that this poster, wrote that you said you don't look to see if the sun and moon are out of place, then you claimed you seen them out of place, how do you measure to see where they are supposed to be?

We encourage everyone to look for themselves. First, don't rely on a compass as this is increasingly erratic. Find a survey that has a N/S indicator, or street known to be laid out along these grid lines. Next, get a planetarium program such as Skymap, and acquaint yourself with it. By entering in a date, time, location you can see where the constellations or sun or moon are supposed to be. Then compare to what you see with your own eyes.

Can the zetas confirm if this footage in a Mexico zoo shows an alien or is it a hoax? (bottom part of screen)

Aliens, visitors from other planets, are hardly going to be in human zoos. They have capacities that humans do not have, to move into another density, such that they escape a prison without effort. They can paralyze a human, preventing a capture. The assumption is absurd on the face of it!

What is going to happen to North Korea?

N Korea has recently stuck a deal with the US, the deal they wanted in the first place - food. They have been starving for many years, and as we stated some time ago, only played the nuclear card to get the attention of the US, considered a bread basket and rich uncle. Bush ignored them, forcing N Korea onto Asian countries who often have starvation problems themselves, such as China. Bush came to the table with food deals, because they were desperate for some kind of recognition, a boost in the polls. This is taking food from the American people that will be sorely needed in future, but this has never bothered Bush or Condi.

Will abductees come back to Japan?

Citizens of Japan, who were kidnapped in early eras, are unlikely to return to Japan, by choice. They feel ashamed, often relatives are now dead and they have no connections, but primarily it is shame. This will operate on an individual basis, however, but in general this is our prediction.

Miroku-Bosatsu Statue is the first nominated Japanese National Treasure for long time ago and is in the Koryuji Temple in Kyoto. Japanese have been told that Miroku-Bosatsu is "Messiah" and will appear in End of Time. Ancient Shinto (Japanese Religion) described Koto-Tama (Word-Spirit) and Kazu-Tama (Number-Spirit) are coded in Japanese language. Ancient Shinto and ancient Japanese Nation (Yamato Chotei) were established by the descendant of the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel There are lot of similar manners and customs of Israel and thousand of Hebrew words in Japanese language. First Japanese Nation Yamato (Yamatou) indicate ancient place of Mesopotamia and Yamato in Kanji character have been coded "A-men". Miroku-Bosatsu has been coded Kazu-Tama (Number-Spirit). Mi is 3, ro is 6, and ku is 9. Could the Zetas comment on these number?

Normally, numbers mean very little, so those looking for significance in 11 for instance, are seeking something that does not exist. But where numbers are associated with what is called a number spirit, certainly there is significance, but what? The ancient Jews knew, as did the Egyptians in that era, about the periodic passage of Planet X, known by many different names, among them The Lord in the Bible or Niburu in Summeria. The ancient Summerians documented the cycle as the Shar, the number 360, although the orbit of Planet X is 3,657 year. The Shar is the basis of the astronomical system, whereby 360 degrees is the measure of the horizon, the full round. Thus, numbers can relate to the orbit and periodic passage of Planet X, even without specifying 3,600 as Sitchen reports to be the orbit period of Niburu or 3,657, our more precise number. What do the numbers 3, 6, and 9 mean, for Miroku? Where the precise meaning of what the migrating Jews, the lost tribe, wished to relay has been lost, they relate to the orbit period of Niburu, in the same manner a Shar of 360 relates. If Shar has been interpreted as 3,600 when the more accurate number is 3,657 then your Japanese Shar of 369 is closer to our number 3,657!

My understanding of the Federal Reserve is that it is a private institution with government oversight and regulations, pushed thorough congress in 1913 by international bankers, in particular, the Rothschilds and Morgan. The FR enjoys a monopoly on money supply in this country, and it was my impression Rothschild essentially pulled the strings. However, it is also my understanding from various statements given in ZT that it is Rothschild whom the Bushes are now battling. The Bushes seem too well prepared to have left that avenue of attack open. We have seen unprecedented activity from the fed recently when they stopped reporting the M1. The Zetas stated Bush is printing money like a banana republic and that will increase. That has made me wonder if there is not a more nefarious agenda behind the major changes in currency styles over the recent years. Have the Bushes taken outright control of the Federal Reserve?

The Bush administraion is operating as though there were no tomorrow. In the past, this was not the case. Printing money, which of course took an immense surge March 2006 when the M3 went blind and the source of funds could no longer be public information, was a course that is suicidal, if one looks to the long term. Banana republics always crash, for a number of reasons. They know there will be cataclysms. They have no doubt. They watched Planet X inbound, are watching it today from all the angles they can arrange, and as the Earth is halted in its orbit and Planet X is marching toward it, has the Earth in its grip, what hope is there for the Earth to escape a close passage? None! How does the Puppet Master feel about this? He is looking past money, to asset control. Land ownership, corporate ownership which includes property, buildings, control of expertise, and political influence. He knows with these things he will pick up where he left off, and be on top of the pile. Bush will drown in red ink and be killed. The Puppet Master knows this, with the same certainly he knows that the passage is approaching.

