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ZetaTalk: Tight Control
written Sep 21, 2003

There are those who would say that such an ambitious project, to divert the path of Planet X into a sharper retrograde orbit, could not be kept a secret, but clues that this is the plan are everywhere. Despite loud evidence that Planet X has arrived, the explanations to cover this are weak. In this the establishment is bluffing, assuming they will be able to divert Planet X, which will then just float away, and the evidence that it ever existed will grow cold and die, a conspiracy theory, an internet rumor, just another end-of-the-world flap instigated and promoted by crazies. Control is tight, reaching out to world leaders who have been assured that this presence in the solar system will float away, the real danger panic in the populace. Astronomers and newscasters and anyone who might be in a position to know the truth have been muzzled with this assurance.

What will happen if this gambit fails, as it surely will, and Planet X trudges on toward its death grip on Earth’s magnetic field, grinding rotation to a stop with all the attendant horrors that an impending pole shift will bring? Panic, and not in the public, which will watch in astonishment as the establishment fractures and becomes hysterical. Unable to escape to Mars and watch the turmoil from a distance, returning as Kings, unable to feel secure in their underground bunkers given the earthquake predictions that would surely entomb them, unable to secure the US Military for their private guards as the military has indeed supplanted their Commander in Chief with their own internal leadership in August, as rumored, the establishment is left on a level playing field with the common man. It also leaves all those muzzled with pangs of conscience. Should they now speak out, now that the Earth will surly be ravaged and the ignorant populace not alerted to this outcome?

A drama will ensue, wherein each individual will be challenged to do what is right for others and tell the truth or continue to succumb to intimidation and think of their own security and comfort. This drama will intensify, despite assassinations and finger pointing and loud rhetoric, as the sheer numbers of individuals enlisted in the conspiracy leaves wiping out those in the know as an impossibility. The drama will intensify right into rotation stoppage, and as long as any means of alerting the public exists, on whatever level.