Nancy, this week the media has really crossed the line. With the death of Ms.Smith grabbing the headlines 24/7, we now are bombarded with Ms. Spears shaving her head. My question is in addition to the Iraq occupation and pending attack on Iran, what else are we being distracted from by our media?

Earthquakes, which went on the increase almost 10 years ago. Volcanic eruptions, mostly the fact that more volcanoes are erupting and fuming than in the memory of man, which has been the case for almost 10 years also. Dropping land, as in Florida or the UK or India, as this is postured as rising seas but such seas do not affect all areas. Stretch zone ripping, as in the Afar Triangle in Africa but also in Argentina and the SE United States. When trail derailments occur, they are treated as local affair, and explained away, as was the Jan 8th Earth fart. Crop shortages, where the coffers are bare, no supplies to back up a shortage in a country. The UN occasionally reports this, but has been asked to be discrete as so many are nervous about the rising price of food. In particular, the ability of a country to rescue its people, to respond to emergencies, is not discussed, though much of concern to governments, especially local governments. And lastly, the presence near the Sun of a monster planet, highly magnet, shrouded in red dust, meeting the description of so many legends and prophecies.

How are Hawaiian navigators, strictly using ancient Hawaiian Celestial Navigation Techniques, succeeding in their Pacific voyages? How can they accomplish this, with the effects of Planet X? Are the Zetas aiding them? Sure, in ancient times, many discoveries were by accident. However, the current crew are ONLY using the sun (which the Zetas say is wrong), the moon (which the Zetas say is wrong), the stars (which the Zetas say are wrong), the wind, the ocean animals (which the Zetas say are confused) and birds (which the Zetas say aren't flocking correctly) for navigation. Yet they made perfect landfall at Johnston Atoll, which is literally a needle in a hayfield. If the Zetas are correct, and all these objects are moving wrong, how did the navigators accomplish this? Luck? Zeta Help? [and from another] Hokule'a's (the Hawaiian vessel's)lack of modern technology was what impressed most of the students most. The Hokule'a crew is crossing the vast ocean without the advantage of any modern navigational tools - not even a compass. Instead, the crew will use a Polynesian navigational system that dates back more than 2,000 years. The crew steers the Hokule'a by using the sun, the moon, the stars, the wind, the ocean animals and birds for navigation. The entire voyage will take almost six months to complete. Students will track the crew's progress and read crew journal entries through a Web log on the Polynesian Voyaging Society web site.

Navigation by the stars has never put one exactly where they expected to be. Most discovery of islands, and even large land masses, was by accident as the boat arrived at some place other than where expected. The stars moved them in the general direction. The current carried them in many directions, a drift that varies. Read your history about the discovery of the Americas, and how confused the boat captains were about just where they had landed! Navigation by the stars was the minor part of any ocean voyage, as it was the currents that determined the general direction. One headed into a current or went with the flow. One set their sales at an angle to counter the current and maintained that angle. This went amuck only when the wind died, the boat stalling, but the currents are affected by little, being broad and deep and based on the rotation of the Earth and how this affects the vast reservoirs of water, the Coriolis effect. The people wanting to recreate an ancient voyage were not fools, and plotted their course in this manner. They wanted to live, for one thing, and were aware that they might be lost sight of, and the Pacific is vast. You are also not accounting for course correction, which happens due to land mass sighting, known land masses, but also such things as shipping lanes, seeing large boats known to traffic these lanes. Additionally, the sighting star, Polaris, for instance, is basically North at all time, higher in the dome on occasion but North nonetheless. Close enough, when one is letting the current carry the boat.

Can the Zetas comment on, Marduk the fifth Planet that was turned to an astroid belt by Nibiru's passage some time ago. What was the size of Marduk and was there life on it

There are many terms used to describe what is commonly termed Planet X. Niburu, Marduk, Wormwood, The Lord in the Bible, the Destroyer in the Kolbrin, the Red Star in the Oahspe, Herculobus in Brazil - many terms. They are all talking about the same monster planet that makes a sling orbit through the solar system. Often, the description implied a smaller object, or a different type of orbit, as all are guessing, seeing only what they can in the scant weeks preceding a passage.

I would like to ask you about the explosions in Iran that have happened in the last couple of days. [and from another] Iran arrests bomb suspects, police say U.S. link [Feb 16] Iran has arrested some 65 men suspected of being behind a deadly bombing that killed members of the elite Revolutionary Guards in a southeastern border province, the student news agency ISNA said on Friday. It quoted the local police chief as saying the suspects had clear links to U.S. and British intelligence services.

It is clear, as many talking to the press are reporting, that Iran is deliberately being antagonized. Obviously, Bush thinks the Iran will react, but they are wise. This won't work, and instead the world sees what Bush and company are up to! More backlash, shortly.

About the health of the dollar. Are we facing an imminent collapse of the U.S. dollar?

The dollar, as we have recently explained, will drop but on the markets will be made to appear as healthy. The impact is on the little guy, increasing inflation, food prices, gas and oil prices, and job losses as corporations let people go and themselves go bankrupt. Good manufactured overseas are cheaper, by comparison, to US goods. LIttle by little the US begins to look like it was in the Great Depression. This will be the effect. And unlikely to move past this before the pole shift rescues those affected by making the dollar, in any form, worth anything at all.

About the Maya culture. Near one thousand of cities abandoned. What happened with them?

After a pole shift, people migrate. All people tend to migrate, looking for something better, certain that this must be a locale affair, and things are better elsewhere. Cities are tenable only when the surrounding countryside is flouishing, crops coming in, to support idle people in the cities. Thus, when this stops they must leave, if only to loot the countryside. The wheels of commerce grind to a halt, and the city, broken by quakes and abandoned, is covered over. It will happen soon to the world, every country. Best is to be situated in rural areas, not heavily populated, as this is where survival begins.

Here is a perplexing question concerning cracked windshields of 13 planes at the Denver airport. We all know that these windows are made to substain high intensity winds, pressures, and changes in temperature. Would the Zeta care to answer to this strange happening? Thanks in advance!

Since the reports state that the pilots did not see debris approaching, we are left with the temperature theory. However, the extremes on takeoff would hardly match what an airliner experiences in the upper stratosphere. It is a matter of different temps in the many layers of glass that these windshields must adjust to. It is expected, in testing these windshields, that the outside air changes gradually. Just as the weather has become more extreme, with records being broken, and extremes, variability, occuring almost wildly, just so the air temp affecting an airliner can change suddenly. These windshiels were tested assuming a gradual change, but when sudden change occur, the outer layer cannot adjust, is stretched too thin, and cracks. It will not cause an airline to crash, but is another example of the weather problems that man's technology is not prepared to deal with.

This is a strange questionl, as I'm confused by it. About two weeks ago our power went out. No big deal. The next day my VCR had completely stopped working, and it was a damn fine VCR. It's plugged into a surge protector which never tripped and the fuse within the VCR was in perfect condition. No loose parts or anything like that. A few days later my toaster suddenly stopped working just like the VCR. Later that night it suddenly began to work again. A few days later, my satellite cable box suddenly wouldn't come on. I messed around with it a bit and it started working again. I didn't do anything to fix it. After this third incidence I felt something was up. So I have to ask, are small electronics affected by Planet X?

We have stated that electromagnetic surges will occur, increasingly, as Planet X approaches and in particular as the tail wafts past the Earth. Tail effects are already being felt by humans, who report vertigo and nausea due to the gas in the tail. The compass has been erratic for a couple years now, but as the tail is charged, will have more problems than the past. The magnetic fields of Planet X and Earth clash, and this is not a steady state but a surging affair. In addition, there are more particles than electrons and magnetons involved, particles man is unaware of, that surge. We have stated that the electrons we are aware of exceed what mankind is aware of. You think of this as a single particle, we know them to be over 200. Thus, depending upon location, a household can be affected. Is the location being wafted by the tail, being affected by the Earth erratic magnetic field, or being affected by the core of the Earth as the magma roils under it. All these apply. Get acquainted with the basics of how to live without electricity, as this is a good skill to have!

Hello there nancy, I was wondering if the Zetas could comment on the author Gina Lake? She wrote a book entitled "The Extraterrestrial Vision" in the book she claims to have channeled knowledge of the alien presence via interdimensional beings. Is she for real?

All channeling is done, in essence, by interdimensional beings. The visitors in contact with humans are all from 4th Density, which is the dimension ahead of the one Earth is within. As to specific channels, authors, claims, we stated at the start of 2002 that only those sources that make predictions and are accurate will receive a comment from ourselves, as there would be a plethora of claims going into the End Times, most of them false. Use your own discernment, in the absense of our comments. We don't have time to do such a service for mankind, as frankly, this is all we would do if we did!

It appears that the efforts by the Powers that Be to keep the gold price from rising (dollar's market value from falling against gold) are becoming quite frantic. Many suspect that they are running out of both physical gold and the ability to manipulate the "paper gold" markets. Are they about to crack? [and from another] How the Dow Jones is getting killed - Due to loss of purchasing power / Stock-Markets / Analysis & Strategy [Feb 16] On January 3, 2000 the Dow was trading at 11,357. Put another way, if you bought every stock in the Dow back then, you'd have invested $11,357. That same $11,357 on January 3, 2000 would have also bought you 39.3 ounces of gold. Now, fast forward to late last week, when I performed this study. On February 6, 2007 the Dow was trading at 12,666. In pure nominal terms, the Dow has gained 1,309 points since January 2000, or 11.5%. We'll ignore the fact that that's a lousy return over seven years. At least the Dow was up, right? Hardly! In terms of the Dow's purchasing power, the Dow of February 6 only buys 19.39 ounces of gold. In other words, it's lost 50% of its purchasing power when measured in real money!

When there is more demand for an item than can be supplied, the price rises. At a certain point, the price no longer rises, but a buyer cannot secure his goods. This is what will occur in the Gold market, or perhaps false metal foisted on the unwary, as price fixing will be imposed at a certain point to keep the public from a panic.